2012 04 13 Friday The 13th Welcome To The Hellions

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Friday the 13th: Welcome to the Hellions

Alchemy, Empath, James, and Sebastian Shaw

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April 13, 2012

8-Ball Willie's – Bronx

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Alchemy, Empath, and Shaw welcome James to the Hellions


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It is Friday night. The 13th, New Yorkers are dressed up as if it is Halloween dressed as various villains from horror films or monsters. For his part, Manuel de la Rocha is dressed in an all black suit, but wears a domino mask. He had contacted James and Takara telling them to meet him here. Perhaps to discuss the school or perhaps for them to meet his mentor, The Black King.. Entering the place, he sighs as he quickly scans for any potential troublemakers, though he himself is the biggest troublemaker of all.

James has decide to spend the night looking for subject for his next art project his wonders lead him to the pool hall. He has played a few games by him self and blew off one hustler.

Sebastian Shaw is, if nothing else (and he is many things) a man with a love for the theatrical. Indulging young Mr. de la Rocha's impulse, he has dressed as the classic, Lugosi Dracula. It's actually rather imposing and elegant on him. The venue, on the other hand, not exactly to his tastes, but again, he is feeling indulgent.

James wears a metal hockey mask over his face in the theme of Friday the 13th theme. He looks up at the two men walking in and squints his eyes with the mask he not sure if those are the people he suppose to meet or not but he lifts his mask so they can see it him just in case

Finding the locale to be relatively safe as least no outright crazed emotions, Manuel spots James and smiles when he looks to Dracula. “I have mentioned him to the Black Queen. So this is merely an introduction to size him up for a spot in the Hellions.” That is said low enough that no one overhears him and when the Jason-dressed mutant is seen, Manuel gestures for him to come over.

Shaw replies, evenly, "I have already met the young man. Or rather, Amora and I have. Rather intriguing skill in art. I picked up a few pieces for my offices." he notes, "There is a kernel of fear in him, as you no doubt have detected. That can be fanned and directed, with care."

James smiles and waves over at the others and walks over. He has fear but what he does not know is because what happen in the part that put it there and with in 6 degrees Empath is to blame of it but James does not know that. Once he close he speaks, "hey Manuel." He then blinks when he notice who the other person it, "Hello Mr. Shaw."

Hearing Shaw’s words, Manuel simply nods and understands, “James, good of you to come…Happy or should I say Spooky Friday the 13th. I love the mask…Jason, is it not?” Clearly from his tone, he could care less about the costume. He looks to Shaw, “So you’ve met then. How were you fortunate enough to meet each other?”

Shaw explains, not really seeming overly interested while doing so, "A gallery showing with Amora. Happenstance, really. Well, to -some- extent."

James nods, "pure chance I surprise you two know each other." He then smiles, "yah I thought my outfit would fit the day." He laughs a little, "but so does half the city it seems. So what is this about?"

“Happenstance I am sure.” Manuel looks to James and already his power is at working attempting to make James more pliant towards him, “Well, James, remember the school I was telling you about where I learned to control my ozone powers. Mr. Shaw is affiliated with the school and so I thought you could meet…see if you have what it takes to be a part of the school.” He smiles the entire time, his voice sounding oddly irrestible and charismatic, though as if were delivering a powerful speech.

The Black King watched Empath ply his stock-in-trade with an air of one evaluating a presentation. Subtlety - he has been trying to teach the young mutant that. Powers can be scalpels or sledgehammers, and he had been surprised how much Manuel had been using such a subtle ability as the latter, "Yes James." he adds, "Your…gifts and talents interest us."

A woman wearing an Elvira costume at the corner suddenly yells out, “Yay! I’m drunk.” Anyone playing close attention will notice her cup is filled with water. She suddenly kicks off her shoes and starts a strip show, drawing the attention of everyone in the club. A table frees up when three college-aged men rush over to watch the impromptu strip show. Manuel smiles, “A table has opened up.” He leads both Shaw and James to the table, “Best not to watch…look at what alcohol will do to people.”

