2012 04 16 Fast And To The Point

Log Title:
Fast and to the Point

Havok and Lifeguard

IC Date:
April 16, 2012

Gym - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Havok checks in on Lifeguard


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Grunting sounds a mixture of Australian and Shi’ar cursing can be heard coming from the gym. Lifeguard dressed in a Shi’ar type bodysuit akin to a Earth one piece bathing suit, with an opening right above the cleavage area, curses as she is lifting some weights, taxing her strength as she lifts the bar and then tosses it aside, panting and sweating profusely. More cursing comes from the hot-tempered female as she ponders another attempt at lifting the weights.

Stepping into the room, Alex Summers is dressed in his half costume; black combat boots, cargo pants, and his black unstable molecule uniform with the glowing circle indicating his charge. His head gear is pulled back and his ear piece out of his ear.

"You kickin its' ass, or is it kickin yours?" he asks in a light tone, hopefully one to elicit humor.
Looking to Alex with a sneer, Lifeguard looks ready to rip his head off. She closes her eyes and takes a few breathes and then opens her eyes and smiles. She offers a chuckle and in her Aussie accent, “Good one, Alex. It looks more like it is kickin’ my ass. . .but no worries.” She lifts the bar and places it back on the rack, “I’m still getting used to this form. So after talking with Jean. She suggested I push myself to know my limits and that should help with the temper outbursts.” She smiles, “Oh and I’ll be talking to Scott about the computer I destroyed.”

"Yeah… which is kinda why I'm here." Alex says in a diffusing tone of concern and consideration, "I was hoping maybe you and I could talk about what's going on with you lately. Maybe come up with a way to get a handle on it and go from there?"

“Oh, no problem, Alex. I’ll get it under control. Just a new body and new feelings and basically a whole new life basically. A lot to adjust too. Davis won’t talk to me because of it and what happened. Still dealing with my father’s death and it seems he was some sort of underworld criminal. And just a lot of my plate. But I am doing good.” Heather shrugs, “I was even considering undergoing a procedure to return me to fully human. But Dr. Nemesis talked me out of it.” She suddenly shakes her head, “Oh that reminds me…about Viper.”

Right along with the conversation, Alex is attentative and interested. Yet his brow furrows when she mentioned Nemesis returning her to normal and then his eyes detail a strong concern when she mentioned Viper.

"What about Viper?" He asks, "Did you run into that psycho hose beast or something?"

“Psycho hose beast…seems the right words for her…though she does have a nice ass.” Heather shakes her head, “I was in the city, using an image inducer at the Ellington Club. Nice little spot. When she walked in, she came right to me. She knew who I was. She mentioned her daughter in Madripoor. Jessica Drew. She mentioned a hotel and a room number (gives name of hotel and room number) She needs us to go there and bring her daughter back. She can’t do it herself for whatever reason. She needs us to get her out. Sounds dubious and dangerous.”

Looking down and to the side, Alex draws a concerned look about his face as he considers the situation. He mutters to himself, "It may be a trap…" while pulling out his cell phone, flipping it open and then hitting a dial button. As it rings, he asks Heather, "How long ago was this?"

“It was yesterday.” Heather sighs, “It may well be a trap, but it was also troubling. She knew I was wearing an image inducer. She knew about my transformation and offered HYDRA’s services to me so they can undo this.” She gestures over her body. “It was tempting, but…well…I don’t know. She is evil.”

"And manipulative." He states closing his phone - apparently it went to voice mail. Pocketing it, his attention returns to Heather. "Listen, whenever you're ready to talk, with it me or anyone else, let us know. I have no clue what you're going through, but I'm assuming it's pretty crappy and well, we're a team, and that's what we're here for."

“I appreciate it, Alex.” Heather smiles and goes over to Alex embracing him and then lifting him up off the ground in a bearhug type move, “You’re the best! Seriously, you are!” She releases him and then gives him a kiss on the cheek, “Sorry I have missed out on team missions. What have I missed?”

Alex is hugged, nearly crushed, and then after being sat down and breathing again, he states, "A lot, check out the mission logs. When we've got time, I'll catch you up. I need to follow this lead, and thanks for the info." In that, he's already making his movement toward the door.

Heather nods as Alex makes his exit and she returns to weightlifting.

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