2012 04 18 Madripoor Marauding Part 3

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Madripoor Marauding, Part 3

Havok, Mirage, Colleen Wing, Spider-Woman I, and Ninja of the Hand

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Knowing their only true and solid way of finding Jess is to be captured, the heroes go get captured.


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Madripoor in the morning is just as crowded and asian eclectic as it was in the afternoon. Hustle and bustle of activity all around as street vendors try to sell to the likes of foreigners. Taxis/rikshams are ready to take people anywhere and lots of bicycles and mopeds litter the streets. Finding the restaurant in question isn't difficult at all. Though the riksham pilot that takes the newlyweds is reticent in their decision and would rather take them elsewhere. But he complies.

Several blocks away through the winding streets and turns the duo is brought to a restaurant just off the beaten path. It is three levels in height and likely serves more than food within. Thugs hang outside and seem to lurk around as if they're protecting the place.

Alex helps his bride out of the cart and says, "Come on sweetheart, I'm starved and we still have 4 more sites to see before dinner."

-==[ Princess Bar — Midtown — Madripoor ]==-----——

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you hadda walk into this one.

The Princess has seen better days, and they were quite a while ago it seems. The hardwood floors have lost their lustre; the chandeliers are missing pieces and covered with dust. The place is dark and slightly dingy.

And yet some charm seems to remain. The bar, while obviously old, has been lovingly cared for. The ash, cherry and oak wood making it up is polished and warm; behind it are a miraculous assortment of drinks from all over the known world and, apparently, beyond. There are numerous photos on the wall, most of them yellowed with age, tracing back almost to WWI. Some of the characters that stand out in them are a diminutive woman with red hair and a fantastic sense of style, and a slightly less-short guy with a mean look and and an eye patch. A player piano sits unused in one corner, and there is invariably a group playing poker at tables in another dim corner.

The clientele are the most remarkable facet of this old bar; everything from tuxedo-clad dandy of a foreign persuasion to local Lowtown roughs. The one thing they share is good manners. No one wants to bring down the wrath of the owner.

Madripoor in the morning is just as crowded and asian eclectic as it was in the afternoon. Hustle and bustle of activity all around as street vendors try to sell to the likes of foreigners. Taxis/rikshams are ready to take people anywhere and lots of bicycles and mopeds litter the streets. Finding the restaurant in question isn't difficult at all. Though the riksham pilot that takes the newlyweds is reticent in their decision and would rather take them elsewhere. But he complies.

Several blocks away through the winding streets and turns the duo is brought to a restaurant just off the beaten path. It is three levels in height and likely serves more than food within. Thugs hang outside and seem to lurk around as if they're protecting the place.

Alex helps his bride out of the cart and says, "Come on sweetheart, I'm starved and we still have 4 more sites to see before dinner."

Dani has managed at some point this morning to get a change of clothing more in keeping with their cover story. She wears a loose sarong style dress and sandals. She may or may not be wearing the dragon broach they found, depending on if they could agree on the danger that could cause. Her hair is out of the trademark braids and swept up into a casual bun. "Oh isn't this place quaint." she exclaims as she is helped out. "There is nothing better then eating with the locals to get a true feeling for a place.

The 'locals' watch the couple enter the restaurant. Alex is also dressed casually, kakki cotton slacks, sneakers, and a pressed oxford of light blue. Inside, the couple is welcomed and seated. The place is large with two levels to the dining area (upstairs balcony that circles the main floor). And though there are quite a few wait staff, there's really very few patrons within. On the second floor balcony at the back of the dining area, there's an occupied table. An asian man with a woman at either side of him who attend his needs. Over time, various persons will approach him and conduct 'business'.

The threat level of the broach is significant, but it may also be a good way to draw out the threat.

As they are on their way to a table Dani looks around the restaurant with apparent interest. The few patrons and staff may think it is the interest of a fascinated tourist. Mentally though she is taking note of a variety of things, exits, windows that could be used as exits, other patrons, both upstairs and down. Once seated she pretends to scan the menu and waits for the waiter to depart before saying anything.

