2012 04 30 A Stabbing In Brooklyn And A Maxi Pad Saves The D

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A Stabbing in Brooklyn and a Maxi-pad Saves the Day

Cattail, Empath, Richenda Gray, and Takara

IC Date:
April 30, 2012

Brooklyn Hazelton Mall – Brooklyn

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Empath gets stabbed by a crazy ex-girlfriend and he is saved, by among other things a maxi-pad.


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(OOC Note: The scene was underway before the log started)

Charlie slaps a hand to her forehead loudly, pulling it down over her eyes for a moment. She finally pulls it away and gives a laugh while she shakes her head, "Well, thank you Takara. Very nice of you to say so." Her and her big mouth. She moves on to another subject to avoid walking deeper into that mire, "And thank you too Chenda..I think you have met those people before. If you recall. I was very impressed with your abilities? You are a natural…model."

Takara doesn't have time to return Chenda's quip, still recovering from the stunner and finding her humor while she is at it, "As long as you both don't try to rope me into that sorta thing." She turns red in the cheeks and plants her hands in her own lap, trying to will herself to stop the cheeks turning red, "Chenda certainly is something." Takara looks back towards the change rooms, eyes lingering a little too long.

Chenda, of course, is using the change room for its intended purpose, so all Takara will see is a closed curtain, with denim-clad calves and feet in white, purple-striped socks beneath. If she watches for a few seconds, she'll see the jeans hit the floor and the feet step out of them, then a hand reaching down and collecting them from the floor.

Finding himself at the mall in Brooklyn, Manuel is spending his day today with Bree, a lovely young girl from the area. “Oh, Manuel, please please please…” The young girl pleads as she leads the Spaniard into the Hunter’s Bargain. Sighing Manuel offers, “I could buy you something from anywhere in the world and you want to come here?” Bree leads him into the store and then sprints to a rack of vintage clothing. Shaking his head, he wanders about the store perusing the people and their wares. A bored empath can be a very bad thing…so good thing he spots a teammate and her friends. Looking over to Bree who is busy looking over at microskirt. He makes his way to Takara and smiles, which begins to diminish when he spots Charlie, “Ladies…”

"What a tangled web." utters Charlie, "You are totally safe from any roping Takara. Don't worry about it. Forget I ever mentioned it." The New Orleans native shakes her head and then gives a bit of a laugh, "Oh man. Where did all my training go?" All trace of good humor leave when Manuel arrives however. Her smile disappears and her posture changes at well. She stands more squarely, moving to face him with hands loose at her sides. "Manuel de la Rocha. So good to see you."

Takara turns back to Charlie with a grin and a chuckle, "And it proceeds to get more tangled by the minute." She raises her hand and waves to Manuel, seeing the humor leaving the pair like last time, "Manuel, wow, I must have a homing beacon planted on me. Or you have a new lady friend." Takara takes in a deep breath, "Pleasant surprise Mr de la Rocha. I wasn't expecting to see many people from the school out this way."

And nearby, Chenda's overhearing this unusual conversation. She's a bit small to peek /over/ the curtain, so the striped legs below it move a little closer to one side. A moment later, the curtain rasps a bit as it's opened a couple inches, a wide, dark eye peeking through to see just who's talking to her two friends. It gets wider upon seeing Manuel.

Empath hmmmns when he sees Charlie and nods his head respectfully, “And you as well…Are you going by Charlie or Harley today?” He then looks to Takara as he really does not care for to hear the answer to the question he asked Charlie, “Well, we always find out friends…no matter where they are.” He grins and looks to Bree. “I met her recently. She wanted to come here. Trust me…this was her decision.” In a rare case of him not manipulating someone, Bree has free chosen to come to this lower-end mall. He sighs, “How was your weekend? Anything exciting?” He has not noticed Richenda yet, but Bree makes her way into the fitting area curtain and loudly exclaims, “Is anyone in there?” as she moves her eyes to where Richenda is peeking out, “Oh? Are you done yet?” Bree asks.

"I believe today is a Charlene day. But Charlie will work." says Charlie through a artificial smile. "Thank you for asking." When Bree appears, the southern woman steps back to a position where she can watch Bree and Manuel at the same time, maintaining the solid yet relaxed body position.

Takara agrees with Manuel, "In this big city, always opportunity and chance. My week end has been kinda fun, a little dancing, catching up and putting affairs in order." She looks back to Chenda behind the curtain, eyebrow raised as she sees the shorter girl hiding behind the curtain, "Something about places like this, it's calming. Are you okay in there?" Takara steps towards the change room and does her best to sound sweet, but is concerned, "She's a little shy I guess, or still changing back."

