2012 04 12 Three Mutants And Gogo Walk Into An Eatery

Log Title:
Three Mutants and Gogo Walk into an Eatery

Empath, Gogo, James, and Takara

IC Date:
April 12, 2012

Romero's Italian Eatery - Upper East Side

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Three Mutants and Gogo Walk into an Eatery and share a meal.


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Rather late in the evening in New York City, Manuel de la Rocha, dressed casually for the spring weather, a blue black plaid button down shirt and khakis enters into the Italian eatery. There are not many patrons in there, but the few old school Italians stare at the Spaniard. He does not need to use his empathy powers to know he is not welcome in here. A man in apron approaches him, “Hey, you are not welcome here.” Empath grins a moment and the man in the apron blinks and as if a switch has occurred within him, “Let me take you to our nicest table, sir.” Manuel nods and follows the man to the table.

James father game him some money since he made a few sales at his last shows. James had bought a few new games and now hungry and comes into Manuel de la Rocha for a good dinner before going home. He loves his mom but he can't stand her cooking she all about all natural and tofu.

Seems there are a few people drifting into the eatery at a late hour for food, a japanese person with long hair coming in after James. Takara waits calmly behind James, doing her bext not to make eye contact with people. She doesn't have much in her hands, jus ta pair of work gloves that get shoved into the back pocket of her shorts.

Looking up from his table, Manuel spies the familiar youth entering and grins. Their last encounter he ended up controlling the youth to fight Mike. Smiling to himself as he did enjoy finally getting one up on Mike, he waves to James and gestures to invite him over to his table. The patrons at the restaurant eye James and Takara and stare unwelcoming at them as well. This catches Manuel’s attention and a little twitch and suddenly the patrons offer polite smiles to the two. The man in the apron moves to James, “Follow me, your man.” He leads him to Empath’s table.

James nods and walks behind the man blinking seeing Empath there. He sits down, "you know there a few million people in this city and we keep running into each other. If I didn't know any better I say you were stocking me." He smiles and picks up the menu the man brings over and looks it over, "so do you know what good here?"

Not too long after Takara steps inside the door opens again and a huge orange woman navigates her way through the the door, twisting her broad shoulders and dipping down to avoid banging her head. Once she's inside she straightens up and looks over the room. She is dressed in tight fitting jeans, workboots and a unbuttoned plaid workshirt worn over a wifebeater. Her eyes glow a bit brighter as she looks over the dark interior, pausing briefly when they light upon Manuel. She steps up behind Takara, "And another single…" She looks at the hostesses badge and adds, "Sue."

"Oh, James, my boy. I am not stalking you, but I am taking stock of you. Have you given thought to that school we discussed last time we met?" Manuel looks over the menu items pondering what to get, "Well, I presume the pasta is good. Myself, I will stick to the spaghetti. You can't mess up spaghetti." The man in the apron leads Takara to the table directly next to James and Manuel. Manuel bows his head to the Asian lass, what he thinks is a sign of respect from her culture as he returns his gaze to James. "I take it you have not had any more issues in public?" A reference to their first meeting. The man then returns to lead Gogo to a table, but when Manuel spots her, the man suddenly shifts in his position and leads her to Manuel and James' table. "Annie, my dear. It has been awhile, hasn't it?" The Spanish mutant stands up and bows to Gogo in an overtly grandiose manner. The man adds, "Mr. Grimm's table is occuppied. Plus this is the best seat in the house." The patrons eye Gogo suspiciously, but again seem to shift in mood and smile at the wrestler.

James nods, "I have and would love to hear more of this school of yours." She shakes his head slowly, "No more problems in public and i sold the statue I had with me last time." He looks at Gogo and his eyes go wide, "oh wow." His jaw hangs open before he shakes his head and close it, "I'm James" He stands and offers a hand, "I would love if you would model for me." He smiles at the huge woman, "I could make a statue of you could echo your beauty."

