2012 04 10 News Rock N Metal Run Its Scorpia

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NEWS: Rock N Metal RUN! It's Scorpia


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10 April 2012

Newsy world

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NEWS article about Scorpia's attack at a festival


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Tragedy struck at the New York Performing Arts Center on Saturday following the end of the New York leg of the Rock n Metal Run music festival tour. After an encore performance by Mick Drago, the ampitheatre had an appearance by Scorpia. Witness statments indicate that it appears that Scorpia was expressing an intent to attack Drago but in her failed attempt, she managed to hit several bystanders in the way. The death toll is currently at 6 but it could stand to rise due to some of the injured being in critical condition. One of the dead has been confirmed to be that of Matt Wynebago of Pain, another band that is experiencing popularity despite it's revolving band lineup.

Despite the death toll, one witness states that the backstage area could have been more crowded during the attack if it wasn't for a warning given out by Drago himself.

"I'm not sure if you can print what he said word for word but in layman's terms he said for people to get out of the area because there was a homicidal - female dog about." The woman stated, "It was a bit crude but the way he phrased it was quite effective to get us to move. He's actually kind of quiet when not performing."

With the crowd managed and Scorpia being fought against by the likes of Sandman, another one named Phantasm, A girl who made bright flashes, and another one, who has been dubbed Lobster Boy by witnesses, the casualty rate was kept down quite considerably.

Due to the impact of Wynebago's death upon one of the main acts. Next week's festival dates in Boston have been postponed for a later date to be determined later. There's no word yet whether or not Pain or Drago will continue to be making appearances in the tour.

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