2012 04 28 Vacation Time Yay

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Vacation Time. Yay.

The Thing, The Human Torch

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28 April 2012

Baxter Building

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With Sue and Reed off doing their own thing, Ben checks to see what Johnny intends to do


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-==[ Kitchen - 31st Floor Fantastic Four HQ ]==-----

A person could get lost in this kitchen. Fully stocked and equipped with even an island in its center and many hanging racks all around, this beautiful kitchen is every homemakers dream. Two upright refrigerators are upon the far wall side by side and containing all that a superhero could need or want to eat. The range is electric with a top and bottom oven along with a three basin sink plus all the kitchen appliances one could ever want. One also finds a small table over in the corner next to the windows that overlook the city which a few may eat breakfast upon. All the while in a blue and bright white decorated Martha Stewart-looking environment.

Johnny says, "Mmmph mmmph mmmph Mmmprrrph *burp*"

"Hey Johnny? Are you around?" Ben calls as his heavy footfalls echo against tile floors upon his entering the Kitchen, "I was….." he pauses as he looks at the contents of the fridge spread out before him and says, "Holy Crap matchstick… didja leave me anything?" Ben says as he moves to the Fridge and peers inside with a sudden sense of urgency.

Alas, the drawbacks of super-hero dom. Although Johnny wasn't affected so much in the appearances section as Ben, he was very much affected with his appetite. Burning away calories like no one's business, Sue's learned very well that the fridge needs to be stocked just in case the case of the super-munchies appears once more. And have they.

Having already bit into the hero of heroes once more, Johnny, still dressed in his FDNY shirt and sweats, has quite a mouthful as ben inquires into the condition of the food supply. "Mmph mmph mmmph." He replies, as Ben's perusal of the fridge will reveal that the bin that contained the 'non hidden' batch of rugelach is pretty much decimated. There's only two pieces left. There are, oddly enough, plenty of veggies left.

And none of Suzie's award winnin' Mac n' Cheese either. Ben frowns and rummages abit. With drawing from the fridge with a /huge/ ear of Cauiflower that could rival a head of lettuce in dimensions. Ben mutters as he grabs some salt and some hot sauce so he can start 'flavorin'' the pearly vegetable matter and sits at the counter across from Johnny, "Well at least their still puttin' you through yer paces so ya earn that appetite." Ben says as he salts and then hot sauces his head of cauiflower and then takes a loud crunchy bite. "So did Susie talk to ya before she and Reed Left? I guess their gonna take some time out from the team and spend more time raising Franklin."

Johnny's response is delayed as he looks over towards Ben, setting the meat ladden sandwich down, compensating for the desire to bite into the sandwich once more once he had the space in his mouth for it. The chewed up remains of the last bite is soon swallowed. "Big city, plenty of fires to put out." Johnny offers up in explanation to the cause of his hunger, "Considering how he is, I'm surprised Sue got Reed away from the lab for their break."

Ben lets go of a gufaw at the mention of how Reed is, "Oh don't fool yourself Johnny. Reed's not going anywhere that one of his lab's ain't." Though really how you Marry a Sue Storm and /still/ spend more itme wrapped up in your work than her is one of lifes great mysteries. "He won't completely leave his work behind, but instead of takin breaks to save the world, now he'll be takin breaks to do things like show Franklin how to throw a baseball and what not. I think they've earned a little peace and quiet fer as long as they can stand it." Which Ben is picturing won't be long, "So I've been wantin' to ask yah… What do you think we should do about the FF? Get someone to fill like Sharon and Cyrstal did before? Or…. do you think the whole Fantastis Four just takes a breather for a little while?"

Johnny considers the question, hands resting on his sandwich in thought. "Well." He pauses, lifting the sandwich up, "Barring some apocalypse scenario, I could use the extra time to pull in some hours with the department. I'm sure they'd appreciate a few more short calls."

Ben crunches his cauiflower some more and says, "Well then I guess that's the thing to do. I'm sure FDNY will be happy to have you around more. Especially if they can start gettin' ya to do more of those PR events they keep calling here for you about." Ben says with a nod, "Well then…. I g uess the Fantastic Four is on a bit of a vacation too. I guess we've earned it."

With that assumption made, Johnny gives a bit of a nod, "Guess so." The sandwich lifts up a bit higher in a mock toast, "Yay for vacations." He takes another bite out of the sandwich, the side of the mouth buldging with the bit of food as he chews.

"Yeah.. Yah for Vacations…." Ben says with slightly less enthusiasm as his ridged brow furrows. He finishes his vegatible matter in few more salt and hot sauce covered chomps and he says, "Well then… Were you plannin on staying here? Or over at one of the stations?"

"Brrth." Johnny replies, mout still full of food as he eats, at least ating until he's done chewing before he continues, "Legal stuff, can only work for so long before you have to take a day off so… There while working, here on my off days."

The Thing nods and that and hrms, "Well, I'll just… work on some of those projects I've been putting off…." Is Ben really worried about being around the empty nest?

Johnny starts to move over to the fridge. Good god, is he not done eating YET?! "Besides, my room's probably more comfortable than what they have to crash on over there." He opens the fridge to peer in, "Can't stay there all the time."

"Maybe I'll go talk ta Carol, see if the Avenger's could use some help for awhile. Tony can make a Quinjet real nice, but god knows the man can't fly one." Ben shakes his head and gives a shiver. "So um…. let me know when yer off duty or something. maybe we can go catch a movie or somethin'"

Johnny glances to the long stream of food set upon the counter and then back into the fridge, "Well, I just got off of work with the department…" He reaches in and grabs a pitcher of what looks to be red liquid. Probably kool-aid or something like that. With a family like this, Sue's not about to buy small cans of drink when a powdered mix will do just as well. "What were you thinking about?"

THe big lumox shakes his head and says, "Nothin' special, just figured we should do something sometime since we won't be seeing as much of each other fer a while. Any good movies you wanna see playing?"

The fridge door paps shut as Johnny moves over to the cabinet to retrieve a glass, "Uh, well. I kind of want to see that Tim Burton one that's coming out in a few weeks." He starts to pour the drink, "Other than that there's that version of 21 Jumpstreet which is supposed to be stupidly funny or the American Pie sequel."

"Well then lets go later tonight or the next time yer off. Sound like a plan?" Ben asks with a smile. Really for all their bickering and all their pranking they are still friends after all, and well… Ben can barely get Reed to have a beer with him, much less actually go to a movie. "I heard the 21 Jumpstreet one was funny. Ah hell if we have to I'll wear my big coak so we can theatre hop if they suck."

"21 Jumpstreet it is," Johnny agrees, moving back to the fridge to put the pitcher back, "Just grab a paper and let me know what times are up for tonight."

The Thing nods, "Ok then Matchstick, it's a deal. Lemme go find out what the times are and I'll meetcha later tonight!" And with that he leans out of the kitchen and waves on his way out.


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