2012 04 26 Need For Time

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Need for Time

Wolfsbane & Havok

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Memorial Gardens, Xavier Estate

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Alex questions what he did wrong, gets an ear full.


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-==[ Memorial Garden - Xavier Estate ]==------——

Dedicated to those who have fallen, the gardens bear markers and statues that represent mutants and non-mutants alike who worked dilligently towards the establishment of rights for all.

It's a dreary day early in the afternoon, the ground wet from showers that have fallen off and on. Clouds block the sun and there's a chill in the air. In spite of that, Wolfsbane is outside as she paces the memorial garden quietly, feet bare beneath an Xavier's shirt and shorts, hands in pockets. It's quiet nearby, just the rustle of wind here and there.

Approaching from the direction of the mansion, Alex Summers can be seen wearing hiking boots, jeans, a black t-shirt and a red breaker. He has his hands in the jacket pocket and has Rahne as his intended target. He'll approach quietly and when he gets within 20 feet he'll ask, "Hey Rahne. Can we talk?"

As it happens, Wolfsbane has stopped in front of the statue for Warlock. She looks melancholy, pausing at the sense of someone approaching. Rather than say anything, she lets him be the one to initiate, having figured out who it is already. "Let me guess, about Genosha?" she asks, a slight edge to her tone.

"Well, not really. Maybe… More about us." Alex says in a soft tone. "I mean we used to be buds and I'm really not sure what I did or what I can do to fix it."

Wolfsbane has yet to face him, staring instead at the visage of their former alien friend, as if studying it to see how accurate the little details are. "Tha's th' point, though. All th' things tha' happened th' ways they did was because o' Genosha. Do ye understand tha' noo? I'm no' saying we were never friends or never would ha' been otherwise." Right to the point. As always there's the accent to get through.

"I'm sorry, Rahne. I don't. All I know is what you told me the other day. Something about being programmed. And I really still don't get it. What did they do to you?" he pauses, thinking that he too may be guilty, "Or, what did I do to you?"

"Did they brainwash ye as well?" Wolfsbane asks, finally looking toward the man with a frown. "How do ye think they got all those poor Mutates tae do th' labor they didna want tae lift their own fingers for? They forced them tae, an' it involved stripping away their own free will an' ability tae think for themselves instead o' just following whatever orders their masters gave them. They did th' same tae me but Hodge specifically wanted me left with th' ability tae remember it before they somehow bonded me tae ye. Do ye remember me ever questioning something ye told me tae do? Think about it." She's not coming off as accusing, rather just explaining it all to him.

"Rahne. I'm sorry but I didn't know who I was then. We'd gone through the Seige Perilous and it left me with a whole new identity and amnesia. I was just another Magistrate and you happened to be… Yeah.. apparently I am daft. Oh hell…" Alex states regretfully, "You were bonded to me the whole time that meant you were programmed to follow my every order." He looks up at the sky, "I really just thought we worked well together."

Wolfsbane shakes her head, frowning at the recollection of Alex's own situation at the time. "Aye, an' they killed Warlock for his powers, so Hodge could try tae make himself invincible. But we stopped him. After what they did tae me I didna realize all o' it, but I found out when I was cured from it. Tha' was th' whole reason I went with ye when ye left Genosha, why I became part o' X-Factor. Later, when yuir mood was better, mine was. When ye were angry, it also affected me." A light drizzle begins to fall again. "Th' truth o' it is I never even really got tae know ye normally. Everything was colored by what they made me feel toward ye. Now do ye see why I was angry when ye acted like Scott was stepping on yuir toes by asking me about th' X-Men?"

Most of her speech is received with his eyes looking down at the ground, finally with a nod, he looks back up to her and says quietly, "I'm sorry Rahne. I never knew…". He doesn't finish the sentence because it's just a reiteration of everything he's already said and he would have likely filled it with boy nonsense.

"I know, but now ye do an' we can start tae put it all behind us. Tha' was also part o' why I stayed away from th' mansion for so long. I needed tae be away from ye an' work through muh problems on muh own," Wolfsbane explains, then she steps up and reaches to tilt his chin up. "An' stop standing there like a wee child who's been yelled at. Ye..went through some rough spots as well. I'm just glad I can think an' act fully on muh own again, nae other influences controlling me."

