2012 04 16 Introductions And Inductions

Log Title:
Introduction and Induction

Empath, Sebastian Shaw, and Takara

IC Date:
April 16, 2010

Romero's Italian Eatery - Upper East Side

Brief Log Summary::
Shaw and Empath meet Takara and welcome her to the Hellions.


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Running late to meet people isn't something Takara does often, especially when it is important people that have better things to do that could squish her chances at future education for being late. By the time she is dressed in something more appropriate then a loose shirt and shorts, a nicer white shirt and longer shorts, the Japanese girl is only a minute late to arrive at the eatery then she intended to be. Given a cold look by the staff, she is lead to the reserved table with a sigh of relief, hoping she didn't keep anybody waiting, or with luck, arrived first.

Sebastian Shaw is, of course, already waiting, however, when one has all the free time he does (a lessened need for sleep is such a blessing for a man in his position) one can afford to be a bit more fogiving over a minute. Eagerness helps, after all.

The man who sits at the table is, to be blunt, huge. Tall, broadly built, big hands - his somewhat anachronistic hairstyle only adds to the impression. He is dressed in high-end business casual, silk banded-collar shirt with a gleaming red stone inside a gold border at the throat, crisply pleated slacks, and dress boots instead of shoes. As the young girl arrives he rises, extending a hand and speaks, in note-perfect Japanese «Miss Kelly. A pleasure to finally meet you. I've been hearing some very encouraging things.»

Arriving a bit behind Takara, Manuel de la Rocha, is dressed in formal attire. A bluish suit with white shirt and blue tie.
An expensive one, befitting the pseudo-royalty that Empath. Whether he is late by accident, he makes it come off as if on purpose as he soon spots his mentor and the young girl and goes to join them at the table. Not speaking Japanese, he simply bows his head formally to the two.

Takara recovers quite nicely from a rushed trip, hardly sounds winded as she gives Mr Shaw the appropiate bow and apology for being tardy, "«A honor to finally meet you Mr Shaw, I hope I do not dissapppoint your expectations.» She gives a slighter bow to Manuel, only takign a seat after he has, changing to English for his sake, "I am truely sorry for the wait Mr Shaw and Mr Rocha, no excuse for it on my behalf." Takara places her sketch book in the middle of the table, eyes down slightly when addressing them, "I brough some of the sketches, in hopes they would be up to your tastes."

Sebastian Shaw seats himself again, waving the apology off, which is, of course, very much -not- a Japanese thing to do. That was deliberate, to see her reaction, how much culture she's absorbed or not, "Please, sit. We have plenty of time to discuss things."

Seated across from Takara and next to Shaw, Manuel corrects her, “It is Mr. de la Rocha. In Spanish the full name is used.” He offers a smile to note that he is not offended. “And I would imagine your sketches are fantastic.”

Takara notices the wave off of the apology from Mr Shaw and takes it well, a slight lessen of smile that she may have used the wrong set of manners towards the older man, but western enough to not let it make her shrink. Her expression changes is more pronounced for Manuel correcting her, thankful for the correction, "Mr de la Rocha, I will not make that error again." Takara takes her seat, gently turning the sketch book around so both men can see it, or open it at any time, "These are mostly sketches of people, some land scapes and life drawing are in there."

Sebastian Shaw inclines his head slightly, polite, a good start, he thinks. He takes the sketchbook and lays it out on the table, "I do wish Emma could have joined us - she's far more educated on this style of art than I." Still, he's hardly ignorant and unable to judge, he explains, "I have a love for furnishings, a marriage of the practical and artistic." He shares a bit, to put the young woman at ease.

As he looks and lets Manuel look, he casually asks, "So, do tell me what it is you know so far?"

Looking over the sketches, Manuel merely nods approvingly as he moves from picture to picture allowing the other two to converse.

Takara relaxes only slightly, does not want to slouch infront of them, "I was aware that my sketches may be of interest to certain people if the art lived up to the promises given." She keeps her eyes mostly low, but occassionally looks up to speak, "My sculptures I wouldn't dare say are ready for gracing homes for some time yet, and they are a bit too heavy to bring here to show." Takara then quietly lets something drop, doesn't want the people around them to stare, "But I was under the impression there were places that would be safe for a person like me, ones that can make a basketball stars look like a dwarf."

The A3 coiled spine sketch pad might look well used, but the scuffs on the cover do little to discourage from the art work inside. She lives up to her promise, the finished sketches of people do well to capture a subjects looks and mood. Plenty of sketches in the middle of the process on the pages, easier to see her process for getting from rough to final copies. One inparticular stands out, what appears as a self portrait of Takara looking in a mirror and smiling has alot of effort and care taken to get it as clsoe to perfection as the girl can manage.

