2012 04 18 Madripoor Marauding Part 4

Log Title:
Madripoor Marauding, Part 4

Havok, Mirage, Colleen Wing

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Madripoor Outskirts in the X-Jet

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Having escaped and equipped with a new plan, the heroes camp out near the blackbird and prepare for tomorrow's final battle.


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The Blackbird is well equipped with fold out bunk beds and equipment for camping. It is also isolated enough to avoid detection and has equipment to monitor the city and wait for 'the signal' which will likely come as some sort of explosion and lots of SHIELD agents rushing in from out of nowhere. Colleen intends to sleep inside, Alex, against his better judgement, will sleep outside with Dani - if that's what she intends to do. Plus it will give them time to talk about things.

The sky is filled with stars. The only possible disturbance to the view is the cityscape to the west. Yet, still beautiful.

Alex finds himself upon his bedroll, on his back, and looking up at the stars.

Upon returning to the jet Dani disappeared into the woods for awhile with her bow in hand and swearing she wouldn't do anything stupid. She returned though an hour or so later be followed by not only Brightwind but several nocturnal creatures (racoon and fox), that she had someone conviced with much cajoling and granola bars (in the case of the wild animals) to help guard the camp from intruders.

Currently though she sits cross legged on her own bedroll, brush in hand as she braids her hair staring down into the small firepit she built.

Alex smiled at the woodland animals and the pegasus. He doesn't rise or do anything to startle them. Instead returns to the sky and finally when she settles down to brush and braids her hair, he says something, "We kinda sucked yesterday…"

Tying off one braid she nods in agreement "Yes. We didn't take into account that someone else might have been looking to rescue your friend as well." at least she is kind enough not to lay all this on him, since she didn't think of that either "And really, ninja? They were a total surprise." she begins to run the brush through the rest of her hair "Did you call home? How upset as they?

Alex remains looking up at the stars, he's quiet in his tone and states, "I sent a message. One way; just to say that we're fine and the mission is going well. I really, really don't want to hear anything from Scott right now and I really needed a break from that place."

Pauses in her brushing to look over at him "I wasn't exactly referring to Scott, but I don't blame you, he'd probably give me an earful too." she continues on her hair, quickly finishing the other braid with a speed that comes from years of practice "Is this the kind of break you were aiming for?

"I don't think this kind of break is anyone is aiming for. But if I can help out Jess, then I'm good." Alex replies as he rolls to his side and puts his hand to the side of his head offering support while watching Dani braid.

"Well at least the weather is good." she spares a glance upwards, hoping she didn't jinx it by saying that aloud. "What would you have done differently had I not been on the jet when you left?

"I would have probably blasted more. Been more overt. You lend to stealth and subversion. Plus, even though you have your strengths, I cannot justify tossing you in to the middle of a firefight with a superior foe."

She nods using a long stick to prod the fire "With superior numbers." Dani could probably handle the one given the resources but not in the number they encountered "We need to come up with an idea in case her signal never comes. Our escape and the damage to thier base may change what they had planned.

"She said Strucker was due tomorrow. I expect it to go down then - if not by tomorrow night, if not.. then we go in and jerk her narrow ass outta there kicking and screaming."

Dani gets a laugh out of that "As long as its you she is kicking." she leans back on her hands, streching her legs out on her bedroll "Guess we will have to sneak into town tomorrow then and find a place nearby to wait it out." she gestures to the surrounding with a hand "to far out of town to be much help from here.

"Invisible Jet." Alex says glancing back at the plane. "I wish it was truly 'invisible'. Instead we get shafted in the definition of stealth. I'd like to hover over the city and just wait… then rappel down at a moment's notice."

Her gaze follows his to the plane "Well that is one way to go and probably the safest certainly." she suddenly yawns, its been a adrenaline packed rush of a day, so its no surprise she is tired "Think I will try to sleep, tomorrow is looking to be more or today.

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