2012 04 08 Follow Up Questions

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Follow up questions

Night Thrasher, NPCing by Mike

IC Date:
8 April 2012

Hell's Kitchen

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Night Thrasher visits the home of the guy he ran into at Golem to do some follow up questions.


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Some people call this area the Lower West Side; some people who want to talk it up call it Clinton. A few particularly unwise types call it West Midtown, but they'd better not do that where anyone can hear. Everyone else calls it Hell's Kitchen.

The congested streets are dominated by flat-faced, boxy buildings, three and four stories tall. Between some of them run alleyways - some wide enough to park a car in, some too narrow to give space for anything but ambushing a passerby. The slow transformation of much of the rest of Manhattan into a playground for the wealthy has met its match in the underworld here, which has a vested interest in keeping Hell's Kitchen and its inhabitants poor and desperate as a cover for its own activities, and in the danger of merely entering the neighborhood. After all - though other cities are better known for them lately, Hell's Kitchen is one of the places where street gangs began.

Ah Easter. One of the holiest days of the year for certain religions. And time where people who typically do not go to church suddenly do. This has led to a rather quiet run down apartment building in which a certain gruff looking, stubbled ape of a man is currently lingering in. Unlike his neighbors, The man, known as Leon to those who know him, chose the sleep in option. And sleep in he does well. The day's nearly over and he's still in bed. Nggh.

Dwayne has been casing Mr. Pherigo for sometime now. The New Warrior pretty much let the man go when he met him at the burnt out remains of the recording company. Using the information he gained from the man, and of the man, Dwayne learned just about everything about this small-time hood. That information includes the man's humble abode. Leon had been pretty confident at the burnt out remains, so Dwayne has chosen to confront him at home. Night Thrasher scaled the fire escape outside of the run down apartment building. Getting to the designated window, Thrasher notes the open window. He silently slips through the window. As he passes over the windowsill, a series of sharp caltrops are left.

The Leon is bundled up in his sheets, snores serenading Dwayne's entry as the source of the sound lies blissfully unaware of his new visitor. As Night Thrasher makes his way through, he'll likely find the apartment to be similar in appearance quality as the man who lives within it. It's a dump. Good luck manuevering around the random laundry piles. and feel free to leave some quarters and help a guy out with that chore.

Night Thrasher is more than capable of navigating this sea of laundry and bachelordom, thanks to thermal and night vision capabilities in his helmet. The cacophony of snoring helps the armored man pinpoint his target. A hidden pressure button in his gauntlet releases one of his staves from its clasps on his armor. He pulls the truncheon out from behind him and settles next to Leon's bed. He looks down at the snoring man, biding his time for a few minutes. The truncheon is held in a firm grip at his side.

I would certainly hope the laundry's not still warm…eww. Mid snore, it cuts off, the sound of breathing halting for a few moments before the snore starts up once more. He turns, pulling the sheet with him.

Night Thrasher stands there for a few moments longer before turning his head this way and that, looking for a lightswitch or, rather, any lightsource. He takes a few steps, flicks on the light and then turns to fully face the slumbering Leon. A moment after the light is flicked on, Thrasher says, "Rise and shine. You've slept the day away. Time to get up."

The light gives a bit of it's own protest as it flickers on, eventually casting a harsh light upon the man. The snoring ceases as this is not considered normal to Leon. The voice speaking up only clarifies the fact to which Leon responds to by reaching under his pillow quickly. Eyes already opening.

The truncheon clutched in Thrasher's hand is raised up with lightning quick reflexes. Thrasher lowers the weapon down, intending the slam the club down on the pillow that Leon reached under. As he does this, Thrasher chides, "Oh, no you don't. Tsk tsk. Your window was open; I let myself in. Now a good time to chat?"

As the stick hits down upon the pillow, Leon gives what could best be described as a yelp. Hand pinned, he turns his head, taking the time to see who it was that made their way into his home. "Oh…" He replies, giving a strained smile, a tad politer than within the recording studio, "It's… you." His body tenses, not really expecting the drop in.

"It's me." Thrasher confirms with a nod of his head. He takes a step towards the bed, raised an armored boot and places it down on the pillow. He raises his truncheon up from the pillow and points it into Leon's chest. Thrasher grunts, "Suppose you can say I wanted to chat with you again. Hoping for you to spill your guts on what went on down at the flame kissed establishment."

