2012 04 16 Madripoor Marauding Part 1

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Madripoor Marauding, part 1

Mirage & Havok

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X-Mansion, X-Jet, Madripoor

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Dani and Alex go to Madripoor in search of Spider-Woman


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Alex is seen wearing his costume and carrying a gym bag (likely with clothing in it) into the ready room. He's only in there a few moments securing the protocols to utilize one of the Blackbirds for 'official use'. The flight plan request is listed as Madripoor. This information can be accessed if someone checks the logs in the ready room - but won't go out to the staff for another 8 hours. Exiting the ready room, Alex will board the people mover and ride it out to the hangar. It will take him a good 30 minutes of prep time to get the bird ready and take off.

Earlier in the morning, Dani had been helping one of the other instructors in a class on the anatomy of the Blackbird. As they were taking some of the younger students and showing them the inner workings of the jet. It was then she realized that she she hadn't put any of her necessary equipment in the cargo hold for emergency use during away missions. A oversight she got to right away. In the cargo hold she rearranges and moves things around to make room for some backup weapons and other gear she may find necessary but doesn't carry at all times.

Moving into the pilot's seat. Alex begins the startup sequence. Sealing hatches, securing various compartments, etc. He wears a look of determination on his face as his brow is furrowed and he's apparently concerned about many things. The engines spin up.

Up until the engines start up Dani isn't paying much attention to what is going on outside the cargo hold. When she is at the X-mansion, there is no need to be aware of /everything/ so anything heard going on outside is explained away. Quickly securing her own belongings she tries the hatch and finds it locked. Heaving a sigh she takes a seat on the floor and waits for the take off and leveling off of noise before she makes her prescence known by pounding on the hatchway.

Thrusting itself through the underground air strip, the Blackbird causes most of its cargo to shift. Soon the craft is in the air and gaining significant altitude as it goes into stealth mode.

Dani oofs as she is thrown around the cargo hold, thankfully everything is secured or else she would be under stuff as well. She stays down until she is sure there will be no more jostling and cruising altitude is reached. It gives her some time to think of nice methods of payback.

Reaching altitude, the Blackbird levels off and will maintain the 60,000 feet for the rest of the trip. Alex sets the autopilot and gets comfortable. He pulls out a note pad and starts flipping to a blank page where he can write.

Hearing the lock click open, Dani gets to her feet and carefully opens the hatchway just enough to slip out sleathily closing the hatch just as carefully behind her. Seeing no passengers in the back she pads foward to the cockpit area making sure to be light of foot and silent. Leaning over the pilot seat she glances at the controls and flight heading, "So where are we going?" her tone alive with curiousty.

Alex jumps, nearly out of his skin as he jolts out of the chair and against the side control panels. His eyes are wide and with a start he says, "Holy fuck, Dani! You scared the crap outta me."

"How do you think I felt when your brillant flying skills sent me flying across the cargo hold?" Dani rubs an elbow "Thankfully I don't bruise easily." she then drops into the co-pilot seat not looking the least apologetic, "Again, where are we going?

"How do you think I felt when your brillant flying skills sent me flying across the cargo hold?" Dani rubs an elbow "Thankfully I don't bruise easily." she then drops into the co-pilot seat not looking the least apologetic, "Again, where are we going?

"Madripoor." He states as he settled back into his seat. "You're lucky I'm in a hurry, otherwise I'd be turning this plane around and taking you back home."

She gives a shrug at what she thinks is an idle threat "And you really think that would work? Do you even know me at all?" she spares him a glance out of her periphial vision but most of her focus is on the controls for the moment "Why Madripoor?

There's a moment of him looking off to the side contemplating what he wants to reveal. He looks to the co-pilot's seat and says, "Get comfortable, this is gonna take a bit."

"Ok, so a few months ago - before all of this X-Factor stuff. I was spending a lot of time in the city. Doing my own solo thing and chillin at the safehouse in the upper west side."

"Right, city, safehouse." she leans back in her seat and on the offchance its a swivel seat she does half circles in it as well. That's probably as comfortable as she is going to get for the moment "And?

"That's when I met Jess. AKA: Spider Woman. She and I made a pretty good team fighting HYDRA and a few other street level baddies. It's also when I came face to face with her mother - Viper. You may remember her as Madame Hydra."

