2012 04 16 Brotherly Love Or Hell Hath No Fury Like Havok Sc

Log Title:
Brotherly Love? or Hell Hath No Fury Like Havok Scorned

Cyclops, Havok, and Corsair

IC Date:
April 16, 2012

Scott's Office - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Havok confronts Scott and Corsair.


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Opening the door to Scott's office, Alex steps in quickly and slams it behind him as he crosses the floor toward his brother's desk. He'll stop on the other side of the desk as he asks, "What the fuck is your problem? Why the hell are you trying to poach my team members when you have your own daddy Xavier assigned team?" His voice is loud and combative in tone.

Seated behind a desk filled with files and folders of the various students, X-Men, and other residents of the Xavier Mansion Cyclops sits. In front of him is a hologram of his father, Corsair, and strewn on bookshelves are various books and photos. "So here are the pictures that grandma sent from Alaska. I'm uploading them and they should reach the Starjammer…Dad, here is the photo of myself and Alex as a baby…" In his hand he is holding a photo of the two brothers are children. Scott is wearing a red T-shit that says ,'Big Brother' and Alex is in a baby jumper that says, 'Baby Brother.' When Alex storms into his office, Scott simply shakes his head but remains silent. Corsair turns to look at Alex, "Daddy Xavier?" Behind Scott is a viewscreen which shows Alex, Mirage, and Wolfsbane having a chat outside.

He sees the hologram of his father which immediately puts a kink on the whole situation of Alex kicking Scott's ass. The anger is written all over his face as he holds back the urge to continue the assault. He glances at the hologram, "Dad." is said in a low tone of greeting.

Corsair nods in a greeting to his youngest child and turns to Scott, “I am afraid to ask. I probably should not get involved, but what opportunities do I have in space for proper parenting…Scott, what did you do to your brother?” Scott looks between Corsair to Alex and back to Corsair, noting the two having the same accusatory stare. “Nothing. Alex is under the assumption that his team members are only his and are not allowed to have lives outside of X-Factor. While I allow my X-Men to have lives outside their duties. I approached one of Alex’s team to be a teacher at the school.” Corsair remains silent and then looks to Alex. For the moment, he just remains silent as he looks between his sons, “Alex, why are you being insensitive to one of my potential staff?”

Alex just gets even more pissed. His voice returns to the raised tone of before, "Oh don't you fucking try to turn this shit around on me. This ain't got nothing to do with teaching. You were trying to get them to join your team. When they're under government contract and are being paid by the government. I don't give a rats ass whether or not they teach for the school - as long as it doesn't interfere with X-Factor duties."

“As you said, Xavier has allotted me a team already, little brother. I’m not taking Dani or anyone else for the X-Men. They need more time for that. Dani, herself, said that. So she is on X-Factor.” Shaking his head as he looks to his father, Corsair shakes his head at Scott, “Don’t condescend to him, Son.” He takes an almost similar tone, but not as aggressive or loud as Alex’s. Exhaling loudly, “No one from X-Factor has been approached to join the X-Men. I do expect that if the senior teams need assistance, X-Factor will provide that, as my team has done with yours. Beast and Colossus recently went with you to meet with the Winter Guard and if I remember the X-Men played a big part in rescuing Lifeguard, who by the way, you should probably make sure she is alright with her recent transformation. The computer she destroyed makes me think, she needs some help, Alex. I can offer to meet with her, if you like.”

Realizing that he's not getting anywhere with this and being double teamed by his Scott and his father, Alex says, "What the fuck ever. Oh and dad, you might just want to butt out. You missed your chance to be our parent when you decided to hang out in the Shi'ar with your skunk girlfriend."

With that Alex is done. He turns on his heel and starts walking toward the door in the same way he came in.

Corsair is about to say something, but Scott lifts his hand and gestures, “He’s right, dad. About the first part, anyway. I’ll send you the pictures. We’ll talk again later.” Corsair has a disapproving look and is about to say something to his sons when the hologram simply disappears. “Alright, Alex. Dad is not here…What do /you/ want?” Scott stands up from behind the desk starting move some files to the side and off the desk.

Grabbing the door knob, Alex flings it open, "Stay away from my team." he says coldly just before stepping out and storming down the hallway.

Now ordinarily, Scott would just let Alex leave. In fact that would be the best for both brothers. Let cooler heads prevail and Scott is the cooler brother. He moves to the door and opens it and peers out for Alex.

Havok is gone.

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