"Lucky me," The man mutters, hand remaining under the pillow and therefore under Leon's boot as well. "You're going to be in for a lot of a disappointment 'cause I don't know shit about the fire."

The armored man shakes his head at the response he gets. He also pushes his armored boot down on the pillow more, intent on crushing Leon's hand underneath the feathery pillow. Thrasher humphs, "No? Know nothing about the fire but you know enough to go rooting around inside. Than, how about you tell me what you do know, huh?" He shoves at the man roughly with the end of the truncheon.

Leon's teeth grit tightly as he gets more pressure put upon the hand. There's a bit of a high pitched 'eee' coupled with the visual as his head turns to look to the pillow and then back to Night Thrasher. "Oh come on! All I do is fetch things for people. I don't get all the details."

"Yeah?" Thrasher asks with a little disbelief peppering his voice. The Warrior shakes his head, "So, uh, you just get anonymous telegrams in the mail or something? I'm imagining you meet someone who tells you to go fetch something. I'm more interested in knowing what it is you fetch and for whom." He pauses and pushes down on the man's pillow even more, "I made this special trip out here to come see you, too."

"EEeehh-" The man groans as more force is put upon his hand, "agh! Okay! Let up already!" He grimaces a bit more, "All I was doing was fetching a notebook from the office the guy got pulled out of." He shakes his head, holding up his unpinned hand, palm outward in an expression of surrender. "That's it. Just getting a notebook."

Thrasher humphs and doesn't let up, he keeps the pressure on. The New Warrior says with continued disbelief, "Went to ferret out a notebook in a place that had just been torched? A notebook? A spiral notebook full of flammable, easily burnable paper?" He shakes his head, "Oh, please tell me more. For whom? What was in the notebook? I know you must know or that you peeked."

"Oh for shit's sake, didn't you even LOOK in that building when you were in there?!" Leon snaps, voice tinged in frustration, "Whoever set it made it obvious it was set! The studio equipment was what got torched, all the offices got was smoke. And hell, the lobby didn't get a damn thing!" He tries to tug his hand out from under the pillow, seemingly writhing. "So yeah, I got a fucking notebook you dumbass!"

Night Thrasher narrows his eyes, shakes his head and pulls the truncheon out from its depressed position in the man's chest. He quickly swings it in an effort to clobber Leon across the head, "I wasn't asking you what was obvious. What I was asking was for whom you retrieved the notebook for and what was in it. That's a lot of effort for a notebook, I must say."

As the stick hits him in the head, Leon's head turns sharply with the blow. Eyes squint together, "Christ." His head shakes, "You just sa-" He pauses grumbling , "I was fetching it for the guy whose office it was. As for what's in it, considering who I usually work for, you can PROBABLY assume it was probably another set of numbers or something like that."

Night Thrasher reaches to his belt with his free hand. He slides something out of a satchel and releases the pressure on the man's hand. Both boots are now on the floor, "I don't assume anything, Leon. I ask questions. I get answers. No reason to assume." The truncheon is then swung towards the light that he turned on, attempting to shatter the lightbulb and extinguish its light.

As Night Thrasher removes the pressure off of his hand, Leon scowls, starting to lift his hand out from under the pillow with something in his hands "And you also g-" And then darkness. "Oh come on! That was an energy saver bulb! Do you know how much those cost?!"

Night Thrasher steps backwards away from the bed, moving in the direction he originally came from. The truncheon is held defensively in front of him and whatever he grabbed from his belt, clutched in his other hand. Thrasher replies, "Less expensive than the dental work you will have done if you don't sit there and re-evaluate your life." He pauses, "I mean, look at this place. You live a sad life." Towards the window, Thrasher continues to move.

"I CAN'T look at the place because you broke the GOD DAMN LIGHTBULB you JACKASS!"

At the window, Thrasher collects the caltrops he had left there. He slips the truncheon back in its place in some clamps on his back. He steps through the window, turns back and calls back into the room, "You realize I wasn't literally asking you to look around at the room, right? I imagine you've got a good idea as to the location of the laundry piles and old Pizza boxes. Get to re-evaluating and know this; If I see you on the street doing something suspicious again, I'm breaking every joint in your fingers." Back out the window and down the fire escape.

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