2012 04 22 Madripoor Marauding Part 5

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Madripoor Marauding, Part 5

Havok, Mirage, Colleen Wing, Spider-Woman, Baron Strucker, The Nail, HYDRA Agents, SHIELD Agents

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The final battle between the heroes and the villains


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After finding a secure location near to where the trio thinks the signal will emerge, they wait. They're currently in low town and have a clear view of the midtown and high-town junction; where all the massively tall buildings rise toward the sky. The evening falls and suddenly the skyline is then marred by a large high tech flying vessle that's green in hue with yellow highlights. It slowly drifts and then docks to the tallest building in the city (150 levels).

Once more in her solid gray uniform, Dani paces the aisle of the jet, stopping occasionally to look out of a window toward various points of the city. With how the mission has went so far she is understandably nervous, not to mention she was never good at waiting. "We have activity." she gestures out of the window.

"He's already there, that the ship is just a diversion." Colleen states then adds, "We need to go."

Alex nods and says, "Guess we're going in full bore."

Taking a final stock of her gear, a variety of guns, knives and of course her bow and arrows she moves to strap herself into the repelling gear "We going to let SHIELD make an entrance for us and go in behind them?" she double checks her straps to make sure they are tight enough.

"SHIELD can Catch Up for all I care." Intones Alex. We're here for one purpose, that's getting Jess' narrow ass out of the fire. SHIELD can do the cleanup."

An explosion occurs out the side of the tallest building (mid way down). Alex begins the reposition, "Everyone get ready, we're going in fast!"

Colleen also straps herself up with rapelling gear, ready to descend and fight.

"That hardly does Jess any good." Dani says as she clips the repelling lines and tosses them out the open cargo door of the jet. "Let the grunts do thier job so we can focus on ours." despite her reticentence to go in with proverbial guns blazing she is already out the hatch and sliding down the lines at a checked pace, surveying the ground below for potential threats.

The 'ground below' is actually a large balcony area near to and on the same level as the explosion that shattered glass outward and onto the street. Colleen is right behind Mirage and Havok will soon follow the two after setting the parking break.

SHIELD air units are seen approaching the HYDRA airship from behind.

Once she gets to a safe dropping distance Mirage unclips and falls the rest of the way to the balcony. Within moments of feet touching ground her bow is in hand with arrow nocked and ready. She moves foward into the room the balcony is part of, scanning the room for hostiles and other potential threats, but doesn't go more than a few steps in, waiting for the other two to catch up.

The 'room' is actually an unfinished floor with lots of concrete support columns, stacks of building materials, and one can see the windows all the way around the floor (only a few obstructions). Oh, and there are a lot of Ninja up here assaulting Spider-Woman. Also on hand is Strucker (opposite corner of building, near windows) who is watching the spectacle of Spider-Woman beat the hell out of the waves of Ninja and he applauds her efforts, "Such beauty and grace. We trained you well, Spider-Woman. It's a shame that your skills are used for the opposition."

Behind Strucker stand four females of Asian motif < http://www.comicvine.com/the-nail/65-57529/ >. They also watch Spider-Woman and are 'backup' if anything, for now.

Mirage is approximately 50 yards from the action. But she will soon draw attention from Ninja who are just joining the fight from a stairwell

Taking in the scene before her, Mirage brings up her weapon and draws back the bow, aiming at the first ninja up the stairs and releases as soon as she gets a good line of fire, she immediatly grabs and nocks another arrow if she were in charge she would suggest to Havok that he take out the stairs to prevent more reinforcements and she starts to bark the order but manages to stop herself before she gets more then his name out. Old habits die hard.

Landing, Colleen breaks into the room and says nothing as Mirage drops her first arrow onto the ground instead of launching it into an approaching Ninja. She cuts two down and continues her charge toward the mass.

Havok lands hard, rolls into the room and assesses the situation. He has the same idea as Dani and targets the stairwell, "Taking out the stairwell."

The stairwell is obliterated, further prevening ascent or descent.

If they weren't in such a situation Mirage might have the time to be embarrased by such an epic fail but she just nocks another arrow and lets this one fly at one of the ninja's attacking Spider-Woman…hopefully.

Spider-Woman takes note of the assist. She nails a few ninja with her venom blast. Colleen takes the right flank of the assault and cuts several of the ninja down.

Havok turns his attention to Strucker, "Give it up, Strucker. SHIELD is here and you've no where to run."

Strucker responds, "My dear Havok, the battle has just begun." and he snaps his fingers and the four female assassins start rushing toward Havok and Mirage.

Alex doesn't intend to obliterate them as he did the stairwell, so he targets the ceiling above and in front of them. However it's likely (because they are spread out) that it will only have a chance to effect two of them.

The ceiling is blasted, but the girls completely evade the localized collapse of debris.

The problem with ninja is they are fast, so it is no surprise to Mirage that the arrow whizzes past the one she aimed at. Hitting isn't so much a problem really since she is mostly wanting to serve as a distraction to those attacking SW. She winces at the sudden blast from Havok and the ceiling collapsing and through the dust she sees the approaching femme fatales. Wanting them out of the way fast, she snaps out with a psychic thought and dredges up the fears of the one closest to her.

