2012 04 25 Series Of Rescues

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Series of Rescues

Paladin, Gypsy Moth, Mandrill, Cloak & Dagger

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Arachen and Paladin rescue Dagger and each other


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Just after midnight. The sky is clear and air traffic can be seen dotted among the stars (that are mostly shrouded due to city light). Up here (along the rooftop level of the Lower East Side), the noise below is dampened and it allows those to hear the ship horns off to the south east. Every now and again fire/rescue or police sirens are heard, but nothing so overt that it draws much attention.

It's here, on the Smithman building (33 floors tall) that the heroine formerly known as Spider Woman II - now called Arachne, is found. On patrol (or what ever it's called now days), the heroine finds herself possibly staking out new terriatory and getting the lay of the land. No longer does she haunt the city streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco. It's Manhattan, baby, all the way. - Cause this is where the action is.

Speaking of action, just below a smaller building (4 floors) is host to overt activity. It seems that two females are having a tiff. One blonde (wearing a revealing and form fitting white jump suit is fighting a brunette wearing a very revealing black jumpsuit.

The blonde seems to have a glow generated around her. The two are going at one another like cats in a back alley. Hair pulling, punching, scratching, and kicking. There's something a little off to the scene. One might think that they would be overtly powered and use those 'powers' to fight. There's just not a lot of Pew Pew going on.

Crouching on a ledge that far up doesn't give a good view of the action so Arachne begins to scale head first down the side of the building. She sticks to the shadows, not wanting to be observed by the fighters that she is observing or by anyone else that may be in the vicinity. She is content in letting the two duke it out for now but is ready to swing in should things get out of hand.

The women are aggressively going at one another. Anger and hatred courses through their blood. The hair pulling and using it as a solid hand hold gives Gypsy Moth (gypsy moth) the upper hand. The twists and throws Dagger to the rooftop. Dagger lands face down on the black rock covered tar paper over wood. Gypsy Moth leaps atop her and straddles, then sits upon the blonde's back. Gypsy Moth's slavic accent reveals majestic words of murder, "I now shall kill you." and grabs the blonde by the hair on both sides of her head.

Intentions to kill…yes it has now gotten out of hand. Arachne frowns at the two women. She pushes herself off the side of the building to jump to the rooftop that the two have ended up on, mid jump she shoots a web at the Slavic woman before landing near to where they scuffle.

Gypsy Moth is wrapped in psychic spider webbing (torso/arms). It draws her arms back and away from Dagger's tangled hair. Gypsy Moth's hateful eyes look over to the landing of Arachne and hisses. "You will be next, Spider-Woman."

She still straddles/sits upon Dagger who is slightly dazed and confused. Though she will be coming around in a moment.

Arachne will smell something very nice.

She gives a sigh, unfazed by the hate-filled look "Arachne…Spider-Woman is that other person." she makes a gesture with a hand, attempting to use her control of the webbing to flick Gypsy Moth off of Dagger. She looks around a moment distracted by a pleasant smell but thinks nothing of it for the moment.

Gypsy Moth is 'pushed' off Dagger and falls to the ground onto her back. Her arms bound to her torso, she's unable to break the 10 ton hold put around her by Arachne.

"You will pay for your insolence." Gypsy Moth exclaims and looks to the long shadows cast by the various fixtures atop the roof (roof access structure, ac units, other plumbing and affectations). "/He/ will put you in your place." she further intones.

Dagger rolls over and looks up at Arachne, "Thank you…" she says softly while sitting up and rubbing her head.

That smell carries a sensual aspect, like an amazing perfume that makes a woman feel like a /woman/. It brings about a desire from deep within.

Arachne's shoulders roll back as her posture straightens as the scent begins to make her feel more…powerful, like she can do anything. She takes a few steps toward Dagger but pauses at the warning about a potentially lurking /him./ She looks around and peers into the shadows on the rooftop looking for the potential threat.

