2012 04 17 Madripoor Marauding Part 2

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Madripoor Marauding, Part 2

Havok and Mirage, Ninja of the Hand

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Mirage and Havok investigate Jess' room for clues. Attacked by Ninja


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-==[ Sovereign Hotel — Midtown — Madripoor ]==------

Strooth! A bastion of fine, British hospitality in this godforsaken jungle. Marble floors, silken curtains, plush carpeting, perfectly apparelled help with perfect postures. This is a five diamond hotel, and that make it one of a very select group worldwide. The main lobby is cavernous, and opulently decorated; nothing too ostentatious, for that would be declasse, but noticably the finest quality, else why bother coming here? An army of porters wait to take guests' bags. A front desk is located to one side. Across from it is a small area with rattan tables and chairs where one can grab a spot of tea, a gin and tonic, or a Scotch and water any time, day or night. The very definition of civiliztion, don't you know.

Having brought rope, the duo is able to rappel down to the 5th floor and traverse the balconies over to Jess' room. During the event, the duo did not encounter famous celebrities or the Green Hornet and Kato duo.

Getting into the room is easy. Wooden slat doors provide little security. Within, they find a standard hotel room. Within the closet there are a few items of clothing, shoes, and essentially what can be identified as Jess' based on height/size.

Drawers hold other articles of clothing and the bathroom has toiletries as any female would have. Essentially, on the surface everything seems normal and untouched for 2-3 days. The bed is made and new towels are present.

With her dark hair, skin and solid dark grey uniform Dani is virtually unseen in the darkness, unless you are specifically looking for her. She silently searches through drawers and such finding nothing and even goes so far as to look under the bed and checks the phone for any recorded messages that may be been left. "Who else would have known she was here?" her tone is just loud enough to be heard but not to carry beyond the four walls.

Then something is noticed as completely off. This is triggered by the movement within the shadows. Upper left hand corner of the back wall, from behind the sofa, out of the closet, and then emerging from the balcony - Four Ninja wearing deep red uniforms are seen drawing their weapons (ninja sword(2), kama, and sai). They say nothing, and no sounds are made with their movements. They have full intention of attacking and Alex says, "We've got trouble." in a low voice as he starts moving to close the distance between he and Dani.

At the warning she turns in place, eyes scanning the room and picking up the movement coming toward them. She is armed as well, but the last thing she wants to do is start firing guns, that would bring more unwanted attention. Of course that would be just as bad for the Ninja. She didn't bring her bow, it would have been of little use in close quarters except as a makeshift club. She inches her way toward the balcony, keeping her eyes on the enemy and her arms crossed over her torso, hands on her pistols so she can draw and fire as necessary.

Alex mutters, "I hope you got something good in that bag of tricks." as he puts his back to Dani's and makes ready to fight.

The Ninja of the Hand begin to circle the duo. Just like any martial art movie ever seen, they pose and prepare for battle trying to psyche out the enemy.

"And this is why I like pirate's better. They at least will make some witty remark before they try to kill you." Dani says over her shoulder, though her focus never leaves the ninja in front of her. By now she has pulled the two 9mm from their holsters and she has them aimed at the enemy. Two guns, two ninja in line of fire. That is a last resort though. She can easily (one hopes) take out the one directly in front of her. Reaching out with her mind she grabs onto what he perceives is his greatest fear and weaves it into reality just for him.

The greatest fear for the Ninja of the Hand comes in the form of a beautiful woman wearing dark red leather and adorned with long black hair. She appears in the corner of the room, her back is to the group. The one ninja affected sees her and says something in Japanese. The other's look. Their eyes reveal fear.

The woman draws her weapons from her hips, a pair of sai. She turns and her face is twisted and horrifically demonic with glowing red eyes. Her oversized mouth opens to reveal several rows of dangerously sharp teeth. All the ninja take a step back and no longer are concerned with Alex or Dani. The woman hisses and the ninja take all manner of departure possible, leaping out of the balcony and into the night as the woman gives chase.