Cherry Blossom leaps forward, her mind assaulted by Mirage. An image appears in front of her, dark swirling darkness that lashes out at her. The red piercing eyes of the darkness bring terror to her as she assaults it with her tri-sectional-staff.

Makro leaps toward Havok. Her extra mechanical appendages lashing out at him and missing completely. He falls back out of range and blasts her directly in the torso. The energy of his plasma knocks her back several yards and into the debris of the fallen ceiling.

Colleen notes the approach of the Nail and has a personal vendetta against them, she leaps back and will assault their flank. Black Lotus turns to engage her with her fan and her ninja skillz.

Meanwhile, Yuki steps forward and gazes upon Mirage. She removes her mask and says something in Japanese. Her eyes are ice blue, glowing, and they cause a sudden drop in temperature around Mirage.

"Finally some AC." Mirage quips at the drop in temperature. Cold is nothing new to her, she was raised in Colorado and New England and Asgard isn't exactly the tropics. With Cherry Blossom dealing with her fear for the moment she has a chance to take on Yuki. It's to short a range to use her bow for its intended purpose she she instead will use it as a club, slamming it upwards in an attempt to uppercut the asian woman once she gets in range.

Makro's Doc Octopus gear goes down (for a few rounds) and she's unable to get off her back. She curses.

Yuki steps to the side, and inside Mirage's comfort zone. She lashes up with a kung fu move to Mirage's midsection, strikes hard and does damage.

Havok takes another step back and to the side with hopes of blasting Strucker (who is a good 30 yards away). He misses and blows out a window.

Meanwhile, Colleen is going hard at Black Lotus and Spider-Woman will soon have all the ninja synched up.

Mirage is sent stumbling back at the kick to her midsection and she gets the air knocked out of her. That blow is going to leave quite a bruise. She can't use her power on Yuki, unfortunatly, without dropping it of Cherry Blossom and since it is keeping that one out of the way Mirage is going to have to continue to fight. Once more using her bow as a melee weapon she strikes out at the woman's calf in an atempt to at least get her off her feet.

Strucker looks to Havok with a smirk. "Ignorant mutant." He intones, "You dare shoot at me. You would do well to return to the haven of your Americas and let the adults play."

Behind Strucker (outside the now shattered glass) a aircraft draws up to the window. Strucker turns and starts walking casually toward it, "Now I will leave you all to enjoy one another's company."

From the aircraft leap several HYDRA agents armed with laser rifles.

Havok will refocus and try to blast Strucker.

Another feint to the left and Yuki steps closer for another attack. She strikes Mirage hard in the midsection.

Colleen Wing and Black Lotus still go at one another, strike/clang,strike/clang.

Spider-Woman blasts more Ninja, she's exhausted from the fight, but knows she must engage Strucker to stop him before he escapes.

High above, HYDRA and SHIELD are having a massive airship firefight.

Getting hit in the stomach gets old fast and Mirage is knocked back again having had enough of being a pinata for Yuki she pulls the illusion from Cherry and makes it fit her attacker. That will leave Cherry free to attack.

Cherry Blossom's illusion fades and she realizes it was just an illusion.

Yuki's illusion forms between her and Mirage. The illusion is of some Oriental Demoness that grabs Yuki around the throat.

Cherry Blossom sees her initial target and may put 2+2 together and realize that Mirage is making the mirage…. she leaps into action with her tri-sectional staff. The sticks are hard, and Mirage learns that first hand as she's struck.

Meanwhile, Havok gets lucky and nails Strucker in the back. HOWEVER; strucker wears a personal force field that deflects the plasma. Strucker laughs and steps into the flying craft.

Ten HYDRA agents start rushing forward. 7 go toward Spider-Woman; who has defeated the last ninja and was about to attack Strucker and 3 of them take positions aiming their blaster rifles toward Colleen, Mirage and Havok. The one that aims at Havok, fires, and strikes Havok in the left torso. Havok spins with the blast and will reorient himself in the next round.

More pew-pew goes on between HYDRA and Spider-Woman who will kick their asses, but will be slowed down on her way toward Strucker.

Mirage can't seem to win today, she gets one off her only to have another jump in and wail on her some more and dodging doesn't help as the new attacker is either faster, or more then likely Mirage is disoriented from the two previous attacks. She is struck and knocked backwards, perhaps even in shooting range (close range). Her bow is still in hand and she quickly nocks an arrow and fires it off at Cherry.

Cherry Blossom takes the arrow in the thigh. Her tri-sectional staff still wizzes through the air and strikes Mirage accross the ribs.

Yuki still fights her inner demons.

Colleen Wing strikes Black Lotus, putting her down for the count.

Makro is essentially out of the fight.

Havok decides that he's not going to do damage to Strucker (who is now in the craft which will zip away in the next round, so he targets the craft's front end and blows it all to hell. The craft has a few minor explosions and then slams into the building.

HYDRA agents fire upon Colleen, Mirage and Spider_Woman, all missing. Spider-Woman kicks HYDRA agent ass as she moves through them with ease. She leaps into the craft (as the door is right up against the window.

