2012 03 31 Food Fight

Log Title:
Food Fight

Lifeguard and Vanisher

IC Date:
March 31, 2012

Salem Center Mall - Westchester County

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Lifeguard and Vanisher duke it out at a food court.


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This particular Saturday afternoon is, like most Saturday afternoons, a busy time for the Salem Center Mall. The walkways are full of people browsing the various stores, or purchasing the overpriced items from chain retailers. But like any American mall, the main draw seems to be the food court, where people stand in line to get greasy fast food and calorie-filled beverages.

A respectable distance away from the vendors, the Vanisher sits by himself at one of the few unoccupied tables in the area. In front of him, a tray with various fast food items sits. However, the Vanisher himself doesn't seem to be too interested in his food at the moment. Rather, he plays awkwardly with his smartphone, appearing to the casual observer to simply be surfing the internet.

Trying to act human, a blond woman with a surfer’s build dressed casually in jeans and a blue button down walks through the mall window-shopping and staring into store windows, noting the mannequins and how the spring clothes fit them. Sighing to herself, Heather Cameron, using an image inducer, sighs and ponders with her new transformation if she will ever really fit in without the device. While the residents of the Xavier Mansion have been kind, she once again needed to get away. But walking through the mall and seeing all the youthful people enjoying themselves on this warm day has her feeling worse. Her stomach rumbles a moment as she gently touches it. Her hunger has increased quite a bit with her regular form and so she turns towards the food court…maybe Shi’ar like burgers.

Although he appears to just be surfing the web, anyone who was looking directly over the Vanisher's shoulder would see that he's actually using his phone to scan the faces of the crowds. The screen of his phone reacts any time a new face goes in front of it, usually returning the words 'No Match' or the name of some innocuous civillian. Positioned as he is, Vanisher has a pretty clean viewing angle of the entrance to the food court, which allows him to get a scan of the majority of the faces that enter the area. However, he looks as if he couldn't be more bored if he tried. Occasionally, he idly reaches over to his plate and grabs one of his french fries. As long as they've been sitting there, they must surely be cold. But he dips them in his little bucket of ketchup anyway, and eats his fries like a good Average Snakeskin-Wearing Citizen.

Standing at the entrance, Heather looks about at the different options, her appetite and her taste in food has dramatically changed since the events on the Shi’ar homeworld. She hmmmns as she lists her options aloud, “Panda Express? Subway? Sbarro? McDonald’s? Blimpies? Taco Bell?” Her lips curl into a smile when she spots Arby’s. Her stomach rumbles again a bit louder than before which causes some kids to look and laugh. She turns to them and scowls as she makes her way to the Arby’s and orders some roast beef. She makes no real notice of the man in the snakeskin other than she is surprised to see someone actually wearing snakeskin when she crosses in front of him on her way to the Arby’s.

For a second, Vanisher looks away from his phone. Turning his head over his shoulder, he checks behind him to make sure nobody knows what he's really doing. So far, it doesn't seem like anyone has noticed. He does, however, get the occasional weird look from people in front of him, which is perhaps not surprising considering his garish appearance. He turns back around, and looks as if he's ready to pack up and go home. But just then, he notices that his phone not only has a match, she's a public figure. A figure so public, in fact, that her X-Factor codename comes up on his screen. The Vanisher manages to suppress the urge to let out a squeal of delight. But even though he's attempting to be inconspicuous, he can't help grinning evilly.

Having placed her order, Heather taps her fingers on the counter as she bops her head to the tune in her head. Not noticing the grin on Vanisher’s face, she finally gets her order and pays for her meal as she makes her way to a table across the court from Telford. She then takes a large bite out of her sandwich, one may note the bite is a lot bigger than her image induced mouth reveals. Dipping a large cluster of fries into a combination of ketchup, mayo, and mustard, she continues to bop her head to the tune in her head, not yet sensing any danger, blissfully unaware.