Alex too saw the exchange and his only words after their departure, "Holy fuck."

Dani concentrates on the illusion, doing her damndest to make it as real as possible for the intended Ninja. Upon Alex's explanation though the illusion pops out of existence, her concentration broken. "Well that was odd, I won't argue the results though." she replies as she looks around noting the sudden lack of enemy. "Do you think they were waiting to take care of would be rescuers or looking for something as well?"

"Yeah, and we need to get the hell outta here." he says moving toward the door with the intent of cracking it open looking out to see if the coast is clear, and then moving quickly to exit. "Come-on."

Just before Mirage is about to exit, she notices a light sconce protruding off the wall a little more than it should be.

She seems dubious about going out the door, anyone could see them as the traverse the halls but she doesn't argue, just collects the gear and follows silently taking a final look around the room. "Hold up." she quickly says as she notices something odd. If this was a lower grade hotel she would just chalk it up to normal wear and tear and a shoddy maintenance staff. That would not be the case in a hotel such as this. Moving over to the wall sconce she begins to gently pull it off the wall, shining her flashlight into the hole behind it.

Held up, Alex keeps the door partially ajar looking out and dividing his time as he pays attention to what Dani is doing. "What do you have?" He asks quietly.

Within the hole there's a zip-loc bag sealed with paper contents inside; Passport, money, and a small hand sized flip note pad like Alex's. Also within the zip-loc bag is a pin/broch in the shape of a golden Oriental Dragon with a emerald for an eye.

Pulling the bag out she shines a flashlight on the contents "Exactly what we were looking for." is her whispered answer. She shoves the bag down the front of her uniform for safe keeping and replaces the sconce as best she can. "We should head back to the room and go through it before those ninja decide to come back.

Quickly and quietly, Alex will guide them both up to their honeymoon suite and enter. He's intent on withdrawing the rope they used and securing the room from possible entry (as good as possible)>

While he is doing that, Dani removes the bag from her top and dumps the contents onto the table and begins to sort through it, her attention going immediately to the jeweled Dragon pin. She turns it over in her hands looking at it carefully for any engravings that may be on it or possible listening devices that could be attached to it.

The pin is finely crafted as a symbol or jewelry, not as a tool or listening device. It's no more than 2 inches in height and weighs as gold would. The note pad will have listings of times on a certain date. As if she were following someone. 9am - emerged from bungalo. 9:24am - walked into bakery, retrieved coffee and pastries. 10:18am - entered Lung Hung's eatery. Did not emerge for 2 hours and 18 minutes. 12:45pm - arrived at residence, knocked and forced his way in. lots of shouting in madriporian, conflict, shots fired. left and went back to eatery. Police report suggests Haun killed the occupant.

It goes on and on for 2 days and then in the last entry. 8pm - invited to join Lung Hung for dinner. My work paid off. Intend to discover organization's ties to the Hand and discern threat level. I realize that it's too late to save Jenny. She's already too far gone and her addiction is fatal if drugs withheld.

"Looks like we need to find this Lung Hung person." she says as she hands the notepad over "And maybe have a meal at this place that was mentioned." she takes a cursory glance at that passport and counts the money, putting both back on the table.

"I could probably eat again…" he states but then considers the time, "But it's midnight. It'd probably be 2am by the time we found it. I'll take the first shift. Get some sleep and I'll wake you in a few hours."

The passport is hers, the money amounts to 3500 dollars (in madripor dollars)

"I doubt we will be attacked in our own room," she says at first then just gives a shrug, deciding its not worth debating, "Fine. I could use a nap." she moves off to the bedroom but keeps the door open just in case. She sheds her firearms, placing them on the bedside table, and drops onto the bed "Just give a girly scream if you need backup.

Alex smiles and likely believes the same but figured he'd error on the side of paranoia and security. He takes a seat on the couch and let's Dani sleep.

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