2012 04 06 Lesson Learned

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Lesson Learned

Hawkeye and Sandman

IC Date:
April 6, 2012

Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

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Hawkeye teaches Sandman a lesson as he singlehandedly defeats the Sinister Six.


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Loud yells of frustration can be heard coming from the simulation room, as the chamber’s technology has been used to recreate an abandoned factory. Lying on the floor in a pile of sand is William Baker. His disembodied voice cursing loudly as simulacra of the Sinister Six stand over him. Dr. Octopus slamming on tentacle amidst the sand and sending it all over the room, behind the scientific villain stands Mysterio, Electro, Scorpia, Rhino, and Chameleon. They each laugh and point at the fallen Avenger as he starts to reform. The simulation is frozen and any watching or entering will not that this particular scenario has been run three times already and each time the Avenger has lost. Cursing to himself as he is fully reformed, “You gotta be kidding me….Spidey beats these jokers by himself. If he can do it, I gotta be able to do it.”

One Mr. Clint Barton was going to do a workout himself, when you don't have powers you have to work out constantly you know. He watches the end of the fight and checks to see how many times it has been run. "Because Spidey has something very special about him. Hell even I've never been able to place it. But that guy once took on a Herald of Galactus all by himself and won. But we all have something like that Baker, we just need to figure out what yours is, and how best to use it."

Scratching his chin as he tries to strategize ways to take out the Sinister Six, Bill turns when he hears Clint’s voice and eyes the archer curiously, “Well, Vision, advised that the best way to take on a group is with a group. So backup, I guess. And you are right about old web-head. I don’t get it. Guy puts on tights and swings around like a bug…I can turn into sand and do a bunch of cool stuff.” Shaking his head, “Hell, did you beat a…what are they called…the Old Man of the Universe…The Collecting guy…Collector, yeah. That’s him. Collector, elder of the Universe. Guy beat Thor and Iron Man and Wasp…people better than you…and you beat him by yourself.” The dumbfounded expression on his face shows that he means no real insult.

"Well you just kind of figured out part of it, or should of. It's the same thing that helps Cap a lot as well. People constantly underestimate us, they think Spider-Man is just a bug, I'm just a guy with arrows, and Cap is just a guy with a shield. They never realize the benefits that it gives us. Use me for example, sure I'm just a guy with arrows, but that gives me a ton of variety. Thor may be powerful, but you know what he brings to the table, you never know what I will have with me at any given time." He smiles at that one, loves schooling the people who think they are so strong. "Think about this, you were fighting six guys, I have one question for you. How did they even touch you?"

Shaking his head and nodding as Clint speaks, but clearly from his expression, he has no idea what the guy is talking about. Bill sees Clint as just a guy with arrows and Cap as just a guy with a shield. “Yeah, you are right.” He does not want to admit that he does not get what Hawkeye says. When asked about how they were able to touch him, Bill looks up at a monitor and repeats a sequence number which replays the last scenario. It shows up Rhino charging at him and Sandman shifting into a sand form which Rhino charges right through, but then reveals Sandman returning to human form from behind Rhino and grappling with him which then shows Electro firing off an electric blast with Scorpia striking him with her tail and Doc Ock striking the hero down with his tentacle. Sandman hmmmns, “Now see here. Rhino is the strongest in the group. You take down the strong guy first. Now ya see, Sytsevich, thinks he’s the shit cos he got his horn. Take him out and the others go down easily…right? Go for the toughest first and then bam…move on to the other pantywastes.”

Clint sighs at Baker shows him everything on the monitor and explains it, and this is why the guy thinks he's just a guy with arrows, and Spider-Man is just bug. "No. For one Rhino is the strongest, on pure physical strength sure he is, but not powerwise. You need to focus on the ones that will give you the most trouble first, take them out as soon as you can. With your powers Rhino would never give you any trouble, you can shift to sand form on him all day and he'll never touch you."
Clint walks over to the control panel and punches in a few things, so the entire Sinister six is there standing in line right before him. "Now the smartest move is to take out the brains first. Focus on Doc Ock and the Chameleon. They are the smartest of the group, they use their brains to help direct the others."