Dani nods at the appropiate places in the explanation "She's hard to forget, but why Madripoor?" when she asked she wasn't expecting a back story to go along with it, but since they have a long flight she isn't complaining, it fills the time.

"Lifeguard told me this morning that Viper approached her at a bar with information about Jess. Viper said that Jess went to Madripoor to track down some criminal and apparently got caught up in something and has gone missing. I'm guessing that Viper isn't telling us the whole story and it likely deals with the Asian branch of HYDRA. So Viper's hands are tied."

"And you were planning on going all gung-ho rescue mission yourself?" rolling her eyes upwards she gives a shake of her head "I figured you would at least take Kurt.

"Kurt's busy with teaching. Otherwise I would have brought him. But without an image inducer, blending in with the crowd really isn't Kurt's strong suit. Plus, I'm close to this and if what Viper implied is true, Jess could use my help."

She nods once more, conceding the first part "You are probably right, she may need your help, but this isn't something you can do alone. You have a team for a reason Alex. Even if this wasn't sanctioned by Val, any of us would have been willing to throw in with you, you just had to ask." she glances toward the back of the jet where she appeared from "Guess that makes you the lucky one instead.

"Guess that's why you volunteered." Alex say with a slight grin. Lucky for me, you'll probably pass as Asian so we can get into all the right places. Do you speak Madriporian?"

"Not unless you count words not worth repeating." meaning the only words she probably knows aren't particularly nice ones, "No help there, sorry, unless we have some portable Shi'ar translation technology, what are we going to do about that?

"You'll go as my concubine, so you won't have to speak." he says with a stiffled chuckle.

It's a good thing that looks have no killing capacacity, at least not her's, though she tries really hard "You are so lucky that I like you." after a moment though she looks thoughtful "I could pose as a bodyguard though, and that would give me an excuse for weapons." though since she doesn't know the language he could say anything and she wouldn't know.

"Too overt." Alex says with his continued grin. "We'll go as a couple, maybe newlyweds on their honeymoon. The hotel that Jess is still registered to is somewhat swanky but off the beaten path. Cozy. Apparently two days ago Jess didn't come back to the hotel and has not been seen since. It's not a lot to go on…. but we might be able to find clues in her room. So we'll want to stay close."

Dani facepalms with a sigh, "Fine." getting up she begins to head to the back "I'll see what I can do about getting us something to pass as luggage." good thing she is wearing her civvie clothes, hard to pass as a vacationer when in uniform.

There's quite a bit of stuff in the cargo area of the plane - they plan for every eventuality. There's even rings - likely for Scott/Jean to pretend they are happily married when Scott is so pathetic he doesn't even know the difference between Jean or Madelyne.

Alex flies the plane while Dani prepares stuff. The flight will take 6 hours.

After a bit of rummaging Dani has two suitcases packed and ready to go. Knowing Dani, her suitcase is probably all weapons with just enough clothes to keep them from rattling around. Once that is done she heads back to the front with everything else they will need to complete thier covers as well two of the convience meals that is kept on hand for long flights such as this one.

"So I've been giving some thought to the whole Rahne thing and what we talked about (you and I)." Alex states as she emerges back into the forward part of the cabin. "And seriously, you think Rahne had, or has, a crush on me?"

Dani hands one of the meals to Alex before taking her seat. "I can say with absolute authority that Rahne doesn't now nor ever had a crush on you." she does seem a bit uncomfortable with the question, unlike the last time when she was just irritated. She must know something.

Taking the meal, Alex will be a little more confused than before. "Oh. Well then what's up with the word 'programmed', then?"

"Alex, please don't ask me to betray Rahne's confidence. It's her story to tell, not mine." she stares at the boxed meal in her hands "I can only tell you that they did more to her in Genosha then you or anyone else realized." which must have been quite horrible in her mind because she seems to get angry just thinking about it.

Nodding in acceptance and consideration, Alex begins to eat quietly and will refrain from asking more about that. After a silence, he'll return to the original topic, "What did you find for us?"

Setting her meal aside she reaches into shirt pocket and hands over a gold band then holds out her own left hand to show the diamond encrusted one on hers. It's a bit tight on her finger, but with a bit of soap she should be able to get it off "A bit pretentious for my taste but perfect for the type of person honeymooning in a swanky Madripoor resort.