That 'threat' is revealed as a shadowy figure steps from the darkness. He wears a cape with a high collar, his posture is slightly slumped. Stepping into the light, his features are revealed to be somewhat horrific, a great ape face on a man's body. However, he is the source of the scent, and what a lovely scent it is. One that will cause Arachne to be sexually and sensually attracted to him. Such that she will submit to his wishes, desires, and open to his manipulations. He is 'beautiful' and 'perfect' in her eyes.

Gypsy Moth says, "Mandrill, make the spider-witch unbind me or I will strangle her with her own strawberry locks and you will be devoid in the pleasures of her company."

Mandrill snarls to Gypsy Moth and says with a slight African accent, "Order me not, woman or I'd sooner toss you off the side of this building into the dumpster than tolerate your lack of etiquette."

Dagger stands and addresses Mandrill in a submissive tone, "Forgive me, Master. I lost the fight against the Gypsy Moth. But she cheated. She used her power to restrain me. Something you said was against the rules."

Arachne snarls at Gypsy Moth's words, the pheromones making her extremely jealous that Mandrill would talk to them and that Gypsy Moth would speak to him in such a fashion. She darts forward, grappling the entangled Gypsy Moth and lifting her over her head to toss her off the building "Oh please let me take care of her." she says in the process. Unless she is stopped Gypsy Moth is goign over.

That's when the sound of some energy weapon is fired. BTAM!. The resulting energy discharge strikes Mandrill from his right flank and he drops like a sack of potatoes with a thud.

The origin of the shot came from across the street and above upon a 7 floor building.

And down goes Gypsy Moth as the sound of weapon fire splits the air. Arachne turns toward where the blast came from and immediately goes on the defense, not sure the intentions of the shooter. She crouches on the ledge, common sense would say that when someone is shooting you take cover, not run out into the opening to become a target. She looks around and takes a few tentative steps forward torn between whether to go to check on the fallen man or see to her own safety. She shakes her head as if to clear it of fog, realizing something isn't quite right, but not sure of how. She eyes first Dagger then Mandrill suspiciously.

Paladin stands and takes note of the dropping of the girl. "HEY WAIT!" and then leaps off the building toward the descending Gypsy Moth. There's no way he'll catch up with her but he knows that he must catch her. An attachment is quickly put onto his blaster and he fires. Missing completely, the net on a line is caught up in a extended flag pole that will tangle him up on the way down.

Gypsy Moth, having the ability to manipulate fibers telekinetically, causes a cloth eve/overhang to reach out and catch her. Allowing her to roll into the second floor window of the building where she will soon make her escape.

She begins to move toward Dagger with the intention of making sure she is alright and getting her away from Mandrill. Those intentions totally go out the window at the yelling, building jumper. She doesn't recognize the person imediatly but after a few seconds it clicks as to who it is falling unchecked(?). If that is the case she shoots out another web to grab him before the sudden impact at the end of his fall.

Suddenly the Paladin is doubly tangled. Not only in his own netting that was designed to save the Gypsy Moth/Gypsy Moth, but also in the psychic webbing of Arachne. He is bound and tangled to an extended flag pole on the side of the 7 floor building that he lept off of. "Oh come on!" he exclaims, defeated.

Meanwhile, Mandrill is down for the count and the cobwebs are clearing out of Dagger's mind.
Dagger looks around, "Oh my god, I am so embarassed."

Despite the circumstances Arachne can't help but chuckle at Paladin's predictment she is polite enough not to point though. She let's him hang there a moment so she can go over to Dagger "Angry is what you should be, not embarassed." she tells the girl. "He violated you in a way that is unforgivable.

The Paladin is not without recourse or ingenuity, he digs within his utility belt and pulls out a dremel like cutting tool. He begins cutting his way out - at least the parts that he can cut (psychic webbing, not really sure).
Dagger is still coming down off the effects of his pheromones. She looks to Mandrill and her face hardens. Standing fully, "That bastard…" she says quietly and then charges a living light dart within her hand. She casts it directly into the sky and after reaching 300 feet, it will explode like a firework.

"That's better." Arachne gives the girl a nod of approval though takes a cautious step back when the gives her little power demonstration and watches the explosion "Are you okay otherwise?" she does glance back at the entangled Paladin to see how he is doing but her main concern is Dagger for the moment.

