2012 04 06 Panty Fetish

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Panty Fetish

Richenda Gray, Havok, Siryn

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Kitchen, XMansion

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Talking over breakfast.


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-==[ Kitchen - Xavier Mansion ]==---------

A lovely mixture of old and new. A large wooden butcher's block fills the center of this room; a few stools sit beside it, allowing it to function as a breakfast nook. A massive, stainless steel Sub-Zero refrigerator is crammed full of food and set off to the side of the sink and counters. A cornucopia of brass and iron cooking utensils hang from hooks set over the counters and the butcher's block. A great stove with eight burners and two ovens is set into one wall, and any kind of kitchen appliance or utensil you can imagine is either out on the counter awaiting use or hidden away within a drawer or cabinet. The rear wall is actually one giant picture window, looking out over the back of the estate. During the day, this room is filled with the light from the window.

"Billy hasn't. He was trying to chat his way into my… /room/ at the time, at breakfast." Apparently even Chenda has some taboos. "I haven't noticed any more eyes following me, but I might be missing them." She glances over at Terry thoughtfully. "Did you do something like that once, and get more attention from it?"

"Drop me pants, ye mean?" Theresa laughs quietly, her blue eyes not at all amused. "Lass… if I tell ye what /I've/ done, ye'd think I was braggin'. Let's suffice t' say tha' an alcoholic's actions are no' th' ones ye should choose t' emulate. Though perhaps ye /should/ learn from her experience." She smiles slightly.

It's then Alex Summers walks into the room as if he owns it. He's learned to take the attitude of being superior to the students and they'll leave him alone. Yet, there's always the hanger-on that wants his autograph or some crap that just annoys him further. Today he's hungry and didn't eat 3 hours ago like normal (to avoid the kids) so he has to brave the sniffling wilds of children to gather foodstuffs.

Moving through the room, he acts as if he has blinders on - don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact - and makes his way toward the food gathering trough.

"Noooo… I meant trying to /stop/ attention and then getting more because it didn't work," Chenda clarifies, sighing tiredly. There truly has to be a pooka in here twisting others' understanding of her words today.

Of course, having sharp ears means even deliberate attempts to avoid her attention don't always work. So she naturally looks up at the sound of the kitchen door opening… and glances immediately back down, seeing who walks through. He doesn't want to see her, she doesn't want to see him. For once, Chenda and Havok agree on something!

"Ah!" Theresa understands better. "Quit teasin' 'im wi' things in his drinks and droppin' yer drawers," she advises. "Th' two best ways t' draw a boy's attention — pickin' at him in various ways, an' ignorin' him altogether. Just acknowledge his presence and don' pay any other attention whatsoever. Th' simple nod lets him know you see him - he'll see straight out ignorin' as a challenge - an' if ye acknowledge but don't engage, yer boring." Her eyes shift toward Alex's arrival and her smile widens a hint. She's pleased to see her teammate, though she doesn't draw attention to this conversation.

While moving through the room, Alex does notice the red hair in his peripheral vision. But will not look directly until he's at the food trough. There he will glance around the room, notice it's Terry and then look at her companion(s), smile and then turn his attention back to the foodstuffs. Having food sloped onto his try, he'll gather a glass of water before deciding which way to go.

No, she really doesn't, but Chenda's beginning to get the idea that changing that understanding is a hopeless cause. "I haven't teased him with either. The latter never happened, the former… oh, never mind. I'll keep that idea in mind. I hate being boring, but I think it's for a good cause, this time. Thanks for the advice, Miss Rourke."

Surreptitiously, she's keeping an eye on Alex. He's in the line, studiously keeping his eyes on the line itself. /Too/ studiously. Will he look at the fellow faculty? Maybe… yes, he does! The gypsy girl stifles a giggle, and that's /exactly/ when he looks over and notices who's with Theresa. Oops! Bad time to laugh!

Alex will break from the line after gathering what he wants and then will decide to be nice - or as nice as he can be - and walk over to the table where Terry & Richenda are seated. There he will set his tray down before an empty chair and take a seat. "Morning.", he'll state in a low tone.

