2012 04 12 The Talk

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The Talk

Havok & Mirage

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Hudson River Park - Manhattan

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Havak and Mirage try to figure out what is up with Rahne


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The flying minivan leaps into the air with Alex at the helm and Dani in the passenger seat. Skyward the strange aircraft sails and into the cloud line high above the city. It's a moment of silence before he levels off and then asks, "So what's up with Rahne?"

Sitting with her feet on the dashboard and arms draped over her knees Dani turns from staring at the horizon to Alex "I don't know." she seems irritated at the question, or maybe at Alex for asking, though truthfully its because she /doesn't/ know and hasn't had the chance to find out "Probably something you did."

"Something I did?" Alex says almost put off by it as it's always something he did. Yet he continues, "We've been together since Genosha. Had our own dynamic duo thing going on that worked really well and got even better when we were in DC together. Hell, we were still good even through the crap with the Nasty Boys and the break up of the team. She took off for a few months and now just coming back and for what ever reason pissed off at me.. I don't get it."

"Yes, I doubt it was anything intentional on your part." Dani does her best to leave the irritation from her voice "Something was said or done at some point." she hesitates to say much more, not wanting to betray confidences "What happened in Genosha?

"Heh, what didn't happen in Genosha. That whole situation was fucked from the start. My X-Men walked through the Seige Perilous and ended up scattered all over the world without knowledge of who we were. I ended up in Genosha as a Magistrate. They assigned Rahne to me as my assistant. That went on for months, I think. Anyway, Xavier and the others showed up and restored my memories and helped Rahne get over the mutant reformation process that Genosha was doing. Anyway, it was pretty traumatic especially with the fall of the government and the mutant conflicts. So we decided to stay and help rebuild the nation. Rahne felt the same, so she hung out as well."

Dani listens thoughtfully to the tale and is silent a few moments as she mentally digests what she has been told "That would be enough to make me skittish around you for awhile." She frowns "But you said she seemed fine afterward. What caused the team malfunction?

"Yeah, it was fine for like a year…" he states before reflecting back to the team snafu. "Well, there was that… hell. Yeah that's probably totally it. The Nasty Boys were tormenting us. Every time we'd knock them down, they'd get back up. Even imprisoning them didn't stop them, they broke out and came back at us. They took out our base, Lorna was injured, and that's when I snapped. Damn… We then went back at them hard… taking them out - and I mean out. We nearly took Sinister out too. But the bastard escaped." He pauses a second and then concludes with, "That really broke the team. Everyone except Rahne and I went our seperate ways. She and I came back to the mansion."

" How soon afterward did Rahne leave the mansion?" dropping her feet to the floorboards she turns in her seat to more fully face Alex "Did she just up an leave without an explanation?" she is beginning to think that this isn't as simple as Alex saying or doing something stupid, but she isn't willing to admit that..yet.

"A month or two?" He tries to answer narrowing down when Rahne left. "I really thought she was going off to visit Moira."

Dani nods even though she wasn't even there and has no clue herself, "And did she try to avoid you during those couple of months?" she is thinking that if Rahne was avoiding him by then it probably was something that happened during the Nasty Boy situtation.

"Nope… not at all. Actually she was around a lot." Alex answers as he reflects to the time between the team breakup and her departure.

"Around you? or just around in general?" Dani is beginning to suspect a few things but she isn't ready to voice them and probably won't, at least not to him. She is silent a moment then she suddenly sits upright and looks as if someone hit her with the get a clue stick "What was it she said to you in her tirade, something about being programmed?

"No idea, really; to either question." Alex answers as he starts their descent toward Westchester County.

If there is one thing most women have perfected in thier lives it is 'The Look' and Dani is no different, except that hers is probably more intense then most because knowing she can make your nightmares seem real… and she is using it now "All your answers are in what she said and you didn't even listen?" she shakes her head and goes to stare out the window with her arms crossed over her chest.

Oblivious, like most men in such a situation, Alex scratches his head and looks confused. "Hang on, what?" he asks, not as if he didn't listen to what Dani just said, but more along the lines of he's just showing his confusion.

Covers her eyes with a hand and takes a deep breath "You are both clueless, you know that." she drops her hand and looks at Alex again "I think I have figured it out but I'm not going to say anything without talking to Rahne first. I will say this isn't totally your fault, it could have been totally averted though if you didn't have the observational skills of a deaf, blind man.

Alex remains quiet, his brow indicates that he's trying to figure it out but won't be successful. He returns to the piloting of the flying minivan and will touch down in the hidden airstrip of the Xavier Estate. Taxi and park the vehicle in one of the underground hangars and then start to say something, but it wasn't a complete thought so he moves along and gets out of the vehicle.

"Alex, maybe this will help." Dani says as she gets out of the van, "Check the security footage, see if any of the cameras caught what she said, and this is the important part," beat "Listen to her."

With a nod Alex will head to the people mover and do as suggested by Dani. He'll definitely figure things out - or try to.

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