2012 04 10 To Do Not To Be

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To Do Not To Be

The Vision, The Super Adaptoid

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Avengers Mansion

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The Vision and the Adaptoid speak about humanity.


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-==[ Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion ]==----

At first full glance, this room is completely dull in sight, but extremely large in size giving plenty of room for flight or ground movement. There is no furniture, or anything for that matter. Only metal walls, floor, and ceiling. are scene with the occasion break in the walls and a high glass booth sitting up in the highest corner. Of course when the rooms is in use, the setting change to to holographic imagery to any scene or battle that an be thought up. As well as robots trained to attack in certain patterns and with certain weaponry depending on the difficulty set and whoever they are supposed to portray.

The large glass booth is in fact the control room for this simulation area. Here someone has audio and visual contact on whoever is participating below. In the control room, one can tape a simulation as well as change the actual setting itself to either a pre-set one or something off the top of their head. Here the difficulty, as well as holographic images can be changed with ease thanks to the controls.

Standing just as inert as the room itself, the blank form of the Super Adaptoid (also known as Phillip in its' human form) resembles the blank form of the simulator. The Adaptoid is known to spend many hours in this room considering various combat situations as it is linked to the simulator and runs the many simulations within its' own mind instead of physically acting it out.

The door to the simulator room slides open to reveal the ghostly-white form of The Vision. The Synthetic Avenger stands with his arms at his sides and the corners of his cape clutched firmly in each hand. Vizh steps into the simulator room knowing that the Adaptoid is in here. Once clear of the entrance portal, Vizh looks side to side and spots the newest Avenger with ease. He approaches.

Pulling itself from the mental simulation, the Adaptoid's head turns toward the new arrival. Followed by the turning of the head, the body adjusts itself to meet the Vision straight on. The synthetic voice intones, "Welcome Vision. It is an honor to finally make your acquaintance under favorable circumstances."

The blank, stark-white eyes of the Vision adjust up and down as he regards the featureless Adaptoid during his approach. He declines his head slightly in acknowledgement of the greeting. Vizh responds, "Indeed. I see you have located are simulator facilities, yet-" He turns his head side to side to indicate he's looking around the room, "-no simulation is being run."

"I have been operating on two levels thus far. Internal and external simulations. Internally to learn other tactics and combat skills through the direct linking with the simulator and processing said events within my own mind. Externally I have engaged Wonder Man, The Thing, Black Widow, and Thor in direct combat to offer a challenge to their skills." The Adaptoid responds in a clear and synthetic voice.

Another decline of his head and another acknowledgement of what has been said. The Vision purses his lips slightly; thoughtfully, before saying, "Prudent." He releases the grip he has on his cape with one hand and gestures to the Adaptoid with that hand, "What simulation are you running presently?"

The room shifts to reveal what the Adaptoid was running in its' mind.

A midtown cityscape. The Chrysler building in the nearby background. Engaged with the four members of the Wrecking Crew, the Super Adaptoid has taken the form of Thor. Thunderball and Piledriver are down and out. Leaving the Wrecker and Bulldozer about to directly engage the SA once again.

Also standing on the sidewalk dozens of yards away are the two observers, The Vision and next to him, the Super Adaptoid who comments, "As you can see, I have created a common scenario that often challenge one or many of the Avengers."

As the room contorts and materializes into the Midtown scene, Vision glances about. His featureless eyes focus in on the representations of the Wrecking Crew. There is a mild gaffaw from the Synthetic Avenger, "Common scenerio, indeed. There were times in the early days where it felt as if we encountered that group every other day." He turns his gaze and attention away from the representation to regard the Adaptoid, "Do not allow me to interrupt you any longer. I understand the necessity and importance of these scenarios."

"Actually…" states the companion version of the Adaptoid. "I was looking forward to speaking with you about your position within the Avengers and within Humanity. If of course, you have the time."

The inhuman Vision reaches down, deftly grabs the end of his cape again and pulls the garment around him. He stands there enveloped in his cape, as he often tends to be, and regards the Adaptoid with a slight tilt of his head. Vizh intones, "I certainly possess time, though with such a hefty topic, I am not sure I have the adequate amount of time." The slightest of quirks can be seen at the edge of Vizh's mouth as if he finds humor in that fact. Vizh asks, "You wish for that discussion to be had here?"

The scene fades as do the simulated participants. The form of the Adaptoid shifts to that of a regular looking athletic human male with dark hair, Caucasian skin, and green eyes. "It might be best if we walk." is uttered in a distinctly human male voice with a subtle hint of a state of relaxation. Then he motions toward the exit and starts casually stepping.