Annie doesn't look overjoyed when she's guided out to Manuel's table, but she does greet the fellow with a broad fanged smile. "Mr. Shaw's protege. Manuel. De…La Rocha? Did I get it all correct?" She eyes the choice of chairs, then asks the host, "Could I get one of the chairs I normally use? The strong ones." She normally doesn't have to ask here, since they get Ben and Jen and other big people with names that rhyme with Ten. And her! As she waits for a chair she doesn't have to worry about she nods over to Takara, giving her the big smile as well, then she turns her attention to James, "Hey there James. A pleasure to meet you." She offers him a giant hand, "A sculptor? Well, if you are serious I can exchange business cards."

Quickly noting James’ reaction to Gogo, Manuel hmmmns as he needs to wants to recruit this kid for the Hellions. He grins as he looks to the beautiful orange skinned green eyed wrestler and then to James and then sitting down, “Please join us.” His voice sounds sweeter than honey and more enticing that usual as he speaks the words to both Takara and Gogo. Perhaps, this meal can get him points with both the Black King for enthralling Gogo and for the Black Queen for recruiting a new Hellion. As for Takara, well, Manuel just likes to be entertained as well. She did ask to come over. Innocently enough, without realizing that his puppetmaster is about to yank on emotional strings, if for anything, he will at least be entertained. He is attempting emotional control over the three gathered with him. The hoped effect being that they are all drawn to him, finding him charismatic and just really likeable and almost willing to do as he says.

James takes the hand and shakes it, "yah I am." He reaches his pocket and frowns some, "Um I don't have cards I could give you my number though." He smiles and takes a slip of paper he had in his backpack and a pen. He writes it down, "here you go." He then looks at the other woman and smiles, "I don't mind if you join us." He sits back down and falls under the control of Empaths power his mind is always open which is great for new ideas bad for fighting off mind control. He does look back to Annie, "yah I am a sculptor I normally work in metal so anything I make last longer then clay and as long as stone."

“Takara, it is nice to meet you. He bows again to her and then sits down as a waiter brings him a plate of spaghetti. “This is all on the house, of course?” The waiter nods, “Of course.” And he takes everyone else’s orders, “So yes, Annie, James is a gifted sculptor. I may see about having him do some work for Mr. Shaw.” Manuel then looks to James, “You should meet him. He is another good person to know.” He smiles, “And yes, I am the host… the host with the most.”

James nods and orders the calamari he then nods, "yah I am not as good as my dad yet but I am not bad." He looks the other, "if either one of you want something done or want to model I am willing to work with you." He nods slowly, "Shaw I'll have to remember that name."

Takara nods to each person, "A pleasure to meet you all." She goes with some spaghetti as well, seems too distracted to look a the menu for long, "Hmm, I don't think my family has that kinda money around James, but always looking to compare notes with a fellow artist. Even to learn from one that is considered gifted." Takara seems very comfortable around these people, more so then she should be and she is realizing it. It shows when she leans back to her seat suddenly, averting her eyes again.

Gogo orders a plate of chicken parm and another one of eggplant parm. "Well Manuel, you are looking better than last time we ran into each other. How is life treating you? And how do you and James know each other?" She digs out her wallet and passes a card over to James, "I can't really imagine you'd want me to model for anything, but if you are serious, this is my card. It has all my contact information on it." Annie Ritter, professional wrestler and disaster cleanup. She then offers Takara a smile, "You are an artist as well? That is wonderful! What is your medium?"

“Life has been good. I met James after an incident in the park. People in this city are crazy. Then again at the Grapevine Café. He is a cool cat.” Manuel offers a smile to James and then back to Annie, “You are beautiful and you know it. Being a model is only natural for someone such as yourself.” Looking to Takara, “Yes, what medium are you in?” he notes her body language and lack of eye contact again as he ponders a thought.

James nods and picks up a fork. His hands start to glow silver and his eyes and he bends the fork with no effort. His hand then stop glowing and his eyes return to normal, "I'm a mutant and I try to stop a mugging and people came after me after it was reveal a mob came after me. Manuel, came to my aid."

