2012 04 02 Short Discussion

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Short Discussion

Cyclops and Mirage

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X-Mansion - Gathering Hall

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Cyclops & Mirage have a brief discussion about Rahne's return


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Coming from the East Wing carrying a large number of folders, Cyclops dressed in his blue and gold costume, makes his way through and hefts the paperwork onto the large conference table in the middle of the Gathering Hall. As he does so, his expression reads as if he is in some sort of conversation, but he makes no sounds or words come from his mouth. Those familiar with telepathy may recognize that he is in some sort of communication with a psionic. Nodding his head, he opens up one of the folders and starts writing into it.

Coming down the stairs into the large gathering area is Dani. She seems to be in a good mood a smile on her face and bounce in her step as she takes the stairs two at a time. As she comes down she scans the hall, glad to find it relatively empty. She she gets to the bottom of the steps she makes a beeline to the bullentin board, probably to tack up the flyer she has in her hand. Passing Scott on the way there she gives the distracted man a wave, not wanting to interrupt his deep thoughts.

Waving to Dani and still writing, Scott is the ultimate multi-tasker. Once he puts the pen down and ends the telepathic conversation, Scott then turns to Mirage, "Hey, Dani. What do you have there?" noting the flyer. He then stands up and makes his way to the bulletin board as he cracks his neck. The man has once again been over-working. When the bones in his neck crack, he mutters something about being too old.

Like with most school bulletin boards there seems to be a shortage of tacks so Dani peruses what is on it removing some obviously outdated flyers for things that have already happened "Sign up sheet." she hands the flyer to Scott so he can look at it. Across the top of the sheet in big, bold lettering is "LIMBO: Not just for parties anymore." and then details about a field trip, date: TBA later. and spaces for people who want to go to sign up. She rearranges some current flyers so that her's will be center stage and obvoius at first glance.

Nodding his head in approval, "Catchy title for the class and field trip." Scott smiles. A rare sight. "Well, you should get a good number of students to sign up. You may want to think about some X-Men or X-Factor staff to go with you too. We never really know the status of Limbo with the various demons and unusual time flow…Maybe talk to Kurt about contacting Amanda." He offers the suggestion nd then goes back to take a seat at the conference table, "Dani, have you been in touch with Rahne?"

Taking the flyer back she pins the paper to the board "Trust me I don't want to take a group of teens to Limbo without backup. I'm not that big of a risktaker." she then nods "But asking Kurt, good idea, didn't think of that. Thanks." following him back to the table she eyes his paperwork "It's been a few days since I spoke with her. Why?

"Well, you are in regular contact with her. That is good." Scott resumes working on the paper but continues the conversation, "I reached out to her recently. She will be joining the staff at the Institute as a counselor of sorts for the students." He closes one folder and begins to work on the other, "I was wondering what do you think that is a wise idea?"

Dani's eyes widen at the news, obviously she hadn't heard anything about it, so either it was meant to be a surprise or she wasn't spoken to Rahne since the offer was made and accepted "You did? She is?" she starts to show obvious signs of excitement that her friend will be returning which dims some at his question "Potentially yes. I think the students will certainly be able to relate to her on level that some of us could never do.

Not looking directly at Mirage, but he knows enough to recognize the sound of surprise and excitement in her voice. Scott gives another smile as he turns to face Mirage, "I thought so as well. She will be joining us soon enough. But from when I met with her, I can tell she is working through some stuff. We briefly spoke about that, but you and she have always been close. In particular with that link you too share. Do you think she is ready?"

"If she were to wait until she was ready she would most likely never come." Dani states "We are never really ready for the things that end up being the best things to happen to us.." she pauses but doesn't finish the sentance since it does into the negative. She goes on "I think with the proper support she will be handle anything these students can throw at her.

Once again nodding his head approvingly, "I thought so…That's ultimately why I made the offer to her. And I am sure you will be great support to her." Resuming his work on some files on the students, "You will be supportive of each other. That is actually makes a good leader. Providing and receiving support from your friends, teammates, and co-workers. I had to and still learn that the hard way. But Rahne should be fine as should you." Tapping the pen on the table as he looks to Dani, "You will make a great team leader for the X-Men, when your time comes." It is clearly as compliment, but also heavy with meaning and implication as is almost always the case with Cyclops' compliments.

Leaning against the table "Well lets hope that is awhile in coming. I am content just being led at the moment." she sizes Scott up "And you aren't quite ready to be put out to pasture yet. You still have a few good years in you yet." she eyes his paperwork again "Don't you have an office for doing all that, or was it getting to claustrphobic?

Grinning widely, "True. I am not ready for retirement anytime soon. Neither is Ororo. But eventually, it would be nice to see who can step up to take our places. You and Sam were effective leaders in New Mutants and the perfect replacements." Despite the current status of X-Force and the influence of Cable, Scott has faith in Sam as a leader as well.

"Let's just hope Cable doesn't get him killed. From the sounds it is Cable has the team jumping at shadows." Dani is obviously worried and for good reason. She didn't get to visit with Sam long last time he visited but what she did learn she didn't care for what she heard from him.

"Well, Cable is currently leader of X-Force, so I respect that. But we have things in place should things get out of hand. The Cable issue is being addressed." That is all he saws of the mystery man who has seemingly just shown up and placed himself within the X-family. "As for my office. Good point." He stands up and begins to carry the files, "Well, let me know how the sign-ups go." Scott offers as he heads back to his office.

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