2012 04 11 Wayward Clone

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Wayward Clone

Havok, Mirage, Arclight, Blockbuster, Harpoon

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Hudson River Park, Manhattan

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Alex and Dani discover a not so normal Arclight in the park. Things go awry.


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-==[ Hudson River Park - New York ]==-------

This is a waterside park on the Hudson River that extends from 59th Street south to Battery Park in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Bicycle and pedestrian paths, including the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, span the park north to south, opening up the waterfront for recreational use. The park includes tennis and soccer fields, batting cages, children's playground, dog run, recreational piers, and many other features.

Hudson River Park connects many other recreational sites and landmarks including Battery Park, Battery Park City, The World Trade Center site, the World Financial Center / Winter Garden, Chelsea Piers, Pier 57, Pier 63 (site of historic ships Lightship Frying Pan and Fireboat John J. Harney), Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, and Riverside Park. It runs through the Manhattan neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, Battery Park City, TriBeCa, Greenwich Village, Gansevoort Market (The Meatpacking District), Chelsea, Midtown West, and Hell's Kitchen (Clinton).

It is a joint New York State and New York City collaboration and is a 550-acre (2.2 km2) park, the biggest in Manhattan after Central Park. The park arose as part of the West Side Highway replacement project in the wake of the abandoned Westway plan.

Over the com, the muffled voice of Havok establishes a direct link to Mirage, "Dani, I need you at the Hudson Park, around the 20th street crossing. I've got a line on someone that your special talent may come in handy. Come in covert."

"On my way." is the only immediate reply from Dani for a good 10 minutes "ETA 20 minutes." is next heard, with sounds of the teams flying vehicle heard in the background "You don't rush covert." she says to forstall any complaints about how long she will be "I'll be coming in on foot.

Havok, "Roger that." and then clicks off.

When she does finally arrive. She'll find Alex Summers sitting on a park bench wearing casual attire. He's got a bag of popcorn in his hand and a soda next to him on the bench. His sunglassed eyes are keen on something about 50 yards away, through sparce trees, joggers, and other park goers. A woman is sitting on another bench, her hair is short and purple. She is of fair skin and wearing dark leather. She seems to be looking out over the Hudson - contemplating.

Casually meandering through the park, trying not to call attention to herself, comes Dani. She is dressed in her usual attire when not in uniform, jeans, blouse and moc boots, though today she covers it all with a long black duster, probably to hide a variety of small handguns she has on her person. She is sans bow/arrows, nothing covert about those. She drops down onto the bench and follows his gaze to the punkish looking girl. "She your threat?"

Offering popcorn by tilting the bag Dani's way, Alex states, "She's Arclight. One of Sinister's girls. Not sure what she's doing. Not even sure why she's alive - again. Aside the fact that Sinister regrows his minions everytime they croak."

Glancing at the popcorn she takes a handful "Obviously because she is useful to him." she eats a few kernels of the snack as she sizes up the girl, "You think she may know something?" she turns to look at the man beside her "Why bring me in instead of Liz? I can't read her mind."

"It's not a mind reading thing… she doesn't look right. I mean, she's not blowing shit up and trying to kill people. Instead, she's just sitting there. I called you cause you're the most stable and sensitive person I've got on my team. I was hoping you'd go talk to her."

"Even bad guys need a day off Alex." Dani replies sounding a bit irritated, which probably just proves his point about the sensitive and stable remark, that is if she wasn't snarky with it. "Anything specific you want me to chat her up about?

"Approach casually, make small talk. If she tries to brush you off, tell her who you are and go with the 'what's going on' question from a concerned point of view." Alex replies then takes some popcorn and puts it into his mouth.

Without another word Dani gets to her feet, tossing the leftover popcorn to a group of pigeons then brushes her hand on her coat. After the short walk she sits casually on the bench with the punk girl and gives Alex a weird look over her shoulder "Man is that guy creepy." she says idly to the girl next to her.

Arclight, also known as Phillipa Sontag, notices the approach and the joining upon the bench. Then the personal violation continues when she is commented to. Looking to Dani, then back over her shoulder to Alex, Arclight states as her gaze drifts back to the Hudson, "I'm sure many could see that, but Alex Summers is far less disturbed than his brother, Scott. But you already knew that, Danielle.". Her voice is calm and collected with a knowing and confident tone.

"Maybe," Dani says, not making a commitment to her opinion since it was just an opening line anyways "but you don't live with either of them." stretching her legs out in front of her she crosses her ankles, making herself more comfortable "Since you seem to know me and my collegues I won't bore you with small talk. What's going on?

Looking back to Dani, her elbow goes to the back of the bench and she shifts slightly to take the strain off her neck and upper back. Her eyes are just as purple as her hair and they don't have the hate within them that would normally be reported. "I understand your question and its' point of refrence. Though my answer is truly, 'I'm not exactly sure.'."

Nodding as if she expected such an answer, whether truthful or not "So is there anything you can tell me?" Dani herself turns on the bench so she is facing Arc "You won't catch any heat for talking to me will you?

Thoughtfully, Phillipa responds, "The master seeks me even now. I ripped my tracker from my body and know that I've only hours to live before I collapse from deteroration or they catch up with me."