Nodding as Clint advises him again, Bill seems to be listening now as he understands, “Ok, so it’s not just about who is strong? I mean Rhino can bench-press the whole group with ease…but ok, I get going after Doc… I mean yea, I get why him. He is smart and strong…but Chameleon. What is he going to do? He can’t do squat. He can’t change into anybody on the spot.” He pauses a moment as he thinks, “Oh wait. He did the Kraven trick and had me, Wasp, Shulkie, and that karate girl on the ropes…but yeah. Ok Ok. So then try to take out the brains. But then you still got four tough ones that can fight. We know Rhino, but Mysterio can mess all with our heads. And Electro will be throwing his lightning. Only one who we can’t hurt is Scorpia, cos she’s a girl.”

"One, I want to see you say the girl thing around Ms. Marvel once, just to see what happens to you." Clint is smiling a lot at that one, silly Sandman girls can fight as well. "And two, you just figured out the next two on the list. You go after Mysterio and Electro next, Mysterio first because of his illusions, Electro next because he has variety on his side powerwise. And Chameleon was up there becaue he's smart and can help the others with strategy against you. But him and Ock can be taken out without you even shifting form, just stay sand, and do a sand blast at them and they shouldn't be a problem anymore." He punches more buttons on the console and watches as both Ock and Chameleon end up laying on the ground. "So how would you take out Mysterio and Electro?"

Nodding his head and looking about to make sure the Avengers leader is not in the room with them, “Yeah, let’s keep that last bit about the ladies to ourselves.” Bill grins and looks up at the monitor, “Alright, well, Mysty has to get his cubes or use that fancy costume. If I were to stay in sand form, I can get in where most people can’t. Break up them little cubes of his…Mess up his costume, you mess him up…and he is pretty ineffectual…With Electro, only good thing I can do is just avoid his blasts. Could blind him with a sandstorm trick I do. If he can’t see, he’ll be aiming blind…maybe shoot out the others. Though his blasts won’t take out Rhino, but might put out Scorpia?” He moves next to Clint and starts punching in some of the buttons as a simulacra of Sandman is created and runs through what Sandman just described…taking out Mysterio and then blinding Electro.

"Exactly now you're thinking. One of the other advantages of fighting against a group, if they are not in an open area they will crowd each other. You can also use them against each other in that way. And now you have two left, two that should be very easy for you to take out as well." He does his little Hawkeye smirk at that one, "If you're lucky I won't tell Carol. But only if you're lucky." And Baker he may not be lucky on that one. "So now you just have Rhino and Scorpia left, what do you do now?"

Scratching his head as he stares at the monitor, “Well…” Sandman hmmns and then grins as he punches some buttons. The monitor reveals Rhino charging at Sandman in his pssamic form while Scorpia shoots energy blasts at him. Easily dodging the blasts and the charges, Sandman forms part of his body into a sand bow and arrow and fires off a sand arrow into Rhino’s mouth. Smiling he manipulates the sand inside the villain’s mouth. While going to engage Scorpia, a force field around her body prevents her from really being hurt but shifting his body into a giant sand wave to envelope the villainess and slam her about to and fro burying her in sand. Grinning from behind the monitor, the real Sandman laughs, “I thought the arrow was a nice touch. Rhino can’t be hurt outside of his body…but inside…”

Yup and Clint keeps up his little Hawkeye smirk at the guy, "See now you're learning." He walks over and punches the buttons again and the rest of the Sinister Six are back, and well all ready. He doesn't say anything as he steps out of the room and goes to the viewing room, and starts the program once again, "Now do it for real and not just talk about it."

