2012 04 10 Sending Ursa Home

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Sending Ursa Home

Havok, Nightcrawler, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Colossus, Beast, Ursa Major, Vanguard, Darkstar, Red Guardian, Crimson Dynamo

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Xavier Estate

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Ursa has recovered and is picked up by the Winter Guard. Things are discussed.


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-==[ Rear Lawn - Xavier Estate ]==--------

The back lawn of the Xavier Property extends several acres and has many features. There are many fields designed for sports and enjoyment; a soccer field which doubles as a football field, baseball diamond, smaller field hockey area along with two sand volleyball courts, tennis courts and even a open area with picnic tables.

Trees encircle the region with a slight view of the lake beyond but otherwise provide shelter and give the impression that there is nothing beyond that can get in or out. Overall, the area is quite expansive and accomidating in most seasons. To the south rests the patio and the mansion.

The weather has been playing at nice mostly though there is a bit of brisk spring air about the morning today. Kurt, coming of a hiatus that involved family matters and a trip to Germany perhaps, is back on the grounds of the Mansion. Having finished a morning run he is wearing a sweat hoodie but his leggings appear to be his supersuit. He is making his way onto the Rear Lawn, for something of a team assembly (those who can make it) for the arrival of the Winter Guard as they are picking up the recently wounded and recovering Ursa Major. The first one on the scene, he finishes with some cool down stretches that ends with a good craning of his neck to loosing up those muscles.

Walking out of the mansion's rear entrance, Havok is accompanied by Ursa Major who has rested a bit more and is actually on his feet. Next to Ursa is the Beast and Colossus. The Osmium bodied Russian seems pleased to be able to speak in his native tongue to Ursa Major - both are going on about Mother Russia and how beautiful she is this time of year.

Alex notes to Kurt, "They just came into our airspace, they'll teleport down in just a moment."

Following behind the men is Dani, looking all business in her black & red uniform. She pretty much silently ignores the russian conversation as she can't understand it anyway. Once they hit the edge of the deck the moves around them to the grassy lawn, glancing up "Teleport, fancy."

There is a nod towards Alex from Kurt at the mention of teleporting down, he is readying to comment when Dani throws one out herself. Its too good to pass up for the fuzzy blue elf, so with a toothy grin he turns to look at her. "Really, you think so," he reguards about teleportation, "I didn't know you thought of me that way. If you're nice, I'll give you a free teleport later on." Stage covering his mouth, he loudly whispers, "When Alex isn't around." As if he some how would mix up the mix too much.

What ever craft they are in stays within the clouds or out of sight. However in an instant, members of the Winter Guard step from a black teleport disk/portal that appears just beyond the patio. Emerging are Red Guardian, Vanguard, and Darkstar. The whirring of turbines is then heard as the Crimson Dynamo is seen descending from above to land on the other side of the pool. Keeping his team flanked in case something goes wrong.

Havok will step forward toward the Red Guardian, "Dobra Diem." He says in Russian as he greets them. "Welcome to the X-Mansion."

The Red Guardian surveys those present, scans the area and then receives the greeting, "Spaceba, Havok. It is our honor to be welcomed by you and yours."

Meanwhile, Darkstar maintains her portal and will start walking toward Colossus and Ursa, a smile on her face as she's pleased to see her wayward teammate. She's likely the only one that does smile, Russia, and Russian women rarely have cause to smile.

Smirking at Kurt "Yes, fancy." she gives a small curtsy, implying which kinda fancy, then laughs "Only if you want to get thrown up upon later." not that she has ever done that as a result of his teleporations, but there is always a first time. With the appearance of the Russian team though she goes back to all business.

Grinning and nodding at Dani, Kurt looks all official as the Winter Guard shows up the same. As greetings go around a little, he perks up when Darkstar is walking towards the group with a smile. Its a smile suggesting he's more than pleased with himself but it fades a little at the point he realizes she was looking past him at Ursa and Colossus, but he tries to quickly recover. Then he ponders back to Dani, "Where we supposed to like present them with vodka, or have some food cooked, I don't know the protocol for this sort of thing." Seeing as these are two government santcioned teams and all.