That dark eye blinks in faint surprise at Bree's question. "Me? No, not yet… I'll just be a minute, if it's not urgent," she replies quietly, pulling her peephole shut with a rasp of curtain rings. "But if it is, I guess I'm willing to share… if you're not going commando, anyway. Some things just shouldn't be shared!" she adds teasingly.

She can't look at Takara, but her tone of voice warms a bit. "I'm okay, 'Kara-chan. Just can't come out without my clothes," she replies, making her answer obvious. "Won't take long, I promise!"

Bree stands by the curtain as well as Takara. Bree hmphs, “Well, I guess I don’t need to try these on.” She walks back on to the area where Charlene and Manuel are. She eyes Charlene suspiciously, “Um, Manuel…who is /this/?” Manuel blinks and makes a shocked face and then laughs, “Trust me, Bree. Charlene and I are not what you are implying.” She eyes Charlene, “Better not be.” Shaking his head, but still laughing as Bree saunters past Charlene and gives a condescending smile, “I am Bree, Manuel’s girlfriend.” Manuel gives an odd expression when Bree gives herself that title.

Charlene looks at Bree and offers her a taste of the plastic smile, "Nice to meet you Bree. You are a lucky girl to have Manuel de la Rocha as your boyfriend. He's quite the catch." The smile stretches a bit, "Manuel and I only know each other through mutual friends. Nothing more." She keeps her eyes on the two of them, while asking Richenda, "Are you sewing your own outfit in there or changing? If you are in the changing room much longer they are going to have to charge you rent. Do you need Takara to go in and dress you?"

Takara chuckles a little to Chenda, her tone warm in return, "Okay Chenda, don't be too much longer or I am coming in there. I think I left my outer shirt in there, white long sleeves." She turns back to Bree and Manuel, hand rising up to her face as her head shakes, uttering something in Japanese about this Bree girl being catty. TK lowers her hand with polite smile showing, "Charmed to meet you Bree, I'm Takara. I'm not that mutaual friend they met through, but still a freind to both."

"Buh-bye now!" Chenda calls cheerfully in Bree's wake. "No problem, 'Kara-chan. I'll bring it out when I come."

And she turns back to dressing, though not without a call back to Charlene. "Hey, we can't /all/ get all the practice you do in undressing, Charlie! I'll be right out, just be patient!" And a pair of jeans is lowered into view below the curtain, then stepped into.

Bree nods to Takara, “Nice to meet you.” She keeps eyeing Charlene and then she puts her arm around Manuel who whispers into her ear. Bree whispers back and then looks to Charlene with a nasty expression and then Bree simply nods to Manuel and walks away. Well that was fun while it lasted. Manuel shrugs and looks to Charlene, “She insisted that you were attracted to me. I responded by telling her she is an idiot for thinking that we would ever be a couple. And she left…so what is this about you being good at undressing?”

"If she thought I was attracted to you Manuel, she isn't exactly the brightest tool in the shed. You can do better." She watches Bree depart out of the corner of her eye, then focuses back on Manuel, "Richenda is teasing me because I am OCD and spend a couple hours every night taking off my clothes then getting dressed again. Over and over. Most friends would think it tragic, but Richenda finds it endlessly amusing." She eyes Takara for a moment, "How long have you and Manuel been friends Takara?"

Takara stands close to the curtain just in case, waving to Bree's exit and now focusing on the two outside,
"Never know, seen some couples come of two people that make claims of disliking each other. Bad joke." She takes in a deep breath, "A little longer then you and myself Charlie, before I drew you in my book. He struck me as charming." Takara stands upright, she is firm in her tone, "I met some people and that is what lead me to the school. I didn't want to say anything because it's obvious you two are 'civil' to one another. That and I didn't want to scare away Chenda."

"Over and over," Chenda echoes, and giggles as she opens the curtain and steps out, fully dressed. "But she's gorgeous once she makes up her mind. So… why would I be scared away?" She offers a nod and a smile to Manuel. "Chenda Gray. We've met before, but it's been a while, and I don't think we were really introduced."

Nodding his head and grinning at Charlene, he makes a mental note of her OCD as he turns to Takara to see how she answers the question. Satisfied with her answer and still laughing, he looks over to Charlene, “Charlene, I never did quite understand why we are ‘civil’ to each other? Perhaps, we should start over?” Empath extends his hand to her, “Hello. I am Manuel.”

