2012 04 29 Doctor Denton Would Be World Conqueror

Log Title:
Doctor Denton, Would-be World Conqueror

Cyclops, Mirage, The Thing, Takara, and Doctor Denton & Teddy

IC Date:
April 29, 2012

Midtown - New York

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Doctor Denton, Would-be World Conqueror attempts to take over the world…He is defeated by the beguiling beauty that is Danielle Moonstar. Cyclops, Thing and Takara defeat Teddy his mechanized monster Teddy Bear!


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It is an average warm spring day as the city recovers from some weekend ruckus. Few people are on the street aside from the random vagrant or cop. As the afternoon looms over New York City, Scott Summers dressed semi-formally in a blazer over a brown shirt and jeans sits in a parked car outside a brownstone in Midtown, with him the newest staff member of the Xavier Academy, Danielle Moonstar, “Thanks for coming with me, Dani. The Professor mentioned a new mutant registering on Cerebro, but was unable to glean more information as the mutant had some sort of psi-defenses.”

Danielle is just glad to finally be out of the med-bay. Having recently been cleared for duty she jumped at the chance of getting out of the mansion, she was starting to get a little stir crazy. She glances out the car window at the brownstone "Our target in there than?

Dressed less then formal, Takara happens to be heading towards the brownstone for a different reason after enjoying the week end ruckus. Her gaze turns towards the various buildings, weaving amoungst the foot traffic like a normal teenager in the city. Becuase of the warm weather, she wears a short sleeve tee and shorts as well as sneaker. TK comes to a halt infront of the building, checking her text messages on her phone.

“Well, not necessarily a target. We are just reconning for now. Check it out and if need be then approach.” Scott offers in friendly, but authoritative voice as he continues to eye the brownstone. “Hopefully, this mutant will be friend and not foe.”

Well unfortunately, hope can only get you so far. The top floor of the brownstone explodes and rips apart as large chunks of glass and brick plummet towards the ground and in particular towards the parked car housing the Xavier staff and Takara walking towards the building.

Nodding at Scott "Were we at least able to get a name of the people that live here?" Dani asks as she briefly turns to him. She is about to continue when the vehicle is rocked by the explosion above them and she instinctively ducks and covers, being in the car she has quite a few blind spots so can't see that large chunks are failing but experience tells her that its possible building peices will be raining down "Out!" she cries out to Scott, the safest way out supposedly will be through the driver's side and Scott has to get out before she can.

Reading something that made her smile, Takara takes a step onwards before a explosion knocks her down to her knees. Takara looks up, large chunks of building, running towards the street, one hand planting on the hood of a car to help vault across it.

“Well so much for discretion.” As this all happens within seconds the veteran hero and X-Man opts for an even quicker way to deal with the falling wreckage, lifting his ruby quartz glasses, he opens his eyes and shoots off a powerful optic blast, not just shooting through the roof of the car but pulverizing much, but not all of the falling debris. “Mirage, run in and check on the Dentons! The parents and their kid. I believe the child is the mutant. Power-unknown!”

Takara’s vault across the hood of the car proves successful keeping her from the now pulverized dust debris and the optic blast that made it so. Reaching into his pocket to replace the shades with a handy visor, Scott makes his way out of the car and towards Takara, “Are you alright?” Screaming can be heard coming from the brownstone as the Dentons make their way out of the building, no child with them and from where the explosion occurred large heavy mechanized noises can be heard…and childish laughter.

Bailing out of the car, Mirage confirms that she heard the order "On it." and hurries to the brownstone, meeting the Dentons as they come out "Are you all right?" she gives them a quick once over than looks past them into what is left of the house as she hears the noises from within. "You get to safety, I'll see about your child."

Takara looks up expecting heavy chunks, but instead gets a good view of blasted car roof, rocks turned to dust and some guy reaching for a visor, "Yes, I'm fine." She gets up and has a jaw drop when she hears mech noises, "Oh, that doesn't sound good." A good eye might catch that the younger girl just shot up a few inches in height, a five ten teenager.

