2012 04 02 Introductions

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Lifeguard, Richenda Gray, and Theresa

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April 2, 2012

Study Hall/Computer Lab - Xavier Mansion

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Heather and Richenda meets Theresa for the first time…Fun times ensue


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Alone in the Computer Room used for the students, Heather Cameron, the former human and now Shi’ar-looking mutant pounds away on a keyboard in frustration. The changes that have occurred to her body, her whole being are a constant flux. Having inherited the quick bursts of anger that are known throughout the cosmos from the royal Shi’ar family, her claws become stuck on the keyboard, which she rips from the computer and tosses at the wall, causing it to explode apart as she stands and hisses at the monitor, ready to destroy that as well. In her new form, she is a cross between a human and a Shi’ar complete with the dark wings and feathery hair and tattoos around her eyes showing her royal lineage. She is taller and much more muscular with claws in place of fingernails. She is dressed in her X-Factor red and blue uniform.

The keyboard smashes to pieces against the wall not far from the door. Which was opening while the keyboard was in the air. The dark-haired girl who stands blinking in the doorway takes a startled step back. "Um… should I come back later?" Chenda asks, looking between the wreckage of the keyboard and the Half-Shiar woman.

It's the sound of the smashing that draws Banshee's daughter toward that area as well — she was just getting off the elevator. Pausing in the doorway behind Richenda, she asks in a husky lilt, "Will a nice cup o' tea ease ye, lass, or d'we need t' resort t' somethin' stronger?" A single copper brow has hitched itself high on her forehead, and a hand rests lightly on Richenda's shoulder in case Lifeguard's responses are more violent than Terry would like. The student will not be caught in the crossfire.

Claws sink into the monitor as Lifeguard lifts it overhead rather easily and looks to toss it where the keyboard went. Upon hearing both Richenda and Theresa, She pauses a moment as she stares at the two looking rather confused. She exhales and begins to pant as if she has just exerted much effort. “Sorry…” A faint Aussie accent coming from Lifeguard as she merely drops the monitor on the floor which also smashes to pieces, but less explosively. Dropping onto a desk chair, Lifeguard continues to pant as she looks to the floor now.

While Chenda's more than capable of taking care of herself, she's not going to object to some very capable back-up. "Thanks," she whispers to the redhead, though she can't spare a grateful smile without Heather seeing.

The sound of that apology does shake her sympathy to the top, and she moves to join her much-changed friend. "It's okay, Heather. You missed me. But you sure look like you need a hug, or at least a sympathetic ear. I've got both, so take your pick?"

Theresa squeezes Richenda's shoulder gently, releasing her quickly when it appears the Shi'ar-shifted woman is under control. "No' t' worry, lass," she tells Heather gently. "'Tis a lot t' deal with. I'd be more concerned if ye weren' on a hair trigger." She remains in the doorway, tilting her head. There is sympathy in her blue eyes but she lets Chenda handle her friend for this moment, content to monitor the situation. She hasn't had the chance to meet Heather in person yet though Alex has told her of the situation.

Still panting and appearing calm, Heather continues to pat and when offered the hug, she uses her arm to pull the girl closer for the hug as she eyes the redhead at the doorway suspiciously. Though she really should know of her teammates, Lifeguard has admittedly and understandably been dealing with the new body and minute hair triggers that set her off and so when the Irishwoman offers her input, Lifeguard easily pushes Richenda to the side, not knowing her strength as she rises and reaching to grasp the chair she was sitting on Theresa, “I do not know you. Nor do I need your pity, stranger?” her voice sounds more alien as she flings the chair at Theresa at the doorway.

"There… don't you feel bet-EEP!" Chenda's words degenerate into a startled squeak as she's pushed away, losing her balance and falling to the floor. Good thing she's had a lifetime of learning how to fall! She gasps at the sight of Heather hurling a chair at the kind-hearted redhead. "Heather, no!"

