2012 04 22 The Hoochie The Homeless The Hoodlum And The Hood

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The hoochie, the homeless, the hoodlum, and the hoodrat

Cattail, Manifold, Empath, and Takara

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April 22, 2012

McAllan's Burger Joint - Upper West Side

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It seems everyone knows everyone else when they all meet up by coincidence at McAllen's.


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Sunday afternoon, and the young Spaniard, Manuel de la Rocha, finds himself wandering about the Upper West Side. Having spent the day shopping at the trendy stores along the avenue, he makes his way his way to McAllens. Not necessarily the healthiest spot, the mutant makes his way into a diner and sits at a booth. Intrigued by the 1950s setting, he looks over a jukebox as a waiter comes by and drops a menu off at the booth. Not a word, the waiter just walks off rudely…Empath grins as he peruses the menu and thinks to himself, <The waiter was rude…I’ll have to change that.> It is raining outside, as a noreaster is approaching the East Coast.

Charlie is roller skating in denim short shorts, ludicrously tight Batman T-Shirt and a lack of safety equipment unless her backpack counts. She isn't in clothing intended for rain, that's for certain. Perhaps that is why rushing for the door. David might not have been intending to head into the burger joint, but he /was/ near the front door as she headed that way, and when someone zigged instead of zagged, she ends up colliding him with and together the two enter the room, with her hugging onto him to keep herself (and him hopefully) from falling.

David, taken by surprise, and in a weakened state doesn't manage to maintain his balance, and collapses onto the floor near the entrance, probably drawing the attention of nearly everyone in the room. Certainly the rude waiter isn't too hapy with the newcomers.

The rude waiter is definitely not happy as he walks over to the two who literally fell into his diner. “Fucken New Yorkers…should have stayed in Jersey.” He goes to begrudgingly help them up. Manuel, for his part, watches from his booth and cannot help but notice the girl in the short shorts and tight shirt. A grin forms on his face as he gets out of the booth to see if he can help. But once he recognizes the girl. He stops, frowns and returns back to his booth. He has encountered Charlie before and considered her to be very rude. As he sits at the booth again, a grin crosses his face as he looks to the waiter. The waiter’s anger seems to increase as he goes from helping the two to pushing them back down, “You clumsy idiots!” He shouts at them.

Charlie does her best to keep them from taking a spill, but when they both are going down, she twists so that at least David lands on her instead of the other way around. A fall isn't going to hurt her much. With the assistance of the waiter she helps David up and off of her, then gets to her feet herself. She offers the waiter a quick look of apology, then a longer one is give to David, "I am so sorry. I was going to fast. I hope you aren't hurt. Were you going to eat here? Let me buy your food for you to make it up."

David looks up the waiter and slowly gets to his feet. He is less than apologetic, flipping him the bird as soon as he isn't looking. The kid has obviously seen better days. His hair is short, matted, and messy, and his clothing is dirty with the grime of the streets and even spots of dried blood, where he suffered from cuts and abraisions, some still visible through holes in his clothing. He is also holding onto a now crumpled cardboard sign, that has the word HELP, scratched into it. "Fucking jerk," he says behind the waiter's back.

Still seated and watching from behind the menu, the waiter leaves the two alone but yells loudly, “We are not a shelter for homeless people! You’re lucky the chippy in the hoochie clothes is buying you food! Eat and then get out!” He walks over to Manuel’s booth to get his order. Manuel finds that he may be entertained after all. “Just a burger, fries, and coke.” The waiter takes the order and heads back behind the counter to prepare it.

"The chippy in hoochie clothes? Seriously?" Charlie fumed, but she couldn't totally deny the crack about her clothes. Nickie had seriously gotten her into dressing differently. Still, her own clothes take a back seat to David's as she gets a better look at him. "Are you alright? You don't look so hot."
She is pretty steady on her skates now that she's not racing to get out of the rain. She eyes the sign, his clothing, then says, "Yeah. So, let me buy you some food pal." Even as she offers, she is looking over the room like she is expecting trouble to jump out from any corner.

David shrugs, and takes a seat at an empty chair. "One more crack about me being homeless, I'm shouting about roaches." He mutters under his breath. He is plainly seething.

Relaxed in his own booth, Manuel ponders approaching the hoochie and the homeless. Though he also remembers Charlie being overly inquisitive, so he refrains for now. The waiter returns with Manuel’s food rather quickly. Manuel grabs the man’s arm and gestures for him to lean down. He whispers into the waiter’s ear. The man’s eyes seemingly go blank for a moment and then return to normal as he bows to Manuel and then goes to take Charlie and David to take their orders. Any hit of animosity is gone.

Charlie's brows drop into a tight knot when she spots a familiar face in the restaurant. She moves a chair at David's table so that she can see both Manuel and David without turning her head. She pulls the focus of her attention to the man at her table, examining his nails, the cleanliness of his hands, searches for callouses, just how deep any of that dirt is ground into the clothes, and other assorted details about him while she flips open a menu. She doesn't give the menu more than a quick glance before setting it down, "You have blood on you." she mentiones, though not asking anything about it.