The Dentons run straight to Dani, “I…I think he did this. Our son, Oliver, he…he did this!” Mrs. Denton screams and her husband begins to pull her to safety. He looks to Dani, “Be careful…and don’t hurt him!” Cyclops look notes the height change in the girl, “You can grow in height. You are powered?”

As he looks towards the exposed top floor, there is a little child wearing red pajamas with ducks, a red football helmet and a yellow cape. He laughs maniacally and a giant mechanized robot looking like an evil Teddy Bear stands behind him and leaps slamming onto the ground below sending a little shockwave rocking the ground where everyone stands. “Teddy win fight…get babes!”

The child just blew off the roof and they are worried /she/ is going to hurt /him/. Mirage would roll her eyes at that the state of the bottom floor after the explosion is enough to take her mind off the protectiveness of parents. She pauses long enough to get an idea of the floor plan and quickly moves to go up the stairs, should there be any stairs left, that is. She winces hands going to the walls to brace herself as the house shakes.

If there's one thing that Ben's gotten good at over the years it's taking long introspective walks down winding new york streets. His idenity safely hidden by a big rain coat, and fedora pulled down over his eyes. Of course it's a lousy disguise, and everyone knows exactly who he is, but he gets the wide berth and anominity he's looking for anyway. You see it's one thing to think Ben Grimm is part of the 'good ole FF' when he's fighting Aliens on the nightly news. It's quiet another the the /thing/ is right next to you on the subway. It's the kind of sight people pull their children away from and cause the occasional baby to cry.

Of course, passing through this neighborhood on his way to see his Aunt Petunia, he's not drawning any attention because well.. A brownstone exploded.. a dude shot lasers from his eyes.. and Evil Teddy Ruckspin is standing on the street apparantly ready to kick-ass. "Oh you have gotta be kiddin' me!"

Don't forget a growing asian girl with red in her eyes. Takara shoots past seven feet of height by the time she answers Cyclops, "Yes, but the bear might be a pressing matter." Twelve feet tall by the time the robot hits the ground, Takara is kneeling so she can keep her balance, standing up after the shock wave passes and continuing to grow, "Any ideas?"

The rest of the brownstone is relatively intact and Dani should easily make her way up to Oliver’s room. Once there, the boy turns to see her and smiles, “Oh my…” He gasps and offers, “Hello, my sweet. I am Doctor Dentin! Soon, I shall rule this puny world- -and you shall be my queen! At least once I hit puberty you will!” Dani will find that Oliver is no more than 8 years old. AS he uses a remote to control Teddy.

Teddy moves forward rushing towards the car that the X-staff had been riding in. Easily lifting it up, it hurls the vehicle at Cyclops and Takara as it has not yet noticed the Thing. Teddy repeats, “Win Fight…Get Babes!” As for ideas, Cyclops offers, “DUCK!” as he falls to the ground in a roll, he is already shooting a blast at the creature which falls back but still manages to toss the car at Takara.

"This is one of those days I shoulda stood in bed." Ben says as he breaks into a run. He's not gonna make it in time to intercept the car that is hurtling towards Takera, but.. as she's just grown to 12 feet tall he's hoping she can take it. And so he relies on the old stand by of conviently located municible poperty. As he runs past a parking meeter, Ben reaches out and plucks it out of the ground and immedialy hurls it towards Teddy's gut like a javelin. Hey maybe it'll get his attention?

Mirage stops in the door of the child's bedroom as he addresses her. When he finishes his short speech she can't help but wonder what could cause a child his age to behave like this, she does wonder if he is powered at all. While it isn't unheard of for powers to manifest at his age it is a rarer occurence. She realizes quickly that dealing with this child is going to take more guile than physical force. Walking into the room she glances out at the large teddy bear then back to the young boy "Well than my King," she says, thinking playing along will be the best thing at the moment, as she crosses the room to kneel next to him "What do you have there." she points to the remote in his hand.

Takara passes the seventeen feet tall mark by the time the car hits her out streached palms. She took it well enough to still be on her feet, the car however didn't fair as well as it crumples with impact. Takara puts the car down gently with minor complain of shaking her hands, "Ow." She heads for the bear.