The mention of Vodka is heard by all the Russians. Colossus speaks to the Red Guardian in Russian and for those that know the language, it's a slant against American vodka. All the Russians laugh.

Darkstar hugs Ursa and then they begin walking back toward the portal after she thanks Colossus for his participation in the saving of Ursa.

The Red Guardian then looks to Havok and states, "Two things, Havok. The Canopic Jar and Sabretooth. I have reason to believe that you now possess the jar and that which is within. And your government has yet to give us rights to Sabretooth for crimes against Mother Russia.

Dani keeps her mouth shut only gives a slight shrug to Kurt's question, but her attention never leaves the meeting between the two team leaders except to breifly follow Darkstar and Ursa before returning to Alex and RG.

International laws are a tricky thing, good thing for Kurt is this isn't his argument. Not understanding Russian but perhaps catching the the meaning of the laugh, Kurt only smiles. Good thing he's not originally American himself. Though, keeping quiet for the moment, he's curious now whether this is going to have some resolve or escalate now. Good news also being at the mansion there are other X-folks just inside in case something goes down, but bad news would be it would really escalate. Thrusting hands into the pockets of his hoodie, Kurt is thankful this is the only article of clothing he has out of his regular work uniform.

Still in the background and on the other side of the pool, the metallic form of the Crimson Dynamo stands silent - watching, assessing.

Havok responds to the addressing of issues and instead of trying to deny, he goes forward with plan B - honesty. "We've surmised that the canopic jar contained an isotope that would render a particular type of mutant unconscious within a matter of seconds to minutes. That mutant type is a shape shifter like your comrade, Ursa. We believe that Mr Sinister sent Sabretooth after the isotope to use it against the mutant known as Apocalypse. They have been waging a secret battle against one another for 200 years. We would ask that we're allowed to keep the canopic jar and its' contents so that we can use it against Apocalypse in the future."

That is certainly not the tactic she was expecting Alex to go with. If she were less experienced in this type of thing Dani would probably show some reaction or other. Instead her attention focuses on Red Guard and his team. Their reaction could set the tone for the rest of this encounter. Whatever the outcome she is prepared.

Yellow eyes open just a little, Kurt may infer from using it against Apocalypse that there is actually a plan to involving doing something with Apocalypse - or some suspicion. Its a curious eye raising moment, but he keeps on his game face, now curious how the Winter Guard will react to this. He focuses more on the Red Guard now, as presumably, most everyone is because his reaction could determine a lot of outcomes.

The Red Guardian stands quietly for a moment; he too was not expecting the truth to be revealed. He's also receiving a radio signal from somewhere else. He says "Da." then turns his attention back to Havok. "You and your team once again owe us a debt of gratitude. Tell me though, what news do you have from your government about Sabretooth?"

Havok replies, "Sabretooth is a whole other story. From what I've been told he's going to be in the US legal system for a while before he can be extradited for crimes against your country. I really don't expect this process to be fast because he has a sheet longer than my arm. I'm pretty sure it'll play out where he stands trial here, and then sentencing will take place. After that he'll have to stand trial in Russia and other countries who want a part of him and finally the state department will have to sort out the details about where he'll be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life. Or however it goes down."

Dani visably relaxes at the agreement off the other team leader. Now that the threat of a physical altercation has passed, hopefully, she looks more curious about the situation and her thoughts probably run along the same lines as Kurt's. Though she would also like to know what the russian government wants with the artifact.

Just thankful it seems to be going well so far, Kurt stands silently with his side of things watching the events unfold. He might add in, assuming Sabretooth doesn't escape first or receive sentence reduction thanks to friends liberating him from prison with brute force. That is neither here nor now though, too many what ifs anyways. His fingers move a little as if he's calculating the number of debts they owe the Winter Guard now.

It's been a little over a couple weeks since Rahne met with Scott out at a campsite away from the city to talk. In that time she's decided to pack up her things, which aren't many compared to others, and come back to the mansion. A duffel bag is slung over a shoulder with a few other things being brought inside, and she picks up something as she gets close enough - Dani. Of course she ought to be here, but the rapport that exists while she's in a wolfen form leads Wolfsbane around toward the back of the place. On her side, she seems pleased for the most part.

