2012 04 30 A Simple Thanks

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A Simple Thanks

Takara and Mirage

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After the teddy bear is dealt with Mirage thanks Takara for the help


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The authorities and social services have came and went quickly taking care of thier business at the Denton household. Mirage stands by looking over the wreckage of the teddy bear, just in case anyone has questions for her about the incident.

Takara shrinks into the background around the time the authorities showed up, literally her natural size once more as she tries to slip away from attention. She stands in the crowd of gawkers, looking over to Mirage with a slightly unnerved look about her.

Dani examines several peices of the android teddy bear but she isn't very techincal minded so isn't sure exactly what she is looking at. Curiousity satisfied she drops the peices and glances around spotting the girl that helped them "Thanks for the assist." she says as she walks up "It's always nice to have a strong arm around in these situations.

Takara stays put as she is called out to, left hand over her right arm dispite having no injury there, "Sure, but Mr Grimm was present too.He was the first to tackle the machine." She glances over to Mirage, "Hard to think a little kid could do all that, or be so focused on getting babes."

She nods "Yes, I think my friend is speaking to him now. You both worked well as a team." Mirage glances back at the destruction "I know. I makes you wonder what his parents expose him to." she gives a shrug "We will just have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't let loose another toy of destruction.

With a shrug of her shoulders, Takara agrees, "Maybe the kid was just that smart already, not that far fetched considering what happens around the city." She straighten up, drawing a deep breath, "Thank you." Takara shudders as people look at her, "Just glad I don't have that at home, atleast so far."

"I was referring to the fact that he demanded I make him a sandwich." Dani has no problem with smart people or people that invent things, though she would prefer those things not to blow up and try to smash her friends "Is there something bothering you?" her tone is concerned and sh glances about at the crowd.

Takara nods her head slowly, "Just expecting somebody to start making a fuss about what just happened, or start pointing out people. Last time, there was yelling." She lifts her chin, speaking as calmly as she can, "I'll be fine in a while. After calming down."

She continues to watch the crowd a few moments "I'm sure there will be a fuss." Mirage makes a dismissive gesture "The internet will have a surge in rants about mutants and there will be more letters to the newspaper.

Takara gives a small smile and chuckle, "If it stops at words, that would be a interesting turn of events." She relaxes a little further, hands together over her lap, "Just scaried, seen it when it gets beyond words."

"Most of us have, and it doesn't always get easier to deal with." Mirage watches as the small crowd disperses realizing that the show is over "Having friends that are in a similar situation helps." she glances to her visored friend when her name is called "If you will excuse me, I think I am needed. Thanks again for the help." she makes her way to the man she came her with.

Takara nods softly and waves, "Indeed." She slinks away and pulls out her phone once she is away from the crowd.

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