The waiter approaches wearing a white waiter's uniform with black cuffs. He's probably another ninja waiting to strike. He welcomes them (in English) to the restaurant and will tell them of the choice items of the day.

Scanning around the restaurant, one will see three heavies playing cards at a far table toward the back, a few business men seated in the front and no other patrons. Must be early in the day for lunch.

The staff seem to be taking care of various things in and around the dining area and there are three women, 'possible wiki wiki girls', atop the balcony looming and having girl talk.

Fried won-tons are brought out along with the soup of the day and spring rolls. Things that are likely part of the 'setup' or the lunch menu.

Dani looks at the food placed in front of them and leans forward slightly to inhale the aroma coming from the soup "Nice." is her simple comment as she straightens and takes another look around, paying close attention as her gaze slides over the man upstairs. She is sure that Alex has noticed all this as well so doesn't bring attention to herself by pointing it all out, "You are being awful quiet.

Alex is pulled back from the environmental distractions to Dani. He leans toward her and places his hand on her thigh. "Sorry sweetheart." he mutters and then says, "I'm just a little worried that we won't get everything done we want to do."

Food and drinks are ordered and the waiter slips off. The Asians associated with the restaurant do pay particular interest to the couple. While the business men just talk amongst themselves.

Thankfully Dani is at ease enough not to stiffen at the contact "Oh you worry to much." at least she doesn't have to lie about that bit. She grabs a wonton "Our guide really picked us a nice place. Full of cultural fauna." she gestures about with the chip. Her way of saying check out the local thugs in the back.

A strawberry blonde < http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/5344/1225351-colleen_wing.jpg > walks into the restaurant. She wears a white jumpsuit, sneakers, and carries a katana in her right hand, the blade slightly hidden up the back of her arm. The three heavies playing cards take notice of her as does the guy on the second floor. She seems to have direction to her movements. The business guys notice her and quickly stand to depart out of fear. As they're moving toward the door, the door itself is opened by oen of the thugs outside who appears to be worse for ware as he stumbles inside and collapses on the floor.

She addresses Dani and Alex, "You two have no idea what wasp nest you walked into, do you?" - it's a rhetorical question because she's already moved on to the next topic, "There's about to be a fight, I hope you're ready for it."

Just then an Asian male leaps from the second floor with a ninja-to within his hands striking down upon Colleen. She deflects and kicks him across the restaurant into several tables - of which he won't be getting up soon.

The heavies stand and start cracking knuckles. The boss remains seated and watching.

Dani sends a quizzical look to Alex as the newcomer approaches and speaks to them, she is pretty sure she knows exactly what they were getting into but the man leaping down with a sword forestalls any response. She quickly pushes back from the table as she gets to her feet to get out of the way of both the woman and her attacker, who is quickly dispatched. Her eyes dart around, thug, boss and woman in white, gauging which one is going to move first. She isn't going to jump in immediately until she gets a better understanding of the situation.

Alex stands quickly, realizing that there's going to be serious trouble. "Dani, that's Colleen Wing, she's probably here for the same reason we are…"

Which is just about all he gets out before the three heavies rush toward he and Dani. Colleen has her own engagement to deal with as various Ninja of the Hand break into the room from side doors.

There is a reason Dani decided to wear a dress today; You can conceal weapons under one and unless you get frisked no one would know. She was about to go into the supposed bad guy's den without being minimally armed. She draws a compact 9mm from the holster around her thigh as the thugs advance "Probably? That's not very encouraging." she backpedals towards the bar with the intention of getting behind it to put a barrier between them and her.

The heroes were overwhelmed. It wasn't a matter of skill (aside from the not being prepared and not having the chance to use their abilities), but the heroes were wholly outnumbered.