It's an application of her ability that is far more subtle than her father's scream but no less impressive for the feat. "~~There's a difference between pity and sympathy, Heather,~~" Theresa retorts calmly… while the sound waves of her voice itself rip through the chair and shatter it to harmless splinters that fall to the floor between the two women. It's a good thing Richenda was pulled close to Heather's side. "I'd advise ye t' calm yerself b'fore th' Professor steps in and forces th' issue. M' name is Theresa, an' ye'll be workin' wi' me on th' team." She ignores the pile of wood chips and mulch she just created in favor of keeping wary, cool blue eyes on Lifeguard.

With the remnants of what was a chair and with Richenda on the ground screaming no. Heather pauses a moment. She looks around confused and dazed as if waking up from a haze and then just stares at the red head before her. Eyeing her for a moment, she clears her throat and does her best to sound more human, “I take it you must be Siryn, then.” A bit embarrassed by the show of force, but doing her best to regain some sense of composure, she offers, “Nice to meet you, Theresa.” She moves to Richenda to try to help the girl up as if that would make amends for shoving her to the ground to begin with.

Chenda's sitting there watching, no less awestruck than Heather. "Wow… Siryn… Theresa… um, nice to meet you?" she says, recovering enough to manage an embarrassed greeting. She takes Heather's offered hands gladly, letting her friend help her to her slightly unsteady feet, resuming the hug once she's on her feet again. Apparently it /does/ make amends. Or, if it doesn't, the gypsy girl's not keeping count.

Terry's chin comes up slightly in acknowledgement of the greeting, the querying brow descending to a normal level. "Aye," she agrees mildly. "Nice t' meet ye both." She offers a smile, and though she's not really /that/ much older than either of them (if older at all, it's hard to say), she carries herself gracefully and more like someone a bit older might. Not snooty by any stretch, but there's a sense of 'ladylike' to her that might be unexpected. "Sure'n yer havin' a bit o' trouble wi' yer reactions still there, lass. Is there anythin' I can do t' help?" She appears glad to see that Richenda isn't holding it against Heather.

Lifting up Richenda up and giving her back a slight hug, Lifeguard turns to Theresa, “WellI appreciate the offer, but this is something I will have to endure on my own. I’ve met with Dr. Nemesis about it and so, in his own, Dr. Frankenstein way, he is helping me out. And I’ll be setting up a meeting with Charles, soon enough.” Her voice is all but human and Australian-sounding. “But thank you for the offer.”

"Love you too, Heather. But come find me when you start getting stressed, okay? I won't mind," Chenda promises, letting the hug go when Heather turns. "Thanks again, Theresa…" The dark-haired waif interrupts herself, wincing. "Manners, girl. I'm Chenda. You're X-Factor?"

"I am," Terry replies. "I was away fer a time handlin' some things at Muir. Just got back several days ago." She addresses Richenda's words first, though she's taking in and considering Heather's. There's a faint nod.
"It sounds as though yer in good hands, then," she observes. "Tha' said, lass… we're all here t' help not just people out there but each other as well. A cup of tea here and there might calm ye, if yer interested in such, an' I too am more than willin' t' lend ye an ear if ye need it … or t' run th' computer if ye need a spare set of hands as ye sort out how t' get a handle on th' situation." It's a matter-of-fact offer, no pity involved.

Nodding, “Tea would be lovely. I have not had the chance to try it. Food and drinks taste so differently in this body. Some things I used to love taste bitter and awful. Things I used to despise taste great now. Might as well, as try some tea.” Heather shrugs and looks to Richenda as she looks at a clock, “Join us? If we were in England it would be tea time, anyway.”

"I shouldn't…" Chenda says softly, glancing around the computer room, especially the new decor. "Someone needs to clean this up, and I may as well save Havok the trouble of telling me to. Maybe I can join you a little later. But it was wonderful to meet you, Theresa, and good to see you again, Heather."

Theresa tilts her head and then grins. "I'll let him know ye volunteered," she tells Richenda with a wink. And then she steps back and gestures for Heather to precede her toward the kitchen for tea.

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