2012 04 19 Enter Exodus

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Enter Exodus

Exodus & Selene

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Selene's Office, Mass Academy

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Exodus offers his services to the Academy and notes his intentions with the Hellfire Club


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-==[ Headmistress' Office - Massachusetts Academy ]==-----

This room is carpeted in a thick, creamy white carpeting that seems new. The dominant piece of furniture is a large mahogany desk that stands centered near the back wall in front of a large, soft white high-back office chair. The cushions, draperies and paintings are all a softly brilliant white. There are several comfortable chairs near the desk. Bookshelves are placed along the side wall and filled with books and materials most of which center on doctoral themes of behavior and psychology, business and corporate management and some of which seem to be about more esoteric things such as theoretical studies in consciousness. A inlaid computer and recessed phone sits to one side of the desk. On the side wall here is a large pull-open window looking out onto the wide playing field.

Exodus appears in the middle of the office. There is a sudden change in air pressure, but nothing that causes a popping of the ears or anything of that nature. His eyes radiate a purple energy and his body presented with a purplish aura that quickly fades. Exodus is a tall and striking man that wears deep purples and blues with gold trim. His hair is long and dark and his skin bears a reddish hue.

Selene Smiles " My my your lucky I know your aura dear.. you would have been vaporised into nothing had I not " You might notice the entire room is glowing with runes right now .

With a knowing and confident smile, Exodus states, "As you say." then takes a step forward to add inflection to his point, "I desire membership within the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle and I offer my services to you in this endeavor to train mutants to become more than what they currently are."

Selene Lifts and eyebrow " You wish to become a rook? " she says softly " Or one of my knights .. how intresting " she says softly " I can't say I wouldn't mind you are powerful and strong "

A smile graces his chiseled face. "I, my beautiful black queen, have always been a knight. A true knight, born into my position and proven in many battle against the Moor. It is in this era that I find new battles and new positions. I already serve the White King of the Hellfire Club <Magneto>. He has charged me with expanding our influence and guiding mutantkind to their place on high. It is through you, and your works, that I see a potential for more."

Selene Thinks " Ahh so you work for magneto " she says pursing her lips " I could have you working here this is a school for young mutants I would welcome your input .. if you wish to gain power with me though .. for that you would need to leave magneto's service to enter mine .. I have need of a knight not somebody elses pawn "

"I cannot renounce my allegiance or my position as an Acolyte. Yet, you will have my loyalty in these realms as Magneto has given me right of servitude. In this, you will find that we shall work well together." Exodus states while remaining standing, his position within the near center of the room, yet his feet do not touch the ground, he hovers a mere inch above.

Selene Nods " Then I'll take it like I said dear I will take you as a teacher regardless " she says brightly " As for working togethr for more then that " she spreads her hands " Your loyalty is to magento not me .. though I understand what you say and welcome your aid in my projects "

A nod of acceptance is given in return. Then Exodus will ask, "Tell me of the magick's you wove to persuade Frost in your reinvision of this school. Her will is a strong one and surely you whispered enchantments within her ear."

Selene Laughs " None " she says softly " She had given up.. she'd been hurt so badly by the death of her students.. I helped her grieve.. of course after that charles xavier made a fatal error of taking her in only to throw her out .. but now I'm here to help her rebuild and protect this school "

A consideration is made and then an accepting nod followed. Exodus then speculates, "Xavier shouldn't be underestimated. Have you ensured that Emma is not a subversive working for him now?"

Selene Laughs " Oh she's working with him yes I know all about that.. it dosn't concern me .. he has nothing to do with this school or what I'm doing .. he's got his own little world let him have it "

"Then we must take care and let her not undermine our work. If she is a spy, then Xavier will know our going's on with relative ease since both are significant telepaths. Though, I'm quite sure her telepathy is not as strong as mine.", Exodus states with confidence as he pulls his cloak around himself for dramatic effect.

Selene Laughs " I've taken her into account dear " she says softly " and you forget I'm a telepath as well .. I've taken steps just in case xavier sticks his nose in.. but he learned in the past not to stick his nose into my affairs "

Exodus smiles when she states she's a telepath. "As you say, my lady." but says nothing more about it. Instead, he states, "Then I shall take my leave and allow you to orchestrate my affairs within your domain."

Selene Nods her head " Perhaps we can visit another island soon " she winks " it was fun last time "

Exodus nods, "Of course." and mentally implies that he will show himself out and show himself around, to inspect the grounds and his new home away from home. Then he teleports away in the same respect he teleported within.

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