Waking up, the heroes (Dani and Alex) will find themselves in a darkened room hearing female voices. The room is dungeonesque, torchlit, stone walls, dripping water, a dank/musty smell and of course shackles. Bindings that chain the heroes with their backs to the stone walls. Four of them in a row (Alex, Dani, Colleen, and Jessica).

Jessica and Colleen are discussing the latest turn of events. Alex says, "Jess?" in a weak voice coming out of the fog.

"Yes." she replies in her english accent and follows it with a dry, "What are you doing here, Alex?"

Alex answers, "I came to rescue you." in a rising tone trying to be all heroic.

She smirks with a slight repressed chuckle. "You're an idiot." is stated which is followed by, "Cute, but still an idiot."

"I'll second the idiot part." Dani says in a monotone as she looks around to study thier surroundings "How medieval." her attention turns from the room to her bindings and she gives them a tentative pull though she doubts there will be any give or weakness in the shackles. "How long have we been here?" she asks Jess.

"Three days. I'm waiting until Strucker gets here before I make my move." Jess answers.

Colleen queries, "Hang on, before you make your move?"

Jess replies, "Quite. You honestly think a bunch of ninjas of the hand can really hold me? Oh wait, they captured you three; nevermind."

Alex groans, "Oh har-de-har-har."

The shackles are quite strong, but it's more likely that Alex can blast his way out or someone super strong could rip them out of the wall.

After she got her answer Dani seemingly stopped paying attention to the banter of the others. Putting her head down she closes her eyes and wraps her fingers around the chains attached to the shackles. She seems to be concentrating on something for the few moments as the others go back and forth. She then turns her head to look at Alex "Backup is probably on the way by now. I /think/ I can reach Rahne, to make sure.

Jess states, "Backup? Bloody hell. It's bad enough that the three of you showed up. We don't need anyone else crashing this party and frightening off my prey… By the way, how in the world did you know I was here?"

Colleen replies, "We came seperately. Not sure of their path, mine was leaning on the usual suspects until they gave up the info."

Alex answers after Colleen, "Viper. She said you had been missing and were in danger. Listed where you were staying and so on."

Jess sighs. "Alex… dear Alex. Don't you know better than to trust her?"

Alex replies, "She was worried about you…. I mean she's your mother and all that so I figured she had your best interest…"

"She's not my mother, regardless of how much she claims to be…" replies Jess.

Looking left and right at her fellow captives "People!" she exclaims "I think we have more imporant things to worry about right now then one persons familial relationships." she stomps a sandeled foot agains the wall she is attached too "Ten words or less Jess, what has Strucker got to do with this?

Alex looks to Dani's outburst, Colleen looks to Jess, and then Jess says, "So sorry dear, I didn't realize you were so impatient. I'll list it in a nutshell. Commander Kraken runs the Oceanica branch of HYDRA. Wolfgang von Strucker runs the European Branch. Gorgon, an up and coming Asian member of HYDRA is vieing for power and wants to take all of the Asian and Oceanica branches for himself. Gorgon and Kraken have been battling it out for weeks and drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Strucker, who has been in charge of HYDRA since the onset (right along wth the Red Skull and a few other nasties) is on his way to Madripoor put a stop to the conflict. Strucker is unreachable in Europe. His strongholds are not only super secret, but they're also impenitrable if found. SHIELD hasn't been able to find or touch him. SHIELD send me to spearhead the op. Everything was going just fine… but now the three of you are here and we're going to need to modify the plan."

From the look that comes over Dani's face at being labeled impatient it is probably a good thing she is shackled to a wall "Impatient?" she asks with one of those dangerously calm tones "I'm shackled to a wall, after getting captured during a rescue mission I was hijacked into participating in and you are calling me impatient!" her voice does rise and she is straining some against her bindings. When she realizes she is talking over Jess's explanation she takes a deep calming breath but is by no means calm.

Alex starts to say something, but choses not to. Something about being the male in the siuation makes him an easy target.

