2012 04 27 Avengers Beach Party

Log Title:
Avengers Beach Party

Captain America, Sandman, The Vision, and Jarvis

IC Date:
April 27, 2012

Patio - Avengers Mansion

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Sandman pranks Jarvis by turning the patio into a beach. Captain America and The Vision stop by.


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Early afternoon and while it is still early spring, the weather has warmed up more than nicely. And so in honor of the extremely warm day, Sandman has literally spread himself thin as the rear patio and pool has literally been turned into a man-made beach.. .a Sandman-made beach. Piles and piles of sand are scattered along the patio area, though the man himself is nowhere to be seen. Jarvis stands at the entrance to the patio and seems aghast, “All this sand…Master Baker…Master Baker…please remove all this sand!”

It's been a slow day for Captain America; tere's not paperwork for him to do and he's finished off his daily exercise regime. No alerts, so the Living Legend decides to take a break. Cap comes out onto the patio, dressed in jeans and a white polo shirt, carying a glass of iced tea in one hand and a book in the other. When he sees the impromptu beach, Steve raises an eyebrow, but Jarvis has already taken charge of the situation, apparently.

Not responding as Jarvis protests, Sandman remains hidden somewhere within the sand that is laid out along the patio. The exasperated Avengers butler grows frustrated, “I will get a super industrial Stark tech vacuum and suck you all up.” A disembodied laughter can be heard giggling, “You said suck!” Sandman’s voice offers. When Cap makes his appearance, Jarvis turns to him, “Sir, would you please tell Master Sandman to clean up this mess.” Shaking his head, Jarvis goes to make his way back into the kitchen.

"All right, Sandman. Form back up." Cap's tone isn't angry, more casual than anything else, like he sees a parctical joke that's gone on to long. Steve settles himself into one of the chairs on the patio, setting his drink down on the umbrella shaded table and opening up a copy of 'Atlas Shrugged' about halfway through.

A loud long sigh is heard like a kid told to behave. The sand begins to fly this way and that until a humanoid is formed and then moving from sand and stone to flesh and blood, William Baker, dressed for a warm day, blue T-shirt and green board shorts reveals himself, “Alright, Cap…Take all the fun away.” He shakes his head, but his tone shows he is not mad or angry, merely acting a ‘part.’ With that he plops himself down on patio chairs and studies the captain, “Big book? Ayn Rand? I gotta say, Steve-O. I didn’t take you for much of a reader.”

Cap gives Sandman a smirk as he glances up. "Plenty of books to read when you're an officer. Tactics, martial philosophy, leadership, history. But if you're refering to casual reading, then you're right. I do some, but probably not as much as I should. And most of when I'm reading, It's ina more secluded place; a bit of peace and quiet. But the day was so nice, and I figure that I tend to shelter myself away enough already." Cap takes a drink from his glass before asking, "So, what was that all about? Trying to see how far an area you can spread yourself over?"

When Steve speaks of military, tactis, strategies, etc etc, it is clear from his expression that he tunes Steve out as he looks around at the now clean patio. Every miniscule piece of sand was absorbed by the former criminal and then he smiles when Cap asks the final question and Sandman blinks, “Um…yes, that is exactly what I was doing…seeing how far I could spread myself out.” Sandman laughs making it clear he was just doing a prank, but Steve’s interpretation works just as well.
There's a boyish smile on Cap's face at the stammered explination. "Pranks are all part of life as an Avenger. Wonder Man and Beast are the prime instigators when they're here. There's nothing wrong with it, just remember that Jarvis is the one that has to clean up. Not that you'd leave a mess behind." He closes the book back up and sets it aside; it's not really his kind of book, anyways. "So, things are going well for you here? No problems, everyone treating you fairly?"

Sitting down but his body turned to face the Captain, Sandman offers, “Actually, yeah. I had been obsessed by a specific scenario that I kept losing at. But Clint kinda led me through it and I was able to take out the Sinister Six in record time by myself. He helped me figure out how to analyze it. Of course, after beating them, he said the best way to defeat them or other powered villains is with teamwork. Don’t take on everyone by myself, now that I am an Avenger. We are a team and I need to trust you all more and vice versa.”

Cap nods. "That's always good advice. It's why the Avengers was formed: to take on the threats that no single hero, not even a demi-god, can stop on thier own. I know that trust hasn't been a part of your life for a while, but we all have to have absolute trust in our teammates. That goes for everyone, and if someone is still giving you a hard time, well, that's their failing. You've earned your place here."