A single brow raises at Chenda. She's got the impression she's missing a good bit. "Aye, no worries, lass." Terry's glance flickers between Alex and the girl and then she shrugs, offering a serene smile. "Ye'll get th' hang of it, I'm certain. We all do eventually." She moves to stand up from the table, bending to kiss Alex's temple with a casual movement. Then she offers on her way to the fridge, "Can I get either of ye somethin' t' drink?"

Chenda offers an embarrassed little fingertip wave to Alex. "Hi," she says simply. She's a student. Kissing an instructor, no matter where, would probably be a bad idea. Theresa's question brings her attention back to the redhead. "Nothing for me, but thanks. Watch the freezer, there's a loose ice tray in there on the door."

Alex has water, is kissed on the temple, then he says, "Thanks, no." and will put food in his mouth to avoid saying much more. It's probably for the best.

Theresa's not getting into the freezer anyway. She retrieves a bottle of water from the fridge and comes back to the table. "Thanks for th' warnin'," she tells Chenda. To Alex, she adds, "I have a lesson tha' needs finishin' but when ye've time, poke yer head in, lad? I've some thoughts on th' team-buildin'." She waggles her fingers to both and slips out.

"'Tis nothin'," Chenda replies, in playful imitation of Theresa's accent, grinning. "Don't take any wooden grade cards."

And now she's alone with Alex. Who seems to be doing his best to avoid speaking, judging by the size of that last mouthful. "Don't cho…" she starts to say, then cuts herself off, as if she hesitated too late.

Swallowing, then taking water, Alex engages in the possible conversation that might arise but choses the direction, "How goes your ability control?"

"Um… okay," Chenda murmurs, blushing. She certainly spends enough time working on it! "I can get exactly the effect I want between light and sound with my flash-bangs, and I haven't disintegrated anything by accident in weeks. Just… can't get the right effect all the time in the Danger Room."

"Describe your power for me again?" Alex asks before taking another bite of eggs. He's trying to discern the effect she's going for and what she has to work with.

"Disintegration, and light and sound." Chenda's voice grows uncertain, as does her expression. "I can disintegrate things with a touch, and I can form power seeds that give off different levels of light and sound. One has no effect on the other, so I can do silent flashes or lightless bangs. I just don't have a lot of variety when it comes to the light and sound, just flashes and bangs." A thoughtful pause. "I can put out a big enough bang to knock things around, too." Scientific-minded she's not.

"Sounds like BoomBoom or Jubilee's power. You might want to talk to either of them to see how they figured it out." Alex comments offering advice on the matter.

"I've talked to Jubes, but I can never catch Boom-Boom," Chenda replies, frowning a little. "There are a lot of differences between our powers, but we found a /little/ common ground and did some practicing together. Well, we did… 'til I disintegrated her coat," she murmurs, blushing. "I did bring it back, but she /really/ blew a fuse over that. I haven't been able to talk her into trying again." She glances appealingly at Havok. "It /was/ an accident. And I did apologize!"

"Well, at least you didn't disintegrate her pants." Alex bemuses to the past and recent adventures of Richenda. He doesn't comment on BoomBoom since he also realized that she's not even on property and with X-Force.

Chenda blushes more brightly and shakes her head, covering her face. "/Also/ an accident," she exclaims, not too loudly.

Alex then smiles, translating her remark to mean that Jubilee's pants went the way of the Dodo as well. "Nice work. So what is it with pants? You got some underwear fetish or something?"

"Um, no…" Chenda glances down, as if looking for some merciful black hole to open beneath her feet and swallow her up. "Gawd. Does nobody remember that I held my own on our little trip through space, once I got over being spacesick? It's not like I mess up every day, even! Just once or twice a week! In practice!" It's funny, actually. Real trouble seems to center the gypsy girl quite well.

With a broadening grin, Alex states, "Oh I remember. Which is why you're about the only student that I'll talk to. But don't let that go to your head - you were lucky and not wearing a red shirt."

"Not /that/ lucky," Chenda ripostes. All the luck was reserved for Jean, that day, and got her home, so far as the gypsy girl is concerned. "I didn't mess up when it counted. And what's a red shirt got to do with anything?"

Standing, Alex lifts his empty tray and then water, "If you wear a red shirt, expect to get popped. I'll see you around." is stated as his departure remark before walking off.

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