The Vision glances around as the materialized scene pixelates and dissolves around him. He looks back to the human looking Adaptoid and nods in agreement. When invited to walk, the inhuman Vision does so. He steps towards the portal leading out of the simulator room. As he walks, Vizh asks, "How would you like to proceed with this discussion?"

"My position." is answered as Phillip exits into the underground hallway. "At present I am equipped with a personality matrix installed by Telemetry. The matrix allows me to simulate a human personality derived from various adjustable parameters. Of which I am continually adjusting to find a good mix of logic and emotion. Thus far, the emotional part of the matrix is erratic - yet resembles human behavior far more acutely than the logical aspects. My question to you is, how did you decide on what aspects of personality were best suited for human interaction?"

The Vision physically pauses. He stops half-stride and glances over towards the Adaptoid. He shakes his head, "Decide?" He inquires, "There was no decision involved. My original emotional and personality matrix were adapted from the brainwaves of, the then-deceased, Wonder Man. Since my-" He pauses verbally to think of the correct word, "-deactivation and subsequent rebuild by Dr. Pym, I myself have had a more erratic emotional spectrum. I differ from my original self, but gradually I am returning to that former functionality."

There is a reflective silence as Phillip learns of the means by which the Vision received a personality. "I see." Is stated therafter and he continues to walk toward the lift. "Then it is trail and error…" is stated as a summary of his future emotional testings.

The Vision offers a stiff nod of agreement, "Trial and Error, indeed." he pauses and adds quaintly, "Such is life; I believe how the saying goes." Vizh's shoulders can be seen heaving beneath the folds of the cape as the Synthezoid shrugs his shoulders. As they walk towards the life, Vizh asks, "Are you finding it difficult? Human interaction, that is."

"It is a challenge. Before I possessed two emotions - hatred and revenge. Now there are perhaps 50 distinct potential primary emotional responses to any given situation. Most of which cause a cascade reaction of other emotional outbursts. Therefore I mostly keep my emotional matrix running at less than 30 percent. Especially after the ice cream incident."

There is another slight upward tick to the sides of Vizh's mouth. He shakes his head slightly, "It is a challenge, is it not? I suppose many humans would consider you fortunate for that ability. Most people possess a varying degree of emotional control, but no one has such finely tuned control to be able to utilize their emotional spectrum at thirty percent." Vizh looks towards the lift and adds, "I would prefer for the restoration of my original emotional spectrum. Sometimes I get confused by the reactions I receive."

Stepping into the opening lift. Phillip takes a position toward the rear of the lift with his back to the wall. "Confusion, indeed." is stated as he agrees in kind with the Vision. "Humans are indeed confusing."

Vision shakes his head as he steps onto the lift, "No. What is confusing-" He turns around in the lift to face the door, "-is our desire to be more like them. Emotions; Personality; Very difficult things to deal with and everyone on the planet is unique in regards to them. I find it interesting that we are seeking the path of most resistance in our own personal development."

"Quite." states Phillip in agreement then realizes it's necessary to push a button to rise to the main floor. Pushing it he'll state, "Then I should find myself within the minglings of humanity, continue my observance and interactions to better address the quandary."

"Learn by doing. Adapt." The Vision confirms with another nod of his head. He cuts his blank eyes to the side and regards the other artificial man, "Now that is something you were built specifically to do, is it not? You should be quite adept and doing what you seek to do."

"Adapting by duplication and emulation. Not by imagination. Which is a whole new process by which I operate.", is intoned by Phillip who does seeming enjoy the potential pun of the moment, but still has a quandary at hand.

The Vision hums thoughtfully at what Phillip divulges. There is another heave of his shoulders as the Synthezoid shrugs, "Than I suppose your real issue is one of spontaneity, not of emotions or personality." He looks back to Phillip, "Do you agree? Perhaps you are simply regarding the issue in the wrong light?"

The lift doors open to the foyer of the mansion and Phillip gives a nod, "I agree, and add to your assessment that I have been over-analyzing the situation. Instead of postulating and positing potential results of actions, I should take action and as the humans put it, 'live my life.'."

Another slight smile forms on the Vision's face. He says in agreement, "That sounds like a positive step in the direction that you seek to go." After Phillip steps out of the lift, Vizh exits. He stands a couple of steps outside of the lift and releases his grip on the ends of his cape, letting the garment flutter down at his sides. Vizh adds, "Do something that should elicit an emotional response. See an opera. Tour an museum of art." Are his suggestions.

"I will, and thank you for your suggestions.", Phillip states in a departative tone as he only took a moment to pause outside the lift and now turns to move toward the stairs which will ascend to the living quarters of the team.

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