2012 04 07 Looking For Mick Time Is Money

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Looking for Mick: Time is money!

Gomi, Phantasm, Richenda-Gray, Sandman, Scorpia

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7 Apr 2012

New York Performing Arts Center

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Scorpia shows up to kill a musician. And she does kill one. Plus a bunch of other folks…


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At the MARVELous New York Performing Arts Center, an outdoor concert venue just a little ways beyond the outer area of New York City where parking is actually possible. There are plenty of cars parked in lots that typically sit empty during the non-concert season.

Tonight it is packed with the sole exception being the one parking lot area that is fenced off for the band tour buses and groupie-mobiles to parked in. There's a small stream of people exiting out of the main exits, heading towards the parking area reserved for audience members, and there are a few cars departing from the performance lot as the earlier bands and crew memebers that performed hours ago head off to go get booze- err, get food. Yeah. Food.

As for inside? The lights to the ampitheatre stage has grown dark as the final song of the encore for Drago's set completed. There are a few sounds of protest from some of the diehards but the band has escaped to backstage to allow for arena techs to bring back the seating lights for the fans to see as they make their orderly exits from the festival grounds. In theory orderly.




Ok, it's a good thing that what Mike's using for a home at the moment is parked behind the ampitheatre. This might take awhile.

Excited to have come to the concert, Sandman had brought young Gomi with him. He had encountered the youth months ago and Avengers business had kept him busy and so with some free time, he has invited the youth with him and even made arrangements so that the young lad could bring his lobsters with him. Sandman offers to Gomi, "So the singer. He is my friend and so we can go backstage and meet him. You will like him." Baker tells the youth as they head to the area where Mike. Sandman is happy to had come here. He had never really been a fan of music and he pretended to like Mike's music without ever hearing it. Having heard it live, he knows for sure that he does not like it, but will continue to pretend for his friendâs sake.

Gomi frowns as he shuffles along after Sandman, a satchel slung over one shoulder with two pairs of eyes peering out from under the flap. "Well, Don expressed an interest in your friend's music, so I thought perhaps he would enjoy an opportunity to see it performed live. We never got to go out very much, so it should certainly be a rare treat for both he and Bill."

Yes it was indeed an odd request, but being that Mike has met Gomi before, albeit, briefly, it wasn't AS hard a sell as it would have been if he hadn't. So yes, concessions were made and they were one of the few allowed behind the scenes. This makes for a slightly easier time to find Drago backstage as he tiredly nods to his part time bandmates and his full time friend, Wade Shaw, WHO also got to play bass for a few of Mike's songs happily enough this time around. Still glossed up in his concert attire, his appearance is comprable to feminine from a distance which, from the girlish squeals from the audience earlier can determine, it sells. If he hadn't lost his shirt to a fan just prior to the encore, there might even be confusion to the gender as well. Wade too, is also wearing some of that make up stuff as well. Pfft. Musicians.

Lined eyes glance up, spotting Sandman and Gomi, leading to the gussed up, hair tossled, make up wearing, shirtless musician lifting up an arm to give a wave of greeting and a tired smile, "Hey guys."

"Well, I am glad that Don liked it. But what about you? I figure a night out and away from that factory or whatever the hell that place you live in would be good for you too and not just your pets." When the shirtless man where make-up approaches Sandman covers his mouth to stifle a laugh and pauses before looking at Mike shrugs and goes to hug his friend lifting up the rockstar in a tight bearhug! "Great job! And thanks for the pass and letting my buddy, Gomi and his pets come in!" He then drops Mike and looks to Gomi, "A real rockstar, right here. I bet Don is happy!"

"No problem," Mike replies as the distance between the three is closed, "At least you gave me enough t-" Not expecting for Sandman to pick him up, despite other instances of this occuring in past interactions, Mike finds himself lifted and squeezed tightly. The loss of air is enough to cause for the sleepy musician to become a tad more alert as he grunts. "aaaaAir!" He wheezes as his feet tilt downwards, allowing for the balls of his feet to at least touch the ground.

