2012 04 21 Xander Vs The Avengers

Log Title:
Xander versus the Avengers

Hawkeye, Sandman, Vision and Xander

IC Date:
April 21, 2012

Upper East Side - New York

Brief Log Summary::
Xander shows up at the mansion and challenges the Avengers. Hawkeye takes out Xander


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Saturday evening, peaceful night with mild temperature. Most of the Avengers are out on patrol or free this evening. Those int he mansion are suddenly awakened when the alarms start to ring outside the Avengers mansion, as what appears to be a crazed man wearing a black and yellow bodysuit and red flowing cap points to the gate, “Avengers! I am Xander, Herald to the Creators! I have a message for you.” His hands begin to glow with mystical energy as a blast flies into through the gate and into the mansion. “BWAHAHAHA!!!!!”

The Vision was, indeed, one of the Avengers still at the mansion. Busily working in the computers in the computer room of the basement when Xander called out the team. The alarms inside the mansion went off and Vizh dragged his attention away from one of the screens in front of him. Cables and hook ups are pulled out of ports in the computers and are retracted back into the Synthezoid's body. Once he has gathered himself, he flies up into the air. Vizh says over the Avengers' commlink, "Avengers; This is the Vision. Responding the alert outside of the mansion." He phases through the various levels of the mansion before phasing right through to the front area of the Mansion, just inside the gate. The ghostly Vision floats a few feet up off the ground.

Clint was inside the mansion taking a small break, and then the cable went out. Plus there is the sound of a blast outside or something, someone wants to get a big team beating. You don't mess with the archer's TV, that's the golden rule. He goes marching out of the mansion and just looks at the crazy guy who attacked the mansion. "Guy you are really crazy. You do know who you just attacked right? Stand down and we can get you some help or something. Or I can just shove some arrows where the sun doesn't shine."

As the blast flew into the mansion it makes contact with a pssamic Sandman. The energy encases the pssamic Sandman and drags the form to appear next to him. Xander looks over to the approaching Vision and Hawkeye, “I have captured one of your kind. I seek out the more powerful of your teams. Where is Thor? Where is Hercules? Where is Sersi?” Xander remains standing his ground and does not directly respond to Hawkeye’s threat.

The ends of the cape that Vision wears gripped rightly and the cape is wrapped around the Synthezoid. The ghostly Avenger stares down at the magician, "When someone attacks the mansion, you can not be choosy towards the response you receive. It appears that you have your pick of Hawkeye and the Vision." The Vision's eyes glow bright as sensors activate and the synthezoid attempts to run a cursory scan of the mansion's attacker. Vizh calls out, "I am giving you this one opportunity. Stand down." He allows the 'or else' cliche to be an implied threat.

Man, he gets no respect, none at all he knows what Rodney Dangerfield feels like now. Vision gave the nice threat, Clint already gave his. He grabs a nice gas arrow and lets it fly right towards the guys face. "Hey, Hawkeye the archer is more than you can handle." Man all the big guns get all the credit, no one remembers that Clint kicks much butt by himself. He'll have to start using the Pym Particles again to get some respect.

The scanners from the synthezoid will reveal that Xander is not human and the energy he wields is mystical energy.
Sandman is seemingly encased in the energy. If the Vision happens to catch Sandman within his scanners, he will realize that it is not ‘Sandman’ and just a pile of Sandman in the shape of Sandman. Xander seems almost insulted, “Very well, artificial human…You are at least powerful. But the human archer…” As he calls out Hawkeye, the arrows fly out towards Xander who dodges them rather quickly and easily, “ As I was saying…the human archer…perhaps we can allow him a moment to return to safety?” As the arrows fly out past Xander, they are seemingly caught by some sand hands not attached to the ‘Sandman’ encased in the mystical energy.

The Vision humphs in response to the magician. He shakes his head and releases his grip on the corners of his cape. The garment flutters freely at his sides now, "This is not a discussion. Since you will not stand down than Hawkeye and myself will have to deal with you." Vizh doesn't defend Hawkeye, the team's archer will surely prove the folly of underestimating him. The Synthezoid flies down towards Xander, glowing bright eyes firing out lances of solar powered lasers at Xander.

The Vision humphs in response to the magician. He shakes his head and releases his grip on the corners of his cape. The garment flutters freely at his sides now, "This is not a discussion. Since you will not stand down than Hawkeye and myself will have to deal with you." Vizh doesn't defend Hawkeye, the team's archer will surely prove the folly of underestimating him. The Synthezoid flies down towards Xander, glowing bright eyes firing out lances of solar powered lasers at Xander.

