2012 04 13 Head Of The Class

Log Title:
Head of the Class

Ballista, Empath, and Selene

IC Date:
April 13, 2012

Headmistress' Office - Massachusetts Academy

Brief Log Summary::
Selene and Empath help Ballista deal with her sins of the past.


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Selene Smiles as it's slowly fading even from view " Adding some protection to the room I add a little more every day .. you can never be too carful now can you " . She walks over to plant a soft kiss on Ballista " How are you doing my dear adjusting well ? "

Ballista nods her head, "I am trying to adjust, it is a bit hard since I haven't done the whole school thing in a while." she shakes her head a bit and then smiles, "But I am trying."

Dressed in his school uniform, red and brown colors but with small flairs and accoutrements to make them truly stand out from the other students, Manuel de la Rocha, head boy and mutant Empath, enters into the Head Mistress’s office. He enters freely and without knocking, but when he sees Selene is with Ballista. He pauses a moment and bows formally before outright staring at
Ballista, “I do not believe we have met before. I am Manuel.” He smiles, charming as ever.

Selene Smiles brightly and places her hands almost protectivly around Ballista " Empath my dear how perfect your here this is Ballista another older student like yourself one who will learn and teach " .

Ballista nods her head to Manual, "A pleasure." she says softly. She looks at Selene and then back to Empath. "Anastasia, though I do prefer Ballista." she adds. She held of answering, cause she is still getting used to her place here at the school.

With the introduction from Selene, Empath simply smiles, “Ballista, That is an interesting name…Though I love the name Anastasia. That was the name of a princess I once dated.” He smiles off to the side for a momentary memory and then moves to take a seat across from Selene’s desk, “Well, Ballista, what is your mutant gift, my dear and how may I help you with it? As older students, the younger ones will look up to use as leaders and role models, so we should help each other, of course.”

Selene Smiles " Empath is our best student .. he is the head of the student council he will of course help you find your place in this school " . She lets the girl answer empaths questions and lets her go walking back to her own desk to sit

Ballista bites her lip just a little bit and watches Selene walk back before she moves to take one of the other seats. She nods, "I can manipulate kinetic energy. I am good with thrown weapons and can increase their speed. I can slow things down too. Can catch most things thrown at me. Sort of can fly, though it is more like jumping." She bites her lip "I know not that impressive."

Smiling and nodding almost dismissively, “That is actually very impressive, Ballista.” Manuel peruses Selene’s desk as if there is something more interesting there than actually talking to Ballista. Rudeness is his motto, but he is typically not so blatant about it. Reaching for a pencil he makes some jabbing and stabbing motions with it. Before tossing it like a mini-spear at Ballista, in one quick gesture.

Selene Cocks and eybrow at empaths movments but she just lets him feel her out .. " She's going to be joining the hellions dear.. I wanted you to make sure she's up to speed and to the task of course " . She dosn't stop the pencil she could but she just wants to see what he's up to ..

Ballista raises a brow as the pencil comes at her. It seems to slow down even as she reaches out and plucks it out of the air. "Really? A pencil?" she asks. She twirls the pencil in her fingers and shakes her head before she looks back to Selene and then back, "Oh…"

“She will make a perfect addition to the group.” Manuel stands up and approaches Ballista with his arms out in a surrender type gesture and if allowed, he would grab her hand and then kiss it chivalrously. “My dear, a pencil can be just as deadly as a bullet if wielded the right way. I apologize for the apparent useless attack, I just wanted to see how your powers work firsthand. Among the students, there is a group called the Hellions. The elite of the school and it seems you will be among us. Currently the other member is Thomas Jones, a mutant alchemist.”

Selene Smiles " A special group that recives my gifts.. my attention and of course lessons on thier powers from me " She says softly " You get my support more so then any other child in this school empath is the leader of the hellions " .

Ballista nods her head a little, "I know a pencil can be, I would have thrown it back but it might have been a bad idea to break the sound barrier in the office." she says and smiles a little. She looks over at Selene and then back to Manuel.

“Yes, I am the leader, but only because I have been here the longest.” His tone friendly now, as a leader should be when meeting a new member. He takes his seat again and then looks to Selene, “I have recently encountered two new mutants who may be interesting additions to the school and to the Hellions. Young James Dewald with a Metal Manipulation ability and young Takara Kelly with growth powers. Both young, inexperienced, but ripe for potential with training.”

Selene Lifts an eyebrow " Oh my then by all means. even if they don't work for the hellions they will need training for their powers.. and this is a place they can learn among thier own kind " .

Ballista nods, "Better to get training than end up like I did." she shakes her head a bit and grumbles a little, she accidently snaps the pencil in her fingers as she clenches her hand a bit, memories running through her thoughts.

His emotion powers allow him to note a clear change in Ballista without seeing what the specific memories are. Manuel leans over in his chair towards hers and pats her hand, “My dear, as bad as your past has been, you are here now. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. And here with my help and training, you will be the strongest.” His powers are at work the entire time he speaks, attempting to negate Ballista’s negative thoughts and also draw her more to him through charm and charisma.

