2012 04 11 Security Check

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Security Check

Cattail & Paladin

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Goldstein Diamonds, Upper East Side

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Paladin conducts an official security check. Charlie ends up blushing.


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He went to Jared - well not exactly, this place isn't as low rent as Jared would be. This place is called Goldsteins and it's an extension of the diamond district of Manhattan. Here the least expensive item is only afforded by the super rich and could be a down payment on a mansion in upstate New York. Here people like Ivanka Trump and Caroline Channing (at least before her father was arrested for the Ponzi scheme).

Today we find the posh jewelry store occupied by 4 empolyees; older male, older female, and two late 20s sales staff, and 3 patrons; A young affluent woman of middle eastern descent, and a male/female couple that are in love and in need of a swanky diamond ring.

Charlie certainly isn't anywhere near the income level of the patrons of this shop. If she was into jewelry, she would need to be shopping at a pawn shop or the dollar store. However, in one of her criminology classes there was an excellent discussion about a jewelry store robber a few decades back, and thus, she finds herself in Goldstein's. She is dressed in her typical jean skirt, sweater and high heeled boots, backpack slung over her shoulder, and she is pretending to ooh and ahh at the jewelry, while she is in fact casing out the layout, checking the security, noting the security guard's weapon choice, armor choice, etc.

The security officer is as non descript and professional as possible. Wearing a three piece business suit & tie, he tries to blend in with the surroundings while standing near to the door. He is likely wearing reinforced armor beneath the suit (or the suit itself is armored) and he has some form of sidearm just beneath his left arm (making him likely right handed).

The couple is seated before the bridal case and the single female is near the watches. The two sales persons are seeing to their needs individually and the older man retreats to the back of the store while the older woman remains behind the counter. She only smiles to Charlie upon entering and will wait till Charlie lands at a certain fixture before approaching.

Charlie of course is very careful to not stay over one piece of jewelry for too long. She couldn't afford the cheapest item in this store even if she wanted to, and so she wants to avoid wasting the older woman's time, not to mention her own. Still, it makes casing the joint more of a challenge when she has to pretend to be interested in the fruits of excess. And as that thought strikes her, she grins to herself, suddenly finding a thrill to the whole thing. Sure, she's not going to rob this place, but there is a certain naughtiness to pretending. She moves along the cases, eyeing the contents when she's not looking at the various security devices around.

The couple look to one another and the man says, "I love you my Hunny Bunny." the woman says, "I love you two, poopkins." then they stand and draw high tech looking handguns.

The middle eastern woman pulls a similar gun out of her purse and announces in a loud voice. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a stickup. You will place your hands where we can see them and the gemstones will be dumped into various bags."

Well! All fantasies about how she'd pull off a robbery of this place go out the window as the real thing starts right in front of her eyes. Charlene blinks repeatedly and turns towards the robbers slowly, lifting her hands up from the case nice and slow. "Don't shoot!" she whines, trying to sound frightened instead of excited. She eyes the robbers faces, but quickly moves her attention to their weapons instead. It hopefully looks like she's afraid to meet the robber's gazes. "I'm just a college student!" What curious and distinctive weapons.

The security guard starts to move to the side. He intends to get the drop on them - or something foolish. That's when the door opens and a man wearing purple and black with a ski mask covering his face steps in. He carries the same sort of weapon, blasts the security guard with a THOOOOBPT sound of stunning energy and the guard drops like a rock. "The lady said hold still. Now, where is the proprietor of this establishment? Oh Mr Hollingsworth…" he calls out.

Charlie flinches when the guard starts moving. She is right on the verge of leaping for cover, to distract the robbers when a fourth member of the crew enters and takes out the poor guard. She notes the shot is energy rather than a bullet. The guard looks…alive? Then she remembers that she should be afraid, "No! No…don't hurt anyone!" She takes a few steps back. Everything should be insured. Don't risk the civilians lives. All the mantras of caution instilled since she was a child run through her head, though the jangle of adrenaline makes it hard to listen to them.

The security guard lays on the floor, breathing, appears stunned over dead.

The older man walks from the back of the room and says, "Yes, there is no need in hurting anyone…"

The man in purple and black takes a step forward and takes quick note of Charlie. A smile is seen behind the ski mask as he states, "Well hello there. How about when all of this is over I get your number." in a confident flirtatious tone. But it was only a passing greeting and remark.