Sebastian Shaw smiles, ever-so-slightly, at the last statement, "We appreciate -many- sorts of talents, and hold them in equal esteem. Do not concern yourself that we would waste our time focusing on merely one aspect of what makes you exceptional." comforting words.

Continuing to peruse the sketchbook, Manuel takes his time analyzing each picture, but still nods approvingly and listens attentively.

Takara sighs relief, "It is comforting to see it isn't an isolated occurance, freeing to not have to hide a big part of ones self at all times." She reaches a hand up to brush back her long hand, the other hand tieing it back as she looks them eye to eye where possible, "Schools for the exceptional don't advertise much, and guessing from what I meantioned in prior conversations, there is one or two out there."

Shaw's reply is vaguely dismissive, "Well, if one wishes to be indoctrinated as a militant with few to no real-world skills - yes, one supposes." He goes on, "We, however, will prepare students with a plethora of skills to go out and make their own way in the world, on numerous levels. We want to give them the tools to seize their own destinies, and we can offer certain…protections. Protections that may also be extended to family members."

Still admiring the pictures, “They are exquisite, Takara. You truly are a gifted artist. As with your other gift, your mutant gift. These will be nourished and nurtured. With your gifts come certain responsibilities in the world, with which the school can guide us and prepare us for. As a student, I have found it to be a home away from home.” Manuel speaks with an honest fervency or at least pretends to be.

That family protection offer gets Takara's full attention and it shows, couldn't have made the girl's jaw drop any faster, "You can do that? Make sure they are protected from certain people?" She nods softly to Manuel as her mind races, excited, scaried and things inbetween, "If it can help me reach my fullist and keep my family out of harms way at the same time, it would be a dream come true." Takara looks between them, "There has to be some catch to this, it sounds too good. No offense intended sirs."

"Catch?" Sebastian smiles indulgently, "I suppose, if you consider secrecy to be a 'catch'. But the real reason, Miss Kelly?" he pauses, leaning back a bit, "To educate someone is to leave your mark on the world, to make them a repository of your knowledge and philosophy. We gain by that."

Nodding his head, “Mr. Shaw speaks the truth.” Manuel offers simply as he gauges Takara emotionally to get a sense of if she will go with the school.

Takara is giving it serious thought every second, she outwardly appears deeply touched by the offer, "No fees, a -full- education and boarding." She is swinging towards the positive spectrum of emotions on going there, but there are some doubts still there, "How much would my family know about this place? Would I still be able to see them, even talk to them about it?"

Sebastian Shaw tips his head a bit to the side as he explains, his air one of patience, "There will be…limits, of course, for safety's sake. But they know what you are now, do they not?"

Takara smiles brightly to both older gents, "Limits, understandable of course." She brushes the back of her neck, "They know, runs in both the family."

"That's the sort of thing we can offer." Shaw explains, "We can, de facto, remove any potential for any mutant members of your family to be registered or detected by most systems currently used by the federal government. We believe that talents and potential should be free to develop on its own." What he is not adding, is that this is reserved only for the loyal, only for the chosen few…the rest, well…are on their own.

Doubts melting away and desire to see how it turns out rising, "Wow." She returns her hands to her lap, she looks excited, "That would be a weight off my shoulders." Takara looks back to Shaw, "Where would I need to go, and when can I go if it turns out I am suitable for the school?"

"The school itself is located in Massachusetts," Shaw notes, "There are, of course, entrance exams, a psychological evaluation, other forms of testing, and so forth - honestly, nothing too unlike that or other prepatory schools."

“While the school is physically located in Massachusetts, there are many opportunities to travel to New York City for internships and whatnot.” Manuel adds in before returning his attention to the sketchbook.

Takara doesn't seem put off by the entrance requirements, "For such a education like that, would not expect anything less." She leans back in her seat, alot to take in.

"We will, of course, require parental consent…" Shaw pauses there, "We'll have to set up an appointment, of course." Not mentioned is the fact that he will be brining one of the Club's numerous psionics with him, to smooth things along.

Takara keeps to the occassional nod, "Setting up the appointment shouldn't be too difficult." She sits upright, "Nothing that can't be overcome."

“Well, I take it then that you are interested in pursuing entrance to the Massachusetts Academy.” Empath smiles, “You will be a most welcome addition to the school, Takara.”

And with that ends the meeting.

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