“Crap.” Sandman mutters as he did not think there would be a an actual test for this scenario. He lifts his finer up ready to protest, but with Cap back on the team and Carol lurking about. Sandman relents and inhales and exhales loudly closing his eyes and doing zen type thing as he mutters something about blonds being bossy. When he opens his eyes, his body is completely pssamic, “Bring it, Hawkeye!”

Oh Clint will bring it, bring it indeed, and Sandman isn't gonna like it. First the Rhino runs at Sandman, cause well the Rhino only runs at people. Scorpia is firing whatever she fires from her tail. Ock is doing his thingy, and trying to attack Sandman with those many arms that he has. But the rest don't attack yet, just are staying there in the background for now. "Lets see how good of a student you are."

As blasts, tentacles, and a Rhino come charging at him, he manipulates his pssamic form fluidly as hole open allowing each item to seamlessly go through him. He leaves Rhino and Scorpia alone letting them attack him. "Well, I was never good in school, but we never had ass-kicking in school. I'd have gotten an A+" For the three standing in the background, he literally spits out small bullet-shaped sand towards the three. Sandman elongates his body as sand shoots up at the doctor in the form of a hand, specifically for the mechanical source of the tentacles in an attempt to rip it apart and render the doctor inert.

Ock goes down at Sandman's attack, that mental link to those tentacles causes him pain when bad things happens to them. As for the sand bullets they hit nothing as the three were illusions created by Mysterio, silly Sandman did you think they were actually real. So the question is where are Mysterio, Chameleon and Electro. Well one is answered when a blast of electricity flies out aimed right at Sandman of course.

The electricity strikes part of Sandman from behind striking an outstretches sand hand, turning it into fulgarite. Angered and hurt, the pssamic Avenger screams out as he literally sheds the fulgarite dropping into on the floor and shifting and spinning and twirling his body into a sandstorm, “Hiding your friends, huh Mysterio…Let’s see how you like sand all over.” Blowing within the confines set up with the simulation room, Sandman twists, turns, and pivots his body until miniscule sand grains spin about with a storm unleashed sending sand clusters flying everywhere and onto the villains.

The blanket sand attack has a lot going for it. One it does disrupt Mysterio's machines so the others are visible now. The rest of the Six, they are getting blinded thanks to Sandman's blanket area effect. Electro can't see to fight, Chameleon without any powers is just kinda cowering right now, whipping sand around hurts normal humans. Rhino and Scorpia aren't hurt by the attack at all, but they can't do anything to Sandman in his current state.

About to control granule of sand, A disembodied voice speaks out, “Ya, punks are pantywaste! I moved on and up! I’m an Avenger now…don’t you forget it.” The sandstorm seems to end as the sand grains seem to just stop and then they begin to form together as sand globules seem aimed to attack each specific member of the group, hoping to enter the villains either through their mouths or into their costumes, scratching and ripping as he attempts to shut them down.

With Sandman's current attack the villains do get shut down and the simulation ends. "Well you did learn that. But I do have to say what Vision said is also true, you're an Avenger now, you don't have to face them alone, you can call on us for help." He comes back into the room after that, "Glad you learned the lesson though. Sure you are tough and powerful, but the strongest thing you can use is your head." So says the guy who doesn't think half the time.

With the simulation over and Hawkeye entering the room, Sandman reforms and turns human as he lets out a yell of victory.
“Well, I ain’t so stupid. So I guess using my head is the way to go.” He goes over to Hawkeye extends his hand out for a handshake, “As fer not facing them alone…well…It’s one thing saying you are an Avenger and having the id and stuff. It is another to actually believe it.”

Clint takes the hand and shakes it, "Trust me I know that feeling. But you are one, and if you ever need help or anything you call us, okay? We give those ID cards for that reason." He stretches himself after that, since Sandman is done, he will be using this room next, "Try not to call between 11am and noon though." That's Clint's special time, he watches The View!

“Alright, Clint. Enjoy your turn in the room.” Sandman makes his way out but stops short and turns back around to give the blond archer a big hug and then makes his way out.

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