2012 04 19 Majestic Beasts

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Majestic Beasts

Exodus and Takara

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Stables, Mass Academy

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Exodus and Takara encounter one another


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Those without the interest in the horses tend to stay away from them, but Takara is curious enough to come take a peek at the creatures. She chose a quiet moment to come take a look inside the stables, only got to see it and the horses from afar when she was given the official tour of the school. She walks down the middle of the stable, closest ot the left side while admiring the beautiful creatures. Takara is alone in the stable as far as she knows, stopping infront of one of the stalls, talking to herself, "Awww. What's your name?"

The stables have two primary openings. On the opposite side is a training field and several smaller circles. A large man of reddish skin and long black hair emerges walking one of the horses back into the stables. The horse only wears a bridle with a lead rope. The man wears a blue 'costume' with deep purple and gold attributes. < http://i.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel//universe3zx/images/thumb/3/3a/Exodus.jpg/406px-Exodus.jpg >

He pays no attention to the girl, overtly, but is well aware that she is present. He will lead the horse into one of the stalls and move into the stall wtih the animal.

Takara at a side on glance looks like a normal teenager, but is not as 'upper crust' as the average student attending, the boots and non-latest fashion for girls being the give away. Her construction gloves are stuffed into a back pocket, hair tied back over her shoulder. Takara coo to the animals, lost in her own conversation for a moment longer. Hearing a horse being lead, she looks over the costumed man and his steed, waving her hand and heading over, "Hello." Takara doesn't recognise the man.

"Greetings, child." Exodus states in a clear tone as he squares the horse within the stall and pulls out a brush. "You are Takara, gifted wtih the mutant ability of growth and strength accompanying it. You are new to this facility and still getting your footing, unfamiliar with those around you come to the stables in search of a safe haven with which you can find solice and comfort away from your family." he would continue, yet he finds it necessary to address her in his own identification, "I am Exodus, I will be instructing you in mideval history and culture as well as the development of your abilities."

Takara jaws drops a little as she stops, at a disadvantage to the older gent right off the bat, "A pleasure to meet you, sensei." She bows to him, her way of showing respect before she continues closer, "I am taken back by how quickly I came to be here. I do stick out as the new girl, it will take a while to adjust." TK keeps some distance from the horse, but is quite comfortable towards Exodus, "It's a beautiful horse sir."

"They are majestic beasts." Exodus suggests, regarding only her latter statement as those things before were ramblings of a young girl and inconsequential. His demeanor is stoic, reserved. It will become clear that he will only speak when necessary and will not engage in small talk or non-sequitor expressions.

Takara looks over to the beast, a smile on her face as she dares to come closer to it, "I have not been near horses before." When she gets the hint that small talk is not going far, she sighs to herself and reaches her hand back to her neck, unsure about what to talk about. SO she tries going the curious student route, "Any pointers for handling them?"

"The animal senses your motives, your nature, and as long as you are in control of yourself, it will allow you to be in control of it." Exodus details before turning to look out the stable door and then place the brush aside.

Takara takes the advice to heart, slowly and carefully reaching a hand out where the horse can see it, brushing along the shoulder and neck area, "Be calm around them." She says that for her own benifit, the nature she shows is one that is kind and caring.

He nods, then states, "I will see you soon, Takara." and with that he disappears. The horses note the shift of air pressure, but don't startle.

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