The three robbers hold their guns on their respective targets, including Charlie.

Charlie keeps her hands up, "Is the guard okay?" She keeps her place in the store, moving her feet to a shoulder's width apart, bending her knees slightly. "Everything is insured. No one wants to get hurt over insurance deductibles." The flirtations of the masked robber aren't responded to. That is certainly nothing to encourage.

Pulling off his ski mask, the would be criminal reveals that he's wearing goggles and a helmet. Revealing himself as the Paladin - world famous, trademarked, hero for hire. He says, "Of course he is, dollface." before turning to the store manager. "As per the contract I have with Goldsteins Diamonds, I cite this establishment's security as failed. The button you pushed in the back and under the counter was rendered defunct prior to my entry. Your staff is wholly unaware that my companions were carrying weapons and you need detectors on the door." then turning his attention to Charlie, "In addition, this lovely young woman was casing the place just prior to my entry and she too may be a criminal - of which I'm going to have to do a through background, foreground, and strip search - of course after dinner on my yacht - of her to make sure she isn't planning something nefarious."

Charlie doesn't have to pretend when the masked is pulled off, revealing the famous mask. "Paladin!" she gasps. Then everything is revealed and she puts her hands back down, "What if I had had a heart condition or an anxiety disorder? And I nearly jumped your coworkers…and I don't have a stungun. Someone could have been hurt." Her protests roll out of her as all the adrenaline goes to war with the reality that it is time to relax. "I almost …. Oh! That is dirty pool. And…and." She takes a deep breath, trying to calm down and ignore all the jangle of excitement, "I am a criminology student at NYU. We were discussing the Goldman's robbery from 88. I was just trying to get an idea of what the security of an establishment like this was actually like." She digs into her purse and pulls out a student ID, flashing it to everyone in the room.

Watching the NYU student ramble on and on, the Paladin is amused with her deluge of words. But he has business to attend to. He states, "Hold on a sec, beautiful." then will step to the counter pulling out a printed out sheet (invoice). "Give this to Goldstein. Oh, and by the way, my assistants here were hired off the street and the guns they have are toys. You people never stood a chance."

Hollingsworth says, "Well I never.."

"Yeah, that's a given.", chides Paladin as he turns back towards Charlie.

Charlie steps forward and snatches the gun from the hands of the nearby woman once Paladin states they are toys. She turns it over in her hands and groans, "Seriously. I was thinking about breaking this woman's nose…and they are fake weapons and not even trained assistants? I think you are rather cavalier about risks Mr. Paladin. If you are going to do things like this, you should at least have trained assistants." She eyes the woman in question, "Do you even have basic self defense training? What would you have done if I'd attacked you? You know, fight or flight does include fight." She is quite huffy at the moment, but if Paladin has done this sort of thing before, he's certainly encountered people who got upset after the big reveal.

Realizing that Charlie is up in arms and nearly out of control, the Paladin knows there's only two options. Number one is out of the question because she's too hot. So he goes for number two. Paladin intends to do the classical movie move and take her into his arms and kiss her. What else is there to do? He is just that cavalier and self confident. Plus, he's rugged, handsome, and charming (he spent points in COM, PRE, and those skills).

Charlie surely shuts up when she ends up being kissed. First, there's the stiff as a board moment, then the melting into the kiss bit follows. She softens up against him, her curvy body pressing into all the hard manly physique. Her hands slide across his sculpted form and…she gives him a good solid judo throw. She gapes at him, her cheeks burning with blush, though of course, not that obvious given her natural skin tone. "What are you doing?" She could be asking herself, as well as him, since she definitely kissed back.

Thrown a few meters and near to the exit, the Paladin hits the floor and rolls up to his feet with a smile. He states, "When you find my card, give me a call." then pushes through the door to leave the stablishment.

The card can be likely found in her bra strap.

Charlie shakes her head and resists all urges to smile at the frustrating man in black and purple. She will not give him the satisfaction. "Like that would ever happen!" she protests. Then she starts searching her things for where he might have put the card. Her bra strap is certainly not the first place she looks however.

The store personnel are still in shock, the guard starts to come around. The extras depart and will go collect their checks and life will eventually return to normal.

Charlie definitely keeps that toy gun though, they are going to have to forcibly take it from her hands!

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