2012 05 01 Don T Get Fresh With Sally

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Don't Get Fresh With Sally

Mirage and Sally (Skids)

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Med Bay - Xavier Mansion

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Sally and Dani run into each other in the med bay


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Of all things, there's aluminum garbage can lid just outside the door of the med-bay. The lid twisted and torn and twisted into some fist shaped aluminum mess.

Late at night, there's some rustling inside the med-bay. Standing in the middle of the medbay is Sally, one of the instrument tables infront of her with an open first aid kid. Wincing, alcohol swabs are dropped on the floor around her, and she's carefully wrapping up her left hand in bandages. The girl stomping a foot now and again.

Despite the fact that it has been a couple of weeks since her ribs were broken, Dani is still having some pain and it is keeping her up. She has come into the med wing in hopes to find something that will either dull the pain or help her sleep, if she can find something to do both, all the better. Seeing the bent up trash can lid she pauses before entering, looking through the door to see the young woman "Sally?" she questions as she walks in and over to where the girl is doctoring herself.

Cuts, scrapes, cover the hand dwn o the wrist. The girl looks up, "Oh…uh…Dani, Hi" she says softly. The studen smiling some, or trying to do her best version of a smile. Her right hand is red and some bruises around the knuckles. "What's up?" she asks. starting to make out strips of medical tape to secure the bandages in place.

"I could ask you the same thing." she replies as she eyes Sally, than the injuries. "Here, let me." Dani takes the tapes and bandages and takes over the job of binding the wounds "I certainly hope you won your fight with the blender." she jests as she starts bandaging the worst of wounds first.

She grimaces here and there, "It was…worth it." she says through clenched teeth. "Some guy, got a little fresh with me, and well, he ran away, had powers, something with metal." she says with a sigh. "Said his name was James, can't fight worth crap."

She ontinues to bandage all the wounds, trying not to cause to much pain as she does so "Fresh? How? Physically or did he just use a cheesy pick up line?" she finishes banadaging the injured hand and starts to put the stuff away.

She frowns, "Physically." she says with a frown. The girl remembering, flexing her other hand, "I wouldn't hit someone just because they said something." she says wih a sigh. The girl smiles back, "Thanks Dani."

While Dani is putting away the first aid supplies she finds what she came her looking for as well as some ibuprofen, she gives the latter to Sally "Take a couple of these and you may want to get an ice pack on that for the swelling." she moves over to the sink and gets a couple of paper cups of water for the both of them.

Sally sighs, "Thanks again." she says with a smile. The girl shifting, moving over to the other, "So…what's got you up late?" she asks.

"A few broken ribs," Dani takes a sip of her water as she hands over the other "I should have taken it a little easier this morning in the training session." she rubs her side "They've been hurting all day and not I can't get to sleep.

She downs both quickly. A sympathetic wince, "Sorry to hear that." she says. "If i'm lucky…and quick, I don't think i'll ever have to deal with something like that." she says with a smile.

Dani downs her own meds with the rest of the water "Sometimes it doesn't matter how fast you are." she leans against the counter near the sink "Especially when dealing with The Nail." she crushes her little paper cup and tosses it into the garbage bin. "So was this James cute at least?

She shakes her head, "He was no Rusty." she says softly. The girl sighing a little, "I could swear off guys, I swear." she says with a roll of her eyes.

"As much as I hate to say it, we aren't any better." Dani says, and she doesn't seem to be joking either "We are doing our best to get him back Sally." she bites her bottom lip as if contemplating something, "Sam stopped by a while back. He said that his team almost had Stryfe pinned down. X-Factor is on stand by in case X-Force needs back up.

She sighs a little, "I'll try anuthing once, with my own kind." she says with a playful tone. "Seriously, you'll need Xavier's help to undo what Stryfe's done to him. It hurt…alot between Monet, and BEtsy and Xavier…" Another sigh, she looks away, arms wrapping around her torso.

Dani nods "I'm sure Xavier will do anything he can to repair the damage that has been done." she moves to put a comforting arm around Sally's shoulder "He did for you, Rahne and countless others.

She smiles lightly, the girl shifting in the hug, a little uncomfortable, and pulls back after the slightest moment. "I know." she finally whispers lightly. "I just, things are different now, i'm different than I was when he and I were together."

Stepping away as the girl shifts from her Dani nods "We all change, it's not a bad thing, just different." she stifles a yawn, the meds she took must be kicking in "I'm going to go see if I can get so sleep. I suggest you do the same…after you ice that for awhile." she gestures to Sally's hand and then heads out to go back to her room.

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