2012 04 07 Looking For Mick Wtf Man

Log Title:
Looking for Mick II: wtf man?

Richenda Gray, Phantasm

IC Date:
7 APR 2012

New York Performing Arts Center

Brief log summary::
Richenda looks around for Mike admist the post Scorpia chaos


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It's a good thing for Chenda that she still has her program, and its nifty little map of the grounds. It, like her outfit, is a little the worse for wear after that battle with The Scorpion Queen, but enough's survived to let her find her way out and around the perimeter of the show grounds. She's still craning her neck, though, keeping her eyes open for a certain rock star.

Amongst the chaos of looky lous having to be held back by security along with the police, firefighters, and EMS personnel making their way around the grounds, it is a tad bit hard to locate Mick in the confused crowd making sense of the destruction and death. Having located some spare makeup wipes, Mike has removed his stage makeup and has pulled back what he could of his hair. As for his shirtless status, he corrected that with a quick request to one of the more able-bodied stage hands. Mike wanders around, looking around worriedly.

Chenda finally chances to wander near the part of the chaos that holds Mike, and fortunately, she knows what he looks like on and off stage. "Mike!" she cries in relief, and hurries to meet him. "Oh, thank goodness! I was afraid something'd happened to you!"

Hearing his name, fortunately by a familiar voice, he turns his head, looking towards Chenda as she's approaching. He pauses, not speaking until after she greets him. "Hey Chenda," he replies, already starting to glance around, frowning again, "Any chance you've spotted Wade around here? He wasn't in the green room area."

Chenda gives Mike a quick hug before she answers. "Wade? I know he was here… I haven't seen him since the show." She looks around, probably pointlessly. "He wasn't backstage when I got there."

Mike nods, "Yeah, had one of the hands take him away when he got hit." He still glances around, "Haven't seen him either." Eyes set upon a sheet covered body getting wheeled away. "Think he was taken to the hospital already?"

Chenda follows Mike's gaze, shuddering and hugging her elbows when she sees the body. "We could check… surely there's somebody around here with a cell phone that we could borrow."

"Assuming that the service isn't already being flooded with calls." Mike mutters, patting his pockets which are pretty much empty. He shakes his head, "This is, some pretty fucked up shit. You know?" Grumbling he eventually pauses in his scan of the audience in time to see a rather shocked looking stage hand just standing there. "Over there." He starts walking.

"I know," Chenda replies, agreeing. "I hope Wade's okay. He does seem to have this unfortunate tendency to be in the worst place at the worst time." She follows along with Mike. "What about you? I don't think Greenie was here at random. She was talking about money, and she definitely asked about a rock star…" (repose)

Mike's frown deepens, "Let's just say Orsini's been upgraded." as they reach the stage hand, he looks to the staffer curiously, "Hey, you know what happened to Wade or got a phone I can borrow?"

"That crazy guy's still trying to kill you?" Chenda's eyes widen. "He's persistent, I'll give him that much." Hearing the question, she clasps her hands and puts on her best worried look for the stagehand.

"I don't know." Mike replies, glancing towards Richenda before looking to the stage hand who seems to still be a bit out of it as she just blankly hands him her phone. "Um. Sure," she murmurs, glancing towards yet another body being wheeled out.

As the phone hits his hand, Mike's eyes follow where she glances and shakes his head, "Christ." He looks over to the woman once more. "Any idea who got hurt?"

"I didn't know very many people here," Chenda replies, blushing and looking around. "I know Buzzsaw was already gone when Greenie got here. Their bus has a couple big holes in it, but they're all okay. A couple roadies from Walkabout were injured, but the band's fine. I saw them over near one of the ambulances. Most of the casualties were in gear and security. And I think your friends from the backstage area are okay, too."

"There were a lot of bands." Mike murmurs, shaking his head, eyeing the phone as he considers what number to call.

"At least five," Chenda agrees worriedly. "I think some of these ambulances have their contracted hospitals on the side. Maybe one of the same ones took Wade." It's the best clue she's got.

Mike nods and starts dialing. But instead of putting his head to the phone, he glances around. At the sound of a ring tone off to the side, he starts pushing his way over there.

"… or maybe Wade has his phone with him, and it still works," Chenda says, smacking her forehead. She should've thought of that herself. And she's right behind Mike as he pushes his way through the crowd. "Wade?"

The ring tone does lead them over to Wade's phone but there is no Wade with the phone. Instead the staffer from earlier is standing there, looking to it. Upon Mike arriving, he gives an awkward, semi-forced smile.

"Where's Wade?" Mike asks, skipping over formalities as he hangs up the phone.

Another disappointment. Not Wade, but somebody with his phone. "Not Wade," the gypsy girl murmurs, looking the staffer up and down. "Not Wade at all."

The staffer hands over Wade's phone to Mike. "He had some burns to his back but they think he's going to be fine. He's being taken to Brooklyn General. He said you'd probably want to kn-." He stops as he watches Mike already turning, heading towards the performance parking lot, only to get intercepted by police folk. "God damn it!"

"Thank goodness…" Chenda tries to follow Mike, but only gets stopped when he does. Seeing an explosion building, she quickly slips around Mike's side and gives him a quick hug. "Mike, wait. I can check on him and call you from there. Keep his phone and give me the number, and I'll be in touch as soon as I can," she offers.

Mike grits his teeth, looking between the cops and then towards Chenda. Eyes narrow as he looks to the officer before he finally shoves the phone over towards Chenda. He looks to the younger mutant, "Go to the performance lot, Behind the third bus is a van. Like the one at the video shoot. Guy who hangs out in there's name is Josh. Tell him Mike sent you and wants him to take you to the hospital."

Chenda nods, releasing the hug and accepting the borrowed phone. "I'll be in touch," she promises, and ducks back into the crowd. She manages to elude the police, thanks to a lifetime of practice, and hurries for the lot.

It doesn't take long to find the van. Seeing a shadow moving in the back, she hurries up and tries the door.

The door remains locked but at the door being tried, the front passenger window rolls down, revealing an elder man, "Yeah, what do you want?"

"Josh? Mike sent me!" Chenda replies, forgetting to introduce herself in her excitement and worry. "He wants you to take me to Brooklyn General Hospital! Wade's there!"

There's a bit of a blink as the girl knows his name. He glances over towards the direction of the stage area, "Guess that explains why no one's come back to the bus." He mutters, shaking his head. He doesn't say much else, but the door unlocks.

"Thank you!" Chenda pulls herself up and into the van, shutting the door behind her. "Um, I'm Chenda. Please be careful. There are cops /everywhere/, asking questions, and everybody's in shock, and they're not watching where they're walking."

With Chenda in the van, the engine comes to life and they slowly make their way to the hospital.


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