“Well thank you, Captain. I do appreciate that. And nah, I am good now. Fitting in and everything. And it was team work that helped me with two recent incidents. Ben and I were at a charity event and some guys tried robbing the place. We took them out. Us and some mutant kid. But we got them out, though, admittedly, I gotta learn restraint in trying to free the hostages, one woman nearly had a heart attack.” Sandman shakes his head negatively, “But I visited her in the hospital and she is ok…And then Xander tried attacking the mansion. Me and VIzh were distracting him while Clint took him out.”

Cap nods at the information. "Good man. Sounds like your tenure here is going well. Hopefully, you can serve as an example to others whose circumstances have lead them into the wrong side of the law; show them that then can escape from that kind of life. By the way, Ben stopped by the other day. He's thinking of re-activating his membership in the Avengers. I haven't heard what Ms. Marvel has to say, but I'm fairly sure he'll be added to the roster."

“Well that would be great. Ben and I make a great team. Well, we all do, but yeah. It’d be nice having him around. He was the one who convinced me to reform.” Nodding his head, Sandman continues, “Oh hey, have you ever been in a situation where you are saving lives and stuff, but people end up dying anyway? Like innocent people and the criminals are insane and stuff, like Scorpia? Something happened a few weeks back. She was trying to assassinate a rockstar. I saved him, but other s ended up getting killed.”

The Vision exits the mansion by way of the kitchen. The ghostly Avenger's strides are smooth, as if he's gliding across the ground. Once in the middle of the concrete and wood structure of the patio, Vizh stops. He places his hands on his hips and draws in a deep breath. The action is meant to convey the Synthezoid's love of the present outdoor weather, but it simply comes off as rehearsed and robotic. Vizh spies the other two Avengers out here and raises a hand off his hip in order to free it for a wave. The greeting is not accompanied by anything verbal.

The phrasing of the question causes Cap to rais his eyebrow a bit, but he simply nods his head. Steve pick up his glass of iced tead from the table he and Sandman are sitting at, Cap obviously off duty and in civilian clothes. "I have," he says after taking a drink. "It's a sad fact that many of my enemies hold human life in little or no regard. I do what I have to to save as many as possible, but I accepted long ago that in situations like that, it's the fault of the villain. I do as much as I can, and accept that sometimes, I can't save everyone, but I can avenge them." The mauldin mood in Cap's hear is lifted when he sees the Vision. Steve waves his firend over, a smile on his face. "Vision! Come on and join us ehre."

Looking up at the Vision, Sandman smiles as well at the ghost and reclines back in his seat, comforted by what Steve said, despite its maudlin nature. “You missed it, Vizh, the patio was a beach before. Sand everywhere. It was pretty cool.” He hmmmns a moment, “You think Jarvis is still mad, or maybe he will get me something to drink?”

The Vision inclines his head in acceptance of the offer to join them. The Synthetic Avenger crosses the short distance between himself and the other two, "Hello Steve; Hello William." His tone of voice is even and flat. He glances down at the patio in response to Sandman's words, "Ah, a beach? I imagine Jarvis would not appreciate being expected to sweep up beach sand. Though I am confident you were able to help him out with its removal." He pauses and then ventures to ask, "Why was it 'a beach' out here?"

"Sandman was trying out a practical joke," Cap explalins. He turns to face his old comrade and friend. "So, I've heard you've been working with the Adaptoid, helping him with his transition and working out his humanity. How's that going, Vision?"

“Yeah, Jarvis didn’t have to pick up nothing. I got it all up. And it was a nice warm day. We should do like a beach party or something?” Sandman looks to Cap, “What do ya say? I think the Avengers have earned a party, at least, is not a vacation?” He smiles with a wide grin at the mention of the practical joke. “Yeah, robot to robot, how’s the bonding with Adaptoid going?”

Vision glances at Sandman and shakes his head, "Synthezoid; Not Robot." He corrects him. Vizh turns his head and his gaze towards Cap, "I had a long discussion with the Adaptoid a few days ago. It was enlightening. It provided me an opportunity to reflect on my own status." His shoulder lift and sag in a shrug, "As for how it is going, I do not know. I have not interacted with him since. I am hopeful that it was a positive experience for him.
“Well good job, Vizh. You’ll reform him like the rest of the team reformed me.” Sandman smiles, “Alright, synthezoid and captain. I have to head in and get some food since Jarvis is made at me, but thanks for the talk.” Sandman makes his way back into the mansion.

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