Looking back at Takara, his expression is hard to read if he is concerned over her or the car. However, he turns back and just as the traffic meter turned javelin is tossed into Teddy, the robot falls back a bit and lets out a loud howl, "Rockface hurt Teddy! Teddy win fight…Teddy get babes!" Pulling the spear out of its chest it hurls it Takara while charging at the Thing. Cyclops moves to get the parents away.

As Mirage kneels before the child king, he smiles, "Oh…I'll show you." He hands her the remote. It is basically a TV remote, "You can move it using the channel and volume buttons and each number is a different attack." He looks out and watches the chaos he has unleashed, "Soon, my dear…soon you will join your king…but first…make me a sandwich! I hunger!"

Looking at the remote the child has just given her, Mirage smiles "Well that was a very smart thing to do. Creating a large teddy bear run by remote." she stands, remote still in hand "So then, what does this button do?" she pushes the off button on the remote as she points it at the big teddy bear.

Ben makes a soft whew sound as he sees Cyclops ushering the Denton family to relative safetly. "Look out Miss!" he calls out to Takara as 'Teddy' throws the ripped up parking metter at her. Nearing 18 feel tall means that it is going to do much to Takara than anyoe her. "Look out kid!" he xclaims to Takara, "I'm taking the low road…" And with a suddenly lunch, Ben dives a thte creatures feet, Reeling one harm back to try and closeline the big fake bear right off of his feet and squarly onto his ass, "Take the high rode!" Ben yells to Takraa as he flies past.

Takara jumps aside for the make shift thrown object, gazes her ribs wit ha slight yelp. She follows Grimms lead, and takes the high road at the shoulders, "Yes sir." Takara throws alot of her weight behind the blow, trying to ground the bear with Thing.

With the parents safely squared away and a quick call to child services and other authorities already arriving, Cyclops returns to the scene to find Teddy suddenly deactivated seemingly out of nowhere, perfect timing for Takara and the Thing who manage to literally rip the mechanical monster in two in their coordinated attack.

Oliver Denton offers, ‘That turns it off.” When Dani presses the button, Oliver begins to cry as he realizes he has been defeated, “Zounds! I, the great Doctor Denton, have been defeated by beauty! Curse you, wench! I shall have my vengeance! And where is my sandwich!” He yells loudly until his screams sounds more like gibberish crying and screams of a spoiled child.

The authorities go to assist Takara and the Thing while Cyclops leads the parents back into the brownstone. Upon reaching the third floor, little Oliver Denton making puppy dog eyes rushes to hug his mother’s leg, “Mommy, she hit me!” He points to Dani.

Mirage glances down at the now deactivated teddy bear robot, but pockets the remote to give to who ever it is that is gadgety at the Mansion "You didn't say the magic word," pause "Please." she tells Oliver as she walks out meeting his parent's once more at the door. At the accusation of hitting the child she just gives his parents a , are we really going to go there, look.

The Teddy Robot is deactivated just as Ben dives at it's legs and really… in the kerfuffle of it the Brick of the Fantastic Four finds himself burried beneat a new inert super robot death-bear. Big rocky feet can be seen sticking out from beneat the bears mass and from beneath it there is a loud sigh, "Figures." he says the authorities start to come to investigate.

The mother lifts up her baby Oliver and whispers, “It’s ok, baby! I know the bad mutant woman is leaving now.” The father turns to Dani, “I recognize you from X-Factor.” And he looks to Scott, “And you must be in charge, clearly as the male.” Scott just shakes his head and looks to Dani, “Let’s get out of here. I’ll buy you a beer.” Upon reaching outside, Cyclops offers to take the Thing and Takara out for a drink. Well Takara, a non-alcholic drink, but the rest can get alcohol.

At this point Child Services and the police are in the brownstone ready to deal with the Dentons. Little Oliver stares at the heroes as they leave and thinks to himself, «Oh yes, X-Factor…That is Mirage of X-Factor! You will rue the day you beguiled me with your beauty, Mirage! I will destroy X-Factor and when I reach puberty, you will be mine! And I will have my sandwich!»

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