Takara shows modesty while answering, "Sketches these days." Some discomfort shows in her body lanuage as she looks people in the eyes, but it passes slowly, relaxing again, "Dabbling in scuplture, but James is a better candidate. already has recommendations from what I overheard before." She is doing her best to be nice, and to try not be the center of the conversation. That whole power display did the trick quite nicely by her, "I see."

Annie doesn't need to bend any spoons to make her differences noticeable. She eyes the glowing hands of James, "Well, being a mutant can be hard in the city. But I know some members of X-Factor I could introduce you to James. Helpful to know if you ever get in that kind of trouble again. And you've got my number too, so you can always call me too. I'm no mutant, but I am always glad to help. I get the dumb pitchfork and torch routine directed my way every so often." Her head tilts in Takara's direction, "I would love to see your work. I can't even draw stick figures."

Playing the part, “Yes, I helped out young mutant James here. The mob was getting unruly and wanted to crucify him…Thankfully I talked some sense into them. People are crazy in this day and age. Especially this anti-mutant hysteria is idiotic…” He smiles to the ladies at the table, “Nice to see, neither of you are anti-mutant.” Manuel then looks to Takara, “Yes, I would love to see some of your work, as well.” Then to Annie, “You know members of X-Factor? Which ones? I am a huge fan of their work.”

Takara smiles warmly to the others, "Then I will have to show it to all present the next time we meet, my sketch pad got left at home." She nods once to James, searching her pockets for a pen and her phone, "Lucky, only artist in mine so far." Takara is surprised when the mention of a famous group comes up, "Wow."

"Umm, well, I know Lifeguard and Nightcrawler. They are both really nice people." Annie digs at her food, looking at the others, "But then again, I haven't met any famous heroes that didn't live up to their…" She pauses with her fork in her mouth, "Well, mostly. But Ben Grimm is great. And Ms. Marvel too. And the Avengers' butler is pretty cool too." She laughs at that, "But, Nightcrawler and Lifeguard are probably more relevant to your mutant problems James."

James takes out a set of Ceramic Flatware from his backpack and starts to eat. He nods, "well that be cool if I can meet them. How did you meet so many cool heroes and um a butler." He takes a bit of food and smiles at everyone.

"Ah, Nightcrawler…" Manuel almost has a grin as he momentarily flashbacks to a moment when Nightcrawler was his to control and then he shakes his head as he starts to enjoy his spaghetti, "Well, they do good work, but I heard back in the day they were mutant hunters, so you can never really trust them too much, ya know. As for meeting heroes, hang out in the city long enough and one is bound to just appear…The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, hell even lesser ones like X-Factor, X-Men, or the New Warriors, all come through here or are probably based out of here."

Takara is a conservative eater in her present company, eyes wide open for the names dropped in conversation, "That is quite some company you keep Annie." She places her phone on the table beside her meal, one hand looking for a number while the other keeps modest portions of food incoming, "I wouldn't mind meeting most of them, but X-Factor still makes me nervous." Takara drops her phone long enough to point out the red coloring in her eyes, "Some folks think having these is reason enough to panic."

"Well, I met most of them right here in this restaurant actually. Ben and She-Hulk first…and basically, hanging out with Ben a few times lead to meeting other people. I aint exactly hard to miss. So, I probably have an easier time running into folks." Annie gives a shrug of her shoulders, certainly not dainty about eating. Though, at her size eating only two portions might actually be on the dainty side of things. "Oh…I met Lifeguard fighting someone…over in the park. She's a sweetheart really." She frowns then and looks off into the distance, lost in thought for the moment.

“She is the blond Australian one? I saw some news information on all of them. Good information to know. Surprised someone who looks like a blue devil like Nightcrawler would be so accepted.” Manuel shrugs, “I mean,he should be of course. But I am just surprised that he is.” Then noting Takara’s eyes, “Oh that is very pretty. The red mixed in with the brown? Are you a mutant, then? Is that some indication of a power or is that some genetic anomaly?”

