2012 04 13 War On Dwayne Taylor

Log Title:
War on Dwayne Taylor

Empath, Night Thrasher, and Warhawk

IC Date:
April 13, 2012

Bowery and Lower East Side - New York

Brief Log Summary::
Dwayne Taylor is attacked by Warhawk while Empath watches.


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It's a Friday. It's the Big Apple. Traffic is terrible right now. Luckily for Dwayne Taylor he doesn't have to drive in it. A Taylor Foundation Buick is what Dwayne is using to get around today. Where is that Buick? It is idlly outside of the Holy Ghost Church. The door has been opened and Dwayne got out. Giving his driver instructions to wait, Dwayne makes his way up the short flight of stone steps towards the main doorway of the church.

Coincidence or no? Manuel de la Rocha happens to be approaching the church as well. He stops a moment when he sees Dwayne. A secret grin, before he shakes his head and calls out, “Dwayne?” Feigning that he did not know the Dwayne was there. He approaches the youngster at the entranace to the Holy Ghost Church, “Fancy seeing you here? Going to church on Friday the 13th?” he is dressed in n all black suit.

The Young Heir stops as he begins entering the portal leading into the church. Hearing his name was enough to give Dwayne pause; No one knew he'd be coming here. He turns, spots Manuel and cocks an eyebrow quizzicly. He turns slightly, shoves one hand into the pocket of his pants and holds out the other hand for a handshake of greeting, "Ah, yes. I sup-" he pauses, glances over his shoulder to the inside of the church then looks back, "-suppose I was. Mr. de la Rocha, right?"

“Ah yes, well I was as well. It is a Spanish tradition. Go to church and ward off bad luck and the evils associated with this day.” Manuel hmmmns, “Please call me Manuel or Manny, Dwayne. I won’t be calling you Mr. Taylor.” He smiles. A car pulls up near the car that Dwayne stepped out of and a bazooka sticks out and fires a rocket at the Taylor Foundation Buick.

The young heir pulls his hand back and stuffs it, as well, into the pocket of his pants. He offers the other man a nod, "Sure thing, Manuel. Sounds like an interesting tradition to continue to persue, it makes some-" his words are cutoff by the explosion of his Buick. The sudden attack against his ride shocks the young man. He turns away from Manny and calls out, "Trevor!" One could assume that was the name of his driver? He also runs towards the freshly exploded vehicle, against all common sense.

Making no move to stop Dwayne, for a millisecond a sneer crosses his face before he suddenly appears worried, “Dwayne…not the best idea to go towards the car.” A large man wearing red jumpsuit and looking as if his skin is metallic steps out of the car that is still intact and it peels away. Warhawk stands armed with the bazooka and an arsenal of other weapons when he holds out the bazooka on his shoulder and fires off at a rocket towards Dwayne, “Taylor! Dodge this!”

Dwayne runs towards the firey inferno that was his car. Why? Possibly to make a vain attempt at saving his dead driver. He doesn't run far or long before Warhawk steps out of the other car. Dwayne skids to a halt, "Holy-" escapes the young man's mouth before he ducks and dives to one side to avoid the Bazooka shell. The dive, coincidentally, is done while Dwayne was descending the steps. Why is this important? Because Dwayne lands on the uneven ground of the steps and stumbles. He falls and rolls down the steps, thumping against the sidewalk when he reaches the end of his descent. Dwayne calls out, "What is going on?!"

Yelling loudly as he rushes off to where Dwayne disappeared too, “Watch out…this man is crazy and coming for you!” Warhawk looks at
Manuel and grins and rushes for him. He grabs the Spaniard and holds a gun to his temple as he drops the bazooka. Warhawk yells out,
“Taylor! Come up and face your punishment or the spic gets killed!” Manuel frowns and whispers, “Racial comments were not part of the deal.” Warhawk apologizes, “Sorry.” And then yells, “Taylor, come on out or the Spanish-accented guy gets killed.” Empath rolls his eyes.

Dwayne rises back up to his feet and rubs at a tender area on his head that collided with one of the steps on his uncerimonious descent down the steps. The heir turns towards where Warhawk is and calls out in response, "I'm right here. Let him go. If your beef is with me, than take it up with me." He doesn't admit his confusion over what is going on and why it is happening. He rolls with it for now. His hands rise slowly into the air to show he is not armed. Dwayne repeats, "Just let him go and we can talk about this."