Gomi shrugs. "I don't really have that many preferences when it comes to music." he opens the flap and the two lobsters have happy faces hovering above them, indicating they seem happy. "Goodness. What are you doing?" he asks, adjusting his glasses and ducks behind someone. "I certainly hope we can avoid being accosted."

Within seconds a loud and quick whirring sound starts and stops and Sandman suddenly makes an odd noise. A groan of pain when he looks up at Mike, "Take Gomi…run…" As he continues to mumble those words out, sand drips from his mouth as he holds his stomach to find a long green metallic tail sticking through him. The point of the tail is dripped in some red liquid as Sandman is suddenly and violently lifted off the ground and Scorpia stands revealed.

The villainess clad in green armor and using her tail to pick up the injured body of Sandman, "Mr. Drago! Don't take this wrong way…I am a huge fan, but you have to die…But think about the sales your records will make after your death." Sandman's body begins to crumble as Scorpia shakes him loose from her tail and looks between Mike and Gomi and his lobsters, "Those are yours? I like lobsters…so you can live, boy…" She looks to Mike, "Any last famous words to be recorded for posterity?"

Sandman is currently crumbling.

"No problem," Mike replies as the distance between the three is closed, "At least you gave me enough t-" Not expecting for Sandman to pick him up, despite other instances of this occuring in past interactions, Mike finds himself lifted and squeezed tightly. The loss of air is enough to cause for the sleepy musician to become a tad more alert as he grunts. "aaaaAir!" He wheezes as his feet tilt downwards, allowing for the balls of his feet to at least touch the ground. When Sandman lets go, Mike takes a deep breath before eyeing Sandman, "Geez Baker… give a -GOD!" The image of the tail coming through his friend adds to the effect of waking the musician up from his bout of tiredness from before, hearing Sandman's warning, he nods, already starting to grab for Gomi's hand to pull him as he's already starting to move away from Scorpia, not really listening to her threat much, "Come on!" He turns his head to shout to any lingering musicians and stage hands in the vicinity to give warning too "CLEAR THE AREA PEOPLE! CRAZY MURDEROUS BITCH IN THE HOUSE!"

Gomi looks oddly unfazed by the sudden violence, but secures the lid to his satchel. "Yes, they are Bill and Don. Thank you, but I would appreciate it if you didn't kill the other gentlemen here. It would certainly ruin what has been a most pleasant evening. If you decline to stand down, you will certainly be subjected to retaliation from not only this individual here, but also myself, and I do not wish to do that since you made such a gracious offer."

Smirking at the chaos her presence has caused people begin to flee and run amok in a stampede like mob. She laughs, "Murderous bitch. I would be offended if it wasn't true." She coils up her tail and leans back ready to launch herself through the air towards the fleeing Mike when Gomi speaks his words and she pauses and uncoils the tail as she walks straight for Gomi. Her tail blasting begins firing various lasers which cut through some of the fleeing fans literally cut them in half. One blasts ricochets bounce off some metal and strike Wade injuring him as he falls down and grimaces. When she reaches Gomi, she bends down slightly so her face is even with his, "You are adorable…what can the little boy with pet lobsters do?"

Sandman is on the floor in a pile of sand which flickers between red and normal sandy color.

Gomi adjusts his glasses and looks up at the woman. "If you wish to see, after that display of unwarranted violence, I would be happy to show you." he squints and unleashes a telekinetic blast, focused totally in front of him. It would be like being hit with a freight train.

Having failed to grab Gomi's hand like he had intended to do, Mike turns his head to shout back to Gomi, instead seeing several people get cut down and Wade getting hit. "W-" Eyes widening, he bites back his friend's name before he collars a stage hand and snaps at him to take Wade to the 'green room' area as well as herd any other performers that way. As for Mike, he starts to move in the opposite direction of said room. He looks back in the direction Scorpia was last in, seeing her near Gomi, "Hey nutters! I'm over here!" Once he's sure he's got her attention, he starts to run towards the back entrance to the ampitheatre. A side that has more trees than parking lot.

