2012 04 30 No Rest For The Weary

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No Rest for the Weary

Spider-Man & Mirage

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Rooftops - Manhattan

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Spider-Man stops a SHEILD drone, Mirage watches


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The early night's clouds hang low against the skyline of the city. It's just a handful of minutes since the evening's begun and there's still that faint orangey pink hint of the sun just over the horizon. It's that part of the evening when the city seems to be holding its breath. The commuters are gone, and the citizens of the great city of New York are settling down for the night. Across the city people are getting set for dinner, and coincidentally so is the Amazing Spider-Man.

Only an hour and some ago he had been doing his darnedest to keep Scorpia and Black Cat from killing each other. His initial passing attempt at getting something for his growling stomach was interrupted by that crazy cavalcade of chaos, so it's with a measure of anticipation that he's been able to snare an foil-wrapped hunk of falafel. It's only in that moment when he's perched on the edge of a billboard, having pulled up part of his mask and getting ready to set to…


The warning of his spider-sense causes his head to snap around and he frowns. Distantly he's able to catch sight of something against the skyline. His brow furrows and there across the way a few skyscrapers off is a smokey contrail of something falling out of the sky.

It's only with a single sliver of a second that Spidey looks forlorn at his rich creamy delicious looking falafel, then back towards the falling object. No further hesitation, the food's left behind… *sigh* and he's already in motion, leaping off into the abyss between buildings, a hand lifting to fire a webline and send him swinging to try and build speed to make it in time.

A hero's job is never done. It isn't all running and fighting and blowing things up. Sometimes it is laying around a rooftop watching a bald, fat guy lounge around his apartment in his underwear scratching himself. Supposedly this guy was supposed to be some big time hacker that had a meeting with the leader of a local terrorist cell. Well if that meeting was supposed to be today, someone missed it.

With a sigh, Dani aka Mirage, now of X-Factor, begins to pack up her binoculars and other stake out equipment. As she gets to her feet, hefting her pack on her shoulder she spies something falling from the sky, she is curious but it isn't so rare of an occurence, so she follows its path down as she srides across the roof toward the fire escape.

New Yorkers are indeed aware of their skyline, at times keeping an eye for things up in the sky. Oftentimes they catch a glimpse of a plane or helicopter travelling, sometimes a hero is seen against the clouds flying to the rescue somewhere. But today this thing is trailing smoke and clearly in distress, but it seems smaller than a plane. Its silvery hull gleams from time to time with reflected light and as it hurtles down its engines make a low whine.

It's only when it's lower that one can make it out better, something like a drone of some sort, smaller than a single person plane, but larger than anything remote controlled and seemingly heavier than normal considering under its wings it's carrying a myriad of missiles slung as if for a strike mission.

Yet to most people below it's just a bit of smoke. Then suddenly off in the distance there's a red and blue blur slicing across the way in front of a skyscraper. A webline fires out and attaches to the edge of a building, helping Spidey swing and gain speed as he releases and sends himself hurtling towards a nearby rooftop. He doesn't break stride as he lands, sprints, rolls, leaps again to the next. He lands and just as the drone is falling past his building straight towards the street and the theater district, the Amazing Spider-Man plants his legs there against the lip of the building. Both arms uncurl and webshooters fire, twin /THWIPS!/ are heard as weblines fire and just _barely_ catch the end of the falling unmanned drone. Of course that's the easy part…

The hard part comes when the line snaps taut and the heavy military vehicle /YANKS!/ hard on Spidey's grip pulling him forward against the edge of the rooftop with a whud.

Down below the crowd is pointing up, some screams sound out, then a few shouts. "What's that?!"

"Oh god it's a missile!"

"Look out!"

"Take cover!"

"Is that Spider-Man?!"

Dani leans against the railing at the top of the fire escape, watching the small UFO streak through the sky. Hearing a crunch behind her she turns to see Spider-Man dash across the building, all his attention on the silver metal drone. She watches him then for a moment as he leaps and swings to intercept the device. At the cries below she glances down though looks up in time to see Spider-Man be jerked forward by the speed and weight of the device.

She has a perfect ring-side seat to espy Spider-Man straining against the weight of the thing, his arms bulging against the exertion as he remains there against the lip of the building, his feet propped against the small brick wall that surrounds the rooftop. He leans back and groans with effort holding… holding… and then once the inertia is spent he fires a few more weblines to attach to the drone, binding it now safely against the building so it dangles there… safe.

With that done he slowly lets go and then with a groan he _fwumpfs_ onto his back like someone taking the nestea plunge. "Ow." He says simply as all of his body aches, then from far below the voices of the crowd call up.

"Spidey saved us!"

"Where'd he go?"

"He probably shot it down!"


At that last he exasperatedly covers his eyes with one hand. "Ugh."

Well that was the most exciting thing Mirage had seen all day and she shows her appreciation by slow clapping from her perch on nearby buildings fire escape "That was quite the show." she calls out "What are you doing for an encore?" She has changed in the ways one would expect, taller, and no longer gangly. Some things are the same though, like the leather tied braids and mocassian boots. Her costume is now black and red though, and not black and yellow like in her younger days.