See the guy dodged, they always dodge like that, it's the smart thing to do. But the first arrow is always the gimme arrow, to see what the person is doing. Man he's tired of people underestimating him, he fought the F'in Collector, and people still underestimate him. Sure him fighting the Collector isn't public knowledge but still dang it! He grabs another arrow and fires it at the guy again, "Man you're going to pay for what you did today. You interrupted Parking Wars, I love that show!"

As the laser and the arrows are fired, Xander waves his hand and purplish and bluish mystical energy bubble appears protecting him from the Avengers attacks. Piles of sand start to build up behind the bubble as the real Sandman plans a sneak attack from behind. With the arrows and blast deflected, Xander offers, "Hawkeye, is it? I am the ultimate fighter and master of every form of combat…if you feel the need to engage me, then a challenge. The android and the pssamic hero attempting a sneak attack should refrain from the battle and you and I make this more physical contest?" Sandman finally forms himself into a giant sandwave and attempts to wrap around the mystical bubble, but finds that he cannot as the bubble expands and sends sand flying out everywhere including towards his two teammates.

As the Vision is in the air, he's more or less intangible. So the sand flung in his direction phases right through him. Vizh shakes his head in response to what Xander says, "You attacked a team. You will face the team." The Vision lifts up into the air, arches sideways and dives down towards the ground. The Synthezoid levels out, flies parallel to the ground and only a couple of feet up off of it. He flies towards the bubble incased attacker and attempts to strike against the bubble, fists first. He he can phase through it, the more the better!

Vision beat the purple archer to the punch on that one, drat. Hawkeye was all set to take him up on his offer, one on one contest would suit him just fine. But alas it'll have to be a group one. So lets see here the guy is fast, and able to make some shieldy things, so he probably does have more up his sleeve. "Vizh, can't I just fight him by myself, I promise not to do anything stupid. Oh wait never mind I always do something stupid." And then the sand starts to hit him, "Sandy we do not attack our teammates, okay, please." Clint does his best to hide from the oncoming sand, cause well sand hurts dang it, and it gets everywhere…

As the sand is flung aside, a disembodied voice starts to ring out as the pssamic Avenger remembers something, “Vizh, let Hawkeye handle this.” He starts to reform as sand starts to fly from everywhere and starts to build together and form a humanoid sand creature. Sand from a duplicate that Xander had captured starts to pound against the mystical bubble just as Vision pounds on the shield. For a moment, the bubble is down and Xander takes a defensive stance, his hand glowing with mystical energy. “A challenge has been issued. I am prepared to take you all on if need be, but Hawkeye, you hide behind your more powerful teammates. Perhaps, you should not be called Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?”

The Purple Archer just stares at the guy some more, "Heroes implies more than one. We are the mightiest heroes cause we work together as a team to beat up people. But I don't need a team to beat you. The jails are full of people that thought they were better than ol Br'er Hawkeye." He smiles his fun little cocky smile at that one, "So what are the terms of this fight, my arrows against whatever you do?"

Sandman finishes forming into a humanoid sand version, he flies up between Vision and Xander, “Let Hawkeye handle this.” Vision remains floating in the air as Sandman remains with him and simply watches Xander. “No weapons. No energy. No magic. A simple hand to hand fight.” Xander takes a defensive stance of some alien martial arts and gestures for Hawkeye to approach him.

Hawkeye shrugs his shoulders at the silly guy, "Fine then. But I should warn you…" he pauses after that, the guy will have to learn that hard way that Clint has been trained by the best of them when it comes to hand to hand. He takes off his quiver and drops his bow, and does the stupid thing, and runs at the guy. Have to give him a false sense of security about his abilities.

Remaining on the side in the air with Vision, but Sandman cheers on his teammates. Xander remains in the defensive stance as Hawkeye runs towards him. And as the archer nears him, he moves to the side and attempts to punch the archer in the back if he runs past him.

And that is exactly what Hawkeye was expecting, so as the guy dodges, Hawkeye does his best to turn, and in one single motion try to grab the guys hand and flip him over his shoulder. "I was going to tell you before, I should warn you that I have been trained by Captain America to do hand to hand to combat. I can't always use the arrows you know."

Xander succumbs to Hawkeye’s tactic and is flipped over and lands on his back harshly. He lets out a groan of pain and falls unconscious. It appears Xander is more talk than action. Sandman contacted the proper authorities, Xander is taken into custody and Hawkeye saves the day.

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