Charlie shakes her head and fues with her bun, tightening it up a tad. "I don't dislike Manuel. He has always been quite charming in my presence." She looks at the hand offered by Manuel and after a notable moment of deliberation gives it a shake. "Hello Manuel. I am Charlene." No prolonged handshake on her part, she extracts her hand the moment they've shook, once more stepping back.

Takara chuckles softly to herself, hearing Chenda having issues with her clothes in the change room. She looks back with a grin towards the newly introduced pair, "It's a start, and I thank you both for the effort to be nicer here." Takara rests her hands over her lap, happy at the moment, "Manuel has been helping me at school. Charlene I met in Central Park, she stood out."

Smiling at the handshake and after Takara offers her thanks, “Yes, I can see that Charlene would stand out. I thank you for you not disliking me. I, on the other hand, actually do like, Harley. Youa re very attractive. Not that I would have a chance, but whoever has your heart, you clearly made that person work for it.” He smiles, simply clear compliment nothing sinister about it. He looks to Takara, “And yes, Takara, is one of the younger students at the school that I attend to. So I try to look after her to the best of my ability.”

Charlie purses her lips together for a moment, "Hmm. You both attend the same school? I would have thought you were of college age Manuel. What is the name of your school if I might ask?"
Takara nods her head to Empath, "I'm thankful for that, the head mistress office was scary enough after the Buffy incident. Blonde…" She cuts herself off from saying something unlady like, instead clearing her throat and stepping closer to the two.

When Manuel avoids answering Charlene's question and instead heads off for the restroom, the woman relaxes a bit, then turns to Takara, "You didn't mention you were going to this boarding school with college age students. It must be a very special school indeed. What is the name of it? And it is okay to say bitch. I think I've heard it more than a few times."

Takara sighs to Charlene and nods, "To call Buffy a bitch would be doing a diservice to female canines everywhere. We 'like' each other that much." She reaches a hand out to the side of Charlene's arm, thinking hard about what she can say, "It's not all college age students, plenty of high school age people around." Takara keeps eye contact for the conversation, "The Massachusetts Academy."

“I am older. It is an academy. Not a traditional type of schooling. But students are able to get high school diplomas as well as collegiate level degrees…” As Charlene and Takara head to the bathroom together. Some screams can be heard from some of the workers as Bree returns into the store wielding a knife and running straight for the bathroom. Manuel grimaces, “Oh wow.” Surprised and placing himself in the way, Bree stabs.

Takara chuckles softly, "Where else, I manage to get back here without it costing an arm and leg." She doesn't have time to look distant, the screams around a woman brandishing a knife can be heard, and Manuel getting in the way. Takara breaks away fast, dashing over to try tackle Bree to the ground around the arms before she can use it.

On the floor with a small wound, Manuel curses in Spanish as Takara takes down Bree who is screaming incessantly about wanting to kill Charlie. Mall security and authorities are already in the vicinity as Manuel crawls away from the crazed girl. Two small blond employees of the store are already rushing to help him, using words like ‘brave’ and ‘hero’ to describe him.

Charlie steps up to help Takara get Bree under control. She pulls out a pair of handcuffs from her purse, cuffing the woman briskly and efficiently before checking her for any other weapons. Once that is done and the weapon is picked up with a tissue, she looks over at Manuel and his fangirls, then at Bree, eyes narrowed and brows furrowed in thought.

Takara has a good strong grip on the knife weilding Bree as they are driven to the ground, good form in pinning the girl under her with some effort, "Thanks Charlie, don't wanna know the why." She gets off the girl when security tell her to, heading over to Manuel and checking his wound. Takara is honestly concerned for Manuel, going as far as to find things to staunch the bleeding.

As the two blond girls fawn over the ‘heroic’ Empath, he lets out a smile, “Yeah, she went nuts. She thought I was leaving her for Charlie.” He points to Charlie and the blond girls eye her a moment curiously as she eyes them. When Takara approaches, he allows her to help him stave off the bleeding, “Thank you, Takara.” And then to Charlie, “Thank you as well, Charlene. I didn’t know you had handcuffs, they must come in handy from time to time, huh.” He grins at her.

"Yes. They do." She digs into her purse and pulls out a U maxi-pad, handing it over to Empath. "This will help with the bleeding until you get to a doctor." She looks at Takara and says, "You handled that quite well Takara. You're a real hero taking on a girl with a knife like that."

