2012 03 31 Spiders Meet

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Spiders Meet

Spider-Man & Arachne (Spider-Woman II)

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Rooftop - Daily Bugle

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Arachne hunts down Spider-Man to let him know she is in town


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-==[ Daily Bugle Rooftop - New York ]==-------

The roof of the Daily Bugle building is twenty stories above the street below. It is broad, square, and flat. Around the edge all the way around is a one foot rise, with three feet of lip, before the steep, straight drop to the bustling crowds of Midtown Manhattan. Other than the occasional air conditioning unit, much of the roof is just an expanse of slighly loose gravel that crunches underfoot.

It's often called the magic hour. The time an hour or so before midnight when most of the city has closed and yet the city's still alive, still hustling and bustling as New York's night life comes to the fore. It's still the city, but there's a different vibe to it, something at times wild and almost always celebrative. Usually Times Square is one of the best places to get a good look at the ebb and flow of the people, the noise of the traffic, but tonight Spider-Man's chosen to perch atop the Daily Bugle building, crouched on the balls of his feet right there on the lip of the big 'D'.
Like a red and blue gargoyle, Spidey stands sentinel, keeping an eye on the city and listening to the faint twinges of his spider-sense. But, what is more, Spidey is busy sneaking a quick snack of of a hot dog with everything on it. With the bottom half of his mask pulled up and one cheek ballooned with his latest mouthful, he doesn't project the most intimidating visage that the criminal world has seen.

With the crowds and traffic, both car and pedistrian it can take a person down there thirty minutes to get a few blocks. Up above though it is a different story, you can get across the island in over half the time it would take a car, or even the subway. There is only a select few that uses the leaping building to building method to get around though and the slender form that is making her away across the buildings toward the Daily Bugle is no exception. She is moving fast and currently do nothing to conceal her actions from anyone who may be lurking on nearby buildings.

Sitting up slightly more attentively, Spider-Man cocks his head to the side curiously. Furrowing his brow, he offers a small frown of confusion marred by the fainest smear of relish at the corner of his mouth. "Oy, never a moment's rest." He pipes up to himself as the moving silhouette draws closer.
Straightening up slowly, Spidey turns around and looks left… looks right, trying to find some place to put the last half of his hot dog down. He finds a spot on the lip of the rooftop and then takes the last few seconds before Spider-Woman might notice him to clean himself up just a smidge and then pull down his mask. He turns back and offers a small wave in the direction of Spider-Woman Part Deux, and if she doesn't notice he might even offer a 'Hey you!'

The figure starts to slow once she gets within a few blocks of the Bugle. Her contact stated her quarry was often seen in this area, and Val Cooper is rarely wrong about these things. Her gaze begins to scan the buildings around but locks on Spider-Man when he waves and yells to get her attention. She is then moving quickly again, crossing the space between him and her in two bounds. She probably could have done it in two, but there is no need for showing off. She stops short of a few feet from her quarry and seems to size him up "Is finding you always this easy?" despite her rapid pace across the rooftops she doesn't seem the least out of breath.

"Not always, see I have this black costume I sometimes wear," She probably doesn't know him well enough to entirely catch his sense of humor, but his tone might give her a hint. "But what's up?" He asks this as it seems like there's some sense of imperative to her manner, she sets him on edge somewhat as he cants his head one way, then the other, almost like a quizzical canine. "And hey, aren't you supposed to be on the other side of the country?"

A puzzled look crosses her face at Spider-Man's reaction and she looks at his costume and gives a shake of her head "Yes, we could be twinkies." indicating her own black and white spider emblazoned costume "It was suggested that I make my prescence known and make friendly with the natives. So far you are the easiest to find."

"Hohos, twinkies are yellow." A little embarassing that he knows that. He distracts by going on, "Well I dunno," Spider-Man's manner relaxes a bit, she can detect a hint of tension leaving his body language as he lowers himself back down into a crouch on the side of the building, resting his arms on his knees and canting his head curiously at her. "My lawyer said I shouldn't talk to you directly until after the case has been decided, but I guess I can make an exception."

Grinning at his reply "But there is no denying they taste good." her eyes follow him down but the only indication of that is the tilting of her head since her mask covers the former. "What case?" her face once more looks puzzled "I'm not sure I follow.

"Oh, umm, nothing, nevermind that I mentioned it." If nobody else, at least he amuses himself. Spider-Man crawls to the side as he realizes this isn't an emergency. A few steps carries him back towards his abandoned hot dog and he turns around to dangle his feet over the side of the building, "You might want to look away, few people can tolerate looking at me when I eat, what with the mandibles and ovipositor and everything."
That having been said, Spidey scoops up the hot dog and then says over his shoulder, "So what's the story, Ess Dub? Why the relocation?" He brushes off the hot dog a little, frowning to himself for a moment.

"Are you sure it's your eating they are having isues with?" yes SW just said that, perhaps to get some kind of reaction besides a non-chalant one. She moves over to stand near him on the edge of the building, looking down at the people below, "It's Arachne, not Spider Woman, for future reference.

"See, not only do you totally steal my awesome spider schtick, but you steal my sense of humor too, for shame." Spider-Man's tone is surprisingly straight when he says that, but then when he pulls up the bottom half of his mask she'll see the wry smirk there. Also there's of note no scary mandibles.
When she reveals her name he pauses for a moment to look at her, mirrored lenses in his mask giving her image back to her as he cocks an eyebrow. "Arachne, not bad. I kinda like that." He nods sagely once, then of course takes a chomping bite of the hot dog, seeming to savor it.

"And much more original." with that said she steps off the ledge and begins to fall, "I'll see you around Spider-Man." she waves goodbye then extends her fingers and her own psionic webbing shoots out to adhere to the nearby building which allows her to swing away with the same finesse and agility as her male counterpart.

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