2012 04 13 The Talk Part II

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The Talk Part II

Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Deep Forest - X-Mansion

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Mirage confronts Wolfsbane about what went on between her and Alex


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Deep Forest - Xavier Estate

The woods around you now are full of old growth oaks towering into the skies above. They have been here since before the pilgrams and perhaps will be here long after we are gone. Birds sing to each other and provide a cacophony of sounds each with it's own purpose. Each with it's own soul behind it. And for a moment, as can happen only when one is standing in the deep woods, a stunning idea begins to form in that back of the mind. That behind each of those songs is a heart that beats and a mind that thinks and feels. That underneath each leaf is a root that tunnels ever downward past rocks and beetles and worms and further down past old bones that someone long ago sloughed off having learned they didn't need them anymore.
Bones that supported a heart that pumped blood to a tiny mind that could sing a song only a bird could understand but could touch the soul of any man.

A little over a day after getting back to the mansion and having that little exchange with Alex that Dani was present for, Rahne's kept to herself with the excuse of needing a little space to settle back into things after being gone for months except for rare visits. A good way to think for her involves relative silence and a peaceful setting. The woods accomplish that, though she'd hear more than the average person as she walks along in midform, shirt and shorts worn, barefoot.

On her part Dani has given her friend some space, at least that first night. She had fully intended to search Rahne out the next morning, but with training, the altercation with the Mauraders and Alex and teaching on top of it has given the woman little time to do much of anything.

Not having any luck finding her friend in the Mansion she heads into the grounds, focusing her mind on the variety of wildlife, jumping from mind to mind looking through animals eyes to aid in her search. Suspicion confirmed she sets out toward the forest in a comfortable run.

If it helps work, so be it. With Dani keeping it to wildlife, she'll initially be led into the woods but it'll take a bit of running before she's within range of Wolfsbane for the link to kick in. Once it does, the wolfgirl stops to squint back the way she'd come from, deciding to stop and wait. A large rock makes a convenient enough seat as her location remains constant. Not much through the link, just patience.

Once she hits the forest Dani slows down to a jog, no use tripping over a tree root and spraining an ankle. She looks around and quickly picks up the girl's trail, assuming the wasn't doing anything to hide it, following it until she can pick up the link and traces both to where she is sitting on the rock. Releif washes through the link as she spots Rahne "Finally." Dani is tired physically and mentally over the long day she has had.
Wolfsbane's head tilts slightly at a couple things felt through the connection, not so much the relief itself but the weary state and why. "Finally? Are ye all right?" she asks, rising slowly to her feet once again.

"Nothing that a hot meal and bath won't fix." is Dani's reply "And you? After yesterday I'm surprised you decided to stay." she is obviously glad that Rahne did stay, but concern underlies it and her brow furrows marking it, "Do you mind telling me what brought that on?"

Wolfsbane sniffs, a show of faint amusement at the talk of food and the bath. A shoulder rolls in a shrug and she says, "Why? I'm gaunae run off again because o' Alex bein' daft?" Shaking her head, she takes a few steps back and forth with bare feet touching down softly on the forest floor. There's reluctance in tone and mental state. "Genosha."

She lifts one shoulder in a shrug "I had hoped not, Alex is hardly reason enough I run off, but not knowing why I was unsure." Dani leans against the rock that the wolfgirl was using as a seat. There is a breif feeling of guilt that rises in her at the mention of Genosha. It's natural for her to think maybe things would have been different had she been around, "Alex told me about how you two ended up together there. They did something, brainwashed you, right?" she remembers what was said about being programmed and such.

They could have been different, or Dani could have ended up in a similar situation or worse. Wolfsbane shakes her head and murmurs, "Alex may have trouble seeing what's right in front o' him sometimes, but I think he means well." Leaving that thought for the time being, she stops at a tree and curls the fingers of her right hand around a low branch, drumming them slowly against the wood. "Aye, but it was more'n tha'." It seems she's going to leave the answer as it is without anything further, but the reluctance fades slowly. She's been facing this ever since she learned the truth. "Somehow they bonded us tae each other like a master an' slave thing. Neither o' us knew it but I was made tae follow him, obey whatever he said whether I thought I just agreed with him o' no', an' eventually it got bad enough I was affected just by his mood. If he got angry, I got angry. Then we ended up in th' Savage Land on a mission an' there was a cure found for it. I dinna think he knew, even then. I needed muh space after tha', but noo ye know why I got angry a' him acting like he had a right tae me in X-Factor. It made me think o' Genosha all over again."