Jess states, "Calm down, you do not wish to incite the guards. Now, if you would care to listen; I'll explain how this will play out…." A brief pause, Colleen and Alex remain quiet and then Jess states, "Alex will use his power to melt his bindings. Then free the rest of us. There are only 3 guards down the hallway and then another 8 in the dungeon altogether. We will inact an escape attempt and the three of you will be allowed to escape."

Alex starts to speak up, "Alex, darling. Hold your tongue."

She continues, "I will be recaptured. The three of you will go home and stay out of harm's way. I will wrap up my mission within two days and return to Manhattan where we can all have a drink and talk of old times."

Colleen is reserved and chooses not to argue with Jess. Perhaps it's a hierarchy thing, or she may have other plans.

Alex sighs and doesn't seem happy about it, at all, but Dani should know that he's already coming up with another plan.

"I'm sorry," which really means she isn't "but I don't know you from Eve so don't take it personally when I say I would like to hear from Alex." she states, not caring that she isn't making any friends at the moment. She turns from Jess to her team mate "Well you dragged me into this mess, do you have a brilliant plan to drag us out or you want to go with her plan?" Dani probably has her own ideas as well but isn't up to sharing at the moment.

Alex thinks for a moment, the little hamsters are spinning the wheels in his brain, "Jess, considering this cell, I know you're capable of breaking out of here at the drop of a hat. Kraken probably knows this and it's for sure that Strucker does, since you're former HYDRA - even if it was under Viper. Anyway… We will go with your plan, but, we're not going home. We're going to lay low and wait for your signal. Then we're coming back in as support."

Jess reluctantly agrees, "Suspected as much, agreed. Just keep your face out of sight until it's time."

She listens to Alex giving him a 'do we have to' look when he mentions sticking around then gives a sigh of her own "So they are just going to let us walk out of here?" she sounds unconvinced that these people will just let three of them escape, "Where are we? Separate compound or beneath the restaurant?" she once more studies the room.

Jess notes, "They'll let the three of you escape when Alex brings down the hallway, thus cutting me and the Hand from you three." then she adds, "We are beneath the restaurant. They have a pretty intricate setup going on beneath the city linked to the sewers and the failed subway system."

"Well let's bring down the house of Hung." she pulls on her chains a bit showing her impatience to get this plan under way. Over the course of the planning Dani has calmed quite a bit at least it seems that way outwardly. She could be just saving it for the people that deserve it, those that captured them.

Alex begins to warm. He's only 3 feet from Dani and she can feel the heat coming off his hands. He's trying to control the release of his plasma so that it doesn't blast the ceiling down upon them while still retaining the ability to destroy the shackles…..

Bursting the shackles from his wrists, he becomes free and will turn to Dani and focus again to blast her wrists free as well. Jess then Colleen are next and then Alex looks to the door. Jess says, "Blast it and let's get this party started."

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM is heard when Alex blasts the door shattering it into a million pieces with his super heated plasma. He rushes forward and takes point. Jess will take the rear because she's supposed to be left behind. Colleen will let Dani go after Alex and the conflict will soon follow.

Dani keeps a stoic face as Alex does his thing, though inwardly she is wincing. Once free she shakes her hands, trying to force the feeling back into them as the other two are freed. Giving a nod to Colleen she rushes out behind Alex, not bothering to look for any immediate guards because any that were near the door were probably incinerated those down the hallway though may still be standing so those are the ones she is preparing to deal with.

Bursting into the guard checkpoint, the heroes will note that there are four hallways off this room. Three of which go to cells like their own. The guard checkpoint has three ninja of the hand leaping into action with their super cool ninja weapons brought to bare. Havok engages hand to hand with one, leaving Dani and Colleen the other two and Jess to bring up the rear to engage those that struggle the most.

She knows in a hand to hand situation she is no match for a trained ninja so Dani doesn't even bother trying to go that route. She stops letting Colleen run past her to go in for the physical stuff. Dani locks eyes with on of the ninja, she knows what these fellows fear most, this makes it much easier for her.