 From his place lying on the rooftop Spidey's head pops up to look in Danielle's direction. She might be able to perceive the shift of his mask that signals an inclination of his eyebrow with incredulity. His nose crinkles then he lets his head fall back with a fwumpf. "Oh hey there, Scary Girl is it? Happy to entertain. Say would you mind going down street side and picking up my arms, I think they fell off."

 "Actually, it was quite impressive. Your quick thinking, bold determination and single mindedness to apprehend that," she glances down at the object in question "Well whatever that thing happens to be. I think the only person I've seen run faster then you just did is Quicksilver, and that is basically all he does…except back talk.

"He's got me on the speed, but I am totally way back talkier than him," Spider-Man says this and then slowly, like an old hinge almost visibly /crrrreaks/ as he straightens up to a seated posture. He draws his legs up and rests his elbows upon his knees, still catching his breath. He takes a deep steadying breath and then shakes his head, "Ugh. This is not my day."

That having been said he leans over the side of the building to get a gander of what's going on below. Luckily the police and the authorities are showing up to handle the situation, so he lets himself turn back around and lean back against that small wall that surrounds the roof. A glance is given to her, mirrored lenses reflecting her image back to her as he looks. "So if we're going to have the typical heroicly misunderstanding where we both fight before working together can we just skip past that? We can just say you win and I'll stay here catching my breath if that's alright."

Dani seems to give that some serious thought for about thirty seconds before giving a nod of her head "Fine, but just so you know. I would have won." she leans over the railing briefly to watch the authorities take care of the device "What do you think it is? Besides a missle bent on blowing up your wonderful city?" she digs her binoculars out of her bag and uses them to get a closer look at the thing, for markings and such.

Holding up his hands in mock surrender, Spidey grants the victory to her. Then when she digs out those binocs to look over the side of the building he answers her. "Not sure, but it had a SHIELD logo on it, so probably something evil." He rubs his arms roughly and then grimaces to himself, "Oh good, there they are. Thought I'd misplaced them." He turns over then to sneak another peek himself and murmurs sidelong, "Also I totally would have won."

As he says that he pushes himself gingerly to his feet, grimacing behind that mask as he does so.

She just shrugs at the SHIELD is evil quip. She may or may not agree but she isn't going to argue opinions with him. She does give a chuckle, though whether it is at the missing arms joke or his delusion that he could ever bet her is in question "So what have you been doing with yourself besides chasing missles?

 "Oh you know, swinging around." He delivers that with a straight tone of voice, terribly difficult to tell that he's joking but he is. He glances sidelong at her and then for a moment she might get the impression that he's looking at her all over again. The other eyebrow cocks this time and he blinks, "Weren't you just a little munchkin the last time I saw you? Whatever happened with your friends? They're alright? I mean not to be a jerk and all but you totally bailed on me and there I was all alone in the evil laboratory of evilness."

"I seem to recall that you were just as much a /munchkin/ as I was." she says a bit defensively but that could have more to do with the pained look that flashes across her face at the mention of her friends "Scattered, some by choice others by force. The only one that I'm still close to is Rahne." her eyes narrow slightly at him "Well it seems like you got out okay.

 "Oh hey, sorry." Spidey lifts a hand to rub the back of his neck thoughtfully even as he walks towards the other side of the rooftop, turning around the move backwards so he can still talk to her as he moves. "I can be a jerk sometimes, I didn't know." He then perhaps tries to distract by adding, "And hey, way back then I was in my… twentys…ish. So yeah." Alright he lies really badly, but hey. A glance is given to her accoutrement and he tilts his head, "By the bye, what are you doing up here? Just taking in the air?"

"I work with SHIELD now. You are going to make my reporting back very hard." Dani tells him with a straight face. He may be a bad liar but she isn't. She waits a few beats than shakes her head "Not really, I'm X-Factor, didn't you get the newsletter. I was taking care of an assignment." she takes a few steps onto the roof and points out an apartment window across the street "Watching him.

"Aw crap, did I mess up your sting operation or something?" Spider-Man grimaces to himself behind the mask as he looks off in the direction that Dani points. He looks back to her and crinkles his nose, "I hate when I do that. Seems like every now and then I do my thing and I cheese off some special ops person or another." Alright that's happened twice to him, but still.

But then Spidey breaks to another conversational angle, "Oh hey X-Factor. Great. I know like, nothing about them. What did they have to do to recruit the great Ms. Moonstar?" At least there's a hint of evidence that he actually remembers her.

She shakes her head "Nothing sting like about it. I was just supposed to watch and listen. But all he seemed to do is scratch, burb and eat left over pizza all while having a marathon session of some war like shooting game, Call of Duty or something like that?" she seems a bit confused about that bit "I've had better days.

"Man, what I wouldn't give for some pizza." Spidey says almost wistfully, even as he plants a foot on the edge of the rooftop. He looks back towards her and lifts a hand in her direction. There's a flash of a wry smile behind the mask that she most likely can't see but she might be able to pick up on in the inflection of his voice. "Was good to see you again, kiddo. You've grown up rather nicely despite your evil evil ways." With that he turns away, taking a glance down at the street and the skyline as he gets ready to make his departure.

"You really do want to find out which one of us will win in a fight, don't you?" Dani responds to his kiddo remark. They aren't that far apart in age and she sacrificed a lot so people would stop looking at her like a kid and start treating her like an adult. "Enjoy your pizza, Spider-Boy." she then begins to descend the fire escape.

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