Takara takes in a deep breath and looks aside, "Thank you." She considers what to say here for a while, the pause almost too long, "Anomaly of genes." Takara looks up to the others, "It is separate to what I do, and I don't do it in public."

Annie gets a call and excuses herself from the table so she can take it. She returns a few moments later, "It was nice meeting you James and Takara. Give me a call about modelling if you are serious James." She then nods to Manuel, "A pleasure running into you again Manuel. I got to dash. A friend needs a ride." That said she gives everyone a wave and heads out in a hurry.

Nodding to Annie as she goes, Manuel waves and then focuses back on Takara, “What you do and don’t do in public? That seems to imply or infer that you are a mutant like myself and James…here.” Manuel smiles “Do not be ashamed of who you are or what you can do.” He starts to pull out his own cards from his pocket.

James waves to Annie as she leaves. He nods, "he some kind of ozone CFC like mutant or something like that. In truth I did not understand it other then it could rip a hole in the Ozone layer." He then thinks, "you know there four of use if we count Gogo so maybe we should make our own group."

Takara waves good bye to Annie, turning her attention back to the others as speaks softly, "I do a convincing impression of a twenty five foot tall woman." She checks her pockets one more time, then chuckles, "I wouldn't mind finding a place that is accepting school aged mutants."

“Ah, size control. That is amazing. And a school is just the right option.” Manuel hands her Takara his card as he does to James with information on the school. “The school is based in Massachusetts, but we are always in New York. This is the center of the world, so to speak.” He laughs, “Someone will be in touch with you to see if you would like to join. Be a good fit and if we would be a good fit for you, guys. This is all confidential, of course.” When James mentions a team, Manuel almost laughs, “Well, I don’t know about that. Annie seems nice and all. But she’s not a mutant. Not that it matters, but first before you all try to save the world, learn how to use your powers first.” He finishes up his spaghetti.

James blinks, "wow you grow huge." He smiles at that and then looks to Manuel and nods, "well I am contact them." He slips the card in his pocket, "well it's getting late I should go." He waves and walks out.

Takara lingers on the card before she places it in her front pocket, "Of course, just will have to do a little explaining to the house hold." She finishes up her spaghetti, waving to James as he parts before looking to Manuel with a grin, "James did have a point, but I don't have to get home for a long while. Atleast not until my phone rings."

Nodding and waves to James, now just himself and Takara, Manuel looks at the Asian teen, “And where is home for you?” Looking to a waiter, he points to a bottle of wine, which is brought to him and he pours himself a glass, he looks to Takara and then figures he should be a good role model, “You are still a minor, I take it?”

Takara places her hands on the table, "A large house half an hour from the city, it quieter out there." She smiles a little and is open about her age, "Seventeen, good catch by the way." Takara returns her phone and pen to her pocket, then her hands to her lap, "But I'm glad I snuck out, wouldn't have met such interesting people."

“Wow, sneaking out and you don’t even live in the city. Well, if you need a ride back. I can have a car service bring you back.” Manuel offers politely with no ill intent. As he sips the reisling wine, he takes a moment to enjoy it, “Well, you can try this when you are older then.” He grins, “So tell me about your, Takara.”

Takara impishly grins, "I'm staying with a friend for the night. Needed time to cool off after a round with my step mother. But enough about problems." She sits upright and speaks in a cheerful tone, "Born in Tokyo Japan, lived there until I was ten. Sent to live with my father in the states in two thousand and five." She reaches a hand up to brush back a stray long hair that gets out from behind her ear, "I have five siblings, eldest with three half brothers and two half sisters." Takara thinks for a moment, "I'm half Caucasian, half Japanese, and I also enjoy rollerblading."

Noticing the time, “Well, that is all good to know.” Standing up, Empath looks to the waiter who had said everything was on the house and so Manuel offers to Takara, “Well, someone should be in touch with you about the school…or you have my contact information, so feel free to use it anytime.” He bows and makes his way out.

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