2012 04 19 Welcome To The Hellions

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Welcome to the Hellions!

Empath, Takara, and Buffy, Bjorn, and students

IC Date:
April 19, 2012

Honors Student Lounge - Massachusetts Academy

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Buffy and her friends pick on Takara when she is at the school. She defends herself. Empath ends the fight.


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The school for the future elite has the best when it comes to teaching, but there are some things that even money can not buy. Such as the rumor mill already geting to work on Takara. For most of the students present, it's relaxing a little after classes by whatever means they can. For Takara, it is being settled comfortably in a love seat while listening to the chatting of other students. She shows a calm exterior about it, laying back in her seat with a smirk. Rough transition being the new girl.

And unfortunately the new student is always picked on or spoken about. An odd baptism of sorts to see if they fit it. A group of girls approach Takara, giggling, and one blond tilts her head, “Um, why are you here?” For his part, Empath is reclined on another seat which looks oddly enough like a throne. He is away from the majority of students, but he does peer and watch.

The two other girls behind the blond continue to giggle and then whisper into each other’s ear as they clearly point to Takara. The blond then speaks louder, “Yeah, I get it…you are smart. You’re Asian…of course, you will be smart! But at this school brains aren’t enough to matter. We are the best mutants in the world! And you, ugly girl, do not belong!” The blond points her hand out which generates a flame and the two other girls shake their heads. One flies up and the other turns her hand into water. Empath continues to watch silently.

Takara takes in the display of fire by the lead bully, her cronies taking posture behind their leader, "OH, is this the part were you try intimidation on the new girl. Aww, that's adorable." How she can be so polite, yet be obviously insulting is a gift. Takara slowly rises from her seat, pulling out a set of worn construction gloves from her pocket and placing them on. "Blondie, back down before you embrass yourself." Those that are paying clsoe attention can see Takara is already starting to grow in size, easily making herself eight feet tall by the time she stops talking.

Nodding his head approvingly, Empath watches as the blond girl and her friends literally look up at Takara. “Oh you can grow…that’s cute…But I am fire baby… I am hot.” Soon the entire blond girl’s body is bathed in fire. Her two friends are not so confident and begin to back away, “Buffy, don’t be a bitch.” Buffy snaps back, “Don’t be afraid of her. All she can do is grow.”

Takara giggles sweetly to the girls, "You should listen to your friends Buffy, they have the wisdom to know you already lost." She looks down at the fire starter, the sweet smile turning quickly into a annoyed sneer, "Last chance, we both walk away before I show you why I put my gloves on."

For a moment, Buffy looks up to the much taller Takara. She appears as if she might back down, but then something within her causes her to lash out and she fires to fire blasts toward Takara. Empath raises an eyebrow and finally stands up and begins to walk over to the little scuffle. Shaking his head, while grinning to himself, he mumbles something about children.

Takara puts her gloved hand forward into the blasts, it sting even with gloves to block, her clothes will singe under the assault. She pushes forward quickly towards the girl, bearing down on her with one fist balling up to try end the fight soon, a fist aimed at Buffy's gut. Takara shows restraint in her hit, she just wanted to wind the girl and end the fight quickly, not break the other girl.

When Buffy is punched in the gut, she lets out a loud scream, her mouth filled with flame blowing up directly in front of her. Her friends seeing Buffy hurt attempt to run, but then turn and join in the fight. The flying girl attempts to kick Takara in the head and the other girl generating a water blast fires off a water blast at Takara. “Don’t pick on Buffy!” Empath is all but near the fight, but makes no attempt to stop it just yet.

Takara doesn't like the odds when flying girl goes for the head, arm coming up to defend herself before a full blast of water knocks the tall girl back. On the plus side, the parts of her that were on fire are now out, on the bad side, she is soaked. Takara oddly is quite calm internally, standing herself up, "Same deal girls, take your friend to the nurse and we all walk away from this. My first and final offer before I end this as quickly as it started."

Stepping forward just as the flying girl is ready to dive bomb and water girl is ready to fire another blast. They stop. Empath wags his finger at them and then points to dismiss them. The flying girl lands and she and water girl help take Buffy away. They look back at him and seem ashamed of themselves and whisper an apology to Takara. Empath then turns to face Takara. His arms by his side and hands on his hip as he taps his foot and has an annoyed expression as he stares at Takara.

Takara shrinks back down when the fight is over, taking in deep breaths and looking to Empath, "What? She attacked first dispite being given warning not to. Her friends thankfully got the hint right off the bat." Once down to normal size, she takes off her gloves to see how bad it is, nothing that proper treatment as soon as possible will not resolve in a few days. Takara places her hands in her lap, eyes down cast and to the side, "Sorry for disturbing the peace."

“Well, thank you for apologizing. On campus we refrain from fights. Thankfully I stepped in when I did or you or they would be hurt more than what you already were…and inside the lounge too.” Shaking his head disapprovingly and looks at her hand and then looks about at some of the students gathered around. He looks and smiles when he see one in particular. A young green looking mutant, “Bjorn. Come here.” The teen is with his friends and has an annoyed look on his face, but when Manuel continues to stare, Bjorn suddenly smiles and skips over all cheerily. “Bjorn, this is Takara. She needs a quick heal. Would you be a dear?” Bjorn smiles, “Anything for, Manuel.” Bjorn looks to Takara and extends his hand. Manuel adds, “He is a healer.”

Takara keeps her eyes down for the berating, a little worried about what she did, "It will not happen again sir." She offers her hands out to Bjorn for healing, giving as much of a smile as she will allow given the situation, "A good one at that." Takara raises her chin slightly, looking at the crowd that has gathered with a slight nervous glance.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Manuel?” Bjorn asks. Manuel shakes his head and seemingly dismisses Bjorn with a gesture. Bjorn shakes his head as he walks away. Now giving his attention fully to Takara, “You handled yourself well, nonetheless, considering it was three against one. I particularly liked how you were willing to take the fire blast, her height powers gives you a bit more resistance to most.”

Takara raises her head slowly after look at her hands, quite happy they look as good as they did two minutes prior to the fight, "It comes from practise, I knew I could take it and I didn't want Buffy to have to adjust her aim. Just in case she hit others or damaged the room." She reaches her right hand to the back of her neck, "I'm use to being out numbered, few people fight fair outside the gates."

“Or within…you will learn. I am glad you are here, but it can be just as dangerous or moreso in here, Takara. Welcome to the Massachusetts Academy, I hope you survive the experience.” There is an odd expression from Empath as for a moment he envisions a different set of students and different set of people. He quickly shakes his head, “Have you toured the campus yet? Met any of the faculty?”

Takara drips a little, nodding her head, swearing she noticed Manuel looking distant for a moment, "A little soaked, but none the worse for wear." She tilts her head and lower her hand, "A short tour by one of the girls, but I have not yet had a chance to meet the faculty in any capassity beyond those I have classes with. I'm sure I will get to meet the head mistress soon enough after this little incident." Takara looks down and shrugs, "DO I have time to change into something less soaked?"

“You do.” He turns and points to the girls dormitory. “Get acquainted with your room and roommate and I will see you soon.” Manuel bows his head, “Good showing against Buffy and friends.”

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