2012 03 30 Oh You Are Such A Dream Block

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Oh you're such a dream block

Phantasm, The Thing

IC Date:
30 March 2012

In the MIND of The Thing

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Phantasm ends up playing dream therapist. Or more of a dream block.


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Ben Grimm, Idol of Millions and the Everlovin' Blue Eyed Thing has stamina of nearly epic porportions. It's all very technical and it has to do with very dense but highly efficent internal organs, but I won't bore you with that. The point here is that Ben's reservers of energy or vast…. not inexhausable, which is evidenced by where he sits on his reinforced stool infront of the his long work bench. His head pitched forward, a snore somehow managing to echo through the sinus cavity that his noseless face shouldn't have. Yup been feel asleep right where he was working.

It is quite an odd thing, to dream and have your dream world be the waking world. This is a quirk of Mike's ability and with him dealing with this issue for a couple decades. Having a REAL dream with a weird dream environment is a distant memory. Or at least was. Thanks to Moondragon shoving a 'Dream Travel for dummies' book into Mike's noggin, Mike has a spiffy new power to try out! Err… practice. Flitting about, a purplish black raven travels through dreamscapes, bringing him far away from where his body lays and brings him to some dreams in the New York area. A dream he's in starts to die away and he soon finds himself dumped into a nearby dream. Ben's dream.

Oh god…. Lessons from Moondragon? If Ben heard that he'd probably groan inwardly. That lady never does anything that doesn't end in disaster. He even put her over his knee once. Right now Ben's dreamscape is…. somber. A long never ending Yancy street, with it's color palate washed out and mostly greys and browns. Ben walks along the street, in all his Thingly glorly. A dull brown instead of his usual brilliant orange. He looks…… well he looks grumpy. Like he's to the part of REM sleepw here his inner self is just lazily waiting to wake up.

Well, not quite 'lessons', but Mike did get a BOOK shoved in his brain. As the bird falls into the dream, he soon gets that 'hey! I'm a bird! birds fly!' reminder and spreads his wings out to right himself. As he starts to glide in the air of the dream, the dull, morose color scheme seems to appeal to the raven's own Poe-ish qualities. Curious and perhaps a bit at home, Phantasm opts to linger in this dream, and even goes so far as to fly down to the brown Thing. Landing on the shoulder, he manages to provide an inkling of contrast as the purplish part of the dark feathers contrast somewhat with the earthen feel of Ben's dreams. The head flicks to the side, looking to Ben.

The Morose looking thing looks up as the bird lands on his shoulder. "Oh. Hey there." He says. It's Ben's voice but his tough guy, Jimmy Durante Speech Patterns are gone. Also as you settle on his shoulder you realize that well… you're bigger than his head. I mean.. Crows are big damn birds but Benjamin J. Grimm is well.. a huge guy. Thing keeps walking as you ride his shoulder, and as he passes mail box you notice he's hardly taller than it. This 'Thing' apparantly only stands about five feet tall. "You're that Phantasm kid that Ben hangs around with out there aren't you?"

The bird's head tilts as he's greeted, feathers ruffle as he looks to the rock man's head and then to the rest of the items in this world that stand for comparison. "Phantasm. Yes. Kid. No." The bird looks back towards Ben. "You seem like you'd get the whole gist about the 'same and yet not' bit, right?"

"Oh I get the general gist…" small Thing says. "You see I'm not actually Ben. I'm his subconcious.." there's a pause, "Well I think Techncialy I'm his Id or Ego, but to be honest I've forgotten enough of our College Psych that I'm not really sure which."

Ah, getting all Psych on me?" The bird replies, beak up tilting before he gives a chuckle, "I just go with 'dream side and waking side.' much simpler." A wing lifts up in an upturned gesture, "When one's out, the other's not about." Phantasm looks to the mailbox again, "So, rocking the earth tones, huh?"

"Hey don't blame me!" Mini-Ben says, splaying a hand to his chest as if agreived, "I'm just here because Ben's got issues." he stops right outside a what looks like an old butcher shope surrounded by new constructing. Clearly standing out like an eyesore. "He's deep in REM right now and he's pretty much in there." There's a flicker from behind old curtains like the strobe of an old projector running. "I'm pretty certain i have nothing to do with the Earth tones. I think I'm just a little bit of the realist. That very small part of Ben that has made peace with being the Thing." he cocks a thumb towards the shoppe, "The rest of him is catching up though." There's a pause then as the Sub-Thing considers the Raven, "What about you? What brought you pokin' around in people's dreams? That's not exactly neighborly is it?"

