2012 04 10 Welcome Home

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Welcome Home

Wolfsbane, Havok, Nightcrawler and Mirage

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Xavier Mansion - Rear Lawn

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After Ursa departs Rahne and Mirage talk, Alex soon joins and sticks his foot in it.


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The back lawn of the Xavier Property extends several acres and has many features. There are many fields designed for sports and enjoyment; a soccer field which doubles as a football field, baseball diamond, smaller field hockey area along with two sand volleyball courts, tennis courts and even a open area with picnic tables.
Trees encircle the region with a slight view of the lake beyond but otherwise provide shelter and give the impression that there is nothing beyond that can get in or out. Overall, the area is quite expansive and accomidating in most seasons. To the south rests the patio and the mansion.

A smile comes across Dani's face as the other team departs. A smile that has nothing to do with the former "She's back." she announces to all those still present before she darts off to be the first to greet the other proverbial prodigal daughter, Dani herself being one as well. "Rahne!" she stops short before giving the wolfgirl a welcoming hug both physically and mentally.

Stuck between official farewell and the sudden return of Rahne, Kurt finds himself standing betwixt everything. Though as everyone goes into the portal and Dynamo blasts off, he instead turns to Alex. "That could of gone worse, ja," he grins, "Sometimes you're better than we think. Nothing was blasted, everyone is happy." Then a glance towards the patio for the moment. "This could be a sign of the coming apocalypse."

Seeing the Winter Guard away, Havok turns to Kurt and with a nod, "Sometimes we're just lucky." is stated in reflection of the moments past. Before he says anything else, he'll notice Rahne, "Well look whose back."

There's a flash of something, whatever the portal is, and that leaves a question on the tip of Wolfsbane's tongue. It's a question that's interrupted by Dani's swift efforts to be number one in greeting her. "Dani! Oof!" The bag is dropped, safe since it's just clothes inside, and a warmth is returned through the link as she embraces Dani tightly. "I decided tae come home," she says simply before adding in a louder tone to include the others, "What did I just miss over there?"

"That was the departure of Winter Guard." Dani answers as she lets go "They were picking up one thier team mate. We rescued him in Canada." she takes up the duffle bag and begins to guide, escort, walk with (whichever mode applies) Rahne toward the others "Not that I would have rushed you or anything, but its about time."

Smiling himself at the approach of the two women, Kurt sidecomments to Alex, "Out with the old in with the new, Rahne will be much better company than Mikhail." Or perhaps just his opinion at least. "We have to celebrate now, I can fire up the grill, I'm sure everyone would love some schnitzel." Yes, he is serious.

Colossus and Beast will return inside now that their part of the encounter is over. Alex will then move toward the newcomer. He's letting the conversation flow among those who started it off and he'll gladly wait his turn. Once close, he will reach over and ruffle her head with a side declarative comment, "Glad you're back, kiddo."

"Who?" Wolfsbane imitates an owl as Dani attempts to explain. "What teammate?" Not a whole lot of guiding is necessary to get her over closer to Kurt and Alex, the two of which she greets slightly differently. Kurt gets a hug and a couple words, while Alex initially gets a slightly awkward wave and a more subdued hello. Then she squints at the hand atop her head and something leads her to instinctively duck away after a moment. A hint of apprehension is transferred through to Dani via the link.

Grinning at Rahne "Ursa Major, he is a shapeshifter. He was in our medbay for about a week in a coma stuck in bear form." her smile turns into a slight frown at the reaction that Alex gets, she is curious about it, which the wolfgirl will pick up on but that emotion is stifled by immediate wave of comfort sent through the link.

Gladly returning the hug to, Kurt exchanges quiet words but lets Dani and Rahne do the catchup up bit. He doesn't so much notice or comment or partake of the exchange between Alex and Rahne, other than mild indifference. As no one has objected to schnitzel and the grilling, he waves off slightly, "Name your drinks, I'll bring them out with the sausages." He's certainly going to carry forward with the grilling out idea, its rather nice spring weather and good reason to stay out and enjoy it. Making sure to still face the small gathering, he turns around as he heads for the mansion, really listening to see what everyone will be drinking.

Alex too is completely oblivious to Rahne's reaction - just as he was oblivious to her opposite reactions back in the X-Factor days when they were in D.C. or in Genosha. He's all smiles and being in costume mutters something about having to change and he'll be right back then departs the gathering so that Dani and Rahne / BFFs can catch up.

For the men, it might just look like a shy avoidance of Alex's hand. At least Dani can tell there's more to it than that. There's something residual left behind in Wolfsbane from past events. "Oh. Well, I'm glad that all went well, a' least. Better than walking in on a big fight, but in a way that'd almost be expected a' times." She gives Kurt a somewhat useless expression, food perhaps not the first thing on her mind. "I dunno?"

