2012 04 28 I Brought Cookies

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I Brought Cookies

The Thing, Vision and Arachne

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Avenger's Mansion

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Thing and Arachne pay a visti to the Avengers and are greeted by Vision


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It's a lazy Saturday afternoon, and god knows, New York doesn't get to enjoy to many of these. And one Ben Grimm, may or may not be feeling like the Baxter Building is a bit of an empty nest these days. What with Johnny being all growed up working the New York City Fire Department, and with Sue and Reed so they and Franklin can be together on some of a world lecture tour he is taking, Ben often feels as if he's wandering around his little club-house to only a distant echo. And so he goes to the other club house he's usually welcome at as long as he didn't break anything,

"Hey!" he calls out as he pushes the front door open and pokes his head inside, "Anyone in here? I got fresh Rugelach from my Aunt Petunia for everyone."

The inhuman Vision slowly drifts down from the ceiling he just phased through. Where did he come from? Whatever room is above the foyer area of the Mansion. The ghostly white Avenger drifts down, waving a hand at the Thing. Vizh says, "Greetings and Salutations, Benjamin. You know, as a card carrying member of our organization, you do not always need to bring dilectables when you come by."

Having dropped of her daugther at a nearby friend house, Julia had decided to stop my a visit as well. She walks in shortly after Ben but with his largeness in the way she probably does unnoticed. Until of course she peeks around him as Vision enters "What delectibles would those be?"

"Well I'm just trying to be neighborly and all…." Ben starts and then Julia's head peeks around him and he jumps suddenly, "Jumping Johosaphat!" he says as he lurches forward and turns. Suddently feeling very embarrassed he just spits out, "I brought Rugelach!" and holds the plate in her direction.

The Vision reaches the floor of the foyer. He wraps himself in his cape and steps towards the Thing. As Julia pokes her head around him, Vizh glances in her direction. He nods at her and says, "Ben brought us some sweets. Though not enough for the entire team."

"Their loss for not being here, I suppose." she nods in greeting to Vision and gives Ben an apologetic smile for surprising him and peers at the cookies on the plate "They look great." she begins to slip out of her light jacket "You the only one around?" she asks Vision.

Benjamin's ridged brow furrows as he looks over his shoulder, "And just how precisely do you know I didn't bring enough! Didja go uploading some new Betty Crocker' software or somethin?" He gives the plate a little waver as if to entice the peering Julia to help herself. "He's the only one that came running when I made a rucus." He waits for Julia to help herself to a cookie or three before turning to head into the Foyer, "You want one Vizh? I know ya don't need to eat, but Simon always loved these so I figured you might too."

The Synthezoid looks to one side and over his shoulder and then slowly turns his head to look over the other shoulder. Vizh purses his lips and turns back to Julia and Ben, "I am unsure. The Mansion is big and some members of the team may be deeply involved in their own endeavors. Dr. Pym and Tony, for example, are probably present but unavailable." Vizh looks to Ben and the corners of his mouth curve upwards slightly in response. Vizh says, "I believe that downloading said Betty Crocker software could prove more dangerous than anything I may have installed in my systems from Titan." He then raises a hand to decline Ben's offer, "I will decline for now. Better to spare one for other members of the team."

Julia drapes her jacket over her arm before taking one of the cookies from the plate. Chuckling at Vision's comment "You would be so busy baking you wouldn't have time for anything else." she then takes a bite of the rugelach cookie "You think I would be able to talk your Aunt into baking for Rachael's school's next bake sale?

Ben harumphs as Vizh declines and mutters under his throat, "Noboby likes a smart-ass robot, there's plenty there." He clears his throat and looks back to Julia, "Oh try and stop my Aunt Petunia from makin' yah about 10 batches when I tell her. I'm sure she'll be happy to." He looks around then for Jarvis and says, "Here I'm gonna have Jarvis ration this batch out just to proove you wrong Vizh." Though of course, Vizh is right, but Ben's not going to admit that now, "Maybe you should let Julia run a training sim for you while Jarvis divies these up. I'll bet that'll be real fun." A memories of getting hit with a Mimiced Mjornir and a falling building come sauntering back.

"I would be Jarvis's worst enemy, that is for sure. Flour and sugar all over the countertops." Vision states with very little in the way of humor in his tone of voice. He looks towards Ben and nods at the decision that Ben comes to, "Jarvis always enjoyed a challenge, yes." The Synthezoid looks back to Julia, "A simulation? Why?"

"I think he is teasing you. A while back I ran a simulation for him and another of your team. I dropped a building on them." she once more laughs. Ben might be a bit embarrassed by the memory but she finds it humorous

Thankfully, Ben can't blush. Though in truth, he's a little grateful for the building fall…. as it was saving him from further humbling at the hands of Super Adaptoid, who had just decided to start emulating the powers of Thor. In case you were wondering, he does hit as hard as the genuine article. "It was a good training exercise, and I learned an important lesson about making sure I'm paying attention to my surroundings when I'm puttin' people through walls."