Takara furrows her brow as she applies pressure on the wound, use to blood, "Manuel, you just got stabbed and you bring up cuffs." She dares to smile a little, "Doesn't look too bad from here, but let the doctors give the final verdict." Takara looks up to Charlie with a smirk, "Also stupid, the girl had crazy strength going for her. Good thing I have a heavy ass."

Taking the maxi-pad in his hand, he looks at it and back to Charlie with a questioned expression and then hands it to Takara, “Here use this.” The blond employees huff as they look to Charlene and leave. Trying to stand up, but feeling a little dizzy, Manuel leans against the wall, “Well, that goes to show, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Bree is taken away but she can be heard screaming Charlene’s name and making threats.

"How did anyone get the idea that I of all people had the vaguest interest in you Manuel?" Charlene shakes her head, then turns to accept her cops from a policeman. "Thank you Officer Mendez." she says, taking note of the badge and badgenumber. Putting away her handcuffs, she pulls out her phone to jot down a couple notes on it, then she slips it back inside. "It doesn't look too serious Manuel. I'm glad you weren't hurt too seriously."

Charlie then grins at Takara and says, "I don't know if you have a heavy one, but it did the job nicely at whatever size you want to call it. You've studied martial arts?"

The curtain to Chenda's dressing room finally opens, perhaps a little shakily. The gypsy girl steps out, looking warily about. She spots Charlie, Takara, and the injured Manuel almost instantly. "Wow, are you guys okay? It sounded like quite a mess out here," she says, moving over to assist if she can.

Takara rolls her eyes as Manuel looks puzzled about the pad, she gets what to do with it as she applies it to the wound, "It'll do better then what I was using, until a proper bandage can be used. Keep pressure on that Manuel." She stays close to Manuel, she has a bit of his blood on her hands as she addresses Charlie, "I havn't studied any martial arts, I just got good with wrangling my half brothers when they acted up."
She looks over to Chenda and was about to hug her, but she keeps her hands away and upright, "Nothing major, just Bree went bonkers with a knife. Manuel got stabbed, so it's not my blood here."

“Well, thank you, Charlene. Bree had said something about chemistry or something the way you look at me or something.” Shrugging as he takes the maxi-pad and applying pressure to wear he was stabbed, he looks out to Richenda Gray, “Well, you do take a long time in a dressing room.” He holds his hand out to shake, but realizing he has a bloodied maxi-pad in his hand, he hmmmns and puts it back over the wound and simply bows.

Once more Charlie goes into her purse, returning with a couple of alcahol wipes. She cracks one open and passes it to Takara so the girl can get her hands clean.

"Here…clean your hands up." She looks over at Chenda and smiles, "You should have seen Takara in action. She looks like she's an old pro. Why I've seen graduates from police academy who don't jump into action with half as much grace under fire." Then to Empath she says, "You have to hold it tightly in place. Pressure. Or you'll just keep oozing all the way to the hospital."

"Hey, /you/ try getting dressed when people are screaming outside your flimsy curtain!" Chenda ripostes indignantly to Manuel, though she does nod in acknowledgeement. "I kept expecting somebody to fall in there with me, and I sure wasn't coming out with no pants!"

She glances up in surprise as Takara explains the matter. "Whoa. Sounds like somebody had a head full of bad wiring. He's gonna be okay, right?" Charlie's compliments earn the Japanese girl a smile. "Wow… 'Kara-chan did /that/?"

She glances back to Manuel, grimacing at the attempted shake. "Here, let me," she says, reaching over to grasp the makeshift bandage and apply pressure to the wound. It's far from the first time she's tended an injury, judging by the competent way she holds the bandage.

Takara gives a slight bow of her head and cleans up her hands with the wipes, "Almost makes me want to bear a purse again for the storage, or atleast use a shoulder bag." She blushes a little for Charlie giving her a glowing recollection, "Don't forget Manuel, he stopped Bree too. Worse case, he'll have a pretty scar to woe more girls with." Takara looks over to Chenda, she is impressed by the competent way it is being handled, "When kind words fail, always have a good stick within reach." Now that she has clean hands, a hug around Chenda is given, "I can fight, just don't do it often."

“Yes apparently, Bree thought that Charlie was in love with me…or at the very least in lust with me. I assured her of that. But she got mad…and well.” Manuel hands Chenda the bloodied maxi-pad that acts in place of the bandage, “And thank you, Chenda. It has been some time since we last saw each other. How’re you and how’re things are your school?” He smiles as he asks all polite like.