Having at last found a target, Vanisher presses a button on the side of his phone to turn of the screen. As he stands, he pockets the device in one of the inside pockets of his hideous purple jacket. Placing all of the things on his tray as casually as he can, he takes the tray and heads in the direction of a trash can, which conveniently happens to be quite near Lifeguard's table. As he meanders across the food court, he tries to avoid looking directly at her in order to continue being inconspicuous. It's probably a moot point though, because as ridiculous as his outfit is, he isn't likely to be fingered as a mutant criminal because of his poor fashion sense.

Getting across the area takes him a few seconds, and when he arrives at the trash can, he puts the items in the can individually, keeping his target in his peripheral vision while the wheels in his head churn.

Having grotesquely and quickly eaten the meal from Arby’s, Heather crumbles up the container of fires and tosses it to the trash container, but missing it as it lands near Telford’ feet. She grimaces and makes an embarrassed face, as she quickly gets up and rushes over to him, “So sorry.” She mutters out when she bends over to pick it up, “I thought I could make the shot.” She has not really paid attention to him or his face as she is distracted by the ugly outfit. She simply waits to dispose of her trash properly now.

"Don't worry about it." The Vanisher says gruffly. His own garbage properly disposed of, Vanisher turns around and looks directly at the young woman for the first time. His large eyes suddenly light up, and he manages to look legitimately surprised. "Hey, you're that girl, right? The one from that thing? With the… " his voice lowers a bit, and he looks around conspiratorially "You know… with the mutants?" He continues to stand in front of the trash can, all but blocking her access to it.

When he catches sight of her, Heather backs away a bit not because he is the Vanisher, but because of just how ugly this man is. She ahems loudly, "Oh so…so sorry…Um, yes, I am that girl." She tries to move around him to dispose of her trash and says in the same tone, "I work with mutants, for mutants. Not ashamed of that." Pausing a moment, she feels a switch go on her mind, whether danger is alerted or not, she thinks she finally recognizes the man and simply remains where she is, "Wait a second…"

His target confirmed, Vanisher does his best to be unthreatening and charming. Given that he looks like a Ferengi, he can't quite pull off either. "My daughter is a huge fan of you guys. She'll be so excited when I tell her I met you… do you mind signing this?" He reaches into one of the inside pockets of his jacket slowly, but when he clutches whatever it is he suddenly moves much more quickly. A flash of purple, and he is suddenly drawing out something that looks very much like a gun.

Slightly confused as this ugly man in front of her reminds her of someone or something from the files, Heather had reviewed when she first joined X-Factor that when he mentions a daughter, she believes him. How can this hideously atrocious man be evil. She offers a slight smile which diminishes for when there is a flash of purple there is a simultaneous flash of gold around the mutant/alien hybrid as her powers kick in. Unfortunately she has no control over what happens next which is to now stand in the middle of the food court in her true form.

His arm now fully extended, Vanisher points the odd-looking gun in Lifeguard's general direction. However, he doesn't bother taking the time to aim properly before he pulls the trigger. The reason for this is soon apparent, as a thick green smoke pours out of the barrel of the gun.Fortunately, he managed to squeeze the trigger before he mentally registered Lifeguard's color change. Otherwise it's likely he would have vanished on the spot. Even now, as the sleeping gas shoots in her direction, Vanisher's fearless demeanor instantaneously changes to one of fear.

Where the human looking Australian was is now a Shi'ar looking royal. A hybrid between human and Shi'ar. Her usual fleshy tone is more golden and in place of blond locks or black feathery hair and along her back is a similar looking cape, though on closer examination, they are her wings. Where hands and fingernails had been are now small claws and talons. And around her eyes are elaborate looking tattoos, marking her of Shi'ar royal lineage. Heather Cameron is no longer simply human, Lifeguard lets out a loud hiss towards the mutant villain, but the sleeping gas fills within. She staggers back a bit as the effects start to hit her, but a small flash of gold around her mouth and flattened nose stave off further inhalation of the gas. Backing away as she is surrounded by the smoke, she lets out unearthly screech towards Telford, “Vanisher.” She finally makes out his name.