Warhawk nods and pushes Manuel off and onto the ground rather harshly. Manuel frowns and rolls his eyes, giving an expression that Warhawk will pay for that. The Spaniard remains on the ground and watches the Warhawk who suddenly charges towards Dwayne, “We gotta see how tough you are, Taylor!” The metallic skin merc rushes for Dwayne.

As Warhawk starts charging at the young heir, Dwayne drops into a more ready stance. Dwayne, clearly trained in one form of martial art or another, slides smoothly into a defensive stance. The young man's eyebrow quirks at the word 'we' in 'We gotta see…' but he files it away for later. For now? Fighting instinct kicks in. Dwayne calls out at the charging Warhawk, "This is really uncalled for!"

Warhawk continues the charge and leaps into the air and looks ready to tackle Dwayne with all his might. Empath watches from the ground studying this all. Warhawk shouts, “This is an unfair world… come on fight me!”

Dwayne observes the incoming Warhawk with an appraising eye, as if this isn't Dwayne's first rodeo. The young man does not stand his ground and meet the larger Warhawk head-on. Instead, he turns and runs several long strides off to the side, relative to his former position. He does this to avoid getting tackled by the Warhawk. He takes a moment to lower one of his hands to his side and pulls out the smartphone clipped to his belt. Dwayne taps at the screen of the phone with his thumb. He calls out a series of questions to Warhawk as he works his smartphone, "Is this about money? 'cause I've got a big business? You trying to shake me down?"

Missing Dwayne as he runs off further, Warhawk lands in crouching position and pulls out a firearm and fires off a dart at Night Thrasher, “I know you got money. But my boss has got a lot more! But I got a deal…I back down, if you fight me in a fair fight. . .if you can beat me, I stop coming after you?” Empath remains silent as he watches.

Luckily Dwayne, he's paying a moderate amount of attention on Warhawk as he taps at his smartphone. Why is this lucky? It makes Dwayne capable of ducking and weaving away from the dart shot at him. The businessman heir shows a real affinity for avoiding getting hit or shot. Dwayne gestures to Warhawk, "You sure? 'cause I got a metric ton of money, mister. Don't think I could give you a few Benjamins to get you to back off? I don't really want to fight you. You'll break me." The tapping ends and Dwayne slides the smartphone back into its original position on his belt. His other hand lowers to the leather satchel on his belt next to the phone.

Warhawk growls and thinks to himself, “You are nothing special, huh.” Warhawk moves closer trying to make this a direct fight and as he swings a roundhouse fist towards Dwayne. Manuel gets on his phone and begins typing on his Iphone. Empath shouts out to Warhawk, “Hey leave him alone! He didn’t do anything to you. You should just leave.” Warhawk continues with the punch but seems hesitant.

If it wasn't apparent by Dwayne's stance that he had some training in martial arts, perhaps its his defense against Warhawk that finally proves it. The young heir shifts his feet and ducks to the side while raising both arms to block and deflect the incoming roundhouse punch from Warhawk. Dwayne cries out, "This is pointless aggression and violence! This is what is wrong with this city!" Dwayne does perform a moderately offensive manuever to counter Warhawk's attack. After blocking and deflecting the blow, Dwayne lashes out with a smooth, swift chop towards the larger man's kidney region.

Warhawk lets out a loud scream when he turns Empath. He is struck in the kidney and his omnium skin provides some defense, but still it hurt a bit. He lashes out and swings wildy at Dwayne, “Asshole. I was ready to end this and you had to start it up!” Empath smiles at the latest predicament, but when he makes eye contact with Warhawk, the large metal man takes a few more swings and then just runs off.

Dwayne ducks and weaves out of the way of the throw punches. Then as Warhawk runs off, Dwayne kind of stands there with his hands on his hips. He breathes heavily as he watches Warhawk run off, "What the hell?" He asks to no one in particular. His head shakes and a hand rises up and scratches his crown. He calls out, "Manuel? You okay?" He starts looking around for the other man.

Warhawk is pretty much gone at this point, Manuel steps forward to Dwayne, “I’m ok. Who was that and what was going on?” The Spaniard pretends to have no idea what is going on. “And more importantly are you ok?”

Dwayne starts to rub at a tender spot that formed due to his tumble down the steps of the church. He shakes his head, "I have no idea who that was. I've never seen that person in my life, but he certainly knew who I was. Targetted me, too." He humphs and looks towards Manuel, "I'll be fine." Then his gaze drifts towards the firey inferno that was his ride, "I have to call someone and give them the horrible news… and call the cops." He exhales a sigh. The cops remark is almost stated as an afterthought.

The police arrive and begin questioning witnesses, among them Empath. He gives a report and makes a quick exit..

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