"Understood." Is stated by the Red Guardian with a slight nod of acceptance. He looks to Piotr and says in Russian, "When you are ready to come home, we welcome your return." then he will nod to everyone else present and turn to follow Darkstar and Ursa through the black portal. Vanguard steps through the portal and the turbines of the Crimson Dynamo begin to wirr as they spin up to give lift and signal his subsequent departure.

A smile comes across Dani's face as the other team departs. A smile that has nothing to do with the former "She's back." she announces to all those still present before she darts off to be the first to greet the other proverbial prodigal daughter, Dani herself being one as well. "Rahne!" she stops short before giving the wolfgirl a welcoming hug both physically and mentally.

Stuck between official farewell and the sudden return of Rahne, Kurt finds himself standing betwixt everything. Though as everyone goes into the portal and Dynamo blasts off, he instead turns to Alex. "That could of gone worse, ja," he grins, "Sometimes you're better than we think. Nothing was blasted, everyone is happy." Then a glance towards the patio for the moment. "This could be a sign of the coming apocalypse."

Seeing the Winter Guard away, Havok turns to Kurt and with a nod, "Sometimes we're just lucky." is stated in reflection of the moments past. Before he says anything else, he'll notice Rahne, "Well look whose back."

There's a flash of something, whatever the portal is, and that leaves a question on the tip of Wolfsbane's tongue. It's a question that's interrupted by Dani's swift efforts to be number one in greeting her. "Dani! Oof!" The bag is dropped, safe since it's just clothes inside, and a warmth is returned through the link as she embraces Dani tightly. "I decided tae come home," she says simply before adding in a louder tone to include the others, "What did I just miss over there?"

"That was the departure of Winter Guard." Dani answers as she lets go "They were picking up one thier team mate. We rescued him in Canada." she takes up the duffle bag and begins to guide, escort, walk with (whichever mode applies) Rahne toward the others "Not that I would have rushed you or anything, but its about time."

Smiling himself at the approach of the two women, Kurt sidecomments to Alex, "Out with the old in with the new, Rahne will be much better company than Mikhail." Or perhaps just his opinion at least. "We have to celebrate now, I can fire up the grill, I'm sure everyone would love some schnitzel." Yes, he is serious.

Colossus and Beast will return inside now that their part of the encounter is over. Alex will then move toward the newcomer. He's letting the conversation flow among those who started it off and he'll gladly wait his turn. Once close, he will reach over and ruffle her head with a side declarative comment, "Glad you're back, kiddo."

"Who?" Wolfsbane imitates an owl as Dani attempts to explain. "What teammate?" Not a whole lot of guiding is necessary to get her over closer to Kurt and Alex, the two of which she greets slightly differently. Kurt gets a hug and a couple words, while Alex initially gets a slightly awkward wave and a more subdued hello. Then she squints at the hand atop her head and something leads her to instinctively duck away after a moment. A hint of apprehension is transferred through to Dani via the link.

Grinning at Rahne "Ursa Major, he is a shapeshifter. He was in our medbay for about a week in a coma stuck in bear form." her smile turns into a slight frown at the reaction that Alex gets, she is curious about it, which the wolfgirl will pick up on but that emotion is stifled by immediate wave of comfort sent through the link.

Gladly returning the hug to, Kurt exchanges quiet words but lets Dani and Rahne do the catchup up bit. He doesn't so much notice or comment or partake of the exchange between Alex and Rahne, other than mild indifference. As no one has objected to schnitzel and the grilling, he waves off slightly, "Name your drinks, I'll bring them out with the sausages." He's certainly going to carry forward with the grilling out idea, its rather nice spring weather and good reason to stay out and enjoy it. Making sure to still face the small gathering, he turns around as he heads for the mansion, really listening to see what everyone will be drinking.

Alex too is completely oblivious to Rahne's reaction - just as he was oblivious to her opposite reactions back in the X-Factor days when they were in D.C. or in Genosha. He's all smiles and being in costume mutters something about having to change and he'll be right back then departs the gathering so that Dani and Rahne / BFFs can catch up.

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