His chin is lifted, he half smiles and the regret still lingers within his eyes. He feels somewhat responsible for her former situation and feels bad that he never knew or paid enough attention to realize that she was in the state she was in. He'll chalk it up to another failing of his leadership and the reason he's not leading the X-Men and why Scott is.

A second or two passes and he asks, "So we're good then?" hoping that the whole 'putting it behind them' is part of making things good.

Wolfsbane steps away once more, at least out of close range. That was just to reassure him, apparently. "I'm no' sure about 'good' yet, but I think we're tae th' point where we can see where things go from here. We canna just ignore everything tha' happened, but noo we can go on knowing th' truth. I dinna hold any o' it against ye, if that's what ye're worried about."

A slight sigh, perhaps of relief clears his lungs. "Cool. Well, what ever you need - if anything, just lemmie know." And like a boy, offers to help because that's really all he knows how to do. Talking through things is a girl thing, whereas fixing thigs with a hammer is a boy thing.

Wolfsbane knows there will still probably be some awkwardness if either of them fall into past habits by default, but that may be more likely in him than her. "I..will," she answers, a moment of hesitation creeping in before it passes. "Just give me th' space tae make muh own decisions, an' if I ever do join back up with ye for things, I /will/ tell ye when I disagree with something."

Alex finally smiles at the thought of her being combative or disagreeable. "I'd like that." he states with a grin that could reflect that he's already imagining a situation where she'd balk.

That grin earns a squint from the wolfwoman, hands shfiting to her hips as Wolfsbane just watches him, eyes him in that way that seems to be an effort to get him to say more without telling him as much.

"I mean…" he starts off about to say something then edits, "Well you know, I've already got a red hot-headed Irish girl on the team who argues with me, having a red hot-headed Scottish girl would be double trouble for me - but a lot of fun."

"Uh-huh." Wolfsbane continues wearing a skeptical expression, shaking her head after a moment. "Are there any other men in this group o' yuirs, or are ye trying tae surround yuirself with just women?"

"Kurt is on the team too. He's really my only saving grace so I don't get killed by the girls." Alex says with a slight chuckle of the truth. "It's Lifeguard, Siryn, Revanche, Polaris Mirage, Nightcrawler, and myself. On, and Val still runs the show."

"Yuir team needs more gender equality," Wolfsbane tells him with a sniff, maybe some of it amused, though her mood dips slightly at the last, a bit of a chill creeping into her tone. "Val? Oh."

"We're still government directed. But free to live here and not in some public base in Washington. So we can still hang out with our family and rush off to save the world when need be." Alex adds in regards to the Val notation.

Wolfsbane shakes off the answer, finally moving away from the Warlock statue to stop looking at any at all, the drizzle lingering. "I dinna much care for Val Cooper, Alex," she informs him.

"Oh? Well, luckily she's not as engaged with us as she used to be. Heck, she thought she was a member of the team and stuff. But, I can totally see a trust issue. There have been a few things that were more government related that Val sort of went along with and we got the shaft.

"I dinna care how involved she is or no'. I'm just saying I dinna like her or her snide little remarks," Wolfsbane explains further. Undoubtedly Alex might not remember as much, or even have reason to, but there were moments. "If I never see her face again it'll be quite all right with me."

With a nod, Alex states, "Gotcha." in agreement or acknowledgement. Then tries to segue, "So it's raining out here. We should probably go in before we get the chills."

Wolfsbane murmurs after a pause, "It takes more than a wee bit o' rain tae bother me, if ye can even call this mist 'rain.'" She continues through part of the garden, leaving it on him to follow or not. "An' I'm na through spending some time oot here, but if ye want tae go back inside I dinna mind."

Back to the thoughts of giving her space, Alex nods and lets her walk away, "I'll leave you to it then. And when you're ready to play some ping pong, I'll totally try not to let you win."

Wolfsbane stops to eye him over a shoulder. "Ye'll have nae chance anyway. I'm much faster an' better than ye." Seems the challenge is set…sometime. "An' Alex? Thank ye for na bein' as thick-headed as I thought ye were."

Alex smiles, knows both subjects are true and just replies, "Glad I could help…" before turing and departing on his own.

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