The blast strikes Scorpia sending her flying out of the immediate room where Mike, Sandman, Gomi, the lobsters, and the fans are. Four fans and one musician lie dead, their bodies cut fully in half from Scorpiaâs laser. She lies outside the room, but her armor increases her strength by 500 percent and with a micro-thin force field around her body, the blast sent her flying but did little damage. Gathering her composure and coiling the tail, she sinks in and bounds off it and back into the spot and directly where she was before when she was confronted by Gomi, "That was quite the blast boy…My turn…" She swings her clawed hands forward with surprising speed ready to scratch the boy. She is fascinated by Gomi and seemingly ignores Mike, but capable of multiple attacks, her tail seems to move on its own and fires plasma blast towards the fleeing rockstar.

Reforming now a large mound of sand forms up as the blast is fired at Mike. A hardened sand wall places itself and is immediately struck down and explodes into globules and grains of sand. A disembodied voice similar to Sandman screams out, "Again! Mikey get outta here. Gomi and I can take her." But first he has to reform…again.

Gomi tries to back away from her, but he isn't very fast physically, so she may make contact with her claws. "My powers are artificial in nature, I don't have the limitations that normal telekinetics have." he takes a deep breath and tries to fire again. Sure, he doesn't have the limitations that come with natural powers, but he has a power source which can run low. "I do not understand why you want to harm these people. What have they done to you?"

Not quite expecting the blast to be shot at him while she was 'distracted' Mike is caught a bit off guard as he falls to the floor while Sandman blocks a shot aimed right at him, "Oh bleedin' hell." He mutters, seemingly channeling the ghost of his mother with that utterance, as he starts to get up, listening to Sandman's warning, "Alright. He lingers a moment, glanceing towards where Wade had fallen to confirm that he indeed had been moved from the spot, and when he is satisfied, he nods, "Good luck." He starts to head for the back door, starting to run.

The blasts strikes Scorpia again sending her back, but she was ready for it. She is still staggered though as distance is placed between herself and Gomi. She is on the floor now in a semi-seductive pose more related to scorpions that humans. She hisses out, "I don't care about these people. I just want to kill the singer…Money is more important to me than any of these punks…You're cute, kid. Why not go join the X-Men or something and stay out of this little fight?" She is using this chat time to recover from his TK blast.

Starting to reform again, Sandman places himself between where Mike is outside the room so as to keep the target out and face off with Scorpia himself. "We have old business, bitch…And funny thing is…I've been practicing how to take you down myself…now leave the kid out of this and play with the big boy over here!" Sandman shouts out to her as his body reforms and he is his usual height, but completely in pssamic form.

Gomi shrugs. "That is a very poor excuse. You do realise that if the performer is killed, that it will not immediately drive up the value of his records? If you kill him, it will be known that you killed him and the investigation will undoubtedly cause you unecessary attention, which will not make you any money, but rather cost you money. It is a poor financial descision, if I may say so. If you continue to come toward me, I will continue to repel you. The X-Men have more important individuals to tend to rather than myself. I am quite content living in the abandoned warehouse, though I thank you for your concern."

"Look, I'm not gonna tell youse again. Youse got no pass, so youse ain't goin' backstage!" bellows quite possibly the most obese security guard in New York. And that's saying something. He'd be hilarious if there weren't some real strength under all the cellulite. Plus, he's blocking the door.

And Richenda Gray doesn't have a forklift. Or much patience left after several minutes of arguing. "Look, I told you. My pass got stolen during the concert." How embarrassing; a gypsy getting her pocket picked! "If you'll just call Mick and say that Chenda's here, he'll tell you who I am. I know you've got a cell phone, 'cuz all you security people carry them!"