Vizh listens to what Julia says. He humphs after her words and Ben's words. The Synthetic Avenger looks over towards the Thing and shakes his head, "Are you not used to buildings falling on you at this point?" He glances over at Julia and then back at Ben, "At least give him a challenge. Pit him against Prince Namor in a fight at the bottom of the ocean." He looks back at Julia, "Is that your forte? Coming up with simulations?"

Julia shakes her head "Not really. I thought with Ben and Adaptoid fighting I would be better off in the control room. I would have just got in the way of them pounding on each other and probably not in a productive way." she looks thoughtful a moment "Prince Namor..hmm I'll remember that for next time.

"Now she's bein' all Modest. I probably couldn't even get a hand on her." There's a decided lack of commenting on the prospect of fighting against Namor. That's perhaps the only fight that he tends to take more personally is the Hulk. Neither tend to end well for him. "So then Spider-Woman, Vizh, do yah guys Think, Ms. Marvel would mind having me around for awhile? The rest of the FF is all, well their off doin' other things and the Baxter Building is just kinda cold and quiet right now."

The Vision looks from Julia to look at The Thing. An eyebrow raises on his inhuman brow, "An odd question, Ben. Why would she object to your being amongst friends and teammates here in the Mansion?" The Synthezoid crosses his arms over his chest. He adds after a pause, "Especially if you continue to bring with you sugary treats."

"Arachne. I've decided that it is best to separate my identity from that of Jess. She had the name first after all." Julia lifts a shoulder at Ben's question "It's not my place to say." especially since she neither lives there nor has been asked to be on the team, she hasn't asked to though either.

"Arachne." Ben repeats. "That's from greek Mythology." He says giving Vizh a knowing look as if to say, 'Look! I know stuff too!' He clears his throat, "Just because I know someone wouldn't mind, doesn't mean it ain't still polite to ask first, Vizh. It's a human thing.."

The Vision arches his brow again at Ben, "A human thing." he repeats. He grimaces and turns to look at Julia, "Arachne. Very nice." He looks back towards Ben, "Well you have my permission, since Ms. Marvel isn't presently here to give you hers."

"Thanks." Juila says simply at the approval from the men (or man like synth in Vision's case) "Sounds like your Aunt is going to be a baking fiend for a while. Especially if you pay for your room in cookies.

"Yeah Arachne like… was a better dancer than the Goddest Hekate so she turned her into a spider and she made her this really nice quilt…" He looks around as if trying to guage if anyone is impressed by this swell font of knowledge, "Well it was something like that… anyway it's a good name… Sets yah appart from Jess and Spidey, Especially since he once apped yer look from when we first meet ya on Battleworld. It's nice and catchy…"

The Vision remains silent through Ben's recitation of the mythology. He remains quiet for moments longer before agreeing, "A fine and adaquate name. It will suit you." Another few moments of quiet before Vizh gestures upwards towards the ceiling, "Well, welcome to the mansion you two. I should return to my inspection of the Quinjets. Make yourselves at home."

"Some thing like that, yes." Julia knows of course it was nothing like that at all but gives Ben his moment "Thank you Vision. I don't mean to keep you from your work.

"Of course Vizh. If you ever need any help testing the Quinjets lemme know. Maybe while I'm hanging around I can fly 'em for yah since all your other good pilots can already fly on their own." Ben says with a grin. "Take care buddy." he looks back to Julia then and says, "Speakin' o' Rachel, how's the little moppet doing? School goin' well for her?"

Nodding at the question "She is great. She was dubious about moving to the city, but now that she is here she loves it and is settling in well at school. Already has a friend that she can't see enough of." she smooths the jacket on her arm "When are Reed and Sue expected back?

The Thing smiles, happy to hear that Rachel is settling. He remembers first meeting her when Julia first worked with the West Coast Avengers, "Well I'm glad she's making friends. The city can be a great place to grow long as you don't get in with the wrong crowd." YOu know.. like Ben did when he was a kid, "Hopefully not long.. but I dunno. Reed's always so buried in his research that Sue might wanna make certain he spends his spare time with them and not out saving the world for awhile."

"Well if that should happen I'll be sure to point them out to you and you can teach them what happens when the wrong crowd gets around my child." Julia could do it, but as the mom they would just ignore and do more bad stuff "A task that Sue has always seemed to be up to.

"Hey any time any punks given Rach need a talking to, you just let me know. Ole Benji'll set 'em straight." Or he'll wrap a buick around a lightpole to make his point. "Seriously you ever need anything Kid, just lemme know."

Julia puts a hand on Ben's arm with a grin "You can count on that. Hopefully it won't ever come to that." she drops her hand "Well I have some errands to run before I have to pick up Rachel. It was nice seeing you again. Could you let Carol know I stopped by. I wanted to talk to her about something.

"You got it Kiddo, I'll let her know! Keep it safe out there alright?" And with his good buys said, Ben starts to make his way into the kitchen to see if Jarvis has divied up the cookies evening so he can tease Vizh about it later.

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