Taking the ring, his smile returns, "Oh nice. Looks like I splurged for the ring that my little woman will be able to show off to all her friends."

"Call me your little woman and we will see what kind of damage this thing can do to your lip." it's an idle threat of course, she would never break character like that, and her left hook isn't that exceptional either.

With a light chuckle of amusement, Alex is amused. "So, what are we to expect from Madripoor. HYDRA Agents, AIM Agents, Ninja of the Hand, a few crazies from the Maggia, maybe Madame Masque herself… and if we're lucky, we may run into some SHIELD Agents who will serve as backup."

Her brows go up at the list of groups they could have to deal with "Hopefully not all at once, but knowing our luck, it will probably happen. I hope you left a note back at the Mansion, we may be needing rescue as much as your friend does.

"Yeah, the note will trigger about 2 hours after we touch down. We'll be leaving our communicators and all other identifying stuff in the blackbird, so if we're captured - at least it won't be /that/ easy to ID us. Even though we have public IDs…. bad plan - I know." Alex shakes his head at his own blunders.

"I guess that X-Factor tattoo was a mistake then?" she says in a deadpan tone, which can only mean she is joking, or is she. "No plan, good or bad, usually lasts longer then the first confrontation anyways." she shrugs implying it doesn't matter either way.

"Oh that's totally it." Alex says with a hint of glee. "All you girls need to get an X-Factor trsmp stamp. Maybe just a stylized X…" he knows he's gonna be in trouble for that remark, but laughs anyway.

She lets out a sigh, "Just when I think you can't dig yourself in any deeper you go and say that." another eye roll and head shake "I would say you are a prime example of maleness, but you might mistake that as a compliment.

Alex grunts a few times, flexes a muscle and says, "Woman, get me a beer." then flenches to the side away from her because he expects to get punched. Luckily the autopilot is still on.

Dani does go to swat him but his premptive dodge saves him the possible bruising "Just for that you are cruising the couch tonight." he was going to anyways but now she has a secondary reason to make it so.

"Excellent news. Cause I'd hate for you to fall in love with me, too." Alex says still having fun with the banter.

Then the console beeps the indication that descent should begin.

"Too? Doesn't that require someone else to do so first?" at the beeping she sits up locking her seat in place and buckling in just in case Alex decides to show off more of his brilliant manuvers "Where are we landing at?"

Pushing a few buttons Alex disables the autopilot and starts the descent while another button pulls up a topo map of Madripoor. He indicates a field just outside of town, "Here. Then manuever it into this copse of trees."

Glancing over the map Dani nods "We are going to have to grab a taxi somewhere. It is going to look suspicious walking up to the hotel with luggage if we supposedly just arrived by a commercial flight.

Alex points, "We'll have to hike from here to here - the outskirts of town. Then we'll likely be able to get a taxi or a ricksham (or what ever they call those things). But yeah. You're totally right."

"Well let's get this thing on the ground." Dani seems eager now to get this mission started in full, she leans foward over the controls and does whatever it is the co-pilot is supposed to do to land the jet safely.

Within 30, they've managed to get the blackbird onto the ground, placed in a camoflaged area, and then within another 30, hiked to find a taxi.

Dani has been real nice and carried her own luggage through most of the hiking. Once they hit the the populated city though the cover story has to lived up to she she makes Alex carry the bigger peice while she carries she smaller one "Anything else I need to know about our cover before you get to deep?"

"You like 10,000 count silk sheets? Really though, nothing to exciting. Just roll with it and we'll keep it on the down-low."

Madripoor is thick with pedestrians, conjested with taxi/riksham/moped traffic, and littered with all sorts of vendors and junk. The taxi they ride within is nothing more than a Yugo from 1984 and in need of new suspension.

Moving through Low-Town into High-Town and then the Commercial district takes a good hour or more. Giving them plenty of time to see the inhabitants of the city, the millions of inhabitants. Yet there are quite a few sites along the way that are interesting to behold - like a temple, really tall buildings in high-town, and of course the mix of people.

Pulling up to the Sovereign Hotel - which is a decent multi level hotel, the doors are opened to allow the 'happy couple' to get out. Alex will slide out and then offer his hand to help Dani depart with the intention of holding onto her hand as they will walk up the steps to the lobby while the bell-hop gathers their luggage.