From the shadows steps a large figure wearing a billowing dark cloak. The individual seems to float more than step and Dagger immediately knows of his presence. She says nothing in return to Arachne's question. She will likely get around to it, however the subsequent demonstration reveals her status. She starts moving toward him and will be taken into his 'arms' - enveloped by the fabric. The face within the hood silently looks to Arachne then to the downed Mandrill. Dark eyes narrow - but words go unsaid.

Meanwhile, the Paladin is trying to cut and or break the psychic webbing. He sighs…. "I need a torch. Dammit."

At first Arachne is unsure of the new comer but Dagger's obvious reaction tells her all she needs to know. She gives the silent man a nod, sometimes you don't need words before turning and moving to the ledge under where Paladin hangs "Need some help there?"

Their voices are quiet as one another exchange greetings and resolve recent issues. Cloak's dark eyes continue to look at Mandrill and when Dagger's words grow quiet, he slips from her grasp then the fabric and darkness of the Cloak envelops the Mandrill. It's thought that the diabolical mutant's voice is heard screaming himself awake as he is taken into the darkest confines of Cloak's dimension. But one can never truly know.

Dagger stands silently and watches the act of retribution.

Looking up at Arachne, "Depends, other than my dignity (which I have already lost). What is it going to cost me?"

Archane seems to think about that for a few moments "I'll let you know." the webbing begins to slither around, one end securing more firmly around the flagpole the rest unwinding downwards so he can slide down it to the rooftop. Turning back to Cloak and Dagger she steps off the ledge. Under the mask her eyebrow arches up at the disappearance of Mandrill but she doesn't comment.

The Paladin, now free, slides down and leaps across. If it were any other man, he would be overly embarassed, and even made fun of his own situation in his prior comment. Likely a ploy to show vunlerability to an attractive female - because he believes they need a strong man but not one with an impenetrable and inaccessable wall. He's always playing 'the game'.

Landing on the rooftop next to Arachne, the Paladin will see how the scene unfolded with little help from himself.

Dagger walks over to P&A. She's followed by the flowing Cloak. She says, "We wanted to say, 'thank you' to you both. If it weren't for either of you I would…." and then she grows quiet as Cloak finishes her thought, his voice is resonate and deep, "She would have still been within that feind's clutches. We are both in your debt."

Looks from Dagger to Cloak respectfully as they offer thanks "You took care of him so he can't violate anyone else, I'm willing to call it even for that." of course she can't speak for Paladin, but she isn't in this for the same reasons he is. She approaches Dagger to put a comforting arm over her shoulder, falling smoothly into a motherly role.

Paladin watches the exchange, he would normally want to get paid, but he's just glad he could be there to help out - this one time. Especially for a hot blonde x2. He says, "It's all good." as any typical guy would say regarding the situation.

Dagger is pleased by the embrace and then says, "Thanks.." and Cloak notes, "Now if you would excuse us. We've things to attend." and will envelop Dagger with his cloak and fade out.

Arachne is silent as the pair depart "You have a knack for being in the right place at the right time." she comments as the turns to the armored man "Or are you stalking me?

"Stalking you?", Paladin asks with a grin, "Babe, if I were stalking you…." then hits a bump in his possible answer, "No, I mean I wasn't stalking you but I was stalking the Gypsy Moth. That girl is wanted in the tri-state area on charges related to drug distribution."

She lets a slight grin escape at his inability or unwillingness to complete that line. Heading back to the ledge she glances down "Sorry. I guess it is my fault she got away." she seem genuine in her apology at letting the criminal get away.

"No worries. I'll catch up with her again. Plus, I got to see you again." Paladin notes in a casual but pleased tone. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure you've had enough of guys hitting on you for this evening. I'll leave you to the night."

"Yes. Though I prefer your method over.." she gestures to the center of the rooftop where Mandrill had fallen "What that…" pause "whatever or whoever that was." she then steps up on the ledge "Have a good one." is thrown over her shoulder as she leaps from the ledge onto the adjacent building's rooftop and disappears once more into the darkness.

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