"Damn straight, it's the Vanisher!" A soft flash of light surrounds Vanisher, and he is suddenly about twenty feet away from Lifeguard, standing on a table. It takes the people in the food court a second to realize what's going on, but once the first person screams people all over begin to panic. "Yes humans! Scream and run! Run away from The Vanisher!" Now far enough away from the gas that he doesn't risk poisoning himself, and apparently far enough away from Lifeguard that he has time to react, Vanisher's confidence seems to have grown exponentially. "And you, Big Bird, even now you must be feeling tired and weak. Don't fight it, my sleeping gas will have knocked you out in a few seconds. And then the Vanisher will have his revenge!"

Surrounded by smoke from the sleeping gas, Lifeguard lets out another growl as wings unfurl as she leaps up into the air and wings form on her back. Looking at her face, Vanisher may notice the alien features seem jumbled but a bit tired. Not completely knocked out but the second or two exposure to the gas does affect her as she flies towards where the villain had teleported. No fancy words or barbs to trade, she just wants to beat down on the villain, an excuse to work out some of that berserker rage akin to the Shi’ar royals.

"What?" Clearly, Vanisher was not expecting the golden mutant to have enough fight left in her to stand, much less attack him. Still, it's a simple enough matter for him to teleport out of the way before she gets close enough to hit him. He reappears right behind the counter of Taco Bell, which causes anyone who hadn't already started screaming and running to do so. A comfortable distance away, he grabs one of the tacos from a tray that was left on the counter when people started running. Keeping his eyes on her, he begins to unwrap it. "Come on, go to sleep like a good girl. The Vanisher doesn't have all day."

Flying and missing him, Lifeguard continues straight ahead as she crashes into the counter behind the Panda Express. There is a loud crash of metal and plastic and glass as food is flung all over the place, hiding another gold flash. The Panda Express works run out and flee similar to the people by Taco Bell. Some of them let out some rather nasty and vulgar comments about mutants as they do so, but no sign of Lifeguard from where she landed other than the sound of some really loud snoring…odd almost animal like snoring.

"Excellent!" The Vanisher watches with glee as Lifeguard clumsily crashes. Absentmindedly, he takes a huge bite out of the taco in his hands "Ugh! Wish I could say the same thing about this… goop." He makes a face and tosses the taco over his shoulder, teleporting closer to Lifeguard before it even hits the ground. He maintains the integrity of his space bubble, which is easier now that the majority of the people in the food court have either left or are busy trampling each other in an attempt to do so. A good twenty feet from Lifeguard, he begins cautiously walking toward the Panda Express, keeping his ears pricked up for signs of trouble.

The alien animal snoring continues as Vanisher walks closer. Waiting a bit longer for him to get closer, the snoring continues when Lifeguard reveals herself making the snoring nose, completely awake and angry covered in fried rice and soy sauce. Heather attempts to claw Vanisher one aimed for his legs and the other for his chest hoping to get ahold of the teleporting villain. “You should stick around a little longer to get to know me, Porter”

Emitting what can only be called a Girly Scream, Vanisher teleports away just as quick as his brain can process what's happening. He retreats once again to the safety of the Taco Bell stand, literally cowering behind the corner. "No fair! You're immune to sleeping gas?" He looks at Lifeguard like a man who has been robbed. The effect is almost pitiable, given his ugly and lugubrious features. Suddenly his features shift, and his eyes are filled with pure hatred. "Make no mistake, The Vanisher will have his revenge!" And with that, he is simply gone.

Letting out a loud hiss and roar of her own, Lifeguard mutters something akin to “Loser” as she flies out rapidly through the mall and out heading back to the mansion. Drops of soy sauce and grains of rice fall from her feathers as she makes her escape.

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