"Whatever soda you bring back will be fine for my Kurt." Dani calls to Kurt's retreating back. With the boys gone she gestures to the patio furniture and drops into a seat, "You couldn't have picked a better time to come back. Did Scott mention to you that I will be teaching a class on extra dimensional relations?" apparently Dani knows about the meeting that was held between him and her.

With Alex having headed inside, Wolfsbane looks and feels somewhat more relaxed. That's a strange thing. Takings steps over to the patio, she sinks down into the chair of her own. "He did mention something about it. He asked me about being sort o' a counselor tae th' other students. I told him I'd have tae think about it."

She nods in understanding as she leans back in her chair, folding her legs underneath her "It's a big responsibility, over seeing the mental health of a group of teenagers, add the mutant factor and its near overwhelming." its it easy to feel via the link that Dani thinks she is up to the challenge "I have no doubt you can handle anything the students bring to you." she gets a mischevious twinkle in her eye "And if you need a break we can go hunting," pause "in Asgard.

Wolfsbane frowns in general, maintaining the wolfen side. "I think about it an' I'm just no' sure. I know I've been through a lot an' took some time tae go oot and face a few o' muh problems, but tha' does no' mean I'm fit tae be th' one givin' advice tae other students. I was brought up a lot differently than most o' them probably were. I might no' even understand them," she explains, listing all the reasons why she /can't/ do it. A brow shoots up after the tease. "Asgard?!"

Dani nods and smiles at her expression "Yes Asgard." she puts that aside though for the more important matter"I don't think you are being asked to dole out advice like some sort of tv talk show head shrink. I think they just want you to be there to listen and to ask the right questions so the student can figure out what to do on thier own. Besides, you and I both know that teenagers are going to do what they want no matter what advice they are given…didn't we?

"We could go an' catch up with all th' people we met before," Wolfsbane says, though given the way things feel through the link there can only be one on her mind. "But, how? An' when?" The talk of advice and counselor-related things might as well be secondary for the moment, though she does nod a few times as she pays a little attention. "Aye, I suppose we did. Still, I'll think about it."

Not being the pushy sort…at least not in this case, Dani drops the counselor matter "Well one of my duties is to familiarize the older students with a variety of dimensions and planes of existance." she pauses a moment to look around furtively and leans forward in her chair "Apparently the X-Men have possession of some artifacts that open portals to other places based on the bearers desire." she smiles at Rahne "I have been entrusted with them. Part of my curriculum will include field trips to places like Asgard and Limbo etc.

Wolfsbane would prefer to let the counselor stuff wait, especially with her just getting back. Talk of visiting other places outside of Earth is far more interesting, especially when one of those places has someone she's still smitten with. "Part o' me can see tha' sort o' thing going wrong in all kinds o' ways," she admits. "Is it really a good idea tae take students tae Limbo? I dinna think so. I know I dinna want tae see tha' place ever again if I can help it."

"Well all sorts of things can go wrong on any field trip that involves a group of teenagers." Dani retorts "And in the case of Limbo I will make sure its all safe through Illyana and one of Kurt's contacts before going." she leans back again "I think had we known more of those places prior to going ourselves things may have turned out differently for us. We don't know what the future holds for these kids. I'd rather they know what they are getting into if they should have to go to one of these places like we did.

"Aye, but Limbo has demons an'.." Note Wolfsbane doesn't talk about Asgard having Frost Giants or Hela or any number of other threats. "But if ye think ye've got Limbo under control through Illyana an' Kurt..I guess." She's not committing to going there, though. "Maybe ye're right, but I'll be there tae say 'I told ye so' th' minute something goes wrong," she promises, pointing a finger at Dani.

Smiling "I wouldn't expect anything less." Dani then arches a brow at the wolfgirl "I think I have Limbo all set for chaperones anyway so I'll let you off the hook on that one. I can count on you to chaperone for Asgard than?" its easy to feel that Dani is confident in that, and she is asking because it is the right thing to do.

Looking and feeling relieved at not being expected to go to Limbo, Wolfsbane doesn't offer at this point. Perhaps she will down the line out of a need to make sure Dani stays safe. "Ye dinna have tae ask about Asgard. I'm going nae matter what." Heart flutters briefly. Oh yes, she's going. It's taking a lot to not just go right into wanting to see you know who immediately.

Dani fans herself at what she picks up through the link. Giving Rahne a knowing looking "Yes, but what state are you going to be in when we leave?" she jokes naughtily "Maybe I'll see about making it a overnight trip…or maybe a few nights.

Cheeks and ears flush red a bit, visibly hidden by the layer of fuzz but not hidden by the link. Self-aware long enough to go human and abruptly sever it, she turns up her nose slightly. Of course now the blush /can/ be seen. "I've no' seen him in a while. I wanted tae see how he's been. An' we should stay a few days a' th' least."