"I know," David replies. To be honest, he's paying more attention to the waiter than the girl is paying to him. "What's with him? At first, he was the worlds biggest dickhead, now all of a sudden, he's a zombie." His seething rage is ebbing into a paranoid confusion.

The waiter stands there with a smile on his face as he waits for the two patrons to give their orders. He offers, “I just had a bad day. Sorry, if I came off harshly. The noreaster has affected my business. Not as many customers.” That is about as much of an apology as they will get from the waiter as he still stands and waits for their order. For his part, Manuel waves to Charlie from his seat. He has a smile and appears to be enjoying his burger.

Charlie follows David's gaze to the waiter, then she smiles at the apologetic waiter in question. "I'd like a McAllen Burger, fries, and a glass of water." Once David has ordered she watches the waiter depart, and her eyes drift over to Manuel for a moment before they are back on David, "Yeah. I can't blaim him for being bothered by the rain. He certainly isn't the only one." She offers her table companion a smile, "I'm Charlene. Charlie."

"I'll get the same, I guess," David chips in before the waiter leaves, still thoroughly bewildered by the waiter's sudden almost-apology. "Umm… I guess you can call me David." He says, briefly glancing at Charlie. He returns his gaze to the waiter. "That's never happened to me before."

The waiter leaves to place their order. Manuel watches the two as he continues his meal. When Charlie’s eyes meet his, he grins and then with half his meal done. He stands up and begins to walks over to the table where Charlie and David are, but he is stopped by the waiter who rushes out to him. Manuel turns and seems to discuss something with the waiter in a hushed conversation. The waiter nods and then goes back behind the counter as Manuel continues his way towards their table.

Charlie gave David another smile and asked, "What never happened before David?" But then Manuel is approaching and she turned her attention to him, "Manuel de la Rocha. What a surprise to see you here." She presses up to her feet, the rubber bumpers on her old school skates down on the floor to give her a solid foundation. "Isn't this a bit low brow for a man of your wealth and distinction?"

"I've never had anyone even come close to apologizing to me," David replies. Then he regards the newcomer warily. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. David is anything but regal, anything but rich, and not especially sinister.

“Well, Harlot, is it?” Manuel catches himself, “Sorry, my English still is not as good as it should be. Harley, not harlot.” He looks her and her ensemble over as he corrects himself, “It seems that Madre Nature makes everyone, wealthy and poor, bedfellows. I was shopping and got caught in the rain.” He nods his head to David, “So now you know my name. And who are you?” Manuel opts to sit down next to Harley when the waiter comes with their food.

"Well, you are consistent in your mispronunciations. Harley or Charlie." She is definitely regretting her scanty clothing selection at the moment, made worse by rain and air conditioning. She sighs as Manuel takes a seat, but lets David introduce himself as she turns her attention to her burger. Or rather to eating her burger while eyeing Manuel like she's expecting him to do something awful any moment.

David continues to regard the stranger warily. "Conrad. You can call me Conrad." he says.

“Oh well, Conrad. Nice to meet you.” With their food brought the waiter offers, “Mr. de la Rocha has taken care of your food.” Manuel nods and bows his head when the waiter reveals that they have him to thank for his food.

Charlie looks from one to the r other as she pulls apart her hamburger to examine the contents. Once she is satisfied it is just the way she wanted it, she reassembles it and takes a bite, smiling aroud that bite to the waiter, then to Manuel she says, "Well, I am glad to see you've healed up since the last time I saw you. How are your legal troubles?"

David doesn't bother checking the contents of the burger. He's just too hungry to care, he takes a large bite out of it, with the air of a starving man, unsure where his next meal will come from.

“Well, my father’s killer still has not been detained.” Manuel shrugs, “But yes, I have healed nicely, I suppose.” The waiter brings the remainder of Manuel’s meal to this table and he joins the others in eating, “Do you always inspect your food that way? One would say you are not a very trusting person, Harley.” He looks to David, “And how are you enjoying your meal, Conrad?”

David shrugs his mouth full. He's polite enough to wait until he swallows to reply. "When you've eaten as little as I have these past few weeks, a stale cracker tastes like a meal fit for a king," He points out, and he takes another bite of the hamburger.

"Sometimes I inspect them a bit more thoroughly. But I do like to make sure that everything is in order on sandwiches." She takes another bite then as she chews she looks over at David, concern washing over her face briefly for the way he eats. Then she shakes her head and turns to Manuel, "That is a shame Manuel. I thought you were close to apprehending the man in question."

“Well at this point, it is out of my hands. I can only pray. And how are you and your studies criminology studies?” Manuel starts in his meal again, “Well, young Conrad, has something happened to your parents? What series of events led to your being in this situation?”

"I'd rather not talk about it," He replies, and he takes another bite of the hamburger.

Nodding his head, Manuel continues eating his food as he attempts to work his powers on David, getting David to open up and share more. Making himself come off as charmingly trustworthy and friendly, “Sometimes talking about a situation can be helpful. Are you sure you do not want to talk about it?”

