2012 04 27 We Will Always Have The Savage Land

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We will always have the Savage Land

Mirage, Beast, and Havok

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Med Bay, Xavier Mansion

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Alex tells Dani of his talk with Rahne


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-==[ Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==------

Upon entering this room, one could easily feel as if though travel into the future of some science fiction flick had actually taken place. Technology that surpasses anything most human beings could possibly comprehend make up this vast room. This facility is capable of accommodating every aspect of the medical arts and science known to man and many that are not. Not only does this complex allow a scrub room, operating arena, intensive care ward and therapy department but also has holographic diagnostics, cloning and techno-organic tissue bonding facilities thanks to the alien Shi'ar technology.

Through out the main center area of the room are numerous medical 'beds' that resemble something similar to metal tubes which can open and close depending on the severity of the occupants wounds. Robotic limbs that hang from the ceilings and robotic beings that move through out the room conform to their programming and aid in the healing process of patients. The computer networking and the presence of this amazing technology offer an immense sense of hope to anyone that is brought here.

Sitting on one of the beds with her one arm over her shoulder the over hand holding her shirt up enough to show her bruised torso, is Dani. Beast stands nearby examining her ribs and the busing "You seem to be healing fine. Another week or so that the brusing should be all gone. The tenderness will last longer I'm afraid." he tells her. She nods at his assessment, wincing as he probes her side to feel the fractured bones.

Alex will repress his urge to call across the room to his teammate, instead he'll walk up and say, "That looks painful." - He seems to be in a good mood, pleased with recent turn of events.

"Looks could not possibly due the pain I feel justice." Dani looks up from her bruising as she pulls her shirt down "Thanks Hank." she says to Beast before he wanders off to do whatever it is he does in his free time. "What's got you in such a good mood?"

After casually greeting Hank, Alex takes a seat on the table across from Dani and says, "Good news; well not really /good/ news, but news that is kinda good. I spoke to Rahne. She told me what's up and we totally cleared the air. Aside from crap that went on in and after Genosha, she's on the mend and I figure she and I will be just fine."

She nods "I figured something was up in that department." she begins to idly swing her legs to and fro "I hope you understand now why I didn't want to say anything. I am glad everything is settled, now you can both move on.

"Oh totally. I mean your input helped, even if it was only leading." Alex states as he surmises the situation. "But anyway, glad it's resolved and maybe she'll come around to joining us one day. We totally need a straight up hand to hand."

"I'm sure it will be sooner than later." she scoots back and crosses her legs before her "I'm planning a trip for us for toward the end of the year so if she hasn't come around by then maybe I can bring it up while we are vacationing.

"A trip? Where are we going, Disney World?" Alex asks with excitement considering the possibilities of a Disney future - even with widening eyes.

A grimace crosses Dani's face, apparently it isn't Disney World "By we I didn't mean the team Alex." she gives a sigh "And it isn't your kind of vacation really, students will be involved, so it is more of a working vacation. I'm taking a few of the older students to Asgard, and asked Rahne to help chaperone. It's part of my class curriculum.

"Asgard… Now that brings back memories. But cool, if there are students involved, count me out. You're the better person for that babysitting job." says Alex in a deflated tone.

"Tell me about." she mutters regarding Asgardian memories…she is sure to have a bunch "But you bring up a valid point. We should go to Disney World. I was going to suggest stopping by Disneyland on the way home from Madripoor, but my injuries at the time couldn't handle that kind of excitement.

Stiffening his elbows and pushing himself off the table, Alex says, "With our luck, evil mutants would attack while we were there. Risking millions of innocent lives. We might best avoid true holiday destinations."

"And leaving the mansion altogether really. I'll just go lock myself in my room and never leave again." her tone is mockingly cheerful. She slides off the table as well, only much more carefully since every move tends to cause pain.

Waiting for her to join him in his exit (if that's her intention), Alex says with a grin, "Hey, we always have the illustrious vacation spot, the Savage Land. It never gets old and the rides are real."

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