Having never been the type to care about thread count in sheets Dani just gives a shrug at the idea. She is finding the views while riding around the city much more intriguing then sheets and they almost make up for the poor condition of the vehicle.

Upon arriving at the hotel she takes the offered hand and steps from the cramped vehicle to look around, smiling at Alex, as one half of a happy couple would "What a lovely place. The pictures certainly were accurate.

"It's great isn't it, hon?" he says with a smile while looking about.

Soon they've been officially welcomed by the reception and then taken up to their bridal suite. There were many times that they were watched by the locals; curiousity or to assess whether they were an easy mark.

Finally within their room, the luggage is delivered, the bell-hop tipped, and then Alex will check his watch as he looks out the window, "We've got an hour before sunset. Probably best if we order room service, kill some time, then at 11 we'll rappel down to her balcony.

Goes with the cover as they are checked in. Pointing out things that she would like to check out later, specific mention of the pool and spa, the typical things a vacationer would talk about while walking through a place such as this.

Once the door is closed though and the bell-hop away she begins to take stock of the situation "I am starving." she didn't eat much on the flight over. She calls down to the front desk and orders some food, then goes into the bedroom of the suite and begins to strip..the bed that is.

Alex put in his two cents with what he wanted to eat, probably didn't matter. Regardless, he begins to unpack and take stock in all the weapons she brought, "Hey, how many guns do you actually need?"

She looks at Alex from where she is rolling around on the bed, doing her best to make it look properly messed up "I know, It's only enough to take on a small country, but this place isn't all that big really, and it was all I could fit reasonably fit in the bags." leave it to her to explain why she couldn't bring more instead of why she brought so many.

"Seriously?" he grins and says in a teasing tone. Then looks over at her rolling around on the bed. "If you were Rahne, I'd think you were trying to mark it with your scent."

"I'm sure I can acquire more during the invesitgation if necessary." hopping off the bed she disappears into another room for a couple of minutes then reappears wearing a hotel robe and is barefoot "Which room is hers?" she goes to open the balcony doors so she can not only look at the view but see how far up they are from it.

Alex will note while sorting through the gear he brought, "Two floors down, five rooms over to your left. 613." He watches her move around a moment and grins, "If they're breaking into our room, they're already aware we're not who we say we are."

Leaning over the balcony she counts over and down "Easy enough to get down there." she comes back into the room "I'm aware of that Alex. But in about 20 minutes another bell-hop will be knocking on that door and certain behaviors will be expected." she runs her fingers through her hair, "Staff gossips Alex, and any of the employees here could also be giving information to HYDRA about the guests. This was your plan so at least try to keep up appearances.

There's a nod of acceptance as Alex heads to the bathroom to find the other robe. He'll come out wearing it and showing a little leg with his bare feet. His hair is mussed and he says, "Hey so how do we simulate the chapped lips part?" with a grin.

While he was doing that she has stashed the luggage in the closet "I doubt they will be paying /that/ close of attention." she drops down onto the couch, putting a foot up onto it and draping and arm over her knee. "That sounds like a personal problem." Seems she is armed now as well, the way her robe falls exposes the knife holster around her thigh, but doesn't expose anything else, sorry. She turns on the TV and begins to cycle through the channels.

Alex catches glimpse of the knife holster, smiles and then takes a seat. "So I must totally be the worst lover in the world if we've supposidly already done it and now we're waiting on room service."

Dani can't help but crack up at the comment and it takes a good minute for her to control herself to the point where she can respond "The bell hop will probably just assume he interuppted us. That is if you answer the door right.

Alex grins and just as the door is knocked upon, he stands up and says, "Yeah. I'll totally go with that one. Heck, we're newlyweds, we're gonna do it at least 17 more times before we fly home. I know you want to start a family and I want at least 7 kids." Then walks toward the door.

Covering her mouth to stifle more laughter she sprawls out on the sofa, covering her leg enough to concel the weapon and mussing her own hair to make it look more convincing.

The cart is wheeled in without incident. The waiter has Alex sign and he's attentative to look around the room and over the newlyweds. Once out, Alex starts pulling lids off things and takes a seat, "Come on, wife, let's eat."

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