Charlie shakes her head, "Yes. She was obviously deranged to get the idea in the first place, then to attack with a knife…which she must have been carrying already." She looks from Takara to Manuel, "Well, I guess I should praise our other hero.”

Chenda smiles, accepting the hug easily. "Sounds like you're good at it, too," she replies, holding the maxi-pad over Manuel's wound. His own question draws a shrug. "I wasn't sure you'd remember me, Manuel. Things are okay at the school, and I'm okay. What about you? Think you can get to the first aid station and the hospital? This treatment won't hold you for long."

Takara is surprised when they know one another, curious to ask, "How do you guys know one another? Because if either of you say that certain school Manuel is in, bricks will be dropped." She lets Chenda go, on the othe side of Manuel with calm, "On a more current topic, I think they called for medical help around the time they took Bree."

Taking the maxi-pad from Chenda, Manuel offers with a smile, “Well, again. I could never forget one such as you, Richenda Gray. By far the most beautiful at your school. Please give my regards to Kurt.” He bows his head as he applies pressure to his injury, “I should be fine…but thank you for your concern.” And he looks over to Charlie, “And your praise. Yes, Bree was foolish. I should never have associated with her. I need a smarter more intelligent woman.” He smiles to Charlie and then just looks to Takara, “I know some of her teachers. We met in Salem Center in upstate New York.”

At the compliment, the gypsy girl blushes a little and tries to explain. "I ran into him with a few of my… what he said," Chenda says belatedly, catching Manuel's words. "I didn't know who you were talking to 'til just now, 'Kara-chan, or I would've said something. Through the curtain, I thought he just looked familiar. I'm sorry."

Takara raises an eyebrow to Manuel and Chenda, she already sniffs there is something not being said here, "Small world, I will be asking which school later." She changes back to the more pressing matter, looking over to Chenda with a smile, "Don't need to say sorry, I'm just curious."

“Well, I hope I stay in your memory this time, Chenda dear.” Manuel offers coyly before looking to Takara,
“The world we all live in is so much smaller than you could have imagined, Kara-chan. There is much to speak of, but for now, it is safe to say we all know each other.” He looks between the ladies and continues to press the maxi-pad which may be at maximum capacity as he is unsure how these things actually work. One of the blond workers returns with a first aid kid and begins to attend to Manuel.

"You did before. It was the different clothes that threw me, Manuel." Chenda shakes her head, and turns enough to lean forward and hug Takara. "I go to a different school than Manuel, and apparently you as well," she says. "I'll try and explain the whole thing later."

She glances back at Manuel and his wound. "Oh, dear. That's getting awfully red. Maybe I should look for… oh, never mind!" The last is said more cheerfully, as a worker comes along with medical supplies. Nice timing!

Charlie takes the bloody maxi from one of the blonde's as she removes it to apply some gauze. The maxi is deposited in a plastic baggy, which is in turn placed back into her shoulder bag. "My oh my. What a small world. You both know each other from school, now you and Takara are going to another school together."

Takara listens with a confounded look on her face, "I see, I think. Better be a good explaination when it comes." She gives Chenda a messing of her hair, stepping away for the worker to attend to Manuel, "Could have been as bad as it was a few years back, when I was clumsy due to a growth spurt." Takara stares at Charlie, "Same school yes, but the together part." SHe looks an Manuel, "He might be charming, he's not that charming. Besides, I have my eyes elsewhere."

“Charlene, different school for Chenda and please give me the maxi-pad. I will dispose of it properly. I would not want you to carry that thing around in your bag all day.” He shivers a bit as the idea disgusts him a bit. “It is humiliating enough that I was saved by a feminine hygiene product.” His face blushes a bit at the embarrassment of having said that sentence aloud.

"Small, but complicated," Chenda replies to Charlie, wincing. She stifles giggles and tries to swat away Takara's hands when the taller girl musses her hair. "Hey, hands off the merchandise! I'll make the explanation as good as I can!" she says, backing out of reach. "Geez! Next you'll be going after my clothes." Of course, Manuel's remark about what kept him from bleeding to death just sets her to giggling again.

"Oh. I understood these were two different schools being discussed Manuel." Then she looks at Takara and smiles, "I am glad to hear that you have your eyes on someone Takara. Someone you've met at The Massachusett Academy perhaps?" She digs the maxi pad out of her purse, "It would be much easier for me to dispose of. It is biohazard and from what I gather, men's bathrooms don't have handy bins for such things."