In the shadows near Dani's opponent is the sound of metal on metal, swords being drawn and the same demon faced woman slinks forward to face the ninja, swords up ready to swing.

The ninja's eyes widen in terror and he lets out a scream, he fumbles with his own weapon a moment as if he was going to fight the demoness but then his eyes roll back into his head and he falls over in a faint.

"What the bloody hell?" Jess asks as she helps Alex double team his Ninja.

Alex notes, "Dani's got mental juju. Shows them what they fear the most."

Colleen states as she slices down her ninja with his own sword, "Nice."

Jess points after their ninja is dispatched, "That way. Quickly."

The illusion disappears once it is not needed and Dani dashes forward to grab the fallen ninja's sword. As a valkyrie she had an innate ability to use such weapons but she lost that ability when she returned to earth. She's been training with Kurt to help learn some of what she is lost but it isn't going to help against trained Hand. It makes her feel more comfortable in the situation, as usually on missions she is never without a weapon of some sort. She doesn't have to be told twice and is quickly going with the rest down the indicated passageway.

Running, the heroes will encounter several other hand outcroppings. Jess eventually has to use her abilities by electroblasting a few of them along with her ability to wall crawl, acrobatics, and dexterity beyond imagination. Colleen finds her sword and then they burst into a large underground gymnasium/training center, with upwards of 100 Ninja of the Hand practicing.

Colleen asks, "Wrong turn?"

Jess states, "Wrong turn."

All the ninja look over, yell, and start to charge.

Jess says, "Double back, make a right at the T and that's your way out. It's time for phase two - at the T."

Colleen starts rushing in the direction indicated, Alex will follow and make ready with the blast.

Running, fighting and more running. Thankfully Dani is in good shape though she isn't sure she is going to be able to run any further. Though there is nothing like a 100 or so ninja running toward you to force a second wind. Glancing at the sword in her hand and back at the horde advancing she quickly turns cursing loudly in her native tongue and runs the direction indicated as she tosses her aquired sword over her shoulder.

The T comes quickly. Colleen rounds the corner and will face down anyone who might be there for an ambush. Alex comes to a stop just past the corner and looks back to Jess, "Be careful." He says.

She states, "Always." and she turns around to face the ninja that are giving chase. When Dani is clear, he will blast the ceiling and bring it down between Jess/Ninja and the three escapees.

Standing clear of the collapsing ceiling she waves a hand in front of her face to clear some of the resulting dust "She'll be fine, she's not marked for death anytime soon." her tone is reassuring even under the circumstances. She then hurries down the passage that is supposed to be the way out "Are you goig to stay with us or find your own way once we get clear?" she asks of Colleen.

Colleen states, "I swore that I'd never work with another X-type again…. but since we have the same goal and I want to recover my sword, then I'll be hanging with you two. Do you have a secret base or somewhere we can hide out?"

Alex notes as he takes up the rear, "Better, we've got an invisible jet."

"I fail to see how that is better, Alex." Dani starts as she leads the way out, watchful of any possible hazards ahead of them. Knowing her she would probably be more comfortable in a tent then sleeping in the jet, "There are tents and airmatresses in the cargo hold, you guys are free to sleep in the jet but I think I will camp outside this evening," she pauses "after I sneak back to the hotel and retrieve our gear.

Colleen states, "Your hotel will be crawling with Ninja, I would disregard it for now. At least until we have taken care of the issue at hand."

The hallways wind, several ninja are encountered, dispatched, and left behind. Soon daylight is seen as the trio emerges from the back of a basket shop.

Alex states, "Colleen is right, we've got stuff in the jet."

Dani shrugs at the two for the moment, the fact that they are at the end of the tunnel and now in a place of business much more important. She glances around her mouth turning down "Not quite what I expected to find at the end of that tunnel." she turns around, looking for a back entrance, since the front may be guarded.

It's a pseudo hidden entrance. Unguarded but the shop is occupied by old women who sit around weaving baskets. Alex says, "Let's roll." as he pushes toward the back exit.

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