Dani remains perfectly silent as the explaination is offered, nodding and seeming horrified at the appropiate moments "That's awful. I am so sorry that happened to you." it's not pity felt though, just sorrow and rightful indignation that someone would put another into that type of mental bondage "No wonder you ran off. He didn't know, this is Alex he are talking about, he is as observant as a deaf, blind man. I'm sure if I wouldn't have turned the tables on him this morning on our trip from New York he would have raked me over the coals trying to find out.

"We made sure some o' them paid for what they did, even before we knew anything about what really happened," Wolfsbane explains, and a sense of sadness washes over her. "Ye know Cameron Hodge killed Warlock for his life energy an' powers?" she asks, looking back at Dani over a shoulder. "Just killed him for what he had in him, na concern about it. Th' way they treated mutants an' mutates alike, using them as slaves, I'm glad we destroyed th' government when we left." The anger and bitterness begins to seep in but she tempers it, another shrug following. "What's done is done though, an' we canna change th' past. They'd got t'Alex an' had him there as a magistrate, an' that's when they decided t'bond me tae him, but th' Genegineer was sneaky an' built in secret ways for us tae fight back because he saw how bad things were that Hodge was doing. He still did what he did but he a' least gave us th' chance we needed tae defeat Hodge." After a pause to let all that sink in, she asks. "Why, what'd Alex do?"

"No one in thier right mind would blame you for what you did, or how you feel. They took from you what we all cherish the most, free will." Dani too feels sadness at the loss of her friend, she knew he died just not the circumstances of it "He asked me what was wrong with you of course. Not sure of it myself I didn't say anything, just asked about Genosha and what else happened between then and you leaving." she gives a amused grin "He was so shocked by your reaction I don't think he even understood a single word you said. I told him to check the security footage, maybe then he will get a clue.

Wolfsbane merely nods a couple times as the talk of free will having been taken away is brought up. She leaves out some of the other things the bond left her feeling toward Alex, a sniff of apparent irritation following. "Aye, o' course he wondered what muh problem was since he's somehow never figured oot what happened on his own. He probably just thinks I really liked him. Feh." Not that she hates him. Facing Dani again, she leaves a few claw marks in that branch as the hand lowers. "He had tae check th' cameras tae get what I said? Dinna fash me so. I'm na tha' hard tae understand." All the same, a tiny smile shows, as if she does find that idea funny.

"I'm sure we will find out soon enough. That is if we don't have to beat him with a 'getaclue stick." Dani pushes herself off the rock "I'm sure Lorna would be greatful, though she might be upset we didn't let her help." her grin broadens "Ready to go back to the Mansion? Or did you need some more time to yourself?

A brief flinch as Lorna is brought up, a flash of something uncomfortable through the link. "I've na spoken with her since all o' this happened," she explains. "Some thing happened while we were in X-Factor. But..aye, I just came oot here again for some peace an' quiet." Body language is still slightly hesitant, however.

Dani is thoughtful a moment "Hard to find that at the mansion most of the time." she takes a few steps toward the trail but continues to face Rahne "If you aren't ready to go back yet I can bring you something." she offers understanding the hestation and not wanting to be any more pushy then she has already been.

"I'm fine," Wolfsbane answers, starting to make her way back down the path as if to prove it. "I dinna need tae run an' hide every time someone says something I dinna like tae hear." In spite of her leaving following Alex's words from the day before, but she didn't leave until after telling Dani she'd be back later. "But I appreciate th' thought. I guess I need tae get used tae our link again, aye?"

Falling into step beside Rahne, Dani smiles "No, just punch in the nose and get it over with." this is followed by a nod "For both of us. It took all I had not to hit Alex yesterday when you stormed off.

Wolfsbane's more likely to punch someone in the gut, if that someone is Sam and he really says something dumb. "I know," she says, leaving it at that with a hint of a smile as they head back.

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