Takara smirks a little, but that moment passes in favor of smile, "It's better then some prospective make shift bandages for bleeding. I wasn't about to tear up this tank top over your wound." She smirks agian to Chenda, poking her tongue out quickly, "ALready tried, but they didn't fit me short stuff." Takara looks over to Charlie and laughs, "Not any body there, they are nice and stuff, but a bit rich for my blood. Somebody outside."

“Goodness, biohazard bins in ladies restrooms? I don’t envy the fairer gender.” Manuel grins, “And that’s fine. I know how to dispose of it, properly. I can get rid of it at the hospital once I head over there.” He then looks between the ladies, “Well, I did not expect to come to Brooklyn today and look what happens…I get stabbed.” He does not laugh, “But in a consolation prize, I did get to see you all again.”

Chenda opts to leave The Great Maxi Debate to Manuel and Charlie, and instead sneaks a tickle into Takara's ribs. "I didn't see that stopping you," she needles lightly, and steps back so as not to get tickled in return, or worse.

And, back to Manuel. "You don't often come to Brooklyn? You're missing a treat, Manuel. But to each their own, I guess. And you /did/ get saved by 'Kara-chan, so the day wasn't a total waste!"

Charlie hands the plastic baggy over to Manuel, "Here you go then. Do see to it that it is properly disposed of. Don't flush it or throw it in the trash." She looks to Takara, "The powder that is in a maxi can absorb up to 500 times its mass in water, or blood. There is no more absorbant bandage available. And your school certainly sounds like a very unusual place the more I hear about it. Did you get a scholarship in order to attend? It sounds pretty expensive." Turning to Chenda she chortles, "You must not have spent much time with Senor de la Rocha at school Richenda. He is much more of a Manhattan man. Unlike the rest of us, he isn't living on the cheap."

Takara squirms under tickling, she will get Chenda back at a later date, "Always a silver lining Manuel, just happened to land here on a strange day." She brushes her hair back when one clump falls over her face, reaching to a back pocket to tie it back, "He does? Never noticed."

Nodding his head and watching as the girls tickle each other in front of him, “I didn’t think people just tickle each other like that. Must be an American thing?” He seems confused by the interaction between Chenda and Takara before offering to Charlie, “Yes it will be disposed of properly. And thank you again. I can refund you for the maxi-pad if you need it.”

"I couldn't. He goes to a different school!" Chenda points out, laughing. "Granted, he sure /looks/ Manhattan." She smiles at the only guy here. "Poor Manuel… we must confuse you so. But at least we care, right?"

Charlie laughs, "I'm living on the cheap Manuel, but not /that/ cheap. I can spare the cost of the maxi. Besides, think of all the meals that you've paid for me since we've met."

Takara tsks softly, "Comfortable with displays of affection, alot of girls are between girls. It might get misread on boys." She gives Chenda a prod, because she is proddable, "I'll make sure Manuel gets to proper treatment, evne if I have to sit in the room for the stitches." TK looks over to Charlie and chuckles.

“That is true, Charlie. All those meals and yet no real date.” Manuel quips as he looks to Chenda, “Yes, when I am in New York, I tend to be more in Manhattan instead of the other boroughs. And as for misreading, I’ve heard a lot of younger boys say when girls tickle each other that it leads to kissing and some lesbian experimentation.” He hmmmns.

"What boys must talk about when they've got nothing else to occupy their minds," Chenda says airily, affecting a soft, snooty accent, ignoring Takara's prod. She's used to getting poked, just because of where she goes to school. "Get well soon, Manuel. We'll make sure to visit."

Charlie shakes her head. "Yes. Good luck with the hospital visit Manuel." She slings her purses over her shoulder before leaning into Takara to get a hug. "I'll let you do all the baby sitting the doctors Takara." Then she gives a slight nod of the head towards Manuel, "Senor de la Rocha. Do try to avoid getting stabbed."

Takara can't help but snickers, "You hit that on the head Manuel, some think it, but that only happens some times." She gives Charlie a hug, "See you around Charlie, don't be a stranger." TK waves once more to Chenda, escorting Empath towards medical treatment.

Bowing as both Richenda and Charlie start to leave, Manuel offers to Charlie, “I shall, but I be in this position again, I will pray that you, my angel of mercy, are present to save me.” He winks to Charlie and offers up in faux toast, “To new beginnings.” When he looks to Takara, “Shall we return to the school?”

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