Sebastian Shaw sighs softly and shakes his head a touch…sledgehammer indeed, "I do work with the government, James." Shaw explains. That fact is hardly a secret, any web search would show Shaw Industries does contract work for the US of A. "There are ways of determining such things available to certain groups." he adds, after a moment, "Not that you need to worry about that. I find some of their policies a bit…restrictive, and do what I can to help prepare special young people for the unique challenges they may face." He grins at that, such a mockery of Xavier's sort of spiel, it amuses him to no end to do such a thing.

James eyes go to the woman stripping. He is a 16 year old boy a woman getting naked is there any other bigger distraction. He almost does not notice the two move to the table lagging behind. He sits down and listens and smiles some, "sound like a good idea. So you teach mutant to use there powers and keep them self?"

"To some extent," Shaw replies smoothly, "We do more than that, though. We don't want to create a group of militants, do we?" yet another jab at the X-Men, "We give you the tools to make your own choices and forge your own path."

James eyes had wonder to the woman again but then looks back the Shaw, "yah we don't need a bunch of militants giving mutants a bad name." He orders a soda and some hot wings. He smiles at you, "place sounds great. How much does this cost to go?"

Alchemy enters the establishment, shielding his eyes from looking directly at the stripping woman as he tries to find Manuel. "Oh goodness." he says, turning around so as not to look at her. "Mum would have my hide if she knew where I was right now." he mutters.

Sebastian Shaw sits at the table with the two young man, dressed as a rather imposing and be-'chopped Lugosi-style Dracula, "We can make certain considerations for exceptional students. It is a sliding scale based upon need." The man wants recruits, but he is, after all, still a businessman.

Spotting his friend and fellow Hellion entering the pool hall, Manuel excuses himself from the table and walks over to Thomas, “Tommy, perfect timing. There is a potential new recruit we want you to meet for the school. Mr. Shaw himself is here to check him out. His name is James and he can melt metal.” With that, he gestures for Thomas to join James and Shaw at the table with him.

James is dress from Jason from Friday 13th movies. He nods again, "well my family does not have much money My dad is a artiest and my mom works in a small new age food store." He sighs some, "so money is never flowing so I'm not sure how much they can afford."

Alchemy lifts a hand to wave. He isn't sure why people are dressed up, but just rolls with it. "Hello there. I suppose if he needs metal to work with, I can make some for him." he says, taking a seat and keeping his back to the disrobing female. "A pleasure to meet you both."

"We can go over the books at some convenient time," Shaw replies evenly, "Scholarships are deductable after all- ah, this would be the young Mister Jones I've heard so much about." his demeanor grows a bit cool for a moment, but not at anyone present, "I am deeply sorry for your recent tribulations." the ones Shinobi is responsible for, of course.

“Yes, do not worry about tuition. But I wonder James, do you really want to be a part of the school? We are trained. This is not some easy boarding school. We work and we work hard. Are you prepared for that?” Manuel asks the youth when a man dressed as Borat comes with a tray of drinks for all at the table. Non-alcoholic of course. The Borat-mankini-ed man winks at Shaw, “You can suck my blood any time, baby.”

James nods, "okay. Um I never been to a school I been home school all my life so I don't know what to expect." Sips his soda and almost spits it as Alchemy said metal his eyes go wide, "how did you….I mean……Why would I want metal?" He not sure how he knows about his power but his eyes moves to Empath the only one at the table who open knows he a mutant before this meeting.

Alchemy plants his elbows on the table and takes his glasses off, shielding his eyes. "Oh dear me. So…James, is it? Manuel said you can manipulate metal. I was just offering to make some for you if you needed some to practice. No big deal."

“Yes, James. Thomas is also a mutant like us at the school. He can change things to different elements and stuff.” Manuel continues the subtle sway over James, “You can ask him about the school too. But Thomas is nice and he can get you metal whenever you need it.”

James frowns some at that, "Well he should not blab about other people being mutants I tell no one he is a mutant but maybe I should just walk up to someone and tell them." James looks mad at that, "It's one think to tell Mr. Shaw he needs to know if I'm to join the school but I don't know you from an ant hill for all I know is you have some friends outside ready to jump me because I am a mutant." He been jumpy of such things since the park.

“Well, this has been good. Thomas, please stay with him. I have to attend to some business across town.” Manuel bows, “Welcome to the school, James.”

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