Dani stiffens up at that and immediatly goes on alert, looking around her surroundings as she gives Alex the alert hand signal "Which will be quite soon with you sitting out in the open like this." she pauses thougtfully "But I guess if you are going to fall to peices it really doesn't matter does it."

There's a nod to her head, one affirming her position of imminent demise. There is already blood on her shirt just above her waist line on the right side. Perhaps where she ripped the tracker out.

"Your question before… you want to know how to find Sinister?"

"I think it would more be a need to know. I mean who would really /want/ to.." she pauses and gives a shake of her head before she digresses to much. "Any information you can share would be much appreciated.

Phillipa starts to speak, "Sinister has several access points to his Tesseract. One is.." then from out of nowhere, a mauve harpoon pierces from her back through her chest and then into the ground in front of her. Instantly dead.

Havok is already on his feet and targeting Harpoon who stands upon the roof of a nearby service building (2 levels high in the park). Leaping off the roof is Blockbuster. The leap will put him landing right behind Mirage in the next round.

Dani is looking at the girl expectantly as she starts the share, it turns to shock as the harpoon goes through the girl. She is on her feet at once turning in the direction the harpoon came from drawing a pair of 9mm pistols from her duster though until she has someone to aim at the keeps them down, not that they will do much good again a behemoth like Blockbuster who she sees is descending on her, so she back pedals to get a few feet between herself and where he will land.

Park bystanders scream and start to run in all directions. Yet, there will be the few who will pull out their cell phones to capture the video of the conflict.

Blockbuster lands with a ground shaking thud. Bullets bounce off him and he smiles as he says, "Silly girl. You can't hurt me with puny bullets. But being that you're so easy on the eyes. I think I'll take you home with me and keep you for fun time."

Meanwhile, Havok releases his blast at Harpoon - FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM is heard as the flash of plasma launches through the air and strikes the villain knocking him off the structure and onto the other side to hit the ground. It's unlikely he's out of the fight, so Havok starts running to engage the out of sight villain.

Keeping the guns down, she knows better then to fire, the richots could hit a civilian "Really, is that the best your puny brain could come up with, happy fun time?" she shakes her head disappointed "I doubt you could handle a fun time with me." she isn't going to bother with any physical altercation with this giant brute but goes straight for the distraction tactic of a hallucination of what he fears most.

Blockbuster is instantly plagued with imagery of his greatest fear. He looks up to a phantom of imagination and starts to scream like a little girl while coiling up into a ball next to the bench. He starts to cry and whimper.

Havok rounds the corner of the service building. The brick of the building's corner is exploded outward and showers Havok with shrapnel knocking him on his side and casting him several feet on the grass.

Harpoon threw a harpoon and struck the building instead of Havok, the subsequent explosion was an excellent distraction. Harpoon comes into Dani's view as he holds another glowing mauve harpoon high, with the intent of driving it through Havok's chest.

Frowning down at the blubbering Blockbuster Mirage vaults the bench and runs to give Havok some back up. When she sees Harpoon and what he intends to do she stops long enough to raise the guns in her hands and fire off two shots. She isn't going for lethal shots, her main goal is to distract him enough so he is focused on her when Havok comes around the corner. Though she is trying to hit him, arm, leg, shoulder, where ever is going to the easiest target.

Shots ring out like a bell, shells fall to the concrete half a second after the slugs hit Harpoon in his body armor.

Arms raised high, Harpoon holds his weapon while straddling the downed and dazed form of Havok.

Mirage's distraction works. Pulling the attention of Harpoon from Havok just long enough for Havok to blast the straddling villain. Another loud FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM is heard as Harpoon is blasted up and away. 50 yards away knocking him into the Hudson. Havok was panicked, dazed, and needed to get the villain away. So he used his full attack strength.

Mirage watches as Harpoon flies through the air and splashes into the river then holsters her guns for the moment "Havok? You okay?" she dashes forward sparring a glance over her shoulder to make sure Blockbuster is still down, don't want him sneaking up on her, though it is doubtful anyone of his size could sneak effectively. She leans over Havok, making sure she isn't in his blast zone "you have a hole in your shirt, just there." she points to her own chest where the hole would be on his.

Rising up, but remaining in a seated position on the grass. Havok looks down at his shirt then over to Blockbuster. "Thanks for the assist… looks like you got yours under control."

She shrugs at the graditude, Dani still might be a bit irritated but she isn't going to let Havok take a spear in the chest, "He's in a fear loop. It's not going to last. We going to leave them or take them? I have restraints in the van." she points to where she has parked it, illegally.

As he stands, he taps his com, "Val, we've got a pickup - Blockbuster for sure and Harpoon if he survived the blast… we may need a SCUBA recovery crew." then states to Dani, "We've got some super bindings in the back of the van. I'll get them, you keep an eye on sniffles over there."

Police will soon race into the scene. Havok will retrieve the shackles. Harpoon is gone, swam away because he knows better. Arclight's body dissolves into a puddle of goo - she was going to dissolve soon anyway. Soon, Val's people show up for the clean up portion of the adventure, a report is given and the duo is in route back to the mansion via their flying minivan.

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