Phantasm looks over towards the curtain, "Really… huh. This is a weird dream." So says the pot. "Uh, as for the poking around…Kind of a weird thing with that." Phantasm offers in response, "You know that thing with Sandman's dual persona bit that ended outside of the mansion? Where the bald chick in the skimpy green costume showed up?"

"Moondragon yeah." Sub-Ben says. "He wasn't there for it, but I more or less remember the details when he was brief. Especially about Moondragon. Ben Spanked her once." Sub-Thing gets kind of a far-off dreamy stare but it quickly passes, "Um excuse me.. yes… so yeah what about that?"

"Well, seems she was popping around where she shouldn't have been and I now have a new ability to practice to make sure I can control it when I need to use it." Phantasm replies, the wings spreading out, "Don't get to have real dreams of my own but I apparently can go between other people's."

Sub-Thing blinks as he considers this and asks, "Do you have any control over people's dreams or can you just enter them?" he asks, "For that matter what made you choose Ben?"

"Only if I'm really convincing. Dreamer's dream, Dreamer's control. Only thing I can do is control myself and maybe drop HINTS for the dreamer." The bird shrugs again, lowering his feathers, "I'm just practicing the popping in and out stuff. Not really interacting much. Hell, it's a fluke I'm in this one." The bird cranes his head, trying to see if he can peek behind the curtain but to no avail, "One of the dreams I was passing through was collapsing so I got ejected into one that was nearby." There's a bit of a pause before he adds in, "Buuuut you are the first one I've actually let know I was present."

"Well…" Sub-Thing says, "When you get better at this, you'll have to come back and see if you can help BEn out. He's having a fairly terrible one right now." He looks back over his shoulder to the store window and then shakes his head, "Nope.. not gonna watch him tortue himself tonight." Sub-Thing says, "As your talking to me and not Him, chances are he's not gonna remember you when get out.. but yeah It's not always pretty in here."

The bird pauses, looking towards the curtain once more, his voice seemingly getting a bit more concerned in tone "Why? What's going on in there?"

Sub-Ben sighs, "Look if you want too, but don't say I did not warn you Dream-Bird."

To the general invitation to look, Phantasm nods, hopping off of Ben to fall to the ground. The tall, frowning bird struts on over, making no sound as he starts to poke his head through.

When you look through the curtains you see Ben. Not the thing, but Ben Grimm as he was before the accident. Square-jawed, stocky build, buzz cut hair. If you've ever seen on old picture you'd reconize him. The scene looks like a happy 1950's art deco home. Alicia Masters is at the sink washing dishes. "Hey babe…" Ben says as he steps up behind her. He wraps his arms around her waist In an instant his arms turn rocky and massive and with a sick CRACK alicia's spine severs and she falls limp in his arms. A long shadow engulphs Ben as he holds Alicia sobbing, as a happy little Franklin comes chasing after him complete in footy pajamas.

Ben looks up and immediately starts to run away from Frankling, "No Franklin! I Don't wanna hurt you!" and he runs, the little child ever ganing on him until almost catching him, the dream resets and goes back to where you first peered in.

Watching the scene til it starts to repeat, the bird shakes his head. "Son of a-" he mutters, glancing to look towards Sub-Ben, "Sorry. I'm not waiting." With that, he steps into the scene, fluttering about like a bird that just flew into the house, banging the walls and making cawing sounds with each hit. OH LOOK FORGET ALICIA FOR NOW SAVE THE BIRDY!

The next few moments are wierd. Very wierd. Like there's this wierd disconnnect that Ben's brain can't reconcile that there is a bird here suddenly. The images before slow down, then speed up… the seem to move forward and rewind haphazardly, as Ben's sleep addled brain tries to write this bird into the dream and how it should work. "Ahhhh! Ben! There's a big bird!" Alicia says as she goes running from the kitchen, and Ben for his part turns and grabs a broom that just happens to be in arms lenght now and starts gently trying to shoo the Raven out the window, "A c'mon bird… give a guy a break…"

The bird keeps fluttering around, despite Ben's efforts the Raven oddly does not seem to get that there's an open window there. The Raven continues with the panicked squaks as it smacks the walls. God, there is going to be a weird conversation later on if Ben remembers this bit at all.

Oh it will be an interesting conversation indeed if Ben remembers any of this… But as it is the image of him crackles and fades in and out like a picture loosing focus. His brain can't process your squawking…. every so confused because it only knows it's not making that… Suddenly the floor gives away and Ben starts to fall backwards. Plummeting towards the ground, and before impact he just.. dissappears… And suddently, it's like flying backwards beyond your control, as if the camera is pulling very very far away from you as a the Thing wakes and leaving no more dream for you to inhabit.

And you might just be crazy, but you could swear you saw Sub-Thing give you a wave as you sped past.

And pop! Phantasm finds himself in another dream.

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