2012 04 30 How A Walk Can Go Wrong

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How a walk can go wrong

James Sally Blevins

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The Bronx

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Sally gets mad and doesn't hold back


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James has decided to spend the night playing pool. He knows of this place and so pick it for the night. He plays a game by hime self drinking a soda since he still underage.

Curfew is for suckers. She's not been out in a long time, and it's just time to get out of the mansion. The blonde pushes her way into pool hall, though it being a Monday it's not too busy. Smirking, she head up to the bar, a quick order, the showing of a masterfully forged ID, and she's the proud owner of a beer, after the exchanging of some cash. Pulling away from the bar she holds the bottle by the neck, taking a slow gait around the edge of the room, looking over those who decide to play.

James looks up at the girl who came in and smiles. he walks over to her and speaks, "hey there hot stuff. What brings you to a place like this?" He got a west coast accent, "My name is James what is yours?"

Hips holding a similar width of his shoulders is covered by a pair of blue jeans. The jeans are baggy obscuring more definition to the region. His feet, while large, are dexterous and nimble and covered with a simple pair of black sneakers.

She blinks. Pausing mid-sip as she's approached. She doesn't say anything for a moment, looking over James. A muted Californian valley accented tone, "Just out 'n about, drink, nothin' ta do." she says with a smile, "I'm Sally." she offers after measured pause, taking a longer sip from the bottle.

Smiles at the accent, "oh a west coaster like me. Where are you from I am SF." He nods some, "cool. So beautiful how about you and me have some fun?"

There's a pause, another one given how thigns are going, "Cali." she says, a little short with her tone. Sally taking a longer pull from the bottle, "And…just what kind of fun are you wanting?" she asks. Holding the bottle by the neck by her side.

James laughs and holds his hands out, "nothing like that keep your mind out of the gutter. I have a table we can pay a set or maybe go someplace less stuffy. A walk or something."

She takes another longer sip from the bottle. Sally smiling as she shifts from side to side for a moment, considering the offer, "What do you feel like doing?" she asks after a long, almost uncomfortable silence.

James looks around, "this place is pretty rough and I sure every guy here would want to hit on you and I really don't want to fight a dumb drunk guy so lets go for a walk."

She drains the last of the beer, and places the bottle on an empty table, "I guess we could do that…" she says, a faint smile. "Where are we going?" she aske, steeping more to profile towards James.

Shrug, "cental park is always a nice place at night." there no way to tell if he joking or if he means it. He offers a hand, "would you like to join me on a walk in cental park."

The hand is looked at, but not taken. Stepping to move next to James, "Sure. Got nothing else to do."

James smiles and follows, "so Sally do you normally go out to places like that?" He walks next to you now and he looks you over, "or did I get lucky?"

A shrug of her shoulder. Sally smiling gently, "I go where I feel like, interesting places, the library, the Gugenheim, other places, wherever." she says, "Know the city real well." Another smile.

James smiles and nods, "cool. I not been here to long my self. So where do you go to school." He places a hand on the small of your back as he walks back your side.

She frowns. Stepping along for a few moments, before she twists sharply, aiming her base of her palm toward's Jame's nose…

James does not see the strike coming. He stubbles back holding his nose, "damn it! what was that for!" His nose is bleeding and his eyes are watering, "What the hell!"

She balls her hands into fists. Stepping towards James, "Touching me." she says in a low, icy, angry tone as she aims a balled fist towards Jame's ribcage, "Noone touches me." she says a little louder, not quite yelling.

James is not much of a fighter, "I didn *uuf*" he coughs, "damn you bitch stop hitting me!" He steps away from you and looks around, "he sees a metal garbage can lid and picks it up holding like a sheild, "settle down I touch your back it's not like a was groping you!"

She kicks quickly at Jame's leg, moving in, throwning a feint towards Jame's upper body, "Ya don't know me, Flatscan, ya don't get to touch me." she lets out, shifting, moving, looking for an opening.

James is able to step away from the kick and frowns, "listen I'm sorry just settle down before I have to do something you will not like!" He might have to retrain her at this poin if she doesn't

Sally moves forward toward James, not staying too close, but within arm's reach for her. She smirks slightly, "You couldn't do anything to me." she says, throwing another feint, following up with another punch towrds Jame's face.

James frowns at the faint and then raise the can lid in front of his face. His hands start glowling silver. The lid seems to mold to your fist when hit. he quickly pushes the lid around your fist. The metal hardens then as the glow in his hand vanishes. He holds the lid, "Now stop this!"

Sally blinks, a slight pause as the aluminum lid seals and forms around her fist. She pulls back a moment and launches another blow with her now aluminum clad, trash can like shielded fist aimed at James's stomach, "I don't think so. Mutant or not, you don't get to touch me in any way."

James pushes back so not to get hit n the face, "damn itI got no touching just settle down. Stop acting like your on the rag." He moves and twist the lid and bends it behind your back, "please stop I'm sorry."

Suddenly, you are not holding the lid. A golden-yellow glow surrounding her, her fist, and the lid. "Wrong thing to say, Jackass." she hisses, "You're gonna pay for that." pulling her hand back, getting into a more proper fighting stance as the field seems to fall away.

James blinks, "wait what happen to the lid?" he frowns at you, "your not normal human your self." He steps back, "god damn it stop raging!" He shakes his head and pulls out his phone, "that's it I'm alling the cops."
@emit She rushes forward, reaching to grab for the hand with non metal clad hand, and pulls on it, towards her, aiming the lid clad hand to aim a blow at Jame's face.
She rushes forward, reaching to grab for the hand with non metal clad hand, and pulls on it, towards her, aiming the lid clad hand to aim a blow at Jame's face.

James is pulled to you. he throws his hands up and wraps his face in them as he gets hit, "stop it!" He grabs at the fist punishing at him As he tries to pull from from your grip, "If you do not stop I'll have to defend my self."

Sally still has a free hand. She lets your wrist go, and aims her fist at Jame's ribs, leaning into him, to stomp at hist foot with the heel of her foot, "Try it." she hisses.

James hates to hurt a girl but this is getting out of hand. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a ceramic fork and jabs it at your shoulder.

"Ow!" she hisses out as the fork jabs at her, and she aims a combo. A strike, the aluminum lid clad fist of her's at Jame's's rubs, and her non-metal enacsed hand aimed at his jaw. "You're going to fucking pay you little shit."

James takes the aluminum clad fist to his ribs. It hurts but he grabs on to the fist. His hand glow slivers and his fingers sink into the metal holding it. At the same time he takes the hit to his jaw. His eyes are tearing and he steps back from the strike but not far since his fingers are still in the metal. He forces yout hand up and to the other one as his free hand grabs at your other hand.

Pulling her arms and holding them is not a difficult task. She's not the weak and frail kind of girl but someone who's been in a scrape. She twists her arm and wrist to peel hernot metal clad hand out of James' grasp, and tries to push in close, and jerks her knee up into her opponent's groin.

He holds on to the hands and bring the two together. He pulls the metal around the none metal hand to make a hand cuff thing. He does see the knee and twist his hips so you neel his thigh instead. Once your captured, "your a nut job." He steps back and turns and runs off leaving you like that

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