It's uncertain if she's glue, but he's most certainly rubber. "Look, Precious; no pass, no go! I don't care if you're the President a the United States." The Amazing Blubberman crosses his arms and nods definitively, chins jiggling… until the first plasma blast comes through the sheetrock privacy wall, anyway. "Huh?! WHOA!!!" He throws himself to the ground. Fortunately, it's pavement.

Equally fortunately, Chenda knows an opening when she sees it. "Thank you for your cooperation," she says in her best official voice, the joke undercut by sudden real concern in her voice. "Mick?" she calls, hurrying in the general direction of the source of the plasma blast.

When Sandman calls her out, Scorpia all but ignores the boy, "Sandy…Love…Did you miss me?" She fires off a series of different energy blasts at Sandman as she rushes forward to place distance between herself and the Avenger. Her tail lashes out after the blasts and attempts to wrap itself around Gomi to use him as a weapon and fling him at Sandman. Her intended target is getting away, but she has to get past the Avenger and his sidekick with the lobsters.

Gomi frowns as he finds himself grabbed and flung like a sack of potatoes, finding himself viewing the world upside down for a moment. "Oh dear." he says, sailing through the air head over heels in the direction of Sandman.

As Chenda is running back stage, Mike's approach to the back door does cause for him to go around a corner, obscuring him from the view of those around the area of Scorpia. Skidding to a stop while out of view, he pushes the back stage door open, and allows for it to close loudly, giving the audible cue that he ran outside. He however, remains inside and instead ducks over into an adjacent storage closet. This will either be the smartest thing he's done in the whole course of this incident, or the dumbest. Either way, he closes the door quietly and then crouches down to make himself as small as possible. Okay! Just have to focus now.

"Oh jeez." Sandmanâs body forms various holes which all the blasts to fly through him harmlessly. But he sighs when Gomi is flung at him. Sandman mutters something vulgar as he moves away from the door to catch Gomi in a giant sand mitt formed in his chest, "You ok, Gomi?" The Avenger asks as he puts the boy down. Shaking a sandy fist in Scorpia's general direction, "Really, gotta use a little boy as a weapon?"

Using super agility to get through the doorway since Sandman moved away, Scorpia leaps through, but manages to blow a kiss, "Thanks for the entrance, Sandy…I'll remember this." She is not out in the area and looking about for Mike, but had not managed to see him hide and yells, "I swear if I lose money on this, Sandy. You and the retard are dying!" She searchs about using her tail to fling people and objects out of the way. When she comes upon Chenda, she lashes out with her tail, hoping to ensnare the girl, "Where did the rockstar go?" She hisses to Chenda.

Gomi is caught and put back down. "I believe I am unharmed, though my pride may have been dented by being referred to as a little boy." he sighs as he stands up and brushes himself down. "It is now compounded by being insulted by the enemy."

Hearing the sound of more of those plasma blasts, Chenda curses softly and picks up the pace, finally coming through the door to the sight of… a guy with a gritty mitt in his chest, catching a small skinny guy, and a green and black woman with a tail. The gun barrel in that tail, though, is a pretty good clue as to who's throwing around all the energy blasts. The fact that she's throwing around kids is an even better clue as to just who the cause of the trouble is here.

That's about all the clue she gets, and unfortunately, it's not enough for her to get out of the way when that mechanical appendage comes her way! "UNNFF! Hey, not so tight! You're wrinkling my blouse!" Just her luck to dress up for a concert and have it attacked by a crazy murderess in a scorpion costume.

The gypsy blinks at the question. "Rock star? There's been a lot of rock stars in here… I think Buzzsaw's already gone, and… who else was there?" She lifts her hands, as if to check the program she's pulled from her hip pocket… and instead opens her right hand and snaps her eyes shut, hurling suddenly-summoned power seeds straight at Scorpia's face! "Guys, pull up your socks!!!"


