2012 04 26 Welcoming Terry Back

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Welcoming Terry Back

Siryn and Havok

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Xavier Mansion

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After her operation (mental surgery), Alex welcomes Terry back.


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Alex is standing in the hallway. He's showered and changed, wearing jeans, t-shirt, and wind breaker of red. He's pensively awaiting for Terry's emergance from Xavier's office.

Theresa's a little surprised to find him waiting for her. "Alex," she says in greeting. There's an awkward pause. "I'm no' sure if I owe ye apologies or no. Th' professor tells me tha' I've been actin' a little bit strange."

He turns as the door is opened and as Terry exits. "Hey, no, you don't owe me crap. Except for maybe 5 mile run, 300 push ups, and of course 8 days in the danger room of skipped training." He makes light of the situation and intends to leave it at that.

Tilting her head, Theresa watches his response. It reminds her of the response he made when he brought her bra back to her — that something happened, but that it's not going to be an issue between them. She nods slowly and murmurs, "All right, boyo." She's showing some minor signs of nervousness, but she offers cheekily, "I'm no' givin' ye any of the above, just for the record."

Alex chuckles, "Didn't think so. Come on, let's go to the cafeteria, I'm starved. And you can tell me all about how great a team leader I am.". Alex is kidding, he's just pleased that she's feeling better and with a lot less baggage. And he's also back to his old self - because he's a boy that can just drop baggage like a bad habit and not look back.

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