David is currently spilling his life story to a total stranger. "Well… I was born to an abusive household. That was before they found out we found out I was a mutant. I got arrested trying to pick someone's pocket, gave a false name and ended up in foster care. Eventually, I told my foster parents the truth. They decided I deserved to go back to my parents, so I ran away, and here I am."

Nodding his head, “So you are a mutant? Oh wow. And what is your power? It is unfortunate that your family does not care for you anymore.” Manuel is seated at a table with David. Charlie has excused herself for the moment so the two sit and converse. It is raining outside.

Takara picks some interesting moments to come in and grab a bite, the rain outside barely touching her under a clear umbrella as she enters. She hears the familiar voices before she sees the owners, calmly walking over to the pair as she puts her umbrella away. Takara smirks as she stands infront of the table, pulling back a hoodie as she glances betwene the guys, "The people you meet in the city."

David is about to answer Manuel's question about his power, until Takara shows up, "Oh, hello again," He says, smiling for the first time since he entered the diner.

When Takara makes her presences known, Empath moves over in his seat allowing Takara to join them, “Got caught in the rain as well?” He smiles, “I hope you don’t mind if she joins us.” He looks to David before smiling back to Takara, “How do you two know each other? Where did you meet?” Small world indeed, mutants and all.

Takara slides in beside Empath, pulling out her long hair from the back of the hoodie over her shoulder, her tone sweetening along with her smile, "I met our friend David here by chance, he was quite starved at the time and I pointed him towards a place that didn't ask questions to stay for a while." She leans on the table and winks to David, "Oh, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, he looked like he needed a pick up from the rotten day he had."

David nods. "She met me a few days after I ran away.. I /had/ taken supplies with me, but I was mugged for what little I had within a few hours.."

“David?” Manuel blinks a moment as he looks to David, “You told me your name was Conrad? You lied and yet you opened up about your life. How odd?” The waiter comes by and takes Takara’s order as Manuel is done with his. He tells the water, “Put her meal on my bill as well.”

David looks very confused. "Why did I tell you about myself? I don't tell anyone about myself."

Takara's order can be summed up in a large burger and soda, turning back to the conversation, "Don't be too harsh to him for it, he was only protecting himself, as we all do." She lays back in her seat, quite a happy girl, "Don't worry David, he got me talking on the first meeting."

Shrugging a bit, “People tend to open up around me. I have been told that I am a good listener and exude empathy.” Manuel smiles as the weather leaves to place Takara’s order. For his own part, Manuel continues, “So you are homeless and on your own? Is that how you want to be?”

David shrugs in response to Manuel's question. "Anything is better than going back to my parents." He nods out the door at the weather. "Even if it means sleeping in that."

Takara rests her hands on her lap, nodding softly, "That bad, ouch." She keeps up her sweet tone, hands raised to the edge of the table.

“Well, if you ever need assistance, please seek me out. As Charlie pointed out, I am wealthy. Not to flaunt it, but I can help most assuredly.” Manuel offers, “Such as paying for this meal.”

"Well.. Thank you," he replies, though honestly that statement makes him more wary, rather than less. He takes another bite of the hamburger.

Takara rasies her eyebrow for the wary feeling she is getting, nodding back to Manuel, "A kind gesture." She sits forward with a arm up, leaning on one of her hands with her chin.

With her meal brought to her, The waiter bows to Takara. Manuel sits back at the booth and grins, “You are welcome. So, Takara, how have you enjoyed your weekend in the city?”

David finishes his hamburger and swallows hard, taking a sip of his water, and begins eating his fries.

Charlie returns from the back, finally getting off the phone. She lifts a brow at finding Takara at the table. She rolls over towards the table, putting her phone into her bag. "Takara? Talk about unexpected. What are you doing here?"

Takara thanks her waitress and starts with a small bite of her food, nodding to both present, "Loving it, no Buffy and co is always a plus when in the city." She looks over to David, "Buffy is a attempted bully, she does her darnest at times to make it harder. Fails at it." Takara chuckles before she hears her name, then looks to the source of the voice, "Charlie? I just came in from the rain, grab a bite and I saw two guys I knew sitting here." Food forgotten for a moment as she rises from her seat beside Manuel, rising up to hug the older girl, "Small world."

Quirking his eyebrow, a smile forms around his face again, “And you know Charlie…how precious. Charlie and I go way back.” Manuel stands up when Charlie arrives and moves to the side to let her sit back on her chair and now finds himself sitting next to David.

David scoots as far as he can from the fellow, and takes another swallow of water. Honestly, he's looking a little scared now, being backed into a corner.

Charlie leans in to give Takara a hug and a peck to her cheek, "You know these two?" She looks at the men at the table and shakes her head, "Wow. Talk about a small world." She releases Takara and waves a hand back at the table and Takara's food, "Sit sit. Eat your food." She rolls over to settle onto the seat that Manuel has so kindly warmed up for her.

With that, Manuel rises and bows his head, "Well with the rain ending. I must depart."

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