YAY! It wasn't the dumbest thing to do! With Mike resolving the issue of there not being a damn safe place nearby he could hide at outside, he uses this newly formed time of 'not being shot at' to focus. Curled up as much as he can, eyes closing, the floor and adjacent lower portion of a closet wall support his weight as he sets about doing what he's been getting quite a bit of practice doing. And now, focus…

"Ok, Gomi, sorry about that. Stay here. See if anyone needs any help. Cops are on their way, but I gotta stop Scorpia." He leaves Gomi in the room where they were and starts to make his way outside moving similarly to Mr. Fantastic, but in a sand form, he spots Scorpia with Chenda in her tail. "Let the girl go." When the flash of light goes off, thankfully in his sand form he does not really have eyes. So he instinctively covers his face, but shakes his head and continues forward.

Scorpia is surprised by the gypsy flash attack and covers her eyes and starts rubbing. She screams out and winding her tail flings Richenda Gray hard and far in the direction of Sandman. "Fuck this," she curses as she starts to shoot wildly a variety of blasts. Some are plasma, some are electric, some are lasers, some are microwave blasts, which hits the guard who was keeping Chenda from originally entering. His body now smolders and burns as he is dead and charred from the stray microwave blast.

"Yes!" For just a moment, a gleeful smile crosses Chenda's face. She /can/ do this! And then that powerful tail unwinds and she goes flying. "YAAAAHH!!!"

As Scorpia starts shoot wildly, another presence comes around. A hooded figure appears from nowhere, clinging on to the swinging tail. There's no added weight to this hitchiker but from the glow of his eyes and jagged teeth from beneath the unmoving darkness of the hood, this newcomer seems quite, pissed off. He presses his hand into the tail, turning his head as it mimicks the twisting movement he's doing with the hand inside. Hmm, there's got to be something in there that shouldn't be separated.

Once again, playing catch, the problem with being an Avenger and hero is that you have to save people before you take on the bad guy. So once again, Sandman creates a mitt and catches Chenda in his sandy grip, "You ok?" He asks the girl as he gently puts her down. When Phantasm makes his appearance, Sandman looks to Scorpia, "Now you are in trouble."

Her vision slowly coming back, she hisses out to Sandman, "Oh, please, as if you could ever do anything to me." Still blurry but making out a black shape, a hood, and teeth, She grimaces, "What the fu…" She does not have time to finish when her tail begins to malfunction and shoot sparks. "Dammit! Time to go." With the presence of Phantasm, two kids with powers and an Avenger, "The money ain't worth this!" The tail curls up and she launches herself directly up through the ceiling and into the night sky in one dramatic leap, chunks of ceiling and concrete fall down when she explodes through and out of sight.

"Oof!" Well, it beats a wall! Chenda sighs in relief. "Thanks. I'm good," she murmurs quickly, turning back toward Scorpion-Bitch and charging another couple power seeds. "But that doesn't mean I'm letting Greenie here off the hook!" Ooh, she's mad.

And then a familiar form appears, hanging on the woman's tail! "Phantasm!" He'll need cover, though… only now Scorpion-bitch is leaving?

Trouble is, now the ceiling wants to play, too! "Whoa, get back!" Chenda shouts, trying to push her rescuer away from the falling debris.

Once he releases Chenda from the mitt, Sandman increases his height and weight as he solidifies and uses himself to keep debris from falling and hold up the place to keep it from falling down around everyone.

As s Scorpia leaps, the Phantasm starts to leave with her as he is holding on to the tail. But with the noise of battle and other factors. Phantasm, flickers. One moment on the the tail, next moment on the ground, and then gone.

There's a creak of the storage room door and the side door soon after.

"Or… okay, that works too!" Chenda says, blushing and ceasing to push. "Good thing you got here, Phan…" And now he's gone! This is not her night for doing things right, it seems. "Wait… where's Mick?"

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