Selene Chuckles to herself as she watches empath get to work she stands up and walks over kiss one on the cheek then the other
" I will make sure your booth very strong and more then able to handle what ever might come..
Ballista shivers a little and shakes her head as it clears a bit, "Will have to figure the meetings with my psychologist into training schedule. Its part of my probabtion." she say and then shakes her head. She smiles at the kiss to her cheek. She does eye Manuel a bit.

“Well, psychology is an interest and hobby of mine. And typically when people talk with me, they feel much better afterwards for some reason…” Manuel smiles and nods to Selene after the kiss as he turns back to Ballista, “Maybe you and I can talk some more, perhaps over coffee or something. I take frequent trips to the city, so let me know whenever you’d like.”

Selene Smiles " I'm working on that dear I'll have your meetings moved to me.. I am after all a far better psychologist then a silly human without my gifts " . She thinks " Let me make a call " She motions and a phone floats off the shelf towards her.

Ballista shrugs, "Its just part of my probation, " she is worried a bit, after all she is lying to her psychologist at the moment. She looks between the both of them and shrugs, "I was charged with killing my grandparents, after I slaughtered them with my powers. I had found out they were responsible for my father's death. Went with insanity plea and was put into an institution." she says softly. Better they know especially if one is going to psychoanalyze her.

Nodding his head as he looks to Selene, “Well she is good. My private session with her was amazing.” Manuel smiles to Selene before looking back to Ballista, “But I make a good friend too.” As Ballista tells her story, Manuel does an emotion scan of the woman attempting to gain a sense of her feelings toward the death of her father and her murder of her grandparents.

Selene Nods " Thank you for telling me " She make a phone call ( assume it takes a bit ) she turns back " well that's that your under my care now " She smiles " I'll have to send in regular reports but looks like you have to meet with me at least once a week to help you deal with your emotions.. as well I'm putting you down for 3 training sessions to help master your powers "

Ballista nods her head and as she thinks about her grandparents there is nothing but anger, a blinding rage. Sorrow and loss at the thought of her father. She nods her head, "Yes mistress." she says softly. "So you know I was lying to the previous psychologist, so if you get my file it would show that I have everything well in hand." she shakes her head a bit, "Was keeping things from him so I didn't end up back in the institution." she says softly.

Selene sits down and just pats her lap and opens her arms " come " she says softly if you do she'd wrap her arms around you and pull you close " Easy now dear… I know what happened I am the godess of the mutants after all and it's okay i'm here now I will protect you and help you … I know they betrayed you and your family they got what they deserved " .

Ballista moves over and sits on Selene's lap, "My grandparents, my mom wasn't responsible, though.." she shrugs a bit. She looks over at Manuel and then back to Selene, for a moment she looks like she might cry and thoughts of Anastasia are in her head.
Then she bottles it up behind a wall. 'I am Ballista' crosses her mind.

Watching and studying the girl’s emotions, Manuel files this all in his memory for future use should he need it. He reclines back,
“Trust in Selene, Ballista. She will see you through all this.” He pauses a moment, “And sorry for the loss of your father. I recently lost my father and am still working through his assassination. So I can sympathize and as my name implies, empathize as well.”

Selene Nods as she holds you softly " Your powers saved you dear they are not bad " she caresses yoru arm " It's okay dear I'm here for you any time you need me ." She just holds the gril keeping her feeling safe and warm in the arms of the godess.

Ballista nods her head, "I do." she says softly as she sits there, relaxed, "He taught me to throw knives." she says softly, "he was a Carnie." she smiles as she thinks about it, "I got to spend summers with him." she adds.

“Oh a carnie…how quaint.” Manuel does his best not to sound too condescending. He then ponders if there is any of the special wine that he drank last time he was here when Enchantress was visiting.

Selene Gives empath a be nice look as she waves her hands and points to a table where funny enough is a glass that's slowly filling with the very same wine.. it's a cheap and easy trick that enchantress does easy to repilcae.

Ballista still hears the tone though and glares a bit. "What's wrong with being a Carnie?" she asks, her temper rising a bit as that is one of her triggers. One of her hands slips into the pouch at her waist, sound of ball bearings clinking together.

A smile crosses his face when Manuel spots the wine and gets up and goes to pour himself a glass, “Would either of you like some?” He asks the women in the room and when asked the question by Ballista, he smiles, “I meant no offense. Carnie folk is the kindest most talented people in the whole world.” He stares at the woman with his drink in his head and attempts a mood shift on her, attempting to make her temper lower and make her pleasant towards him.

Selene Sighs " Shhhh it's alright dear " she caresses the girls cheek and neck softly also calming her down a little it's not easy to get angry in a room with two psi powered mutants.

Ballista is quickly calmed by the two. She shakes her head, "No wine." she says softly, "Impairs too much." she says softly, "Sorry." she does add about the temper. she leans back into Selene.

With Ballista calm, Manuel finishes his wine, “Well, I must depart, but thank you.” He bows and makes his exit.

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