Mirage grunts as the thrown tri-staff strikes her but fortunatly it is less effective used in such a manner, she lets it fall to the ground and kicks it away toward the hole where the stairs used to be. She nocks another arrow and fires it at Cherry.

Cherry Blossom takes the shot in her shoulder. She leaps and intends to engage Mirage in kung fu hand to hand. Half way through the air she's cut down by Colleen's samurai sword.

Havok tries to blast the three HYDRA agents but is struck twice and goes down in a spin of disorientation.

The HYDRA aircraft careens away from the windows and starts its' uncontrolled descent 1000 feet toward the ground with Strucker and Spider-Woman aboard.

Only 3 HYDRA agents remain standing. They yell, "FOR HYDRA!".

Stepping over the prone form of Yuki, Mirage gestures to Colleen "Will you do the clean up please?" (assuming Colleen isn't already on that) she is clutching her ribs and moving carefully. It would be no surprise if a few are fractured. She moves over to where Havok is sprawled on the floor and nudges him with her foot "You okay down there?

Colleen leaps into action, cutting down the HYDRA agents that remained then she rushes to the window to watch the HYDRA transport slam into another building, skip off of it and head down toward the ground.

The ground below has SHIELD and HYDRA agents battling it out just as they are aboard the large HYDRA cruiser that's parked above.

Alex opens his eyes, blinks and then cringes, "Damn, that's gonna leave a mark." He rolls to his side and will be standing in a moment.

Seeing that he is still breathing Mirage moves to the window looking up and down to survey the scene "We have one on the ground, with Strucker and Spider-Woman, and one cruiser above. Both crawling with both SHIELD and Hydra." she summarizes to Havok "I assume we will be going down?

Moving to the window, Havok joins Mirage and Colleen. Havok wishes Polaris were here in the regards that she could fly them all down. However, she is not and they are around 100 floors up. The wind whips across the shattered window and lifts the girl's hair. "Yeah. Back to the jet." he states turning on his heel and heading toward the balcony where they can access the jet.

"You do that." Mirage puts two finger to her lips and whistles sharply an answering whinny is heard from nearby and within moments she is leaping from the window and astride the pegasus. From the expression on her face it was painful, probably jarred her ribs. "Why not have Colleen come with me. I'll get there faster, then you follow with the jet?" she says through the window as Brightwind hovers in place next to it.

Colleen is all too happy to leap aboard, "Nice ride." She intones as she holds tightly around Mirage's waist with her left hand and holds a sword with her right.

Havok is all about following in the jet, but he kicks himself for forgetting she has flying transport.

Mirage grins back at Colleen "He says thanks." once the girl is secure she nudges the pegasus and he shoots downward taking his riders into the fight much faster then the jet would have. Once Colleen dismounts, Mirage guides him into the air again to fly circles above the fight while she peppers the Hydra agents below with gunfire from the variety of weapons stashed on her person. She trusts the battle trained Brightwind to evade any return fire.

Balcony, up the rope, into the jet, then piloting it to touch down in the street will take Havok several rounds.

Meanwhile, Colleen leaps into action making her way toward the downed airship where she suspects Spider-Woman and Strucker are.

HYDRA and SHIELD agents pew pew at one another, and having an aerial advantage is a bonus. HYDRA agents will get winged and taken out of the battle. Yay for the good guys.

Mirage continues to fly above, banking Brightwind left and right above the battle. When one gun is empty she draws another and continues to fire. There is only so many she can carry though so it won't be long until she runs out of bullets, then it will be back to her bow until she runs out of arrows.

Over the course of 3 minutes; Havok is able to get into the fight, the HYDRA agents are subdued, Strucker is defeated by Colleen and Spider-Woman (and subsequently taken into SHIELD custody - for how long is up to them - likely 24 hours). And the four heroes find themselves grouping up.

Spider-Woman punches Havok in the chest, "That's for listening to Viper." He ows!. Then she'll step into his personal space and kisses him. A moment, or four later, she steps away, then adds, "That's also for listening to Viper." then she will look to Colleen and Mirage, "Thank you both for the assist. Colleen, if you would, we have SHIELD business…" and she will excuse herself from Havok and Mirage taking Colleen with her in tow.

Havok hurts, but he smiles and then says to Mirage, "We should probably be getting home."

Still astride the pegasus Mirage watches as she cleanup of the remaining Hydra agents then joins the others. Sliding off Brightwind she pats his neck and has a brief forehead to forehead communion with him before sending him off. She nods to Spider-Woman her eyebrows arching up at the PDA, but when Alex turns to her after it is over her arms are crossed over her chest and she is giving him a strong look of disapproval.

Havok gets the look, he goes on the faux defensive and smiles, "What? It's not like I kissed her, she kissed me." and he starts walking toward the jet.

Mirage shakes her head at him. She doubts a certain green-haired lady would agree, but she remains quite about it as she follows him to the jet. Right now she just wants to go home and go to bed…the sooner the better.

The flight is uneventful, lasts 6 hours, and does what it is supposed to do, get them home.

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