2012 04 05 A Simulating Challenge

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A Simulating Challenge

Spider-Woman II, The Thing, The Super Adaptoid

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Avengers Mansion, Simulator Room

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The Thing challenges the Super Adaptoid in the Simulation Room. Spider-Woman II assists with the controls and drops a building on them.


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Standing within the middle of the blank simulator room is the blank form of the Super Adaptoid. Perfectly still, the Adaptoid seems just as inert as the room, perhaps meditating, shut down, or just waiting for something to happen.

And it is with a self-satisified 'woosh' that the doors automatically open and then close themselves around honorary Avenger, Benjamin J. Grim. "Meebe I can run that Hulk simulation again. That cheatin' jerk Banner keeps getting lucky when we lock up…" he's half away in the room when he ntoices the inert Adaptoid'ish form standing in the center of the room, "Oh… sorry! Didn't realize the room was taken."

In a peaceful and slow turn, the Adaptoid's white eyes observe the Thing and a synthetic voice is emitted, "Nothing to be sorry for, Mr Grimm. Welcome to the simulation room. Might I offer you a challenge?". With the query of a challenge, the Adaptoid's right hand raises to waist level and turns upward as if offering something invisible within it's hand.

Ben's ridged brown raises as he considers this carefully. "We'll I guess so, I can always use a good work out." he looks at the offered hand and fingures he's supposed to shake it and so he does.

With his hand taken and shaken, the Adaptoid's head tilts to examine the gesture and angles slightly to the side. Once released the Adaptoid then intones, "Urban environment, equal irregular odds, handicap at 36 percent. Prepare for combat, Mr Grimm."

The room then shifts to a city street, many vehicles all around in a random pattern. Upon closer examination, the city is in a state of disrepair, as if no one has lived here in decades. The vehicles are also reflective of said state with shattered windows, rusted out panellings. The light poles, blue mail boxes, and hot dog vending carts are also available. Space is found between the Adaptoid and the Thing - a good 40 yards. The Adaptoid begins to shift to a green and yellow form. One that can be recognized as the villain Force. An electrical field surrounds his body as he leaves the ground and elevates himself 30 feet. Arms outstretched, Force v2.0 states, "Let it begin."

As Ben suddenly finds himself some 40 yards hense from the adaption, He looks around and gives an impressed whistle, "Pretty swank.. I oughta talk Stretch into installin one o' these." He dusts his hands off and looks to the featureless droid of mystery across the simulator, "So what, we goin full combat simulation, queensbury rules or just clubberan' around?" Of course… as the looser of initiative, he's probably about to get an answer to that in specatular fashion…

The form of Force is potentially daunting for most super heroes. For the The Thing, it's probably nothing more than a nuisance. However, the Adaptoid apparently has a plan and intones, "Don't hold back, as you will find that I will not.". Intending to orbit the Thing, the Adaptoid in the guise of Force will initiate the combat as it circles clockwise and releases a blast toward the ever lovin blue eyed monstrosity.

And Even as his questions are asked, a force blast goes sizzling past his head, "Oh so that's how you wanna play!" he says and his feet turn as he diggs into the ground. A small impact creature irises out around Ben's footprints as he launches himself into the air flinging himself fully body at Force v 2.0. The shock of seeing a rocky behemoth bearing down on you is probably enough to give you pause…. and that's likely how that overhand punch he throws at the point of impact connect. That huge fist slams into the metallic chest plate with a thunderous report, as Ben aims all his force into trying to send Force flying in a downwards angle towards the ground.

Having recently returned to the area, the woman formerly known as Spider-Woman, but has recently announced via Spider-Man and a altercation with HYDRA that she is now going by Arachne, has been seeking out former contacts, team members, etc to let them know. As a professional courtesy.

How lucky for her that her visit coincided with a Simulation session that she would be talked into helping with. While she managed to keep from being in the Simulation itself she volunteered to sit in the control booth and add to the ambiance of the Simulation.

Watching from the control booth she taps at the controls and a thick fog begins to roll across the floor and creep up the walls, shrouding vision. A breeze kicks up then, swirling the dense fog around.

The amount of knock-back generated by the Thing with his initial strike coupled with the lack of knock-back resistance of Force v2.0 due to the flight, knocks Force v2.0 down and into the sidewalk against one of the derelict skyscrapers. A resonate impact noise rattles the fatigued and cracked glass of the structure and kicks up a large amount of dust in the immediate area.

Force v2.0 will not stand this round as he is still staggered, however he will intone, "Good strike, Thing."

"It's what I do!" Be says as he shakes out his fist as it still crackles with energy from Force's protective shield. Just because his dense flesh can resist the charge, doesn't mean it doesn't still sting a bit. Landing less that gracefully, BEn does manage to Tumble and get his feet under himself just as he careerns into a an alley dumpster. Turning to Force v 2.0 he rolls his head to either side, each causing a loud pop, "I'm ready fer' round two when you are."

Rising to his feet. Force v2.0 will intone, "I see that this template isn't sufficient to face you head on. Which is an accomplished tactic for one such as yourself. Therefore…" The Adaptoid starts rushing toward The Thing. The image of the Adaptoid changes again to an amalgam of Force and Thor. The body armor of Thor is prevalent as well as the hammer of Mjolnir within his hand. The helm is that of Force as well as the leg/feet coverings. "I shall endeavor to challenge you even further." Raising his mighty fist and intends to strike the Thing with the hammer of Thor.