From the mansion, Alex emerges wearing casual clothing (jeans, black t-shirt, xavier's navy blue hoodie and sneakers). His blue eyes look for those he departed from earlier as he'd like to catch up with his former teammate, Rahne.

Dani is sitting in a chair near Rahne, who has gone all human and is blushing at something the former has said. Blinking at the sudden absence of the girls emotions "Of course." Dani replies trying her best to keep a straight face "How he has been…followed by a long stretch of," she pauses hearing the approach of Alex she glances to see who it is before finishing her comment "running." she throughs the last bit in at random so Alex won't realize what they were actually talking about.

The moment Alex is noticed, which is restricted to just normal eyes and ears now, Rahne whispers quickly to Dani, "No' a word." She doesn't get much of a chance to respond to the teasing and the likely altered finish to the thought, but she rubs at a flushed cheek further. Over there on the patio, Rahne's appearance is very much unlike what Alex was used to seeing during her X-Factor times. "Hi Alex," she mumbles.

With a warm smile, Alex crosses the final feet and will grab a chair, pull it out and take a seat. "Ladies.", he'll greet and know better than to ask about all the going's on of secret girl talks about boys.

Giving a brief nod to Rahne, indicating she won't say anything, though she wouldn't have even if she wasn't asked to, "So Alex, now that Ursa is gone what are the plans?" she asides to Rahne to get the girl in the loop "We found an Apocolypse canopic jar in Ursa's possesion. It was leaking lethal amounts of radiation which left Ursa in need of rescue and medical attention.

Rahne makes a face. "Apocalypse is back around? Tha's no' good a' all." Unless she's misunderstanding something. Hands lift to redo the band at the back of her head that keeps her hair in a ponytail, finally long enough to allow.

"Well, not exactly around - yet. But if he is we've got a secret weapon." Alex comments with a hint of smugness then segues, "Speaking of secret weapons. You back for good or here just visiting?

Dani glances between Alex and Rahne, without having the link to rely on she is going to have to go with body language to see if there is more of the tension on girls part. She is silent as Rahne is questioned about her future at the mansion.

"I hope ye dinna have tae use it, then," Rahne says about the secret weapon, though she sniffs once at the idea she might be one in any way. "I think I'm gaunae give sticking around here again a try. I'm no' sure in what capacity yet, though."

Hearing the words he was looking for, Alex leans back in his chair, draping his right arm over the back of it. "How about I help you out there. Considering our past membership in X-Factor, and knowing that you kick serious ass on the field, plus your BFF is on my team, maybe you'd consider coming back to the Factor?"

Stifles the urge to kick Alex but she does frown at him, obviously Dani doesn't like being used as a coercion tactic "Wow, Alex, way to let her get settled before you drop that on her." she gives a comforting smile "Don't feel the need to answer him right away." she gives another pointed look at Alex "You have enough to think about with Scott's offer. One thing at a time." of course they both know that Dani would love to have Rahne on the team but she isn't going to coerce her into it.

Even without the rapport, Dani's initial reaction is not hard to understand. Rahne's expression twists to something slightly more uncomfortable whether Alex is picking up on it or not. If Dani's own words aren't enough, hers follow. "Right noo, sorry but th' answer's nae. Scott was askin' after me maybe doing something with th' X-Men an' I told him th' same thing. Just let me get used tae things around here again, then I'll think about th' rest when th' time is right. But if ye need me for something important, ye can ask."

"Gotcha. Then lemmie know if you come around to being interested." intones Alex after hearing the reticent words of Rahne. Then he starts to stand and comments, "Guess I need to have a talk with him about my team and boundaries. He's already got a team that was assigned to him by Xavier." in a miffed tone.

Rahne inserts, suddenly in irritation, "Well, I dinna /belong/ tae ye or X-Factor any more, Alex. If I come back it's gaunae be muh own choice, no' because someone programmed me tae follow every word ye say like I've go' nae mind o' muh own. I've been through tha' once already an' I dinna feel like a repeat o' it. Scott's as free tae ask me about this stuff as ye are, but this has nothing tae do wi' yuir boundaries." Getting to her feet, she goes through a change back to her midform, and Dani could immediately pick up on the irritation and discomfort this conversation is causing. "Instead, ye could do a better job o' respecting mine." Her boundaries, that is. "Now if ye'll excuse me, I'm off for a run. I'll see ye in a little while, Dani." A quick shift to wolf, fast enough that she accidentally tears part of her shirt (not unstable molecules), and she bounds off for the treeline. Welcome home.

That stops him in his tracks, Alex looks back at Rahne and really has no idea what she's talking about in regards to the Genosha thing. Yet, before he can get a word in she's already gone. So he just stares, curious.

Dani just stares at Rahne as she tirades for a moment but when the girl shifts her stare turns quite stony at Alex, thats an emotional link for you, she feels what Rahne feels "And I have a room to requistion." she gets up herself, grabs Rahne's bag and stomps off

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