2012 04 30 A Teachable Moment

Log Title:
A Teachable Moment

Empath, Sebastian Shaw, and Takara

IC Date:
April 30, 2012

Administration Building - Massachusetts Academy

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Empath and Takara return from an earlier incident and Shaw teaches Takara a lesson on morality.


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After a quick exit from the Brooklyn Mall and a quick phone call to the Massachusetts Academy, arrangements are made and Empath and Takara are met by a student teleporter who quickly teleports the two straight to the medical facilities of the Massachusetts Academy. Shaking his head, «Well, at least, I didn’t have to use the Club’s facilities. Hopefully Selene and Shaw won’t hear of this.» Foolish Empath. Placing himself onto a bed in the med room. He sits down and waits until one of the medical staff arrives. He looks to Takara, “Thank you for taking care of Bree, but I suggest you don’t speak of this to anyone and be careful in your conversations with Richenda and Charlene.” Empath advises the younger student without going into too much detail about the history between Xavier’s and the Mass Ac. Empath has a knife wound on his left shoulder, slightly treated, but needing more looking after. His shirt is bloodied and torn.

Takara looks better off then Empath by far, only a little blood on the grey tank top that covers her upper body, otherwise unharmed. She stays close to the bed and nods, "Hey, she was out of line, as far as I know." She does however get a little down when being told to be careful about talking to her friends, gripping her tied back hair and shrugging, "I am always careful with them, Charlene strikes me as the kinda person to look into things."

“Yes, Charlene does seem that way. So do not tell her anymore about the school.” Manuel orders as he tosses the bag with the bloodied maxi-pad into one of those medical waste bins. “As for RIchenda. She is nice enough. But I should tell you the history between our schools. She attends a school in Salem Center, NY called Xavier’s. It is like our school a school for mutants. Richenda is a student there. And in the past, the schools have been rivals. Bitter, bitter rivals. Now, we have an understanding, but that history is always there. I was in high school here when we were all enemies. Things are better…for now. So, while I trust you can handle yourself, I must again remind you of the confidentiality of our school. Richenda and I knew each other as students, so that is fine. But just be careful, especially around Charlene.”

Takara listens carefully to Empath, still playing with her tied back hair for the moment, "Xavier's Gifted is a mutant school, that would explain alot of the hush tones when it is brought up." She sighs softly, understands the reason for the silence on the school, but still stings over having to cut her friends out of the loop, "How much better are we talking? We don't attack each other? Ice cream on tuesdays or we ahve to call ahead if we visit?" Takara chuckles, "Because the way people spoke, it sounded like they were an army."

"This way, Mr. Shaw." one of the medical techs is headr to speak out in the hallway. As the man himself enters the room, he asnwers Takara's question, "Militants and borderline seperatists, despite their chatter to the contrary." His eyes skim the room, settling on Manuel with a look of mild exasperation and perhaps a tiny touch of genuine concern.

Sighing audibly when Shaw enters, whether it is because Shaw has entered or from the knife wound. “Yes, it as Mr. Shaw has stated.” He looks to Takara and then exhales, “Goodness, it only took a couple of minutes before you find out. How much have you heard of what happened, Mr. Shaw?” His eyes look towards the floor not meeting the gaze of the Black King.

Takara looks up to Mr Shaw, jeans, sneakers and a small pink smiley badge on her slightly blooded grey tank top. She lets her hair go and stands up, stepping aside from the seat, "I see. People that would make life interesting." Takara keeps her eyes front, hands to her lap, "Mr Shaw."

"Mr. de la Rocha," Shaw begins indulgently, "Do you really imagine we don't have automatic alerts set up at our medical facilities? Aside from the value in intelligence, we -do- actually have concern for our charges."

To Takara he notes, "Life for us is -always- interesting, Miss Kelly, but in general, Xavier and his brood cloister themselves in that mansion, have little to no real-world job experience, and despite talk of integration have a noted tendency to hide their own natures and handle 'mutant-related' issues almost exclusively, as well as in secret. We, at least…are not hypocrites. The situation is dangerous, so we take steps to manipulate it to our own advantage and safety…and speaking of…I hear you showed admirably quick-thinking today."

“But, of course, concern for your charges.” Manuel hmmmns as he adds, “Yes, Takara acted quickly and admirably without relying on her powers. A rather crazed ex girlfriend felt the need to enact misguided revenge on a female companion of ours. I ended up taking the stabbing in her defense and then Takara came to my defense.” He holds onto his wound as a medical professional comes to work on the wound, “Perhaps, I will see the headmistress for quicker healing.” He grins as he is familiar with how Selene heals her charges.

Takara smirks a little to Manuel, only mouthing the words 'told you' to him before she straightens up, "Always thankful for that care sir." She finally looks over to Mr Shaw, nodding firmly, "It was quick, I made sure she wasn't going to get a second attempt with her blade. Security took her away after she was pinned, I tended to Manuel's wound prior to getting here." Takara looks aside.

The big man nods slightly to the young woman, "Yes, I think we have chosen well with your inclusion. And, of course, you needn't worry about the authorities. This will be handled…of course," he muses, raising a hand to his chin, "We might make this a teachable moment."

“A teachable moment, indeed.” Manuel looks to Takara, expecting Shaw to give her some sort of lecture despite her exemplary performance. He does not expect one since he did nothing wrong, in his own eyes. “But as always, more could have been done, Kara-chan, but still you did well.”

Takara sighs relief yet doesn't relax here, the school taught her to be on guard at all times, "Burden off my shoulder." She lets a little impish smirk come over her, "Always more that could have been done, but one does not wish to give those who keep it quiet too much to work on at once." Takara looks down at her top, then back up, "Teachable?"

Shaw nods again, crossing his arms over his massive chest, "Yes, Miss Kelly. We can teach you about influence. The unstable young lady in question in now in custody, and we are people on influence. Social. Political. Legal. We can guide the legal process if we wish, and we needn't perform a single illegal act to do so." he waits to see how much she may follow.

Grateful the attention is taken off of him, Empath allows the medical professional to treat the wound and place proper dressing and whatnot as he listens intently to Shaw pondering if Takara does follow what he means.

Takara gives a firm nod as she looks to Mr Shaw, a little tense for having understood it, "That sounds questionable in the moral sense." She turns the rest of her person towards Mr Shaw, "But I understand, she did just attack one of ours. A light slap on the wrist is something she is undeserving of."
Sebastian Shaw's tone is as far from 'gleefully vengeful' as it is possible to get. Manuel has -seen- the extreme extent of such actions. He saw Shaw brutalize and kill a junkie who made the fatal mistake of mugging him a few months back, but he doesnt do these things for pleasure.

"Morality is, and please understand this is not some exercise in justification, but morality is flexible as per societal mores. What is acceptable in some societies at a certain time is verboten in others or even the same one at another time. You must be keenly aware of the distinction between what is seen as a moral action in your home country and here." he pauses, letting that sink in, "If you are to wield power of various sorts, you must learn how to do so." he levels his gaze at her, "So, I leave it to you to decide…what next? You may ask questions, but decide what comes next. Detention? Holdover for additional psychological evaluation? Straight to criminal charges?"

With that the medical professional injects Empath with a needle of something to help him rest. And he is knocked out resting in peaceful bliss.

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