"I dunno about that… I've faced Force before and he can be plenty tough when he wants to be." He says as he waves a hand as he tries to clear the fog in vein. As the thick visual impedement. He says a shape charging through the mist and Ben says, "Hey.. who come you got wings on your head now….." And before it can finsih processing, he eats a facefull of Faux-Mjornir. "Gback!" Ben exlcaims as the force of the strike spins himsel around. But the cagey veteran recovers and instead of trying to stop his spin follows through, trying to end his revolution with a backfist to th mid section hopfully knocking both wind and balance out of Faux-Thor.

Struck in the midsection as its' own strike lands against the Thing, the Amalgamed-Adaptoid will respond adding to the kibbitzing of the fight, "You will definitely have to do better than that, Thing. As I have taken a superior template to your own. One that can only be beaten through imagination or luck."

Taking the mighty Mjolnir within both hands the Amalgam-Adaptoid raises the hammer high into the air. Then downward the strike comes toward the Thing's massive shoulders.

As Mjornir comes bearing down on him There is a thunderous CRACK as it strikes Ben's shoulder, but he again shows more agility than people usually give him credit for and rolls in the direction of the impact. to try and take some of thes ting out ofi t. He quick gets back to his feet and takes a stutter step back. His hands are up, defensively, and he's watching Thor's waist intently trying to see where his next blow is going to go.

In the control room SW grimaces at the to and fro of the battling men below. That is why she didn't join them, she didn't feel like being made into mush today. Sure the chances of one of them actually being able to catch her are slim but after her week she needs a break.

As the fog thickens even more there is a loud grinding/screeching noise from above, like metal on metal.

With the Thing struck and backpeddling, the Amalgam-Adaptoid will use the momentum of the mighty Mjolnir in an upward swing toward the Thing's jaw. "You see Thing. My strikes will render you unconscious in a matter of moments."

The Thing watches as Mjonir comes and while that thing hits with tank cracking force, when it's all going in one direction it just takes a little pressure. Ben's fore-arm strikes the side of Thor-daptiod's striking arm, just enough for the blow to go wide by mere milimetters. Ben can feel the breeze of the vicious blow on his face. "Ya got Goldilocks, power, but I think you still need some practice to to have his grace." Ben turns on the balls of his feet and his left hand comes low… This is probably gonna be his one shot at getting in a good hit… best not to waste it, and apowerful upper come comes flying up aimed for Thor-daptiods chin!.

Struck, the Amalgam-Adaptoid is STAGGERED by the well placed strike of the Thing. That coupled with the miss of its' own strike against the Thing, the Amalgam-Adaptoid is knocked back and into a nearby wall.

Thus leaving itself for another attack by the Thing.

The screeching noise is followed by a whirring noise that turns out to be a steel I-beam having come loose from one of the still standing condemned skyscrapers.

Ben practically glows with a bit of pride as he sends Thordaptiod back into a wall, but he tries not to let that break him out of his rythm. He's aping Thor's powers wich means just about any hit has the danger of putting him down but good. Lowering his shoulder Ben charges at Thordaptiod intent to put him the rest of the way through the wall and keep him off balance. "Sorry buddy…but it's Clobberin' Time!!!"

And then Ben get's buried under about two tons of falling building debris. From the street only his fee can be seen to stick out from beneath the rubble, and his muffle voice can be heard. "What a revoltin' developement this is."

Just as the Amalgam-Adaptoid's eyes clear to see the Thing charging him, he too is covered in a mass of falling I beam and debris. Taken to the floor, the Amalgam wasn't ready for the assault as it was still staggered.

In the control room SW can't help but stifle a laugh at the turn of events "You two alright?" she asks through the intercom system, her chuckles easily heard over it as well.

For a few moments, Ben just lays there. Almost as if he's comfy in his bed of rock and debris. "Alright!" he calls out, his voice booming despite being buried. "I declare our control boothe operator the winner!" There's the low sound of grumbling form beneat the rumble, "Oh no… I'm Find Spider-Lady….. I'm just gonna lie here with the shreds of my dignity…. maybe I'll make s'mores later…"

Using the duplicated strength of Thor, the Amalgam-Adaptoid rises from the debris and brushes itself off. "Well called, Thing." is stated in agreement as the synthetic looks upward toward the booth, "And well played with environmental factors potentially being just as dangerous if not distracting as ourselves."

"With the way you guys throw things and each other around it's a surprise things don't fall on top of you more often." SW touches a few buttons on the control panel and the room reconfigures to how it was at the start of the Simulation.

"See this is why it's great to be part of a team…. When I knock over a building, Suzie throws a shield over my head and then yells at me in her Mom voice." Ben says as he sits up now that the holographic but very real feeling rubble has been cleared off him. "Thanks for helping to keep in interesting. And Adaptoid, thanks for the work out. Always good to work the ring rust off." Ben pushes to his feet and dusts himself off, "Well I think I'm gonna go see if I can talk Jarvis into whipping up some potatoe skins and see if Tony will let me work the grill again and maybe we can get an impromtu poker game goin'" And that said, Ben makes his way out of the Simulator, for the quest for food has begun!

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